6. How to Amazon

Last chapter…


Queen Bastet gave birth to her second son, Pili, and Emil finally smartened up (after getting yelled at), and found out he likes having a son.

And then there came a pair of unknown sims…

* * *

The visitor was a pale slip of a girl on the cusp of womanhood, dark-eyed and lanky.

Behind the girl stood a heavily muscled slave with bedroom eyes and sun-kissed skin.

02-04-17_12-13-07 PM.png

Girl: “Are you Queen Bastet?  You look like you should be, but you never know; everything sort of looks the same around here!”

Bastet: “Guilty as charged!  Who are you again?”

02-04-17_12-45-10 PM.png

Girl: “I’m Temulun of Themysimra!  Gosh, Majesty, me and Toro been looking for you for ages!…Got lost a bunch of times, took a wrong turn at someplace called “Strangetown”; won’t bore you with the details of that freakshow…anyhow, here we are!”

02-04-17_12-47-57 PM.png

Bastet: “You say that like I should know why you’re here…”

Temulun: “Oh snap!  Yeah, sorry!  So Themysimra sent me!  Seems the High Priestess at our Temple of Athena had a dream about you so she scrounged me and Toro up lickity split to come help out!”

Bastet: “A skinny little womanchild and one slave?”

02-04-17_12-49-01 PM.png

Temulun: “Well, you know, short notice, right?  Don’t worry though, they’re going to have tournaments and all that jazz, put together a proper envoy for you eventually…I wouldn’t hold your breath though, bureaucracy, right?  It’ll take them ages to organize that.”

Bastet: “Oh, okay…well, do you have any skills or anything?”

02-04-17_12-50-25 PM.png

Temulun: “Umm…not so much…but I really like books!”

Bastet: 😒

02-04-17_12-55-17 PM.png

Temulun: “Oh yeah!  Speaking of books; I brought this for you!  It’s the latest edition of How to Amazon by Love Jess II…be careful with it though, yeah?  It’s a signed copy.”

02-04-17_12-59-55 PM.png

Bastet: “For reals?!  OMG, thank you Temulun!  Wow, that’s exactly what I was wishing for, like, 5 minutes ago!”

Suddenly the young queen’s skepticism at receiving the girl and her slave turned to elation; here at last was the answer to all her worries!

Temulun: “The High Priestess said you’d need a stud to sire your first daughter, too; she said you’d had a bit of a run of boys?  Yeah, that can happen, especially if you’re not following the rules properly…”

02-04-17_12-06-32 PM.png

Temulun: “…so she sent Toro of Hispania for you; he’s a proper breeding slave, she said he’d ‘fill your womb with the future’, which sounds a bit creepy if you ask me, but it should work so long as you remember to sacrifice him afterwards.”

02-04-17_12-58-17 PM.png

Bastet: “SACRIFICE?!?”

The young queen knew that such things were practiced among the Amazonian Royalty, to varying degrees, but as a temple servant to the Goddess of Wisdom, she’d never been personally exposed to that side of the culture before.

Bastet: “Athena is a deity of art and justice…she does not demand sacrifice!”

02-04-17_12-58-37 PM.png

Temulun: “Majesty, all gods require sacrifice now and again, even really forward-thinking ones like Our Lady!  The writ is crystal clear on this, sorry; if you want to bear a mighty princess, you must sacrifice a worthy offering…that’s just how we roll.”

Bastet: “Oh dear…and you think that’s why I’ve only had boys?”

Temulun: “Um, yeah…I mean, those are the rules, right?  Athena likes it when people follow the rules!”

The Queen felt her stomach turn to knots; she didn’t even kill bugs if she could help it!  How was she supposed to sacrifice a man?  Men were a lot bigger than bugs!

02-04-17_12-59-55 PM.png

Bastet: “Okay, well, no hurry, right?  I mean, I did just have a baby!”

Temulun bit her lip; it was probably best to save the news about Tribal Sons for later.

Temulun: “You betcha Majesty…but, you know…maybe don’t wait too long?  I mean, you don’t want to get attached.”

02-12-17_11-45-53 AM.png

The girl sent a significant glance over to where Emil and Kadhi were loitering in the background (talking about Emil’s massive catches).

02-04-17_12-47-24 PM.png

Bastet smiled nervously, hoping the girl couldn’t see her discomfort…surely she wouldn’t be asked to sacrifice Kadhi or Emil?  They were her family!


I do intend to play a bit fast and loose with the rules for the sake of the narrative, but it’s still going to have that slightly feral Amazon flavour (up to and including sacrifices; eep!)

Toro of Hispania credit:  “Sergio**Torres” by TEXASTWANGTONYA

Temulun of Themysimra credit: “Asian Woman-Yoko Nagori” by RainbowLuma

02-12-17_11-42-08 AM.png

Toro was not chosen for his excess of brains, apprently.

Happy Simming!


17 thoughts on “6. How to Amazon

  1. “…a heavily muscled slave with bedroom eyes and sun-kissed skin…”

    Um, yes please. I’ll take two.

    This Temulun girl is a spicy little meatball! It’ll be interesting to see how the dynamics of the tribe change now that she’s here mixing some things up. What’s a queen to do?!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Mm, girl, yaaas; Toro is SUCH a dish…er, was 😉
      I love Temulun to bits but…well, let’s just say she’s quite the eager beaver; might need some reigning in eventually!
      It’s good practice for Bastet tho, right? She’s going to have a bunch of her own teens to deal with soon enough!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Alas!! Toro has gone to the Goddess! 😦 Eh, such is the Amazon tribe.

        Yes, yes! Bastet will have a tribe full of females soon, might as well have a built-in teen all ready to practice with!


  2. I honestly have no clue about the rules of the Amazon tribe but yeah sacrifice ?? Eeep I have such trouble even making my sims have arguments or be mean to each other !!!

    Mmmm hunky Toro.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amazon challenge rules are BRUTAL; basically, all the men must die…unless they’re not important, then eh, some wiggle room on the dying thing.
      *pats* just keep your eyes on that tushie, the worst is yet to come.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. “Majesty, all gods require sacrifice now and again, even really forward-thinking ones like Our Lady!” Amazon matriarchy or Mary-centered Catholicism, you decide!

    And Toro isn’t dumb. He’s special. Like a dog dropped on its head.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Never did much like the sacrifice thingy, but them’s the rules. It’s probably why I won’t do this challenge. I’d spend all my time crying because *I* get attached.
    And now I have to stop reading for a bit to go watch TV with my husband. and knit.

    Liked by 1 person

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