10. Orange You Gonna Eat Your Cake?

Last chapter…


Queen Bastet started making plans to expand her Tribe, then had a really feelsy chat with Temulun about more rules and stuff.

Emil avoided the Sacred Waters by getting sold in exchange for a pasty ginger goofball, and we learned that really baller slaves can get pretty damn pricey.


* * *

02-18-17_10-21-18 AM.png

Bastet: “He’s uh…doesn’t get outside much, does he?”

The Queen tried to be as tactful as possible about the new slave’s excessive pallor.

Temulun: “Yeah, they said we shouldn’t leave him out in the sun too long or he might get red and blotchy…but he was a real bargain!”

Bastet: “Ah, yes, well…the, er, spots…they aren’t a sign of illness, are they?”

Temulun: “Oh no, Majesty, those are freckles!”

Bastet: “…but they’re orange.”

02-18-17_7-49-20 AM.png

Branor, or Bran as he preferred to be called, was settling in nicely in Sima-Mighdall; he wasn’t really able to help with anything important, but Kadhi let him clean up the dishes after meals, and sometimes he was even allowed to harvest the flowers from the garden.

02-18-17_11-07-11 AM.png

The older slave had even let Bran decorate the cake for Princess Maat’s birthday celebration; she was, of course, too young to blow out her own candles, but Kadhi said they would make a special dessert in her honour for everyone to enjoy.

Too bad Bran wasn’t allowed to light the candles!

02-18-17_11-23-11 AM.png

Aten was not allowed to light candles either, but he didn’t actually care about that or the Princess’s stupid birthday celebration!  They were all making such a fuss over her, and everyone was all smiling and cheerful…didn’t they even remember that his father was gone?  Didn’t they even care?

Kadhi should care, he was Father’s best friend!  But no, he was just as bad as all the rest of them; making cakes, being nice to the new slave, pretending nothing was wrong.

Everything was wrong.

02-18-17_11-36-37 AM.png

Despite the Golden Prince’s lack of enthusiasm for his new sister, Princess Maat aged up into a spirited young lady; her face holding the promise of her mother’s beauty.

02-18-17_11-58-03 AM.png

Pili was delighted to find he had a sibling to play with; Aten was always busy doing big boy things, and did not have much time for his little brother…he only seemed to have had time for the yellow-haired man who went away.

Pili did not care for the yellow-haired man; he’d been very bossy and had never read Pili any bedtime stories!

02-18-17_12-15-00 PM.png

The cake that Kadhi served for Maat’s birthday tasted like strawberries…

02-18-17_12-04-41 PM.png

…and her birthday present from their mother was one of the funnest things Pili had ever played with!

Though perhaps the Princess had eaten too much of the sweet strawberry cake?

02-18-17_12-54-29 PM.png

With Maat now a toddler, and Pili nearly grown into a child, Bastet knew she should plan to make another Princess sooner rather than later; after all, her youth was quickly passing her by.

02-18-17_12-54-09 PM.png

Despite his odd colouring, and tendency to turn red and blotchy, the Queen supposed that Branor was not so terrible to look at; and certainly he was a very nice fellow.

But would Athena be satisfied with him as an offering?  He was not exceptional in any way that Bastet could see…still, Temulun had selected him for her, and the young queen trusted her Scholar’s good taste.

02-18-17_4-05-17 PM.png

Pili’s birthday was a quiet affair; he aged into a handsome, active young man.

02-18-17_4-10-41 PM.png

Kadhi immediately began familiarizing the boy with his future responsibilities.

Kadhi: “When I am gone, Son, it will be on your shoulders to care for the garden.”

02-18-17_4-34-22 PM.png

Branor: “No worries kiddo; good ol’ Bran will help you out with the garden!”

02-18-17_4-33-27 PM.png

Pili: “You keep away from my father’s garden, pale-man, we don’t want the lemons coming out all orange and spotty like you!”

Kadhi wondered if he ought to correct the boy, or let it slide; after all, it might be best for the garden if Bran did stay away…

02-18-17_1-00-20 PM.png

…though orange spots are the least of his worries.

Branor: “Bran’s kinda not feelin’ too good.”

That’s what we get for not following your owner’s manual 😦


Bastet: “Well hey there sailor.”

Kadhi: *winks*

(These two really need to stop making eyes at one another.)

02-18-17_4-35-52 PM.png

Even though he’s a big boy now, Pili still enjoys spending time with his little sister.

02-18-17_4-39-27 PM.png

And Aten still enjoys spending time with Aten.

With his next birthday looming near, the Golden Prince dreams of Very Naughty Things.

* * *

No foonotes today, just some warm and fuzzy family togetherness spam…they clustered up like this autonomously for a meal and some chats.



02-18-17_4-51-45 PM.png

02-19-17_7-43-07 AM.png

/spam ♥

Happy Simming!

20 thoughts on “10. Orange You Gonna Eat Your Cake?

  1. I seriously laugh every time I read one of your chapters. Your little goofy commentary always catches me off guard, and I get a good hearty laugh! This chapter? “With his next birthday looming near, the Golden Prince dreams of Very Naughty Things.”


    You are definitely one of my favorites! 😀 As always, I can’t wait for more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad to hear it! Poor Aten; such an awkward age…all sorts of things going on in the body. 😀
      I appreciate the lovely things you say my darling! Looking forward to more Reinas over here too 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have not, but for curiosity’s sake, I went and read the wiki synopsis, and it sounds like something I might enjoy!
        Ooo, go time! Yay! **happy little claps** Can’t wait! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Pili: “You keep away from my father’s garden, pale-man, we don’t want the lemons coming out all orange and spotty like you!”

    Awww I feel bad for Aten though. I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to have to say goodbye to your father and never see them again, and meanwhile everyone else is just going about things like it’s no big deal 😦

    Sorry to get all serious 😛 The kids are the ones my heart always breaks for most in stories like this!

    PS: Maat is adorbz ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, vintage Pili! I miss that little bean ❤
      Hints of future nice-guy dickishness to come!

      Yeah, they had a rough start, Aten and Emil, but then they worked it all out only for him to be whisked away 😭

      Life really isn't fair for slave dudes… at least it wasn't an, er, more *permanent* solution 😬

      RE: Maat… AGREE 😁

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m still giggling from the “we got him at such a great price!” or whatever it was new girl said.
    Poor guy. I gotta stay away from the evil hot orb in the sky as well. That’s why I live in a cave. >.>

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