11. (Un)willing Sacrifice

Last chapter…


Bran tried to be helpful but mostly just got in the way.

There was cake, and birthdays, and new toys, and fluffy family spam…also some covert flirting by the two eldest members of the Tribe.


* * *

02-18-17_10-15-26 AM.png

Bastet: “I’ve decided to start trying for a Princess with the orange slave.”

Temulun: “Branor.”

Bastet: “Sure, right; he appears to be recovered from his latest bout of blotchy sun-sickness, and really sacrifice seems a mercy for that poor afflicted man.”


Temulun: “That’s great news Majesty! Also, me and Aten are having birthdays pretty soon, and I was thinking I should take Kadhi to the market, but I didn’t want to leave you alone with just Bran to look after the place…”

Bastet: “Yeah, no, let’s not.”

Temulun: “…right?  But Aten should be able to hold down the fort for a few days; I’ve got my eye on this really great slave, he could easily take care of everything here and help me with my research!”

Bastet: “Booyah.”

02-19-17_6-27-46 AM.png

Bran didn’t know what he’d done to deserve the Queen’s notice, especially since she seemed to prefer Kadhi, but he wasn’t about to start complaining in her sudden interest…


…he thinks he ought to be ready for next time though!  Won’t she be impressed when his muscles are extra huge?

Bran is the first person to make use of the new fitness arbour; Sima-Mighdall has enjoyed continued prosperity, and everyone is excited to see the new building project finished.

02-19-17_8-54-28 AM.png

In order to expand the garden, the meeting circle is moved outside the slave hut to be nearer the consecrated ground of the Offering Pool.

(Also it was taking toddlers forever to waddle across the lot to sit on a rock and eat…why couldn’t they just sit on the bench I provided in the kitchen?  Good question!)

02-19-17_9-18-18 AM.png

It seems the Goddess approved of the Tribe’s recent renovations, for the latest bout of Woohoo Bush Fun bears fruit just as the Queen is readying herself for bed…


…she rushes to deliver the news to Bran.

Branor: “But I’m sleepy, Majesty, I don’t really feel like going for a swim…”

02-19-17_9-20-43 AM.png

Bastet: “Are you refusing to obey your Queen, slave?”

Branor: “Golly, no! Forgive me Majesty, I’ll go get my swimming pants on…”

02-19-17_9-21-57 AM.png

Bran: *grumbles* “Okay fine, I guess it is sort of fun…”

02-19-17_9-40-05 AM.png

Alas, the fun only lasted just through the night.

(Yes, he is wearing swimming pants; this is a G-rated fic…PG at most!)

02-19-17_9-45-26 AM.png

02-19-17_10-11-08 AM.png

By the time the Tribe begins to stir, Branor of Pictland is entombed in his final resting place alongside Toro.

02-19-17_9-55-45 AM.png

Strangely, only Aten feels remorse (and anger) at the pale man’s passing.

Mother’s belly is growing once more, and the adults rejoice over a new Princess on her way…Aten cannot speak his feelings out loud, and so chooses to express himself by destroying Maat’s doll settlement.

02-19-17_10-22-56 AM.png

Temulun celebrates her young adult birthday eagerly, as she is keen to make the trip to the Crossroads Market once more; the Tribe has been setting aside money for the purchase of a Scholar Slave.

The Scholar knows that the Themysimran High Priestess of Athena will soon send an official envoy to Sima-Mighdall, and she desires for her Tribe to be impressive in their eyes; surely owning a slave such as Jahi will earn the admiration of the coming Themysimrans.

02-19-17_10-25-41 AM.png

Kadhi knows the road to the Crossroads Market is a one way journey for him, and so he embraces his child warmly before he leaves.

Kadhi: “Be good, Son; take care of your Tribe and our garden!  I’ll think about you every day…I’m already so proud of you!”

Pili holds back his tears, determined to show his father he is brave.

02-19-17_11-01-39 AM.png

And so, with a heavy heart, but no regrets, Kadhi sets off with Temulun to face his next adventure…

02-19-17_3-15-37 PM.png

…leaving the Tribe in the capable hands of the newly adolescent, Aten.

The Golden Prince admires his new physique and imagines how all the ladies would swoon over his honeyed beauty and fight for the honour of having him.

(Pretend you don’t see the cellphone…it’s uh, a very small mirror!)


Adolescence, it seems, has mellowed our hot-headed Aten a bit…he rolled the Soulmate aspiration along with the Romantic trait; now all he wants to do is meet people girls and take selfies.

I’m very sad to part with Kadhi, but we needed to make way for some new blood!

I legitimately chained Bastet to her easel to save up enough money to buy a slave with lots of skills…Sima-Mighdall has earned it!

02-19-17_9-44-43 AM.png


16 thoughts on “11. (Un)willing Sacrifice

  1. Hahahahahha Grimmy. 😀

    Aw, crap! It’s a shame to see the ginger god die a watery death, but alas, such is life in the Amazon world. Can’t wait to see what color his spawn is!

    I noticed the stone dollhouse in the previous chapter! Is that CC, or did someone make it on the workbench? It’s pretty rad!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw, new guy is now dead guy.
    One day I’ll learn not to heed anything about the dudes. Dudes die.
    I felt bad for Pili.
    And Grim at the end…. LOL!

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