12. Desert Rose

Last chapter…


We bid a fond farewell to our last founding slave, Kadhi of Oceania…I may have gotten a little bleary in the eyes…I’m sure it’s just seasonal allergies…you know, to, uh, snow.

Also Temulun and Aten had birthdays!


* * *

02-19-17_1-55-07 PM.png

Princess Maat, the Jewel of Sima-Mighdall, celebrated her childhood birthday with another decadent strawberry cake…though she chose to fill her belly with greens after the fact; being the only scion of Amazon Al Simhara demands temperance in all things!

She did not yet understand the fullness of the burden that would one day be laid upon her shoulders, but she had an inkling that it involved more than just bossing people around; she would have to take care of a whole Tribe, and the Goddess would be watching her to make sure she did a good job.

It was a little scary to think about, actually.

02-19-17_1-53-39 PM.png

Aten remembered dreaming of a time when he would be allowed to use the grown-up muscle making machines; he’d wanted so much to be big and strong and powerful when he was a boy…powerful men could do things to people who hurt them, or fight to be Man-Queens!

Now that he was big enough to make muscles, however, he found his mind straying away from wanting to be strong for the sake of fighting, and more interested in the aesthetic of his physique.

Girls liked big muscles, didn’t they?  If he was big enough, and handsome enough, could he convince one girl to pick him to be with forever?  Aten knew this sort of thinking was forbidden among the Amazon people, but if he wasn’t with the Amazon people…

02-21-17_3-28-57 PM.png

Temulun had returned as quickly as possible with the new Scholar Slave in tow; she was greatly pleased to have been able to make the purchase, and gave thanks to Athena for the boon.

02-19-17_1-39-11 PM.png

Jahi of Al Simhara (swoon) had been surprised that his Master had agreed to sell him; the young Themysimran woman must have made a particularly generous offer.

Sima-Mighdall was eerily quiet compared to the hustle and bustle of the trade route, still, it was pleasant to leave the Crossroads and see more of the countryside; and what slave wouldn’t wish to serve royalty?

02-20-17_2-45-53 PM.png

Jahi was pleased to find the garden in good order; the previous caretaker had clearly had a passion for growing plants, and Jahi himself had always had a secret zeal for it.

02-20-17_2-49-16 PM.png

He attempted to bond with the eldest of the Queen’s sons by asking the boy about the various species in the area, but it quickly became apparent that Aten had very little knowledge about such things; indeed, the Golden Prince seemed skeptical that he should even get involved in agriculture.

Aten: “Do chicks dig gardening?”

02-20-17_2-52-51 PM.png

Queen Bastet found herself feeling very serene on the day that Temulun returned with the Scholar Slave; the new Princess was almost here, her Scholar was finally of child-bearing age, and they were no longer in possession of slaves that might displease the Goddess.

Bastet: “Your daughter will come tonight, Pict.”

02-20-17_3-08-08 PM.png

And so it was that very evening that the young queen gave birth to her fourth child…

02-20-17_3-08-55 PM.png

…and second daughter; welcome to Al Simhara, Raet of Sima-Mighdall.

Pale and luminescent like a tiny pearl, with a shock of coppery hair; Bastet was surprised but pleased with her child’s unexpected colouring.

Bastet: “My sweet desert rose.”

Interlude: The Man from Nowhere

02-15-17_3-08-22 PM.png

Through grasses tall, and forests deep,
walked a man that did not sleep.

02-15-17_3-04-54 PM.png

He traveled far by light of moon,
and hoped to find his people soon.

02-15-17_3-28-08 PM.pngjustcave.png

By day he hid beneath the ground,
in rocky cave or earthen mound.

02-15-17_3-16-47 PM.png

And though the years did pass him by,
the man from nowhere did not die.

02-15-17_3-26-44 PM.png
02-15-17_3-38-17 PM.png

In time he found a barren land,
of rocks and burning dunes of sand.

02-15-17_3-50-23 PM.png

And while he was of peaceful creed,
he could not stay the urge to feed…


THAT’S RIGHT, I wrote you bitcheses a poem; bitcheses love poems. B)

Raet is the feminine form of Ra, the Sun God…also there is a solar Goddess named Raet-Tawy, so take your pick on that one!

Thank you Aehnyx of The Sims Forums for your sacrificial offering donation! (**vampirism sold separately**)

Also, I made a proper Credits/Downloads page on my catch-all site where you can find my (pitiful) list of CC, lots I’ve used or made, sims I’ve used or made (including a fairly good simself to use and abuse if that’s your thing)…if there’s anyone/thing missing let me know!

02-15-17_6-45-25 PM.png

Grim Reaper: “HAPPY SIMMING!”

19 thoughts on “12. Desert Rose

      1. HAHA!! Indeed. Though as I said on your forum’s thread. Who am I kidding…he’s going to introduce his sexy vampirism to the tribe and poof (or crackle, sizzle, poof)

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  1. Wow, Maat is going to be a beauty too! And OOOOOOOOOOOOOH I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT THE PALE PRINCESS LOOKS LIKE!!! XD

    A poem! I’m impressed, WagonFruit!! And it was eerie and off-setting too, perfect for the “vampire vibe.” You have the best, most diverse characters!

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    1. Yay! I’m glad you liked it; I was a bit nervous about the poem, but it’s gone over well, which is a relief!
      I’m excited to show off my coppery haired little darling! I adore her ❤

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