15. Queen of Trolls

Last chapter…

Maat’s forceful curiosity was rebuffed by everyone’s favourite Seneschal, and some folks got chatty with the new basement-guest.

Temulun had News for Queen Bastet, and Raet was cute and toddlery but didn’t get enough screen time because PLOTZ.

Don’t worry, just a bit more talky stuff to sit through and then you get a super sexy fun times! ūüėÄ


To avoid vampire hearing super-powers, Temulun chose a secluded location to have her Very Important Discussion with Queen Bastet.

Temulun: “So, I’ve got good news and bad news…”

Bastet: “Regarding the Creature?”

Temulun: “Eh, yeah…okay, so he said he’d do it, but he doesn’t know how…”

Bastet: “Well, that’s a pretty big problem.”

Temulun: “Oh, no, it’s okay, Jahi knows how, that’s not the bad news, the bad news is that the Creature has terms.”

Bastet: “Dare I ask?”

Temulun: “Yeah, I feel you there…okay, so…wow…we got to talking about the Tribe, and you, and Amazon stuff…”

Temulun wrung her hands, worried at the Queen’s reaction to the vampire’s request.

Bastet: “Just spit it out Tem; I’m a big girl, I can handle it.”

Temulun: “He wants¬†you to have his baby.”

Bastet: “Come again?!”

Of all the demands the fiend could have made, that was not the one she’d been expecting.

Temulun: “I know, right? ¬†Whaaaaat!

Bastet: “Well, did he say why?”

Temulun: “Nope, something about ‘his reasons being his own’, ¬†but he was pretty firm¬†that he wanted you personally to have the baby.”

Bastet: “Well. ¬†That bears some thinking about…”

Temulun: “Right?!”

Bastet: *squints* “Did you change your hair?”

Temulun: “Oh, uh…yeah, do you think it makes me look more, uh…womanly?”

Bastet: “Womanly…”

* * *

Maat studied the locking mechanism. It looked…complicated. ¬†Perhaps if she just got a large rock and bashed it in? ¬†Would it be believable that it was an accident?

Temulun: “Busted!”

Maat: *gasp* “No it’s not, it’s not busted, I swear!”

Temulun: “Er, no, busted like…gah, nevermind; are you trying to get into my room, Highness?”

Maat: “Yes. I was attempting¬†to sneak a look at your adult books that are not for children’s eyes.” ¬†She hoped the lie was convincing.

Temulun: “I don’t have any of those kinds of books, Princess.”

Maat: “Oh. Okay. Well…can I go down to the crypt and see my father’s urn?”

Temulun: “His urn? Whyfor?”

Maat: “Well, the portrait hanging over the urn; I’d like to see what he looks like.”

Temulun: “I’m afraid no one except Jahi is allowed down there right now, it’s, uh, a mess, and dangerous…but I can ask him to bring it up for you to look at; hey, maybe your mother would even let you hang it in your room!”

Maat scowled; she hated it when adults starting using reasonable logic.

Maat: “He sure goes down there a lot, why is that? I thought the crypts were all finished by those other slaves that used to live here.”

Temulun felt a twinge of panic start to burble in her stomach.

Temulun: “Uhm, well, okay…I guess the rocks need…ah, maintenance…”

Temulun: “Okay, okay! ¬†Jahi is…we’re trying to make a baby! ¬†Yeah! ¬†That’s why! ¬†So he’s actually not going down to the crypts; needs just to be in my room a lot because sometimes it take a while to make a baby…”

Maat: “I’m going to stop you right there; do you think I was born yesterday?”

Maat: “Everyone knows you don’t make babies, I mean, where would you even get the parts? ¬†There are no baby arms, legs and heads just laying around…I know very well that the boy has to put the baby in the girl, and then the girl grows the baby in her tummy.”

Temulun: “Oh, huh.”

Maat: “I mean, I still haven’t worked out where the boy gets the tiny baby from to begin with…or how he gets it in the girl; I mean, does he put it in her drink so that she swallows it?”

Temulun: “Oh! Sweetie…um, whoa, we need to sit down and have a chat…”

* * *

Totec: “My friend returns! ¬†And with the most ravishing sun goddess I have ever beheld;¬†surely this must be the much lauded Queen…”

Bastet: “Don’t waste your flattery, creature; I’m here to discuss your terms.”

Totec: “Ah, business before pleasure; I understand, Majesty.”

Bastet: “Yes, well, I’m prepared to consider your…wishes…after all, we’d no doubt make one heck of¬†a powerful daughter, but I’ve got to know why you want this; I know¬†Tem explained to you what happens to my baby daddies, so¬†why are you so eager to meet the sun in the name of my Goddess? ¬†What’s in it for you?”

Totec: “Ah, yes, well…begging your pardon for the uncharitable comparison, Majesty, but I could no more explain my motives¬†to you than could a god to an ant.”

Bastet: “Try.”

* * *

Temulun: “Well, that’s…kinda sad actually…do we believe him?”

Bastet: “He was a bit harsh with the analogy, but I can sort of see how being alone for eternity would blow goats…I’m not sure I’m buying the altruistic nonsense about ‘wanting to leave behind something good and worthwhile in the world’ though; he just doesn’t seem the type.”

Jahi: “It is impossible to discern our guest’s motives with any degree of certainty, Majesty, but if we do not acquiesce, we may lose our opportunity to secure undeath for our Princes.”

Temulun: “What about just taking his blood like we talked about before?”

Jahi shrugged. “I am not entirely certain that we don’t need our guest’s consent for the process to work…but we could certainly explore that avenue before any decision is made.”

Bastet: “No, no, I won’t risk the harm to my sons by doing it wrong!”

She sighed, “I’ll do it, I mean, I won’t lie, the appeal of having a daughter blessed with even a small amount of that sort of power! And if it’s just a ploy to kill me and escape…”

Jahi’s expression darkened. “He will not make it out of the crypts alive, Majesty, I promise you that.”

Bastet: “Well, that’s settled then, I suppose I should speak to Aten about this matter also; he’s going to be coming of age soon, after all, and he might need some time to get his head around this.”

Temulun: “Yeah, for sure, right? Hah! Also there’s something, ah…” she shot a quick look at Jahi, “so I caught the Princess trying to break into my room earlier…”

Bastet: “What? Why?”

Temulun: “Um, well, first she said because she wanted to read my ‘adult-books’, but I was like, I don’t have adult books, and then she was like, well, okay, I want to see my father’s picture then, and I was like…”

Bastet: “Tem, darling, the end please.”

Temulun: “Right, okay, yeah, sorry…anyhow, I panicked and ended up telling her that me and Jahi were trying to…you know…make more little Amazons.”

Temulun: “She just wouldn’t stop asking questions! ¬†And wow, you know what, I think that little girl is going to be a real going concern when she teens up, I’m not even kidding, precocious doesn’t even begin to cover it…”

Jahi: “There is no need for discomfiture, Scholar, that is, indeed, the most obvious reason why I would be so frequently visiting your chambers.”

Bastet: “Yes, well, then there’s the matter of lying to the future Queen of Sima-Mighdall.”

Bastet: “I’m afraid, my dear, that this cannot be excused.”

Temulun: “Uh…”

Bastet: “Well, I guess¬†since this is your first offense, I’ll be lenient; you can go¬†pack your things and leave¬†our Tribe to return to Themysimra in disgrace, or…”

Temulun: “What? ¬†Seriously? ¬†Are you shi-”

Bastet: “OR, you can go and do exactly what it is you told her you were doing; after all, it’s your duty to contribute to the legacy of this Tribe.”

The Queen smiled apologetically. “I’m afraid I can’t permit you to sacrifice him, however; you’ve disgraced yourself with your behaviour, and won’t¬†be allowed¬†to seek the favour of Athena for your child…pray that she is Merciful.”

Temulun: “But, but, Majesty…”

Bastet: “I’m going to need your answer right away, Scholar, there’s a lot going on here right now and I’d like to wrap this up asap.”

Temulun: “I mean, I don’t want to go! But don’t want to force…”

Jahi: “Scholar,” something in his tone made Temulun’s hairs stand up on end, “I assure you that I am not unwilling to father your children.”


In case that shit-eating grin didn’t make it obvious; Bastet is trolling them hard; a¬†Queen’s got to have fun any way she can, right?

Also, yes, I know, continuity is my friend; haters gonna hate.

Badly rendered dragonfly: “Happy Simming!”

22 thoughts on “15. Queen of Trolls

  1. Mmmmm Totec and Bastet…Tem and Jahi….

    I just got allllllll weak in the knees. And way to go Queen forcing these love birds together for some serious nooboo’ing. Hee hee…

    *high fives WagonFruit in Bianca’s cottage…cause you know we’re roomies and stuff and Unicorn BFFAEs*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL. Move aside, woohoo bush, it’s about to get real up in this Tribe!
      I added a 3rd roomie to our little bird’s nest…now SHE gets to hold the baby in the bin picture MUAHAHAHA.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I like Temulun’s new look — yes, it does make her look more womanly. Hope Jahi likes it too. But what does it mean that she doesn’t have the favor of Athena? (I know, I should go and look up the rules.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay, more womanly! You know, I think he does?…Ah, the favour of Athena; well, Amazons sacrifice slaves to earn Athena’s favour for their unborn children…so if a baby is coming and there is no sacrifice, it’s believed (at least in my canon) that the child might be born weak unless Athena takes pity on the mother.


    1. She is secretly a genius! It seems to me, also, that ladies do seem to enjoy a bit of recreational matchmaking as they hit the edge of a certain age ūüėČ

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have a strange fascination with decapitation. I blame my degree in history and my love of the Tudor era of British History. Nobody could decapitate a wife better than King Henry VIII

        Liked by 1 person

      2. There is a new book about her being released August 9. I am excited about it. It is by my favorite author and is the last of her Cousin’s War series. 15 books in the series. Lol

        Liked by 1 person

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