17. Growing Season

Last chapter…

A steamy little mini-chapter was born where Tem finally got hers, and Aten finally found out where babies come from.

The two developments were not related.

It can only spiral out of control from here on out, folks.


Though at first he hadn’t thought much of gardening, Aten finds he rather enjoys the mornings spent watering their plants and trees (under Jahi’s watchful eye); it’s sort of relaxing?  Peaceful?…Something like that.

Also, it’s pretty neat to see everything flourish and know that he did it (well, okay, helped Jahi do it), and that everyone gets to eat the stuff he (helped) grew.

Aten has also been doing a good job growing other stuff (thanks to the muscle machines), and feels pretty sure that one day, when he meets the fine ladies (eventually some have to show up, right?), they’ll definitely want a piece of this future Man-Queen.

Growth in general, it seems, is a catching thing.

Temulun finds that her Evening Against a Wall has born fruit, and though she’s disappointed there won’t be an opportunity to try a few more, um, things (for educational purposes of course), a part of her is secretly a bit smug that they nailed it on the first try.

When he hears the news, the Seneschal catches her off guard with a congratulatory hug; and if she let’s him hold her for just a few heartbeats longer than appropriate, who’s to know?

Pleased at the news of a new baby, Bastet shifts her focus towards her own daughters, and tries to forget, at least for a time, what is still to come.

As new life grows in Temulun’s belly, Pili blossoms into a young man, and manages to look even more like his mother.

Perhaps it’s the resemblance between them…

…or perhaps it’s the narcissism of her elder son; but she finds herself secretly more fond of Pili than she does Aten.

The two teenagers themselves get along pretty well…

…though the relationship is not without it’s occasional challenges, living in such close quarters as they do.

Aten: “Duuuuuude.”

Pili: “Dude.

Temulun’s pregnancy is fraught with illness from an early stage; she finds herself often drawn to the Woohoo Bush in the middle of the night (and early morning, and midday) to empty her stomach.

The Seneschal begins leaving her medicinal tea meant to ease her nausea and help her keep meals down.

Temulun doesn’t have the heart to tell him how wretched it is, however, and wonders if ingesting the foul liquid is actually preferable to tossing her cookies in the shrubbery.

Jahi begins to spend a great deal of time in the Scholar’s washroom upgrading the fixtures for her; Temulun feels little butterflies in her stomach when she sees him in there working diligently for the benefit of her comfort.

It could just be the nausea though.

Close on the heels of the Dark Prince, Raet the Rose celebrates her childhood birthday with a sugar-free carob cake (Jahi’s been on a bit of a health kick lately with their meals).

Pili whispers that it’s not as tasty as the strawberry cake that Kadhi used to make, but he’s probably just saying that because Kadhi was his daddy, and anyways, she doesn’t want to ask Jahi for strawberry cake because then she’ll have to listen to a lecture about how strawberry cake is bad for you.

Jahi likes to lecture, but he also checks under the bed for monsters whenever she asks him too (instead of rolling his eyes like Aten), so she doesn’t make a fuss at having to eat healthy birthday cake…at least not out loud.

Temulun is nearly the size of a small camel when she begins to feel the odd painful spasm in her midsection.

Concerned, she consults with the Seneschal over the issue.

Jahi seems oddly enthusiastic about examining her, but assures her that from what he’s read, those sorts of early contractions are perfectly normal.

Temulun thinks that perhaps he shouldn’t let his hands linger for quite so long on her massive belly, but it’s better to be thorough with this sort of thing, right?

Temulun also supposes that he shouldn’t kiss her, but it’s only on the cheek.  People kiss each other on the cheek all the time and it’s fine (thank the Goddess no one else saw though, you know, because they’d probably take it the wrong way).

The Scholar tells herself that she doesn’t care anyhow.  Amazons aren’t supposed to care about slaves.  So she doesn’t.  Like, totally not at all.  (For real.)

As for the dreams…


…it’s pretty normal for pregnant women to have those kinds of dreams…right?

It (probably) for certain doesn’t mean anything.

Totec: “My friend returns at last!” the vampire greeted Jahi with a toothy grin.  “But this is not my lovely Queen he escorts…”

Totec: “…though, I must say that I do believe lovely still very much applies.”

Aten: “Wow, so that’s a vampire?  Huh…I thought they’d be…bigger?”

Jahi: “Yes, well…”

Totec: “I think you’ll find, lovely boy, that I am big enough if one looks in the right places.”

Jahi: “As the Prince can see, ours is a particularly affable example of the species.

Totec: “Ah, Prince, is it?  This must be one of our beautiful Queen’s mighty sons, then, destined to become my monstrous offspring…”

Totec: “…though She has yet to uphold Her end of the bargain, perhaps I could be persuaded to give Her an advance.”  He smiled broadly in Aten’s direction.

Aten shot Jahi a nervous glance. “You mean, like…now?”  He still wasn’t really sure about this whole vampire business…but the ladies (who were definitely on their way any day now) would probably like it?  Because vampires were pretty mysterious, right?

Jahi: “I am certain Her Majesty appreciates your willingness to co-operate, my friend, but this is an introduction alone; our Prince has only just become aware of the options available to him on the occasion of his young adult birthday.”

Totec: “A pity!  But not to worry, the offer stands…I’ll be here if you change your mind; it’s not as though I can be anywhere else, at present.”

Aten: “Alright, cool, well…thanks?”

Totec: “Think nothing of it, sweet Prince!” The vampire pulled out his most charming smile.  “And if you should ever feel the need to visit, and become better acquainted, I think you will find me a willing participant.”

Aten: “Uh, okay, yeah, I guess…”

Jahi: “With supervision, naturally.”

Aten: “Yeah, uh huh, sure thing.”  The Prince’s mind begins to consider all the possibilities of making friends with a guy like Totec…he probably knows lots of stuff about the ladies!

It’s well into the evening when Temulun finds herself in labour; really not a fun thing, but she’d read all the books, so she figured she had a pretty solid handle on what to do.

Possibly she might have been a bit loud though, because Jahi came rushing in right as their son landed in her arms for the first time.

Welcome to Sima-Mighdall, little Teremun.

It all worked out well, however, as Jahi was there to catch the second baby…a daughter that Temulun named Jahira.

The Scholar knew that the things Jahi murmured to her as he kissed her on the cheek this time, were definitely not appropriate for a proper Amazon/Slave relationship; but in that moment she was much too blissfully happy to care.

Athena could easily forgive her for getting swept up in a blissful moment, right?


That’s rights friends; TWINS.  ZOMG.  Twins.  The game Athena must have really wanted this to happen; a combination of 5% risky woohoo, autonomous woohoo, and a carelessly unlocked bedroom door led to this unplanned romance and resulting nooboos.

So now I get to raise twins.  Joy!

Sometimes Jahi get’s this Dance Machine bored moodlet, even though he doesn’t have that trait (glitches are fun!)…

…and then he gets all sulky during picture time.

Jahi: “Can we go now Aten?  I don’t feel like talking to this smarmy jerk anymore…so booooored.

Aten: “Dude, pull your shit together.”

16 thoughts on “17. Growing Season

  1. Do either of those names happen to mean Evening Against a Wall, by chance? 😉 Holy Athena, Wagonfruit, you are gooooooooood at the steamy photoshoots! I need to head over to Sexy Sims and see what I can find! **Fans self off uncontrollably**

    Squee!! Twin nooboos!! Don’t you love it when that happens? 😀 I’m sure they will be raven-haired beauties, just like their parents. And oh my gosh, Raet is SOOOOOOOOO pretty! I’m eager to see what Teenage and Young Adult baby girl looks like!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! Well, Teremun means “loved by his father” and Jahira I just made up (though it probably is an actual name)…but since I made it up, I think I can decide it means “evening against a wall” hah!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the shots! (I enjoyed taking them) I always worry they’re a bit *too* much, but so far no one has freaked out 😉
      I was floored when those two little monkeys threw accidental woohoo twins at me! Ahhh, I can’t wait to show everyone off! This is a *very* pretty generation 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I absolutely love Raet!!!

    Totec’s flirting with our golden prince is awesome!! Way to make him uncomfortable Totec!!

    The steamy shots between Tem and Jahi argggh!! Love love.

    Now for some Queenly Vampire Nooboo making yessss!!

    Liked by 1 person

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