18. Oh MY

Last chapter…

We enjoyed some long overdue story progression (whaaaat!), and saw birthdays for Pili, Raet, and Temulun’s new twins, Jahira and Teremun (yup, I’m going to be getting both those T names mixed up constantly…well planned me.)

Aten finally got to meet the charming Totec (the pleasure was all his), and Temulun totally didn’t behave at all inappropriately with Sima-Mighdall’s Seneschal.  Not even a little.  For real.


Aten: “I mean, yeah, it’s cool to be a Prince and all, but, you know…that doesn’t really mean that much around here.”

While at first he had been wary of Sima-Mighdall’s ‘basement guest’, Aten found Totec to be a sympathetic ear for his troubles; something that had been sorely lacking in the young Prince’s life thusfar.

Aten: “Like, if you hadn’t come along, I’d have been totally hooped; thrown in the Offering Pool as soon as I hit adulthood and gotten some lady knocked up…major bummer, right?”

Totec: “Most certainly a ‘major bummer’, my Prince.”

And if he, occasionally, happened to slip downstairs without anyone noticing, to visit his new friend, well, where was the harm in that?  After all, everyone was usually very busy, and he was pretty sure they didn’t want to have to babysit him all the time.

Aten: “Yeah!  And forget having my own stuff, I mean, I share a room with 2 dudes, you know?  Everything goes to my sisters because they’re girls…no one around here says it out loud, but Amazons don’t really like boys.”

Totec: “Well then, you are in luck, dear Prince!  I like boys.”  The vampire treated his guest to a rather peculiar smile.

Aten: “Cool, cool,” he chuckled, “at least someone does, amiright?”

Totec: “Undoubtedly, my auriferous swain.”

Sometimes Totec didn’t make a lot of sense, but that was okay because Aten knew that the man really understood him, you know?

Jahira and Teremun quickly grew into sweet tempered, but energetic, toddlers.

Temulun and Jahi devoted much of their time to caring for the twins…

…but everyone in the Tribe pitched in to help out.

And when the day was done, and the little ones were sound asleep, it’s possible they may have also devoted a moment of time to each other.

As the weeks and months flew by, and her eldest son’s birthday drew near, Queen Bastet knew that her time of delay was drawing to a close.

It wasn’t the first time she’d taken an unwanted lover, but Goddess willing, it would be the last.

Totec: “Ah!  The beauteous Queen graces me with her presence at long last, and I see you’ve brought a guest!”  The vampire chuckled.  “Dare I hope that our moment of passion is finally at hand?”  He threw a wink at Jahi,  “and that my good friend may be joining us as well?”

Bastet: “Save your perverse remarks, creature, I’m here to make good on our bargain, and I’ll thank you to keep your trap shut…”

Bastet: “…Jahi is here in case measures need to be taken to contain any ill-conceived plans you may have brewing in that depraved mind of yours.”

Totec: “Ah, my lovely desert flower doesn’t trust me not to dismember Her and carve a bloody swath through Her quaint little village; I am wounded.”

Bastet: “Yeah, sure, I’ll bet; I’ve brought a chair, back away from the door.”

Totec did as she bid, and Bastet entered the cell with her head held high, though the weight of duty bore down heavily upon her.

Totec: “I assure you, Majesty, you will enjoy this more than you anticipate.”

Bastet: *forbearing sigh* “Let’s get on with it, shall we?”

The experience was rather novel, if she were being completely honest; though in all fairness, she was rather used to having branches trying to crawl up her caboose while she made babies.

Totec: “Fare well, my juicy fig!  You will, of course, let me know when the fruit of our passion has ripened?”

Bastet: “You may keep the chair.”

Thankfully, it only took the one visit for Queen Bastet to come down with a case of baby bump.

Bastet: ‘Small mercies.’

The Queen could feel her years slowly pressing down upon her; gone were the days of youthful skin and spry joints.

This would likely be the last child her body would allow; the relief of that knowledge was bittersweet.

With the twins keeping everyone preoccupied, it proved easy to slip away to Totec’s ‘guestroom’; Aten found himself gravitating towards his new friend more and more as time wore on.

The vampire was super understanding about how hard his life was, and he even offered the young prince a friendly neck massage from time to time.  It was kind of weird, but, you know, good?…Weird-good.

Totec: “My!  You’ve been busy with those muscle things, haven’t you, my Prince?”

Aten: “Hah, yeah, totally, the muscle machines!  You can tell?”

Totec: “Absolutely!  Like a marble statue under my fingertips; most impressive.”

The young prince didn’t know why everyone said all those bad things about his new friend; Totec was a really swell guy!

Though, you know, maybe a bit ‘handsy’ once in a while; it was cool though, because they were really good buds, right?

Not long after the Queen of Sima-Mighdall begins to show the signs of her last child on it’s way, her eldest son and daughter begin their journeys into life’s next stage.

Aten arrives in young adulthood looking much the same as he had when a teenager.

Aten: *smoulders*

Princess Maat makes a wish on her (super healthy Jahi approved) sugar-free carob cake.

Maat: *please let me be hotter than Aten*

Maat: “Success.

And the Future Queen of Sima-Mighdall makes a fine showing for herself.

Queen Bastet takes her Scholar down to the river where they may speak without interruption.

Bastet: “So I was thinking we should have a quick chit chat about you and Jahi.”

Temulun feels her heart begin to bump around in her chest, and she tries very much not to resemble a cornered rabbit.

Bastet: “I’m not an idiot, Tem; I can see what’s going on between the two of you.”

Temulun: “Going on between us?  Uhm, w-what thing is going…I, ah, there’s really nothing, I mean we only had woohoo the one time like you said…”

Bastet: “Yeah, I’m not talking about the woohoo babe…I’m talking about the stuff after the woohoo,” the Queen can’t help her teasing smile, “you know, the secret little meetings in your room, the whispering, the touching…the longing glances…”

Temulun: “Longing glances?  I promise you Majesty, I haven’t been giving anyone longing glances!”

Bastet: “I wasn’t actually talking about you there; that Seneschal of ours spends so much time staring at you, I’m surprised he hasn’t walked into the lemon tree yet.”

Temulun: “…he does?”

The Scholar feels her cheeks warm slightly; must be that darned afternoon sun.

Bastet: “It’s okay you know, all of it, everything…I’m not mad.”

Temulun: “I, ah…don’t follow, I mean, you were all ‘rawr, make babies or leave because rules!’ and now you’re all like ‘meh, rules’,” the Scholar couldn’t help but scowl a bit (respectfully though, of course), “I mean, what?”

Bastet: “Oh that!  Well, you know, that was only a bit of fun…just yanking your chain!”

For a hot moment, Temulun considered pitching her Goddess-appointed Sovereign over the bridge…the impulse may have registered briefly on her face.

Bastet: “Oh come now, why deny an old lady her fun?  Man, your faces though!

Temulun: “Hilarious.”

Bastet: “Yes, well, no harm done…and now we have two lovely young ones, and you have yourself a bit of a nice romance.”

Temulun: “I’ve been trying not to, really I have, the rules…”

Bastet: “Piss on the rules, Tem.”

Temulun: “Whoa, er, that escalated quickly…”

Bastet: “I mean it Tem; you’re not the queen, you don’t have to keep yourself removed from your heart to lead a blossoming civilization…you do you boo.

Temulun: “….”

Bastet: “Or Jahi, you could do him also.”

Bastet: “Move the young man into your room, raise your babies together…have more babies if you wish; I’m the only woman here who needs to keep pieces of herself locked away.”

Temulun: “Thank you, Majesty.”

Bastet: “No Tem, thank you; I couldn’t have done this without your help.”

Totec was thrilled to find out that it was the young Prince’s birthday; he immediately threw an arm around Aten’s shoulders and gave him a friendly squeeze.  Like, really friendly.

Aten was used to the friendly squeezes by now though, so he just smiled.

Totec: “And did my Prince receive any special gifts for his natal celebrations?”

Aten: “Oh, uh, no; we don’t really celebrate slave birthdays…but that’s cool!  I’m pretty used to it by now.”

Totec: “Oh my, that cannot be allowed to stand…”

Totec: “…if my Prince will allow it, I would like to give him a very special birthday treat.”

Aten: “Oh?  Uh, yeah, sure good buddy, that sounds awesome!”  The prince suddenly felt extremely nervous, though he wasn’t sure why.

Totec: “Trust me, my lovely friend; you have no idea.”  The vampire took Aten’s hand and led him over to the only chair in the room.

Totec: “This is a very special chair, my Prince; your mother gave it to me as a gift, in fact, some months ago,” he gave the young man a toothy grin, “please sit, and I will show you it’s purpose.”

While her eldest son was being unknowingly debauched in the basement, Queen Bastet welcomed her third son into the world, and called him Bakari.

Bastet: “Well, aren’t you a peculiar little creature.”

The babe looked normal enough, but there was something slightly off about him; though what that thing might be was presently beyond her ability to deduce.


Yes, yes, I know…so much NSFW lately WagonFruit!  It’s TOTALLY necessary for the story OKAY 😀

Also, ‘Teremun’ means “loved by his father” awww.  I don’t know what Jahira means, probably something, but according to Haids (Tribe Reina: An Amazon Legacy you’re missing out if you don’t read it!) someone’s name needs to mean Evening Against a Wall, so let’s say that’s what Jahira means 😉

Ghost of Branor: “Happy Simming Guys!”

21 thoughts on “18. Oh MY

  1. Awwww, thank you for linking my story! I feel so loved! ❤ ❤

    Holy potatoes, MAAT IS ONE GORGEOUS AMAZON WOMAN!! She will make beautiful babies. I really like the way that you altered the Amazon rules–only the queen is required to keep her distance from getting into relationships. I had never thought of that before, it's quite a smart move! See, that is my favorite thing about reading other Amazon stories; people's takes on it are amazing! Yours just happens to be more amazing than the norm. 😉

    NSFW are my favorite posts these days!! XD Keep 'em coming! It sure will be interesting to see what happens with Aten and Totec…will the queen be royally pissed off when she finds out, or will she just be like, "Meh, boys can do whatever they want"? **Thoughtfully rubs chin**

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You so welcome! Everyone should read it! ❤
      Maat is all legs and lips right now, but she's a cutie pie and I love her (even though she rolled 'hates kids', the brat).
      Aww, thank you! *hugs* I'm glad you approve of my spin; it's hard to make a unique narrative, sometimes, when you adhere too strictly to challenge rules…but all my characters have flaws, and sometimes make poor decisions, so we'll see how this pans out for Bastet!
      There will definitely be more NSFW! I'm on a roll now 😉 the smutty-wagon-train cannot be stopped! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, you are inspiring me to do the same! 😉 Granted, I’m 2 months ahead, chapter-wise, so any potential smut won’t be for a good long while, so you will have some waiting to do. 😦 I was on SexySims the other night browsing, and my husband walked in and was like “…….Hailey…..what the fuck is that?!” I had a good hearty chuckle! He thought I was looking at Hentai!

        I’m excited for Maat and Raet as adults, especially seeing what kind of traits that they have. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of Amazon queen hates children–another interesting challenge thrust upon you. (Hahaha. Thrust.) She will probably like her future nooboos more when they’re teenagers!

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      2. LOL! OMG…that is too funny! Doesn’t he know that simming is a gateway drug to hentai?? 😀
        LL has commanded me to download the wickedwhims mod…should be fun!

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      3. I found it when I was looking at the new MC Command Center tumblr and was immediately like, MS. FRUIT NEEDS THIS FOR HER GIANT SEX COMPOUND. Download it and report back (and take pics for future chapters). ❤

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  2. I freaking love Totec the manwhore 😂 Morher and son, dang… I am kind of interested now to see how many other members of the family he can add to the list now 😂😂😂

    (Also, Bastet is the best Amazon Queen ever. ❤️ She is fair and caring and doesn’t relish in mistreating/killing her slaves and even supports a lil romance. 😀 )

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    1. Aww, Totect was the only submission from my first casting call… I TREASURED THE CRAP OUTTA THAT GUY, and his epic cheekbones!

      Poor Bastet, just doing the best she could; wasn’t raised to be an Amazon Queen! Few rough spots, but she turned out ok 😀

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