20. Well, That Escalated Quickly

Last chapter…

Aten was super worried his good buddy Totec was going to get all burned alive so he agreed to help stage A Great Escape.  What a guy.

Also Pili finally got vamped, but Aten only got fake vamped (and tried to be super manly and not pass out).  Because blood.  Ew.

Are you even ready for this jelly?  I mean, finale?  Of Gen 1.  Oh yeah, that’s what this chapter is, didn’t I mention it before?  No?  Huh.  SURPRISE GENERATION FINALE.

P.S. Sorrynotsorry about Pili’s pottymouth.


Bastet: “They’re gone, Tem.”

Temulun: “I know, sweetie.”

Bastet: “My little boys.”

Raet: “Maat, what’s the matter with Mother?  Why is she so sad?  Why is everyone so upset?”

Though the morning sun shone cheerfully, a dark cloud hung over the Village of Sima-Mighdall; Princess Raet knew that Something Bad had happened in the night, but no one was telling her a thing.

Maat: “Can it squirt, no one is in the mood for your questions.”

Also, Maat didn’t actually know what was going on; but the squirt didn’t need to know that.

Guh.  Kids; why were those even a thing?

Raet: “I wonder if the scary man in the crypts did something bad.”

Maat: “Yeah, right?  I wouldn’t…”

Maat: “…wait.  What did you say?  How did you know about him?

Raet: “Oh, um, Mother told me…”

Maat: “Mother told you?  What the hell man, nobody told me shi-”

Jahi: “Excuse the intrusion, Highnesses; the Queen has requested your company in Her chambers.”

Maat: “Oh!”  She giggled, “thanks Jahi!  You’re so, um…informative.

Maat wasn’t quite sure when it had happened, but somehow Sima-Mighdall’s Seneschal had gone from being a weird grown-up, to a very interesting grown-up…no, guy, a very interesting guy.

Jahi: “Indeed.”

Temulun: “Jahi, what if he comes back?  What if he take our babies next?”

Queen Bastet had cloistered herself away with her remaining children to explain the situation; the Seneschal had herded Tem to their chambers straight away.

Smart man; Temulun felt like she was on the brink of a meltdown.

Jahi: “Tem, nothing is going to happen to our babies; you wouldn’t allow it, I wouldn’t allow it.”

For all the words he knew, Jahi was at a loss which ones he could offer to ease his Scholar’s worry.

Jahi: “The creature took his own child and fled, love; if he’d meant more harm, he would have done so already.”

Temulun nodded and leaned into him; ‘he’s totally right,’ she chided herself, ‘I’m just being a silly goose.’

The hugging was nice though, really nice.  Jahi gave the best hugs; it was his secret talent, Tem was pretty sure…but maybe she was biased?

Amazons were supposed to be strong, and fierce, and a variety of other alarming adjectives…hug-needy didn’t seem to fit the bill, but neither did a lot of stuff she’d been doing lately…

…for example, letting a slave kiss her without asking permission; he didn’t do that a lot though, so probably okay to let it slide.

As for the hand every so casually slipping into her underthings…

…well, come on, she’d had a traumatic morning; cut a girl some slack!

Pili and the girls had taken The News in stride, at least, as far as she could tell.  Maat didn’t really care that much ‘they’re just *boys*, Mother,’ while Raet didn’t appear to fully understand what had happened.

Pili, though, had been rather quiet throughout the discussion, and afterwards he’d gathered her up in his arms and held her until she felt fresh tears begin to pool.

“The guy was a dick, Mother, but I’m sure he won’t hurt either of them; you didn’t see how he was with Aten.”

Bastet let the cussing slide and clung to him.

It was the weirdest but prettiest place the Golden Prince had ever seen; lots of the trees and bushes looked the same as they did back home, but everything was just…super green.

Even the ground was green!  It had all these little plants growing out of it (his good buddy said it was called grass), and it was pretty neat and stuff, and way less dusty.

His good buddy also said they’d be safe here for now, and that they should stay until Bakari was a little older…Aten was pretty stoked about that; he was kinda tired of walking all night and sleeping in caves and stuff.  Rocks were super uncomfy to sleep on.

Well, okay, so the place they found was also a cave…but it was a big cave, and they’d fix it up nice and make some comfy beds and things…

…he’d even already made a door!  Aten wasn’t the best with making stuff or anything, but he was pretty proud of it anyhow; he hoped his good buddy would like it too!

Sometimes he wondered if he’d done the right thing, going off with them to be a King (that’s what good buddy said Man-Queens were called)…but, you know, Mother was pretty smart, she’d probably have figured out he’d done it, and then she’d probably put him in the Offering Pool.

It was kind of a big no-no for Tribal Sons to let prisoners go on purpose and help steal babies…like, HUGELY not cool.

03-12-17_10-01-41 AM.png

Anyways, his good buddy said that they were family now, and that they’d take care of each other, and raise Bakari up right, and that now he didn’t have to ever go into an Offering Pool.

Pretty sweet deal, that not being sacrificed thing, right?

And, you know, the handsy stuff was sort of okay too.  Who even needed fine ladies anyways; he’d never actually met a fine lady, but he was pretty sure they weren’t as swell as his good buddy.

The stomach thing was getting worse, Pili was certain of it; he’d hardly gotten a wink of sleep, but wasn’t sure if it was the vampire thing or the other vampire thing.

Probably both.  Fucking vampires.

Pili: “Man up kid,” he muttered, “no one needs your whining about a tummy ache right now.”

Damn bite still stung too; it was going to be a shitty day.

Pili hated it when he was right.

Straight up, Maat was being a psycho bitch and wrecking the kids’ toys again…

…which, of course, meant he had to fix it before one of the little ones saw; can’t have kids bursting into tears because of a psycho bitch.

After that there was breakfast to prepare…

…and the garden to water.

Usually the Seneschal did the gardening stuff, but Scholar Temulun had been pretty freaked out since The Escape…

…so Jahi had been busy with some, uh…other kinds of ploughing.

It was no big deal though; Pili liked to keep busy.

His mother was taking it much harder than she let on; she liked to keep up a brave face for everyone, but her eyes were always red and puffy.

Pili supposed that was how it had to be when you were the Queen, but she was still his Mother, and he didn’t like seeing her that way.

Fucking idiot Aten.

The stomach pains kept getting worse and worse, until one night when they suddenly got so bad he could hardly stand.

Pili tried to call out for help, but damned if he could even make his voice work…

…and that’s when shit got really weird.

But in a good way?

Time passed in the world.

Some relationships shifted into new territory…

…while others stayed mostly the same.

The twins aged into beautiful, energetic children…

…and the Lost Prince flourished under the care of his father and brother.

Pili adjusted to a nocturnal existence with surprising ease.

And Princess Maat also…well, no, let’s be real; Maat still can’t stand her little sister, but there are only so many people around to play chess with.

Maat: “Shut it, squirt, you know the rules; the rats don’t look at Maat, the rats don’t talk to Maat…you feel me?”

Raet: “I totally feel you Big Sis!”

Maat: “Omg…”

Grief began to heal, though it would never be forgotten.

In her lowest moments, Queen Bastet wondered if Athena has forsaken her.

But we can never, for certain, know the will of the gods…

…or the mysterious ways in which they weave the tapestries of our lives.

Jahi: “I have mapped a route to the ruins, Majesty; it should be no great feat to travel there by night.”

Temulun’s latest research had led her to uncover a nearby edifice that might serve to be converted into a temple.

Bastet: “And the condition?”

Jahi: “Not as dire as expected, it is run down, to be certain, but habitable.”

Jahi: “I suspect young Pili will find the the task challenging, but not overwhelming.”

As tempting as it had been to bury her head in the sand and carry on as they were, Queen Bastet knew that Athena was counting on her to bring their civilization forward.

They would send Pili to the ruins, and make use of his vampiric strength in the reconstruction efforts.

Bastet: “Perfect!  Let’s plan an expedition as soon as possible, I’d like for-”

Raet: “Mother!  There’s some people here to see you!  The lady says they’re from some place called Them-sem-somthing-ra!”

Bastet: “So, Themysimra comes at last; Jahi, please go get Tem, I have a feeling this is going to be…interesting.

The group of six visitors waited patiently for the queen to attend them.

Three Amazons of varied description, with three slaves in tow.

Bastet: “And who might you be, exactly?”

For nearly a generation, Sima-Mighdall has (mostly) stood without the interference of outside Amazons, and though they should be a welcome gift, something about these visitors set the Queens teeth on edge.

Clearly the Ringleader: “I am Kenza, a Warden of Themysimra; we’ve come to serve, and educate, the fledgling nation of Sima-Mighdall, Your Majesty.”


Well, that’s a wrap for Generation One folks!  I hope everyone enjoyed it; there will be a short break before we pick back up again with Generation Two at the helm.

Thanks so much for reading if you’ve made it this far!

And thank you, especially, to those who take the time out of their day to comment and participate in this story; so much love ♥ you have no idea what your support means to me!

And a special thank you to Ms. Lobster for letting me have her play doctor with Pili last chapter; I think he had a good time 😉 he just won’t shut up about your skilled fingers.

Totec and Aten’s love nest is the Thief’s hideout by Lothisil on the Gallery.

That’s a hard no on your new darkform, Pili *edits*

Happy Simming! ♥ x ♥

28 thoughts on “20. Well, That Escalated Quickly

  1. I’m so excited to see what happens in generation 2! It’s always so weird and fun to see another generation take over. Especially with these two starkly different daughters–and a new tribe come to serve the queen!! Squeeeeeeeeeee!

    I still want to donate one of my Amazons to your cause, Fruity!! I might have one cooking that can be of service to you…we shall see! I’ll keep you updated as the time gets closer. 😉

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    1. Eee, excitement about donation!

      I’m both looking forward to, and dreading, the new generation! I may actually be driven to, dun dun dun, outline…Iknowright…whaaaaat!

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    1. Aww, RIP Pili fro! 😭
      I hope you enjoy the gay shit! Shame there couldn’t have been as much as I had planned (because the universe delights in my sorrow).
      TLDR; pretend there was more gay shit because there was supposed to be GDI.

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  2. Wooh! What an exciting end to the gen! Pili is still my fave. Also, Maat is gorgeous, ahh. 😍 Both excited and terrified to see what Gen 2 will have in store… 😉

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  3. Okay….for some reason I tried five times to get this chapter to load on my iPad. WP either crashed or it just froze. I finally got MOST of the pictures but all of the text….I will check it out again on my PC…..but new people coming was a bit unnerving. Okay onward to Gen 2…BTW….loving it so far! I have laughed so much and was fist pumping when Tem and Jahi got together.

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    1. Oh crap! I’m sorry to hear that…yeah, sometimes I have troubles loading all the HD pics on my phone too!

      I’m so pleased you’re enjoying it! I hope that continues to be the case, the ride gets a little bumpy eventually 😬

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      1. Haha…I really don’t care for the Offering pool…..it’s so tragic. 😢. But Bastet has tried to work around it. So…

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      2. Yeah, she has; but there’s always a cost for cheating, isn’t there 😢
        It’s nasty business, that Offering Pool!

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  4. Wao. So much in this chapter. Aten got abducted? Nice. Human, vamp, vamp, alien. Nice budding colony there. Hehe: man-queens are called kings. I hope we still hear from Aten every once in a while. I can actually remember a name! Well, pill-boy ain’t too hard to remember.
    Sad Bastet is sad. Maybe she needs a cat. >.> A feline child to replace the one she lost.
    Looking forward to moah.

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