Interlude: The Rule of Bastet I

A generation had passed since the Goddess Athena had purged the defiant from Al Simhara, and set the feet of her servant Bastet on the path of a Queen.

Though her faith, resolve, and obedience had been tested many times over the years, the once High Priestess had persevered, and the Tribe flourished under her care.

As the Queen of Sima-Mighdall neared the twilight of her life, she began preparations to pass the mantle of leadership to her daughters, the Princesses Maat and Raet.

To each daughter she would bequeath an equal share of Sima-Mighdall’s wealth, and with it, they would go forth into the desert and carve out new civilizations in the name of Athena.

For the Amazons of Al Simhara would not be a nation of savages confined to a solitary settlement in the desert; Queen Bastet was determined to set her descendants on the road to ruling an empire.


Miss me?  No?  Fine, whatever.

Here, have a blooper:

Maat: “Quick!  No one’s looking!  C’mere squirt.”

16 thoughts on “Interlude: The Rule of Bastet I

    1. They are TS3! Heavily, HEAVILY edited TS3 Al Simhara 😉
      Yeah, don’t let that Hates Children trait fool you, Maat is a heat seeking hug missile.

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  1. Looking at those pics kind of makes me wistful of the beauty of sims 3. I can’t go back to it, but they had so much more to explore…

    Maat is one gorgeous sim (like her mama).

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    1. Aw, ty! I beat those screens to death with picmonkey, so I’m taking at least a portion of your wistful desire for myself *shoves in pocket*
      I’d pass your compliments along to Maat, but that girl’s ego is already pretty inflated :/


  2. Oh wow, Fruity, well done! I love that this had no focus on any particular drama, yet it moved the story along just as well. The photos are beautiful, and they definitely set the stage for the next generation to take over.

    So excited to see what the Goddess has in store for the princesses! And YES, of course I missed you! ❤


  3. Awww…TS3…..the good times and the bad, I loved the scenery and views. The color wheel, open world. Sigh….

    Great transition to Gen 2!

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