22. The Boys are Back in Town

Last chapter…

We enjoyed some depressing good times, and bid adieu to the beloved Bastet/Tem Homance that has permeated the landscape since Chapter 6…*sniffles*

Bastet got old and wrinkly and was extra tired of Kenza’s shit.

Maat leveled up and went for a ride on the Anthony-coaster before turning into a (pregnant) white snake, then split with her entourage to some (not super far-off) pyramid.

Raet had a birthday, but then spent the rest of the chapter standing around as sad scenery.


Life was pretty chill at The Man Cave.

Aten had sorta thought that maybe Mother would have sent someone to try and find them, or something, but lots and lots of days had passed, and Good Buddy said that no one was looking for them at all (he checks and stuff).

Good Buddy went out a lot to find them cool stuff for The Man Cave…sometimes he was gone for a few days at a time, but that was fine cuz the place was starting to look real snazzy!

Aten didn’t even mind looking after Bakari, he was a pretty quiet little dude most of the time…

…and you didn’t really even have to bath him and stuff because he was always splashing around in the toity!

But then when Good Buddy was home, he mostly did all the kid things.

It kinda hurt that mother wasn’t looking for him though, you know?  Like, if she did, it would be to sacrifice him and stuff, but it was still a bummer.  Maybe it was cuz they all thought that he was dead; Good Buddy was a vampire, and those guys sometimes went all nuts and killed people, right?

Good Buddy said that vampires didn’t actually have to kill people so long as they got to have a bit of plasma once in a while…Aten was totally down with doing his roomie a solid; it didn’t even really hurt that much!

So far he hadn’t turned into a vampire, too, which was pretty cool!

Aten: “So, it’s normal to feel all wonky and stuff after the biting thing, right?  I mean, like, extra wonky.”

The Golden Prince couldn’t remember the last time he didn’t feel sick in the tummy, and tired.  Also, the cave was sort of starting to really smell a lot; but he was pretty sure that didn’t have anything to do with the biting?

Totec: “Of course it is, darling, any significant loss of blood is bound to produce varying degrees of ‘wonk’.”

Aten: “Oh, okay, cool!  Haha, just wondering, you know?  Cuz wow, am I feeling extra wonky these days…like, all the time.”

Totec: “Why don’t you go lay down for a nap then, my dear; I’m sure you’ll feel immensely better after a rest, yes?”

Aten: “Yeah, okay, I guess…I mean, I’m pretty tired and stuff.”

Totec: “There’s a good lad.”

Totec: “Hm.  I do wonder though…”

Newly arrived from Sima-Mighdall, the Scholar and her family had taken over the upstairs rooms in the Temple of Osiris, and Pili had withdrawn to the crypts where it was dark and cool; everyone seemed pretty comfortable with the arrangement.

It was kinda nice to have people hanging around again; at first it had seemed awesome to be alone and not have anyone depending on him, but that had gotten old pretty fast, and the young vampire had started to feel a bit lonely in the last few months.

The twins were sort of a menace though.

Well, okay, mostly just the girl one…Jahira? Yeah, nice kid, but wow did she have a knack for getting herself into trouble; Pili was pretty sure she was going to give Jahi a stroke one of these days.

Kinda funny, actually.

The other kid was pretty quiet…not the baby one, those were never quiet, the boy twin whose name sounded like his mom’s (what was up with that anyway?).

Mostly the boy just followed his crazy sister around and tried to calm her shit down, but sometimes he helped out with the plants; kid loves dirt apparently.

The Scholar was pretty helpful with restoring the pyramid, and started working on shelves for the library she wanted to put together; apparently it was something she’d been planning since forever?

Pili wasn’t sure if temples slash crypts slash libraries were a thing, but whatever, they’d make it work.

The real fun started on his 3rd or 4th night in the crypts.

It was a pretty much just a big empty room at this point, so stuff tended to echo a lot…but then there was this noise that really didn’t sound like any kind of echoing he’d ever heard.

More like…crying? Not like baby crying (slash demon screaming), kinda more sniffling, or weeping or something.

Okay, so it was the bricks. The bricks were crying. What the actual fuck.

Pili: “Hello?”

The crying stopped. Kinda. He could still hear some gaspy sounds. Breathing?
Probably. Couldn’t be the bricks then; bricks don’t have a respiratory system.

Pili: “Is there a person in here?”

Wasn’t he supposed to be able to smell blood or something like that? Because vampire? He took a deep breath. Nothing…weeeeeird.

Little Voice: “Y-yes?”

Holy shit. Person! Alright, that was a hard fail vampire-nose.

Pili: “Wow, okay! Where are you? I can’t smel—er, see you at all.”

Little Voice: “It’s pretty d-dark in here…”

Pili: “Are you…trapped behind the wall or something? How the hell?”

Little Voice: “I don’t knowwww!”

There was the crying again. Shit. He’d gone and made the little-wall-voice start crying; he instantly felt like an ass.

Pili: “Please don’t cry, okay? I’ll…figure something out here, for real; just gimme a sec..”

Little Voice: *sniff* “O-okay…”

In the end he just went for it and pulled down some of the bricks…vampire strength; at least that was a legit thing.

Girl: “Hi.”

Pili: “Hi.”

Girl: “Your eyes are glowing.”

Pili: “I’ve got a medical condition.”

Girl: “Oh, sorry.”

Pili: “No worries…I’m Pili, what’s your name?”

Girl: “It’s…” she frowned and sniffed again, “…um, I don’t remember?”

Lots and lots of days went by and the tiredness, upset tummy, and smelly things didn’t go away.

And then there was a new not cool thing…

Aten: “I think I drunk too much water or something.”

Good Buddy was back from one of his looking-around-for-stuff trips, and the Golden Prince was pretty stoked cuz stuff had happened to his swole abs; well, they were still swole

…but not in a good way!

Totec: “Oh my dear!  That is, er, not a water related condition…”

Totec: “…I feel as though I need to share a few things with you about my ancestry, and then, perhaps, about reproduction as well?”


What’s wrong Aten?  What’s up with Totec’s ancestry?  Who is the little girl in the mysterious crypt-nook?  How did she get there?  WHY ARE PILI’S ABS SO AMAZING??

All this and more (maybe) answered next chapter eventually!

Pili’s Temple of Osiris is the “Pyramid of Hermanubis” by Effix-B79

Random Vampire: *sizzles* *hisses at SimCat*



24 thoughts on “22. The Boys are Back in Town


    I loved this chapter. ❤ I loved that we got to see what's happening to the boys at the Man Cave (and Bakari is so cute right now!), I loved that Aten has some perspective on his new way of life, and I loved the Mysterious Stranger. SO MANY CLIFFHANGERS!!!

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  2. Totec is HOT
    Pili is HOT
    Jahi is HOT
    Aten is HOT
    OMG…all of the hotness in a single chapter really??? Whew
    Love you Froots. Thanks for the me time at the end.

    *goes to have some me time with all the HOT*
    pink cold shower whim

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