24. Snek Snek Scorpion

Last chapter…

We got to hear from the flowery teenage Raet, and also some Words of Wisdom from Mama-Bastet about Things and Stuff and the ebil of Themysimrans.

There was a shitload of new bb-girls to wonder about (including that crazy little blighter right there)…one of which may or may not be some combination of alien-vampire.

Aten got his hot abs back at long last (and lots of Special Treats); he was pretty stoked about his abs and the new kiddo, but really not super interested in going through all that again.


The Pyramid of Apep stood on a little hill, pointing towards the midday sun amid a cluster of lazy palms.  It was a small but handsome structure, and well made.

The grounds were rocky and tufted with odd bits of greenery…

…and the view of the valley below had no equal.

Queen Maat gazed out toward the sea, her shoulders baking in the warmth of the sun.

It was hers.  All of it, hers.

‘And no one deserves it more than me.’

The child in her belly stirred, and she cupped it absently.  Kenza said it was definitely a girl, because Athena always rewarded The Faithful; Maat hoped she was right because being pregnant was pretty annoying.

‘If I get it right the first time, that’s like, what?  One more just in case?  Then I’m DONE.’

Corabella would look after the brat once it was born; she called herself an ‘Artisan’, (whatever that was) and she had kind of a short fuse, but Kenza said she was good with kids.


‘So long as it doesn’t die, that’s a win, right?’

Anyways, Maat had more important things to do than raise kids; Queen Things.

Queen Things like decorating her chambers, though the new bed wasn’t even as nice as the one she’d had in Sima-Midghall; it was unfair, that’s what.

Sadly, the pyramid repairs had eaten up most of her inheritance, and apparently other people needed beds too (or so said Kenza). Why they couldn’t just sleep on some hay was beyond comprehension.

And then, of course, they had had to outfit a kitchen as well, but at least that was an understandable expense; slaves needed a place to make meals so that Queens didn’t have to forage around in the dirt for food.  Well, have slaves forage around for them (either way, it was more civilized).

Speaking of slaves; ugh.

So they only had one slave (why did they need to leave one behind for Raet again?), and he was way too young and useless to take care of a whole pyramid on his own, but they didn’t have the money to buy another one, so everyone was just putting up with it for now.

Kenza said she knew another way of getting slaves though, but that she’d have to leave for a few weeks to do it, so they were all just waiting on the monster to be birthed first.

At least her private pool was finished; that nearly made up for the unacceptable bed and the crappy slave.  A shame she couldn’t use it yet though, Kenza said it wasn’t safe to go swimming until after the brat was born.

Kids ruined everything.

Speaking of kids that ruined everything, apparently Kenza had found some urchin wandering around and decided to take it in?  So now the Warden was always busy making sure it didn’t die or whatever.

Kenza: “It is in our best interest, Majesty, to add as many strong women as possible to our numbers; surely this child is a gift from the Goddess.”

Maat sighed.

Kenza: “The girl is clever and eager to please; she will make a fine Amazon, and bear Daughters for your Tribe.”

Maat: “Fine; just keep it out of my sight until it stops being gross.”

Kenza: “Yes, my Queen.”

Maat: “And it goes with you when you leave on your slave trip thing.”

Kenza: “Of course, my Queen; the journey will be an excellent learning experience for young Antonia.”


Maat supposed she could afford to let someone else be generous with one lowly urchin, especially if it would benefit her later on…and it’s not like the creature would interrupt her while she was doing her important Queen Things.


Girl: “Why aren’t you wearing a shirt?”

Pili : “I don’t own any shirts.”

Girl: “Oh…are those tattoos?”

Pili: “Yup.”

Girl: “Did they hurt?”

Pili: “Yup.”

The kid had a lot of questions, but it was fine, at least she wasn’t crying anymore.

Girl: “What do you do here anyhow?”

Pili: “I fix up the pyramid and the grounds mostly.”

Girl: “Like a…janitor or something?”

Pili: “Sure,” what the fuck was a janitor.

Girl: “Cool, can I help?”

Pili: “If you can keep up,” maybe she’d be happy to dig around in the dirt with the quiet twin?

Girl: “Is there more people here, or just you?”

Pili: “There’s a family who lives here too, but they’re upstairs sleeping right now.”

Girl: “Oh, what time is it?”

Pili: “Bedtime, after you’ve finished your snack.”

The girl pursed her lips at him but didn’t protest; she kinda ate extra slowly after that though.


The Temple of Osiris was a much cooler place than it sounded!  It was pretty big and echoey, but they had their own monkey bars!

Also the twins were really nice, like nicer than most kids…not that she actually remembered knowing other kids, but she really noticed how especially nice they were, so she must’ve met some mean kids before, right?

Terry (he thought the nickname was cool) didn’t talk too much, and for some reason the skirt seemed a bit weird?  But his dad wore one too; so maybe it was a temple thing.

She’d wanted to nickname the other twin Jahi, but that was their dad’s name, so they decided that Jackie was better even if it didn’t make as much sense.

Their mom was a really nice lady too!  For some reason Pili liked to sleep all day, but Mrs. Scholar helped show her how to use their weird bathroom stuff, and made breakfast.  And then later they found a paper in her shorts pocket that was really smudgy and hard to read, but Mrs. Scholar looked at it for a long time and said one of the words was probably a name.

Cassandra.  It sounded really familiar, and Mrs. Scholar said it was a Themysimran name and that she sort of looked Themysimran (whatever that was) so they decided that was probably her name.  So then her and the twins decided her nickname should be Cassie.

Jackie, Cassie, and Terry; baller.

Mr. Scholar was…um, also nice?  Must be where Terry got all that quiet from (also, why did no one own a shirt around here?)

It wasn’t great not being able to remember who you were, or where you were from…but also then you couldn’t really be homesick because there was nothing to remember to be sick for.

Cassie liked the temple, and the friendly people who lived there, and her nice little room; it could really be a lot worse for a kid who’d been trapped behind a wall in a pyramid!

Maat was just minding her own business, putting the finishing touches on yet another marvel of artistic supremacy, when it happened.

Maat: “Oh, fuck a camel, that hurts!”

Apparently the womb beast was ready to be expelled.

The Queen made her way down to the lower levels where the rest of the Tribe slept; ew, did they really all share one washing room?  Savages.

Corabella showed up right away; must’ve been all the screaming she’d heard as the crotch fruit attempted to claw it’s way out of Maat’s body.

Corabella: “Congratulations my Queen!  A beautiful Princess; Athena has surely blessed us all this day!”

Maat: “And thank fuck that’s done,” she deposited the thing in it’s holding pen.

Corabella: “What is your Majesty going to call our future Queen?”

Maat: “Call it Selket; it sure felt like a damned herd of scorpions trying to stab their way out.”

After the birth of the Princess Selket, Kenza left Apep with her young protege in tow; the Queen felt a twinge of worry as her Warden disappeared into the rocky landscape…what if something happened and Kenza never returned?

The thought weighed as heavily as a stone in Maat’s belly.


Selket is the Egyptian Al Simharan Goddess of scorpions.

I was planning on telling some stuff about all the little girls in modern clothing who have suddenly descended upon the challenge, but, eh…it’s more fun if I don’t! 😀

Here, have a totally random and out of context screenshot of the Reaper enjoying Emil’s Fine Gift.



24 thoughts on “24. Snek Snek Scorpion

    1. Jahi’s abs appreciate your continued patronage! I’m afraid they’ve been eclipsed by Pili’s abs, so they don’t as much love these days 😦
      Maat is the baddest bitch around 😉

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  1. I love this so much, I haven’t been commenting on this but I’ve been following this story after I start catching up with the reading circle. I really like the lore and the world building you put on this story it’s very fascinating especially on the later chapter. I also love that you’re doing a NSFW for their sex scene, I’ve always been wondering since those adult mods come if someone would actually use it in a story and i really like how you shoot it and I’m sure you’re having fun shooting them hehe.

    Sorry for recapping my thought for the whole series on this chapter, I’ve been shy for commenting for a while but I always have so much thing to say about this series.

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    1. Thank you so much Akram! I am, I think about half way read through all the circle chapters (100s of them! Eep!)
      I wish more people used some of the adult mods…they are fun! And it’s easy to make them non-explicit (and yes, I sure do have fun shooting those scenes 😉 ).
      Don’t be shy! Who doesn’t love comments?! Thanks for taking the time *hugs*

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      1. I’m thinking of using them (I already know where to download the mods) but I never had the guts to actually try it. I don’t know why I’m still thinking about the taboo part even though I clearly enjoy reading one. Probably it’s different when reading because it’s still censored.

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      2. It is a very easy to use mod (once you get all the part for it); no harm in giving it a try though right? It is VERY explicit, however!

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  2. There are entirely too many quotables in this chapter!!! 😀 I LOVE how snarky Maat is, hehehehe!

    Lots of little girls! Love it! This is going to be a strong Amazon tribe. Little girls in MODERN-DAY CLOTHING?!?!?! Where could they be coming from?!?!?!?! And Cassie–hmm, interesting choice of a name. I wonder what the smudgy paper in her pocket was….

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  3. I freaking love seeing Pili with that little girl. He’s so patient! Makes me love him even more ❤

    Loved Maat's blunt take on pregnancy haha And I am not surprised in the least at how… non-maternal she seems right now haha but I'm hoping she will warm up to her little one with time!

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    1. Pili and Little Cassie were one of my fave pairs of characters to write together ever 😭
      I miss them! They had a special bond.

      Man, at the time I played up a lot of traits, and Maat random rolled “hates children” at some point, lol, so I worked it in 😉

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  4. Maat is a mess….and it’s so fun to watch! But her poor little girl…named after a scorpion. I am dying to know the mystery behind the girls….

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    1. Maat is a huge mess 😬
      But… she’s still young, I mean, maybe she’ll turn it around? O.o
      Scorpions are tough I guess 😀
      Or… scary maybe…

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  5. I’m trying to be quiet while I sit here and read and knit. But I can’t help but laugh loudly at “womb beast” and “crotch fruit.” It’s almost midnight, and the house, but me, is asleep. Well, not the actual HOUSE. That would be… interesting. And scary. But it’s October, so yeah. And I can’t sleep. So I’m reading. Why can’t I sleep? *drinks more diet coke* no idea. But I’m having fun!

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