25. The Trouble with Sleep-Vamping

Last chapter…

We got a Maat mini-house tour, listened to some Maat whining about not being rich, and then met our first Maat spawn; Princess Selket.

There was also a bit of Pili abs and we learned our intrepid little wall girl was a Cassandra (probably) from Themysimra.

Also Kenza ran off to get a new slave in mysterious ways, and took her new sidekick Antonia along for the ride (walk)!


Delighted at the prospect of having a ‘little sister’, Raet had overcome her initial reluctance to accept the strange girl.  She found a deep sense of satisfaction in taking the child under her wing, and hoped they would develop the closeness she’d never had with Maat.

Within the first few days of the newcomer’s arrival, the Princess planned an outing to the Glass Tigress Public Baths for some sisterly bonding time.

Raet: “Thou shouldst select a name for thineself!”

Girl: “Yeah, totes!  Too bad I don’t remember any names though, huh?”

Raet: “That is no matter, thou must simply look within thine heart of hearts and pluck from thine soul a glimmering fragment; a whisper of what–”

Girl: “Okay, gonna stop you right there Adopted Big Sis, cuz I ain’t got no clue what you’re saying.”

Raet: “Oh my, haha, that is a double negative, mine bosom sister, which meaneth that thou dost actually have a clue as to what I–”

Girl: “Seriously, no.”

Raet: “Er, very well…canst thou tell mineself a thing about thineself that thou dost recall?”

Girl: “You mean like my favourite colour?  It’s pink!”

Raet: “A start, to be certain…”

Girl: “Also my favourite number is 8 because that’s how old I am!  And I like puppies!  And Power Rangers!  I wanna be the Pink Ranger when I grow up!”

Raet: “Eight?  Why, that is perfection!  There is a lovely Themysimran name that dost mean ‘eighth’!  What sayeth thou to the name ‘Octavia’?  ‘Tis ever so–”

Octavia: “Yeah, sure; dope!”

And so it was that a lost girl from who-knows-where became Octavia of Sima-Mighdall.

It was late one evening, shortly after the arrival of Cassandra, that there came to be a loud knock at the doorframe of the temple.  Seeing as he was the only one awake, Pili went to investigate…

Woman: “‘Sup baby…you’re like, totally hotter than I remember…probs cuz I was all hypnotized and stuff, right?”

Pili: “Um, what?”

Crazy Woman: “Ummm, like, you totally vampire-broke-in to my pyramid, but no worries, right?  Because hoooooot…”

“…but, like, there’s this kid and stuff now.”

Kid: *drools*

Pili: “I–I did?”

Alleged Baby Momma: “Ye-eah; ‘fraid so cowboy…”

Pili: “But–I don’t remember doing that!”

Offended Alleged Baby Momma: “Ouch.  RUDE.”

Pili: “I’m so sorry!  I mean…I’m sure you were amazing!  I just–what can I even–”

Pacified Baby Momma: “Ummm, yeah, you can like take him and stuff.”

Pili: “T-take him?  You mean like…”

As it turned out, yes; she meant like.

Pili: “But I’m not sure I want one of these…c-can’t we talk about th–”

Ex-Baby Momma: “Hey lover, no hard feelins’ aight?  You ever get an itch needs scratchin’ again, you know where to find me, yeah?”

Pili: “Um, actually no, I don’t know where to–”

Triflin’ Biatch: “Laters cowboy; just so’s you know…it bites!

Pili: “…………”

The Man Cave was a pretty happening place these days now that the kids were getting a bit older and stuff.

Bakari was all aged up and tearing around outside from first light til moonrise (Good Buddy had to sometimes go out looking for the kid and haul him back in for bedtime).

But he was kind of a weirdo too though…like, he made lots of wacky faces, and he was bitey and stuff; Good Buddy said he’d grow out of it, but Aten was totally creeped out anyhow (and totally didn’t leave the kid alone with the baby).

Yaretzi was getting bigger too!  She could sleep in a bed and everything, and she liked doing cool stuff like playing with toys; Good Buddy brought her home lots of neat toys…

…the horsie was his fave.

Yaretzi was real cool about sharing her toys; she was pretty much the coolest little girl ever…he wasn’t even mad about having her now, since they liked to do all the same stuff, and they totally hung out all the time.

The only real bummer about having a baby was all the weird stuff that happened to his hot bod…like it was pretty good after popping the girl out, but not exactly the same as before.

Good Buddy even brought him home one of the neat muscle machines that they’d had at the village!  It wasn’t as fancy or anything, but it sure did help a lot!

Good Buddy seemed to notice the difference too, and was always saying nice things about how good Aten was looking these days (and also they were doing lots of extra manly-best-bud-fun-time stuff; like every night, and sometimes in the morning too!)

But, you know, even with all the manly-best-bud-fun-time stuff, Aten still sorta felt a bit uggo sometimes.

It was kinda not fair, right?


I had previously had other plans for Miss SimCat, but 2 days after I moved adult Pili out of the nest and into his very own pyramid, he saw fit to have a sleepover and knocked her up.

One day she happened to waddle by the lot, and I was like “WTF CAT?!” because I had all my mods set to not allow unsanctioned nooboo making…somehow, though, Pili managed to bypass all my security measures and sneak one in.

Well done, you two *polite golf clap*

See?  My story is still kinda game driven! 😀

Feel free to speculate as to what is even going on here.


19 thoughts on “25. The Trouble with Sleep-Vamping

  1. OMG OMG!!!!
    First, Raet: “Bosom sister” was my favorite phrase in this whole chapter!!! I know you’ve said that Raet has a bit of AoGG in her and I loved that shout out to Diana Barry. 🙂 Little Octavia with her not having any clue what our Queen is saying?? OMG…Loved that.

    Next…Ooooh me and Pili sitting in a … Pyramid… F*u*c*…you get the picture….and Mmmm RCG. Yessss Pili. Momma likes.

    I loved the many variations of my dialogue. “Crazy Woman, Alleged Baby Momma, Offended Baby Momma etc…” That was my second favorite.

    Ok, Totec/Aten HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. :sweatdrops:

    And Aten’s dissatisfaction with his post pardum baby weight and bod is hilarious because boyfriend has a bangin bod.

    All of the things were wonderous. And one more thing…SimCat’s boobs look gooooooooood in that walkin away shot.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Ohh, you’re getting there! They gradually become less and less censored (as I give less and less fucks, lol) right now you’re on the minimally censored ones! 😈

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love that Pili so graciously took his bitey kid from the baby momma… Love Pili and Octavia’s convo with Raet was great. Octavia, I feel ya kid, I can’t understand her either!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh! I remember that chapter! 😀
      Oh man, that bratty sim… poor Pili, now a single dad 😬
      Raet, lol, YES, and it doesn’t get easier to understand her, I’m afraid!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. OMG ATEN! He’s, like, my total fav dude in this story. I hope he gets his rockin’ bod back soon. But… it IS rockin’. Smokin’. Why’s he gotta be so harsh?
    And I gotta find out about that modern girl. No sleepy for me.

    Liked by 1 person

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