28. Something Wicked

Last chapter…

Antonia had gripes about how undignified Amazoning with Kenza could be, so she went for an angry walk to monologue on the inside like a winner.

Maat got brought a present she didn’t really like, and Kenza offered to take it back and got her some Good News instead…which lead to some shady stalking action.

Also Pili and Jahi had a bro-to-bro about about Pili’s little probably-vampire-related issue, and The Cassie Crew paid homage to Queen Bastet’s final resting place.


Nafretiri: “Daaaaaddyyyyyy!”

Temulun: “Sweetheart, she wants you this morn–oh!…”

“…I guess daddy is already awake Nafi, let’s go find him!”

Temulun: “Where do you think he is, little bean?  I’ll betcha he’s downstairs!”

Temulun: “Where are you daddy?”

The Scholar had prepared breakfast for the kids and dressed…but there was still no sign of Jahi; he often woke early and puttered around the pyramid, but never missed joining them for breakfast.

Temulun: “Terry, have you seen your father today?”

Teremun: “Nope, sorry, mom…maybe he’s out in the garden?”

Temulun: “I suppose he could be…”

Gardening tools lay scattered haphazardly on the ground; worry flooded her mind…Jahi was extremely particular about not leaving his things laying around.

Temulun: “Pili, wake up!  I need your help.”

Kalvin: “How do you wish to proceed, Majesty?”  The slave looked somewhat paler than normal, and there was a line of sweat forming on his hairline.

Raet: “Art thou ill, Kalvin?”  She tried very hard not to sound hopeful.

Kalvin: “No, Majesty, I’m just–forgive me, I’ve never, ah–taken a maiden’s virtue?”  He gulped audibly, “and then, also, you’re a Queen?”

Raet: “Thou dost have a most perplexing tendency to ask thine statements, Kalvin.”

Kalvin: “Yeah, sorry about that,” he glanced warily at the bed, “so…?”

Raet sighed as though the weight of the world were upon her shoulders; she’d only been a woman, and a Queen, for a few hours thusfar, but already it was wearing on her patience.

Clearly this Rite of Womanhood nonsense that her Shaman had coerced her into was something neither herself nor the slave was particularly keen on, but Sima-Mighdall required a Princess, and Raet was eager to appease Caris after their falling out over the issue of sacrifices.

‘Natal felicitations to mineself INDEED.”

Raet: “I imagine t’would be best to disrobe–though, could I not simply lift mine skirt for thou?”

Kalvin gulped again and nodded, his eyes darting down to her hemline, “s-sure, Majesty, um, but if you’re wearing anything under there it’ll have to come off first, unless it’s loose enough to just move to the side a bit?”  Now he was more pink than pale.

Raet divested herself of her undergarments and sat upon the edge of the bed; she wondered if her cheeks were as inflamed as his.

The Queen watched as her slave slipped out of his wrap, standing before her in only his undergarment.

Raet: “Dost thou need to make thineself ready?  I am given to understand that men require a certain amount of stimulation to bring them to their fullness beforehand.”

Kalvin’s face deepened to a most alarming shade of purple, “ahhh–?”

Suddenly there was a rapping at the gate.

Raet: “Thank thou Goddess,” she muttered to herself.

Octavia: “Hi frens!  I know I’m not supposed to bother you guys right now because you’re having ‘super secret grown-up time’ or whatever, but–”

You are not welcome here, PERIOD,” Caris’s voice carried well across the village.

Octavia: “Yeah, that.”

Raet: “Thou werest right to seek mineself out!”  The Queen proclaimed, hurrying off to see what all the fuss was about.

Octavia: “What’s wrong with your pants, fren?”

Man: “Oh, hey!  You’re awake!”

Jahi: “An astute observation.”

Man: “Did they get you on the head too?  They did me; hurt like a sonofabitch for days.

Jahi: “I believe so, yes.”

Man: “I don’t even know where we are!  Looks like a basement though?”

Jahi: “Indeed.”

Man: “I’m Nobuya, by the way.”

Jahi: “Jahi.”

Nobuya: “Are you mad at me?”

Jahi: “Pardon?”

Nobuya: “You just seem really, I dunno…tense?”

Jahi: “My apologies; I’ve just awoken from being struck unconscious and found myself locked in a basement with a verbose stranger.”

Nobuya: “Oh, yeah, no worries man; we all get grumpy from time to time.”

Jahi: “Excuse me, I do believe I’m about to suddenly lose consciousness due to my recent head injury.”

She was one of the most striking women Queen Raet had ever seen; tall, fair, and of regal bearing.  The woman’s eyes were quiet and her shoulders relaxed…

…despite the fact that Sima-Mighdall’s Shaman appeared ready to pounce.

Caris: “Leave the slave and get out!  Sima-Mighdall is not a haven for witches!

Pale Woman: “My brother is no slave, murderess.”

Caris: “Murderess?!  How dare you!  You are a trespasser, and a liar! I’ll see you–”

Raet: “Peace Shaman!  What hast transpired to find thee so incensed?”

Caris: “This abomination is here to spread lies about me; she’ll ruin everything if you let her stay, Majesty, she’s a witch!  Everything she touches is cursed!”

Pale Woman: “Abomination?  A touch on the exaggerated side, don’t you think Caris?  Even now, after all this time, you’re still so full of hate and jealousy–”

Caris: “I’ll show you just how hateful I can b–”

Raet: “Shaman!  I am aghast at thine comportment toward Our first guest…”

“…my apologies!  Guests.”

The man met Raet’s eyes with an impertinent boldness she was unaccustomed to, and gave her a nearly imperceptible smile.

Caris: “Guests?  These are not guests, my Queen, these are intruders!  This woman is a known sorceress!  She’ll curse us all, and destroy Sima-Mighdall!”

The Shaman’s shrill accusations interrupted the Queen’s self-reflection on the fluttering that had most suddenly invaded her belly.

Raet: “Doest our intruders have names?”

Pale Woman: “I am called Persephone, Your Majesty, and I am a Prophetess of Themysimra; the man with me is my brother, Khafre.”

Caris: “Exiles of Themysimra!  Majesty, you can’t trust anything she says!  She was banished from Amazon lands for treason!

Raet: “Banished for treason?  But is the penalty for such a thing not death?”

Persephone: “My Queen knows her Law well; the penalty for treason is indeed death…unless there is reason to believe treason was not committed, but political rivals must be appeased.”

Caris: “Or if the Justiciars are ensorcelled!”

Persephone: “I have no sorcerous gifts, Shaman, as well you know; I am a Seer, and nothing more than that…”

“…and it is that gift alone that I offer you, Majesty; for I have Seen and Heard whispers of what may yet come to pass in Amazon Al Simhara.”


Wow, 2 chapters in a row that didn’t need censoring?!  What am I doing with my life!

This is sort of where (some) shit will start to get (a bit) real; might want to tuck in your bo-bo and gird your foofie (unless you’re a heartless prick, then you should be totally fine!) 😀

Thank you to my most wonderfulest BFFAE for the heart-stoppingly beautiful babs that never got to be borned in her story!  /boob squeeze

Also, sometimes Totec likes to stop by for some light breaking and entering.


Caris: “LOL.”

19 thoughts on “28. Something Wicked

      1. I actually had Saul and Isla do risky woohoo when they hooked up to see if anything would come of it, and if it did I would’ve worked it into the story.

        Alas, ’twas not meant to be…

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  1. Oooh I love the new slave. Mmmmm and Persephone is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

    Poor Tem without her Jahi at least for now!!! Cannot wait to see what happens when Maat sees him!

    I like the plotty stuff date I say even more than just the smexy time??? Though some smexy is always welcome too. Mmmmm /wink

    Loved this!!! ❤️

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    1. Aren’t they dreamy? Saul/Isla genes don’t disappoint!
      Ooh yeah, there be some *things* gonna go down with that whole Jahi stuff.
      GASP…but smexy time is King! Er, QUEEN. ❤

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  2. Uh-oh, should we be worried about Jahi?? I’m worried about Jahi! Why is he locked up with a misshapen blond dude in a dungeon? *Frets nervously*

    Well, ‘ello Khafre! Nice to finally meet you, handsome! I’m swooning as bad as Raet right now…thou can have MY body if thou likest! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sounds like appropriate levels of Jahi worry to me! 25% more worry b/c of the chatty camel roommate?
      I’m sure Khafre would give you a smouldering look (he’s good at those), perhaps even a wink? He’d def kiss your had at the very least!

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