30. Not Tonight, I Have a Headache

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Last chapter…

CSI Agent Cassie examined the crime scene with the ‘help’ of her frens, found some clues, and decided that The Case of the Missing Dad was probs not going to end well.

Also Caris ran away from home and abandoned her child, but might possibly have been snuck up on by a vampire.

And then Corabella had naughty stocks fun time with a not unwilling Nobuya…which resulted in possibly bad omens for Jahi.  Maybe.


Cassie: “And I’m pretty sure that’s blood!”

Pili: “Yup.”

Cassie: “Do you think it’s Mr. Scholar’s?”

Pili: “Who?”

Cassie: “Jackie and Terry’s dad!”

Pili snorted, “his name is Jahi.”

Cassie: “Yeah but he’s my friends’ dad,” something in her tone questioned Pili’s intelligence.

Pili: “Alrighty.”

Cassie: “So do you think it’s his blood, or what?”

Pili: “Naw, that smells more like snake blood.”

Cassie: “…you can smell the difference between kinds of blood?”

Pili: “It’s a guy thing.”

Cassie: “Guys are gross.”

Pili: “You won’t always think so, kid.”

Cassie felt her cheeks flush, but she wasn’t exactly sure why.

Pili: “Yeah, looks like they dragged him off over in that direction; I’m going to follow the trail for a bit, you head back to the pyramid–”

Cassie: “But I want to come!  I did all the work examining the crime scene and gathering the clues, and I want to help track down the perp!”

Pili: “What’s a perp?”

Cassie: “Like I know.”

Pili: “Ok then, well, still no, so take your skinny butt back to the pyramid.”

Cassie: “Not fair!”

Pili: “What can I say, kid?  Sometimes shit ain’t fair.”

Cassie: “…can I say shit?”

Pili: “No.”

Maat was surprised about how quietly he’d come.

Well, no…he wasn’t actually that quiet when he came.

It was her favourite part of course, when he finally let go; the one instant he looked at her and she didn’t see the disdain.

Shock.  Bliss.  Desire.  In that moment she always felt powerful, and was always one heartbeat away from her own undoing.

It was even better than she’d imagined it would be, riding this man, chipping away at that austere facade little by little, with each roll of her hips.

Maat: “Do I feel good?”  She’d whisper.

Jahi: “Yes,” the admission was often said through gritted teeth, but it was still said.

Maat never asked if she felt better than…that other woman; she didn’t want to know the answer.

Still, it was something that he always arrived to her chambers at half-mast, with a clenched jaw and a slight blush; it would be their little secret…

…as would like her very un-Queenly method of getting him the rest of the way up.

And sometimes when they’d finished, they would lay there for a moment in silence; their bodies coated in sweat, her thighs slick with his seed.

Maat: “Do you hate me Jahi?”  She would eventually ask; for some reason, that was not a question she was afraid of.

Jahi: “No.”

And he’d place his hands on her belly, and she wondered if he knew about the creature that fluttered there.

Perhaps he didn’t hate her; but she wasn’t sure that he didn’t pity her.

Truthfully?  She pitied herself.  What sort of Queen had to steal a man and command him to love her?

Maat liked to pretend, though, that he did.

Caris: “What do you want, kidnapper.”

Aten: “I uh, made you some tacos?”

Caris: “I’d rather starve than eat anything you criminals touched.”

Aten: “Oh okay, you mind if I do then?  Don’t want good tacos to go to waste–”

Caris: “I could care less what you do, thief.

Aten: “He won’t let you, you know…die, that is, from starving; he’ll just do his mind-zapper thingy on you.”

Caris: “Save your threats, beast; I do not fear men.”

Aten: “Good Buddy’s a vampire though, that’s how he got you down here in the first place, but I guess you don’t remember huh?  Probably because mind-zapper thing.”

Aten thought the mind-zapper thing might actually be alien stuff, and not vampire stuff, but the angry lady probably didn’t care too much about the difference…she’d just yell at him more if he tried to explain.

Caris: “Fool, do you really think you can frighten me with that nonsense?!  There are no such things as vampires–”

Totec: “I’m afraid, my dear, that you quite mistaken.”

The Prince felt kinda weird watching Good Buddy feed on the angry lady…like sad or something?  Because she was all mind-zapped again, and also cuz Aten had lots of plasma, why’d Good Buddy need to drink the angry lady’s plasma?

Good Buddy said they needed another human person here for when the kids growed up a bit and needed plasma too (cuz Aten didn’t have enough for 3 vampires), and that did make sense and stuff…but, Aten didn’t like it too much.

Whatever, Good Buddy could just go right ahead an do…whatever.

Not like it mattered to Aten anyways, right?  He could always use his own plasma for other things!

Good Buddy better not think he could just march in here after and have manly-best-bud-fun-times or anything either, cuz that SO wasn’t happening tonight.

Raet: “Felicitations, Seer, ’tis truly a marvel among monuments!  Surely the Goddess will smile upon us for this act of peace and reverence.”

Persephone: “I’m glad you approve, Majesty!  A peaceful act is never troubling, and the gods care less about our form of worship than we think they do; so long as we remember to worship.”

Queen Raet felt in her heart of hearts that this was the truest wisdom; and was not Athena a Goddess of justice?  Did she not demand a peaceful existence of her Amazons in the first place?  Surely Sima-Mighdall would be Blessed.

Raet: “Dost thou think that, perhaps, I shouldst consider conceiving a child at this time?  I knowest that it hast not been long since I last rejected the notion…but now that we hast erected this tribute, I feel as though carried on the wings of harmony.”

Persephone gave her a knowing smile, “does my Queen have anyone in particular in mind for the father of this child?”

Raet: “Art thou teasing minself, Seer?  For thine countenance dost have a knowing look about it…surely thou dost already know the man that dost occupy mine thoughts.”

Persephone: “While I cannot read thoughts, Majesty, I can see the looks exchanged between yourself and my brother; perhaps it would please you to know that I have Dreamed of wonderful things for the both of you?”

Raet: “Truly?  Dost thou think that we are destined to be One?  Bound by True Love?  The Sacred Flame for each other’s souls?  The–”

Persephone: “I wouldn’t want to meddle too much in the affairs of your heart, my Queen, nor my brother’s…but I do think that it’s a smart match, and for what it’s worth, it would mean a great deal to me to see the both of you happy.”


We’re right trucking along now, aren’t we?

Bear with me, it’s going to be a bumpy ride; hopefully I don’t get pelted with too much rotten fruit along the way. 😀

Here, have a totally-not-ominous-at-all pic of Grimmy wafting through a playground:


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  1. Dammit, Pili! You’re too slow!
    And now eyeliner dude will haveta die. 😦
    Poor Aten having a totally-not-fun pity party.
    And aw, redhead queenie gonna get it on with the seer’s brother! 🙂

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