32. Queen of Hearts

Last chapter…

Pili hit a shit wall because garlic; so no ‘atta boys (or manly banter while homeward bound).

Jahi had Maat conflictions in his pants loincloth, but tried to not have them (that counts for something, right?); also bab incoming (but don’t tell Kenza).

Raet tried to be sneaky about staring so she could have wistful inner monologue time re: hot woodworker guy, but it turned out to be more like awkward hide and go seek time, because Octavia (and her leet matchmaking skills).


Kenza pushed the bound man out in front of her none too gently; she wished she could make an example of him to settle her foul mood, but Apep needed the funds from his sale (pittance though it would be).

04-15-17_12-38-09 PM.png

Corabella’s womb had finally succumbed to the pasty man’s clumsy attempts at fertilization, and he was now of no further use to them…at least the red headed woman seemed pleased by the development.

Kenza had considered bearing the child herself, of course, but was still fearful of retribution for the abduction of the Sima-Mighdall’s slave; it would not do to have Apep’s Warden caught unawares with a belly-full if they ended up with a fight on their hands.

The thought of him brought fresh ire to her mood, and she gave the pasty man another (possibly unnecessary) shove; Jahi had now moved into the royal suite, at the Queen’s request.  Kenza regretted bitterly ever encouraging her monarch to secure him for breeding.

‘I should have left him at that damned pyramid.’

The Queen was so preoccupied with her pet slave that she seldom left her chambers, and more than once Kenza had come face to face with a rather unflattering view of the man’s undercarriage while seeking her sovereign’s counsel.

‘Repulsive creatures, all of them.’

She gave the pasty man a third shove for the crime of belonging to the ranks of repulsive creatures; why the Goddess allowed them to be a requirement for creating daughters was beyond the Warden’s reckoning.

The only comfort Kenza clung to was that eventually her Queen would fall pregnant, and then they’d see that arrogant beast try to breath water; the time could not come quickly enough.

All would soon be well, and the Queen’s attention would belong her devoted Warden once again; perhaps then she might broach the tender subject of…something she had long been withholding.

Kenza grimaced.  ‘Would she even consider me?’

Such relationships were common enough among the Amazons of Themysimra, though Queen Maat had never given any indication of interest in her Warden…but surely Kenza was more deserving of her monarch’s love than some upjumped crossroads chattel?

‘I have been a devoted servant to my Queen, and the Goddess; surely I will be rewarded.’

Temulun: “So it’s Maat,” her voice was soft.

Pili fidgeted, “yeah, it’s Maat.”

The Scholar nodded, “that makes sense, she was pretty hot for him as a girl.”

Pili: “That’s a nice way of putting it.”

Temulun: “I guess she feels entitled to have him…”

Pili: “Well, she’s full of shit then, okay?”

Temulun: “Pili!  She’s your Queen!”

Pili: “Fuck that, if she was my Queen she’d have come pounding on the door…er, archway…and demanded him; she stole him Tem, because she knew I wouldn’t allow it if she’d asked.”

Temulun studied him briefly, “who is your Queen?”

The question caught him off guard.

Pili: “Bastet,” he answered after a moment, “and Bastet wanted Jahi here, with you and your kids.”

Temulun smiled sadly, “I love you Pili; you’re a good man, you know that?  Your mom would be proud.”

Pili blushed and tried to brush the sentiment aside, “Jahi is a good man too; we’ll get him back, okay?  Whatever it takes.”

Temulun: “Thanks, sweetie, but if we don’t, it’s not your fault, you know that right?”

Pili shrugged, “we’d have him back already if it wasn’t for the damn garlic.”

Temulun: “Actually, I have an idea about that…but you’re not gonna like it.”

Antonia: “So why did you become an Amazon, Cora?”

Corabella: “Hah!  I didn’t choose to become an Amazon, I was born to it.”

Antonia: “Oh.”

Corabella: “But you can become an Amazon, if you weren’t born to it; like moving from one place to another.”

Antonia nodded, “I get it, yeah…is it bad that I don’t really want to be one though?”

Corabella blinked, “why not?”

Antonia: “I mean, no offense, but I had this idea in my head that Amazons were strong, powerful, and full of justice and stuff…but you guys have slaves and kill innocent people, and it just makes me sad, and maybe a bit angry too?”

Corabella was silent for a moment, then she gave the girl a gentle smile, “you’re still young, one day you’ll understand.”

‘Bullshit I will.’

Antonia hated it when grownups tried to pull that ‘you’ll understand when you’re older’ crap; it just really meant that they really didn’t have an explanation for their bullshit, but they thought they knew better because adult.  Whatever, two could play at this game; she smiled sweetly in return.

Antonia: “I guess so…hey, congrats on the baby!”

Corabella beamed; grownups loved it when you talked about their incoming babies.

Corabella: “Thanks!  I know we need slaves, and Kenza said it would be useful for me to bear a son…but I’d really love a daughter, you know?”

Antonia: “Yeah, totally,” not, “hey, random kid question: what’s with all the garlic hanging over all the doors?”

Corabella: “Oh!  That’s to keep out the vampires.”

Antonia: “Vampires.”  Naturally.

The woman nodded, “they’re such a nuisance.”

Antonia: “Right, like mice.”

‘These bitches be crazy.’

Pili: “I’m pretty sure I can’t do this.”


Will Kenza work up the nerve to declare her feels for Al Simhara’s most conflicted Queen?

Will Pili be able to get past the scary garlic defenses and rescue Jahi?


All this, and more, NOT revealed next chapter! 😀

Oh, no, please don’t steal our garbage Mr. Vampire!
We get all kinds in Sima-Mighdall.

Vampire Garbage Thief: “HAPPY SIMMING!”

19 thoughts on “32. Queen of Hearts

  1. Awwww Pili still regards his Momma as his queen!! Why can I not see a beautiful couple together and not ship them?

    Yes shipping Pili and Tem right about now!! Stop it Cat!

    Loved this one !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pili is eternally loyal! And LOL Momma-D re: Pili/Tem…I, uh, well, you know me, I don’t like to sink ships (as an avid shipper myself), but, um…well, they could take a nice platonic cruise around the bay? ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooh I’m also rooting for a Pili and Tem fling because DRAMA! LOL. I mean it would go against bro-code but Jahi is sleeping with Maat (and enjoying it too) so no foul there if Tem decided to try out a vampire. The desert is ruled by Amazon law, and as the late Queen’s scholar and a female Tem would have every right to sleep with any man she wants.
    I always knew Kendra had a thing for Maat. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Cora ends up having a girl despite the lack of a sacrifice? Hm. Perhaps it will give Maat some hope that Jahi can stay alive once everyone finds out about her pregnancy after all he is the father of two daughters by Tem and he’s still living and breathing. Don’t know why these Amazons are overlooking that fact. Hahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can neither confirm nor deny the probability of a Pili/Tem thing…but you’re right, that would be SOME KINDA DRAMAS. :O
      At this stage it’s all very above board and platonic, but as his new garlic mentor? Who knows what could happen!
      I’m glad you picked up on the Kenza feels thing! Even the hardest batches can have a tender squishy wanty core of feels! And Maat is just so gosh darn lovable. >:)
      I don’t actually even know what Cora is having so it’ll be a fun surprise all around! (Hard to resist peeking though GDI).
      The Amazons like to see things through Amazon coloured glasses, roffles, “I can justify all the things because Goddess!”
      I guess when you’re looking for any excuse to be right, you can find one!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I forgot to mark my territory. *takes care of that immediately* NICE TITLE CARD. LOOKS MIGHTY FAMILIAR. …Maybe it’s because you showed it to me and was like “WHAT POSES ARE THOSE, TY” but the person who posts their chapter first WINS, okay.

    Love youuuu. Love Pili and Antonia and Jahi’s butt. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Little Antonia is a sassy one. Look at her, questioning the status quo!

    Poor Tem. 😦 I feel for her! But srsly, Fruity, the fuck is she making poor Pili do with that garlic?! Hopefully building up an immunity, but zomg!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Perhaps she is requiring him to take it as a suppository? >:)
      Antonia IS a sassy one! Why so many questions? Why can’t just be good little Amazon with age-appropriate levels of awareness??

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I fucking love Pili so much, for so many reasons (and not just shallow ones 😝) Tem’s right… he would most certainly is making his mom proud! Bastet always believed in doing the right thing. And I love seeing her son be the same! ❤️

    Very interesting love triangle we’ve got brewing here! Though it’s decinitley an interesting one, since the feelings are pretty much all one-sided (not counting Jahi’s lust… we know where his heart still lies 😭) Of course, that’s assuming Maat isn’t interested in Kenza… and given her infatuation with Jahi… not looking likely haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww! The Pili love warms my cockles ❤️ I love him too; though he’s far from perfect, but he knows where his heart and duty lays!

      Yeah, that love triangle was ALL about one-sided love and the search for satisfaction that you can never quite attain 😬

      Liked by 1 person

  6. OMG…how did I totes miss the Kenza lust for Maat! Haha….and Antonia. I love all these little Alien girls. They are so cute. One one hand, I hope Cora has girl because she didn’t sacrifice and on the other, I hope she has a boy so she will love her son and NOT want him to be sacrificed or sold.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Yep bitchy warden lady doesn’t surprise me.
    I like brown-haired girl at Ma’at’s place.
    Why no redhead stuff? Or did I just fly through it too fast?
    If Pili becomes human again, does that mean he has to die?

    Liked by 1 person

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