36. Game Over

Last chapter…

Totec and Aten finally got their shit sorted out, re: Caris, and had lots of make up sex (Aten may or may not still be a little mad tho).

Caris’s master plan to Kill All the Vampires was looking pretty weak in the aftermath of all that make up sex, but then Aten came at her with wanting to borrow her womb and it looks like it might be Game On for #TeamVampExterminator again!


Pili felt his guts churn, “oh…shit.”

Cassie: “Gross.”

Pili: “Yeah.”

Cassie: “It’s not getting any better, huh?”

Pili: “I dunno, I’m not passing out anymore.”

Cassie: “Tru dat.”

Pili: “It’s taking too long though, isn’t it.”

Cassie didn’t really know, but she supposed he wasn’t actually asking her.

Cassie: “Pili?”

Pili: “Yeah kiddo?”

Cassie: “Maybe we need a different idea on how to get Mr. Scholar back.”

Mrs. Scholar had kinda explained it, but it didn’t even make any sense why people would decorate their house with garlic in the first place, and that Pili would just happen to be allergic to it.

A weird feeling tickled the back of her mind.

Pili: “Aw, squirt, don’t give up on me yet; I’ll figure it out.”

Cassie: “It’s not that,” her voice sounded very small in her ears, “I know you can do it, you’re the strongest person ever, it’s just…I don’t like watching you be sick all the time, hurting yourself like that; and I don’t think Mr. Scholar would like it either.”

Pili: “Aw, kid,” he rose from his chair and came around, scooping her up into a big hug.

Pili: “You don’t worry about me, okay?  I’ll be fine.”

Cassie clung to him like a barnacle, trying not to shiver; his skin was shockingly cold.

Cassie: “Are you sure you don’t want a shirt?  I think you’ve caught a chill.”

Pili: “A shirt won’t help kiddo; I just run a bit cool.”

The little tickle in her mind turned into full-blown prickles, “so you’re cold, allergic to garlic, allergic to sunlight, and your eyes glow.”

Pili: “Yup.”

Cassie: “Also you sorta have some spiky teeth.”

Pili: “Yeah.”

Cassie hesitated, “I’m not a dumb-ass you know,” she wondered if he could hear her heart hammering against her breastbone.

Pili gazed at her silently for a few moments, “yeah kid, I know.”

The girl stared at him, trying to rally her courage; her tummy felt a bit queasy, but she managed to peep out, “okay.”

Pili: “Okay?”

Cassie nodded, “yeah.”

Pili: “Shiny,” the tension in the room began to trickle away, “now off to sleep.”

Cassie: “Will you check under my bed for monsters?”

Pili: “There’s no such thing as monsters, shrimp.”

Cassie looked away, not quite brave enough to meet his gaze, “will you check under the bed for…vampires, then?”

Pili: “Sure kid,” he said after a moment, “I’ll check for vampires.”

Temulun: “Pili?”  Her voice was quiet, so as not to wake the sleeping child.

Pili: “What’s up?”

Temulun: “You’ve been in here for ages, is something wrong?”

Pili: “I was just thinking about stuff…and checking for monsters.”

Temulun: “Monsters?”

Pili: “Yeah, apparently they like to hide under beds.”

Temulun: “I…see.”

Pili: “Poor kid, trapped in a wall, can’t remember where she’s from…that’s gotta suck big time.”

Temulun: “I imagine so, yeah, but she seems happy here.”

Pili: “She knows about me, about what I am; worked it out finally, I knew she would.”

Temulun: “She’s a smart girl,” the Scholar agreed softly, “come on, we should go; don’t want to wake her up, right?”

Temulun felt a weird sort of anxiety settle in her gut as she observed the vampire watching the sleeping girl, “and maybe we need to talk about something.”

Pili followed Temulun out of the Cassie’s chambers, “what’s up?”

Temulun: “Okay, don’t freak out.”

Pili: “That doesn’t sound ominous or anything.”

Temulun: “I just noticed that you spend a lot of time with Cassie, and that’s cool, she totally needs people to give her attention and teach her things, but…”

Pili: “You’re not seriously about to go where I think you’re about to go, are you?”

Temulun: “Pili…”

Pili: “Tem, she’s just a kid, and I’m not like that.”

Temulun: “Yeah, I know sweetie, but she’s not going to be a kid for too much longer, and trust me when I say that the space between childhood and womanhood is a very confusing time for girls…”

Pili: “Hey, it is for dudes too, okay.”

Temulun: “Of course!  But just…be careful, with her, when the time comes, alright?  That’s all I’m saying,” she tried to smile reassuringly, “you’re a major hottie, Pili, and really nice, and you two are super close; I could just see her getting a bit bent out of shape over you, that’s all.”

Pili: “Wow, just when I thought this couldn’t get any more awkward.”

Temulun: “You’re mad…I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have butted in…”

Pili: “No, it’s fine,” he sighed, “I’m sorry for being a dick, okay?”  Temulun smiled sadly as he went on, “I know you’re just trying to help and everything, and you’re right, I guess; things will probably change a bit when Cass gets older…I promise, I get it.”

Pili: “Don’t have to like it though,” he grumbled, stalking away suddenly.

Temulun watched the vampire skulk off and sighed; she felt sorry for him, he had a lot of weight on his shoulders for such a young guy, immortal or not…she felt bad adding more stuff to the pile, but she also didn’t want to see shit go south when Cassie aged up and discovered hormones.

Muffled giggling caught her attention from Jahira’s room.

‘Speaking of teenagers,’ she mused wryly.

Temulun: “Jahira, it’s way past bedtime, what are you…”

Temulun: “ZOMG!”

Jahira: “Oh…shit.”

Teremun: “H-hey, Mom…”

Temulun: “What the ever living fuck do you two think you’re doing?!”

Jahira: “It’s just kissing!”

Teremun: “Yeah!  I mean, there’s really no one else to practice with…”

Temulun: “And how long has this ‘just kissing’ been going on for?”

Teremun: “Only a few weeks!  And i-it’s only for practice!  Like I said before!”

Jahira: “And, well, you know, ever since our birthday, there’s these urges…”

Temulun: “I seriously can’t even with you two right now; Teremun, get out of here and go to your own damn room…you are both SO GROUNDED.” she tried to take a calming breath and failed hard.

The twins murmured a garbled chorus of ‘sorry Mom’, and Teremun moped toward the door.

Temulun: “Don’t even think about going within a yard of one another until I’ve made up my mind what to do about this…issue,” the irony of getting up in Pili’s grill about Cass while her own teens were carrying on behind her back was not lost on the Scholar.

When the delinquents had been squirreled away, and she was finally alone with her thoughts, Temulun felt the despair settle in; it was easy to distract herself during the day with looking after the kids, and building her library, but at night the silence and the loneliness followed her like a shadow.

‘Where are you, Jahi; I can’t do this on my own.’


Wow, that more depressing than I’d hoped.  Oh wells.  They can’t all be rainbows, and sunshine, and lols.

For those who needed a reprieve from all the boobs and sex; you’re welcome!

For those who are wondering if I’m ever going to have a chapter again that doesn’t contain incest; IT WAS JUST KISSING OK.  The options are sort of limited when you live in the middle of the desert, sheesh. 

Anyhow, the next one is a time jump…I know right?  Ooo.  Ahh.  Don’t worry, it’s not a big one, and there’s flashbacks and stuff.  In the mean time, enjoy a REAL happy looking Pili:

Pili: “You know what?!  HAPPY SIMMING!!”

25 thoughts on “36. Game Over

  1. OMG, as always I loved the exchanges between Pili and Cassie. Her sudden insight when she finally puts together exactly what he is, and how they both sort of tiptoe around it while they fully know the other knows they know. I think Pili’s been really lonely all this time–with his night schedule, and basically being separated from the rest of the family early on. He’s very isolated.

    Which is why Tem’s warning makes so much sense, even if you kind of want her to leave the poor dude alone. These kids seem to sprout up into teens and adults so fast, and just look at where these hormones in the ancient desert get you… (In your room making out with your twin, apparently.) Tem’s reaction quickly went from hilarious to heartbreaking, as of course she’d feel lost without Jahi for guidance. Apparently it’s hard to raise two hormonal teens on your own, even in olden times.

    I can’t wait for the time skip! I always love those. And I’m so curious how the relationship dynamic between Cassie and Pili will change. Will he listen to Tem and try to avoid her? How much of a strain will that put a strain on the big brother-little sister thing they have going on? At least he’s smiling (Byronically) in the footnotes…!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. It’s true, Pili is a really lonely guy! Shipped off young, very little overlap in awake time with the people he lives with, and then there’s that whole “doomed to watch everyone he knows and loves die” because immortality thing.

      Tem’s a clever lady, and not super good at delivering bad news (though I think she’s getting better at it); Pili needed to hear her, as evidenced by the behaviour of her own kids; sometimes having to parent on your own can be a really disheartening experience!

      I guess we’ll see pretty soon how teendom impacts Pili/Cass!

      Liked by 3 people

  2. Lol! It felt like Jaime and Cersei Lannister all over again. That’s how THEY started…heh…

    Lots of bro sis stuff going on. Guess it’s like early man time period. You know…after the flood and there’s no one else around…siblings we’re it, man…

    Pili, oh Pili…so fine and now we absolutely KNOW he’s going to get it on with Cassie…loved how she figured out Pili’s a monster…hee!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ROFL. I’d be lying if I said Jaime/Cersei hadn’t crossed my mind with Jahira/Teremun; luckily they have a more proactive mother than Joanna Lannister, Tem’ll sort them out, limited options or not.
      I think seeing her twins making out was too squicky for her, lol.

      Well, I’m not going to own up to any particular future pairings, but the Pili/Cassie relationship is definitely headed for some ch-ch-changes! :mrgreen:
      (Whether Pili likes it or not.)


  3. Incest did happen in history, I’m a little surprised it hasn’t happened yet. I really like Pili and Cassie, excited to see where it goes! Once she gets a little older I’m sure I’ll be a shipper. :3

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It did! (And does, and will?) there will be more, anyhow, eventually. :mrgreen:

      Yeah, Pili’s not *like that*, he’s going to want to wait until Cass is a bit older too ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Well…this chapter went from sweet to creepy really quick! 😀

    I’ll start with the creepy. Poor Jackie and Terry! As weird as it is seeing a pair of twins making out, it IS perfectly understandable and you can definitely pity the two of them. There ARE no more teens around, so how CAN they satisfy the urges that are oh-so-normal for kiddos their age? Poor guys. And hey, ancient Egypt. These things do happen!

    And now the sweet. Can I just express how much I *adore* miss Cassie and Mr. Pili? Ahhh, they are so adorable! I see where Tem is coming from (because I just KNOW Cass will grow up to be a beauty!), but right now just watching their interactions and their little friendship is beyond cute. Let’s just hope nobody’s heart gets broken after Hormones decide to wake up.

    Well done, Fruity! You left a Taurus hungry for more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! It sure did get creepy in a hurry, didn’t it :mrgreen:
      Man, if only those two could have just held on for a bit more, Cassie is only 6 days behind them in age, and then there would have been OPTION (maybe they could have taken turns? Or, ooo! 3SOME)
      I’ll stop. (Will I?)

      I adore Cass and Pili too! It’s a shame they can’t just stay buds forever, but I hope that the next stage of their dynamic will please more than disappoint.

      I guess we’ll see! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Woah, somehow I didn’t notice this until now. Why?
    Cassie, as smart as always. Really, don’t grow up. It’ll only make you dull looking at like 95% of the adults. (Oookay, I may be exaggerate. But I totally meant the “don’t grow up” part.)

    “Pili felt his guts churn, “oh…shit.” ” – No, Pili. Not shit. Puke. (See? That’s what I meant with above. Dull. but luckily, Pili usually has enough reason to make up for it. And a lot of hotness.)

    What else to say? Temulun wishing for Jahi to be with her again totally had my heart ache. New experience with your story to actually be sad. Not a bad one, though and it’s only a drop of sadness. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know how you feel! I don’t want my girls to grow up either, I’m enjoying them so much as kids!! 😭

      LOL, yes; thank goodness for Pili’s hotness, it’s one of my favourite things about him! 😉

      Oh dear, so much more sadness to come! 😮


    1. ROFL! Yeah, Tem’s having a rough go at this point; she *doesn’t* come from a culture where incest is a thing, so she’s super Not Pleased… where’s Jahi when you need him! 😭

      Liked by 1 person

  6. This little group is so tragic! They are all together yet alone! Poor Tem. She should tell her son not to mess with Cassie instead of Pili. And Pili is alone too. Sad.

    Liked by 1 person

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