We Interrupt this Story

Sorry for the abrupt interruption in service, maybe especially since the last posted chapter was entitled “Game Over”  (omg the irony!), but Line of the Last is being put on forced hiatus for the next few weeks.

I’ve had a rather unfortunate setback with my hardware, and I’m scrambling to sort my shit out up in here.

When it returns, it will not be exactly as you remember it, but, hopefully still enjoyable?  We shall see.

Thanks guise, much love and awkwardly-long hugs ❤
– Froots

13 thoughts on “We Interrupt this Story

    1. It’s okay! I think? *Madly dashes around slapping band-aids on everything* It’ll be fine! /panics
      No really! It’s all under control! *hunts around for the defibrillators*

      Ehhhhhh *closes the curtains*
      Come back in a sec! I’m just vacuuming!

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    1. *pets hairs*

      It’ll be fine! It’s in a better place now! On a nice story farm, running through the green hills with all the other happy stories!

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