39. That Girl is Poison

CENSORED Version: Click Here (censored for nudity)

Last chapter…

Caris gave us a mini-house tour of her shiny new “A Longhouse in Indonesia” and was sort of bummed about maybe having Aten twins.

Jackie made a wish and asploded with light, after kind of rejecting Octavia-fren.

Tem had some flashbacks about cruelly abandoning getting her eldest daughter a sweet job in Sima-Mighdall, and then her son went all supernova right in front of her while they were talking about dung books.

The two things may or may not be related.


Life was good; Aten couldn’t even remember why he’d ever worried about Good Buddy bringing Caris to live with them.

Caris was a Shaman (which was kind of like a gardener?), and she spent a lot of her time outside growing them stuff to eat.

And now the prince had an awesome house that was even better than the Man-Cave!

There was more room to play tag with Yaretzi…

…and a place to throw down some sick moves…

…and his own fine lady (which it turned out was a pretty awesome thing to have after all).

Aten couldn’t even remember why he didn’t really like Caris?

Well, she still yelled at him about stuff sometimes, but only if he legit messed up.

Most of the time she was pretty nice though; Good Buddy said that pregnant ladies were sometimes more angry than not-pregnant ladies, but Caris actually seemed less mad now than before?

Also she was always cooking him tasty things to eat!  She even had a special pet name, just for him: ‘Guinea Pig’.  The prince wasn’t really sure what that was, but he supposed it must be some really fierce kinda animal…

…cuz she was always saying how he “constantly insists on rutting like some depraved beast”; which sorta sounds like a complainy thing to say, but then she really seemed to like it anyhow (even when he wanted to be the on-top person!)

The only sort of bummer thing was how Good Buddy was acting after they moved in, like, sad and stuff…

…especially after Aten had private naked time with the Shaman, even though they only did it during the day when Good Buddy was sleeping.

The prince wondered if maybe he should ask Caris not to yell at him while they were having private naked time; Good Buddy could probably hear it, even from all the way under the longhouse (she was a super loud yeller).

He even noticed the vampire would sometimes get up early and sort of just stand around watching Caris do stuff?

They hadn’t had manly-best-bud-fun-time in ages; whenever Aten asked the vampire about it, Good Buddy just kissed him, but in an angry kinda way?  Sometimes he muttered something about “the Shaman’s usefulness soon coming to an end”…so maybe he was just worried about the baby!

Good Buddy had gone to lots of trouble to make sure the prince got to have a son and everything; it was pretty normal to be nervous about babies being born, right?  Aten was kinda nervous about it, and he wasn’t even the one having the baby this time!

Persephone: “I’m sorry, my Queen, the child has–”

Raet: “I knowest Seer; gone to be with the Goddess,” the pale woman’s swelling abdomen taunted the young queen mercilessly.

Persephone: “Your daughter was so mighty an Amazon, Majesty, that Athena simply could not wait to–”

Raet: “Leave mineself.”

Persephone obeyed without another word, slipping from the room with tears in her eyes; there would be no Princess for Sima-Mighdall this day.

‘Tis worse, even, than no babe at all,’ the queen mused to herself, ‘art thou displeased with mineself, Goddess?  Hast my love for mine tribemates offended thee?’

It had been so easy to slip into intimacy with Persephone…

…and then, afterwards, her brother as well.

The natural progression had been for all three of them to share their love, and she treasured them both greatly.

Perhaps this love angered Athena in some manner?  Raet did not see how it could be so, but surely she was being punished; firstly, with the inability to conceive a child, and then, now, with the loss of her only hard-won pregnancy.

‘Perhaps it wast the price of dabbling in forbidden magics?’

When, after months of trying to conceive, Persephone had come to her whispering of a ritual that could give Sima-Mighdall it’s long-awaited Princess, the desperate Queen had been easy to convince.

When Raet had fallen immediately with child, they had rejoiced…

…though it had worked perhaps too well, as the Seer herself had also succumbed to the fertility magics, despite her precautions to prevent such a thing.

Raet: “And now she ist having hist babes instead of mineself,” muttered the queen.  That Persephone had proclaimed them to be male was no consolation.

Caris, she remembered, had named Persephone a witch, and railed against the use of her sorcery…could the Shaman have been right all along?

The young queen’s heart constricted at the thought; if it were so, Raet was not certain she had the strength to rid Sima-Mighdall of someone she loved so dearly.

‘Or, perhaps, this is a test?’  Did the gods not try the resolve of their servants in such ways?  Seeming to deny them their hearts desire, until at last the faithful follower was rewarded with a treasure beyond their reckoning?

The young queen prayed it was so.

‘It’s all going to shit,’ Antonia could see it as clear as the sun in the sky; Kenza was going nuts, and she was going to take all of them down with her.

The teen hadn’t exactly meant to eavesdrop on the Warden whispering with Corabella; she’d just kind of happened to be standing really still behind a bush that they just happened to be secretly meeting near…totally almost accidental!

Kenza: “He’s going to cause trouble for us, just like that other one.”

Corabella: “But Kenz, Wes is a good, respectful, Themysimran slave!  He’s never caused an ounce of trouble, and, okay, yeah, sometimes he drops shit, or accidentally puts sugar in the stew instead of salt, but–”

Kenza: “Enough!  I’m well aware of his lineage!  What if, next time, he ‘accidentally’ poisons us all?  Have you considered that?”

Corabella: “Well, no–”

Kenza: “It’s not safe!  It’s not safe for us to keep any men living here, roaming about freely,” she hissed, “and it’s bad for the girls too!  Antonia, in particular, has grown quite belligerent in these past few months, and I blame those men–“

Antonia had no Goddess-damned clue how watching Wes scuttle about like a mouse was making her especially belligerent; was it some sort of airborne defiance brought on by secret male secretions?  ‘Crazy bitch.’

Corabella: “Okay, but then who’s going to cook and clean?  That’s not a woman’s job!  I’m an Amazon Artisan for Goddess-sakes, not a slave.”

‘Me, that’s who,’ Antonia huffed; she could smell that coming a mile away.

Kenza: “We can each of us see to our own needs, and perhaps the girl can pick up any slack for now.”

‘Totally called it,’ that ho was going to off poor Wes and turn Antonia into their own personal Cinderella, ‘whatever the hell that is.’

The stray thoughts were beginning to get worse, popping their nonsense into her head more often than not.  Antonia suspected that it had something to do with getting emotional, or being hormonal, or maybe both?  Whatever; point was that it was all super annoying.

Corabella: “Well, you can’t waste him by just throwing him in the pool!  If you’re going to sacrifice him, you have to do it right, which means you’re going to have to suck it up and let him impregnate you!”

Kenza: “Er, well, I don’t see why I must–”

Corabella: “Those are the rules Kenza!  I thought you were a big fan of The Rules; or is that only when they suit you?”  Antonia supposed the red headed woman must be getting pretty near the end of her rope to challenge the Warden like that; Cora was usually a bit of a doormat.

Kenza: “Fine!  I had thought you had more consideration for the security of our home than to wish a pregnancy on Apep’s Warden, but I can see that you are determined to be unreasonable.”

Corabella: “Look, if we get randomly savaged by a hoard of angry vampires, I’ll owe you an apology, okay?  But in the mean time, don’t we have a million yards of garlic strung up all over the damn place?”

‘The garlic,’ something akin to a light bulb (wtf was a light bulb?) went on in the teenager’s mind.


P.S.: That header image for the chapter holds mad clues about what became of our intrepid light-assploding twins, if you wish to try and deduce (good luck with that).

And no, Caris is not falling in love with Aten; she would (begrudgingly) concede, however, that he is an above-average lover (thanks Totec!)…I figure he has to have at least one thing he’s good at, right?

Also, it appears that the Teremun, who is still wandering around my save file, has traded in his sister for a harem of older, married women of means?

Teremun: “Happy Simming, ladies, hehehe…

23 thoughts on “39. That Girl is Poison

  1. This is more than one sad kitten-worthy! 😦 😦 😦

    And I have a feeling we’ll need a lot more sad kittens in the future. I don’t trust Caris at all, and I’m glad Totec doesn’t seem to either. Aten, though…his gullibility and obvious enjoyment of Caris is going to bite him in the ass, I just know it.

    And Raet…poor, poor Raet. She’s endured a lot. And I’m sad that funtime with the twins would make her feel guilty and question Persephone’s loyalty and intentions in favor of Caris’ hatred. But I can understand why she’d start to really think about the will of the goddess, after experiencing so much pain and disappointment. I hope she gets the bab she wants–and doesn’t lose anyone else.

    Antonia totally got stuck in the worst place. Get out of there ASAP! Kenza is definitely becoming unhinged…

    Liked by 4 people

    1. It’s one *hefty* sad kitteh? 😬
      The sad kitteh rating system only goes up to 3…many more sad kittehs to come! 😭

      Lots of mistakes being made up at Chez Aten! Totec for letting Aten have his way, Aten for trusting Caris, Caris for being careless; it’s all headed somewhere very abrupt! But for which party(s)?

      Raet is young, and maybe too sweet for the harshness of the world she’s living in; she’s more like her father, really, than her mother 😦
      There’s a lesson in there for her, will she learn it? Or will this first test be her undoing?

      I’ll throw a bone here and say that Antonia *does* eventually leave Apep! But by what means 😱

      Liked by 3 people

  2. Nooboos WitcHazard: Nooboo!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Lover WitcHazard: Caris is going to kill Aten and Totec is going to kill her! That what I see anyway! And if Caris is pregnant why is Aten still sleeping with her What about Good Buddy time?!

    Dark WitcHazard: Antonia needs help Kenya has lost her mind! This is going to be fun watching Kenza and the adorable clumsy slave haha Karma!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I’m so sorry, NooboosW; I will make it up to you later?? 😦

      That is an excellent question Lover! Why indeed! Now that he’s gotten a taste of being the on-top person and having a fine lady at his disposal, could it be he’s wanting to have his cake and eat it too? Kings get all the cake.

      Lol, Dark; maybe fun for you, the rest of us will probably be horrified 😈


  3. Oh. my Raet! 😦 I adore that girl, and I am so sad that her bab went to be with the Goddess. *Squeezes against ample bosom* I love the words that Persephone used to comfort her…what a sweet metaphor, that her daughter was too strong an Amazon. Very appropriate. ❤

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I am sad too 😭 I wish that Raet, in particular, could have nothing but sunshine and rainbows and unicorn kisses in her life. ❤❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh no 😭 I hate seeing my girl Raet so miserable. I loved seeing her so happy with Persephone and Khafre, but for her to lose her baby and feel like she’s being punished… it’s so sad 😭

    And then my poor lil clueless Aten.

    The closer I get to the end of this gen, the stronger the sense of impending doom becomes 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh boy. Snake vampire dude needs to kill the blonde bitch. But seriously, she’s got a good thing going there. Her and her crazy Athena obsession. Hm. :/
    And warden lady … sigh. give it up.

    Liked by 1 person

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