49. Vision

Last chapter…

Oly told Nana B all about some rando jungley vampirey magicy visions; no word yet as to what Nana B thinks of said visions, but we still learned some stuff:

Calliope gets airplane constipation (because of an alleged lack of soluble fiber), and Holly doesn’t mind running into creepy strangers while poking around ancient ruins.

Also, turns out Primrose and Belladonna got up to some shit while the two younger witches were bushwhacking, and most likely saved Cassie from catatonic Toomanylivesophathy by trying some experimental Aura-Splicing (that may or may not have required them to put a towel down first).

But who cares about all that? Because Bastet (portrait) cameo, and Pili return!


She was the most beautiful creature he had ever beheld…

…pale and incandescent, like the completely illuminated phase of lunar orbit.

Mr. Kalvin interrupted his reverie, “class, I’d like to introduce a new, er…student,” the teacher’s voice was oddly strained, but Mosi was too absorbed to be curious over it; he held his breath, awaiting the revelation of this Vision’s name…

“Persephone,” Mr. Kalvin admitted at length.

Mosi felt his heart swell, “Persephone,” he whispered to himself.


Mosi watched as She took the seat next to that ignoramus, Coltsfoot; gah! If only he himself had been sitting next to the empty chair instead of beside his sister…still, he could observe her unobtrusively from his current position.

“Mosi, you’re staring,” whispered Artemis; her tone implied amusement.

Perchance he was less unobtrusive than he’d originally surmised? Something to work on.

“I’m certain I have no idea what you mean, Artemis,” there, that would divert her.

His sister snorted, “yeah, sure you don’t.”

Or perhaps not? No matter.

After 10.75 years of waiting, Mosi Osiris had finally found the woman of his dreams, and he knew just the confidant to mentor him through this tenuous period of courtship…

“Father? Do you have a moment for paternal consultation of an amorous nature?”

“Do I have a what now, kiddo?”

“I require mentoring in the noble art of courtship,” Mosi felt his heart swell anew as Persephone’s face blossomed in his mind’s eye, “the most ethereal creature ever to dwell upon this plane of existence has materialized in my life–well, class, technically.

“Court–oh; you having girl troubles, son?”

“Oh no!” Why did adults so frequently misunderstand him? He had an advanced mastery of the spoken word, after all, “I am having the opposite of troubles, father; there is an angel in our midst, and I intent to woo her!”

“Wooing an angel.”

“Yes, father.”

“Okay,” the man blinked, “this sounds more like your mother’s area of expertise…”

“It gives me no pleasure to be contrary, father, but I am quite certain that having a man-to-man, to be colloquial, requires a secondary male as a part of the equation.”

“Stars, Pili!” Mosi’s mother appeared from downstairs and sighed, having apparently caught the tail end of their conversation; she treated her only son to an indulgent smile, “he’s asking you for advice on girls.

Mosi’s father blinked again, “huh.”

She glanced over at her husband, “and why in Goddess-name aren’t you wearing a shirt?”

“Is that what you really want, woman?”

Well–” Mosi watched his mother’s face wash with colour as she let out a most inarticulate giggle.

‘This again,’ he groused to himself; as gratifying as it was to have one’s parents in a stable relationship, the constant flirting and thinly veiled innuendos did tend to get rather tiresome.

“Can we focus, please!” He snapped.

“Er, sorry, dear.”

She didn’t appear particularly contrite, but it was his mother, after all; he could afford to be magnanimous, “thank you, mother.”

Cassie’s face pinched inwards on itself, “Pili, why don’t you take Mosi for a nice walk while I get supper started?”

“…I guess that means I’d better get a shirt on.”

“Yes, dear; we have neighbours.

Adults really did have the oddest preoccupations.

“I’m not even sure how much help I can give you, kiddo,” Mosi’s father paused, “I mean, I’ve never even wooed anyone–”

“Surely you courted mother?”

Yee-ah, no, not so much…”

“It sort of just…happened? I didn’t even try, really; I guess sometimes two people just…”

Happen?” He supplied.

“I hear that tone, son,” apparently his father was more perceptive than he’d anticipated, “but yeah, that’s about the whole of it, so I don’t really know what to tell you; honestly your mom just sort of decided it was going to be me, and the rest is history.”

“So it’s the female that decides…” this was going to be more challenging than Mosi had anticipated.

“Er–” his father appeared to be having some reservations about that assessment.

“But how does that work with same-gendered relationships?” It was rather off-topic, but the question was begged.

“Oh, well–that’s, like, a whole other thing…”

Mosi frowned, “I understand; differing relationship dynamics.”

“Yeah, totally,” his father spoke with a lack of conviction; no matter, it was irrelevant to the boy’s current dilemma.

“Look, kiddo, you need to understand, I came from an…er, place…where women decided pretty much everything,” he paused, “I mean, I know it’s not like that here as much–

“I’m not certain that’s entirely accurate, father,” the child interrupted, “after all, the witches are quite matriarchal.”

“Yeah, trust me on this one kid; the witches have nothing on my mother’s culture,” there was a hint of something in his father’s countenance then, but Mosi didn’t know what, only that it made the hairs prickle on the back of his neck; Pili shrugged, and the tension evaporated, “anyhow, I guess we’re used to the familiar, or something…even after a very long time, old habits die hard.”

It wasn’t very often that Mosi felt something was beyond his knowing, but once in a while an adult surprised him with their precociousness.

The rather fruitless man-to-man led Mosi to retreat to the solace of his laboratory (after ingesting his mother’s nutritionally appropriate evening meal first, of course); he would seek refuge in his ongoing research, and perhaps an insight would come to him?

Or maybe Artemis would be conducting her own studies and he could just ask her about it…Artemis was technically female, after all.

“Hey Mo! Wassuuuuup?

“Should I expect these visits of yours to be a regular occurrence going forward?”

If there was one person whom Mosi was not involving in discussions regarding his love life, it was Oly Cicada.

“I know, right?!”

Mosi was glad that someone claimed to ‘know’, as he himself did not.

“To what do we owe this unexpected delight,” mother would be proud of his commitment to upholding civility.

“Peace, brother,” apparently Artemis was able to detect his underlying hostility, however? “Oly has some really interesting news; tell him.”

“Er…you sure he’s cool? I mean, about this thing, cuz it hits kinda close to home…”

Artemis bristled, “are you questioning my judgement, Cicada?”

“What? No babe!” The delinquent immediately began to backpedal, “if you say he’s cool, he’s totes cool!”

“Then get on with it!” Mosi felt the oddest urge to offer his sister a ‘high-five’…he would let the impulse pass.

“Okay, so I had this vision, right? And at first it was moms and Aunty H just walking around a jungle place, and then there was this bit in the middle where Nana B and Grim Gram were doing magic to split your mom in two–”

“They did WHAT to my mother?!”

“Mosi!” Artemis’s sharp tone cut through his rage, “calm yourself, brother, there’s more!”

The boy could not fathom how much more there could be that would surpass the idea of witches splitting his mother in twain!

“Seriously, dude, that ain’t the half of it, cuz the vision totes ended with moms and Aunty H finding your dad in an old ruined temple thing, and he was a vampire!

“You’re defecating on me…”

“ROFL; you mean ‘shitting you’? Haa!” The delinquent made several more inarticulate noises, “naw, man, for real! Glowing yellow eyes and fangs and the whole bit! It was intense, you know?”

Mosi had to admit, once again, that he did not know; twice in one day, how novel.

“But, like, Nana B said I’m not allowed to tell anyone,” the delinquent continued, “so, you guys have to keep this on the down low, right?”

“Of course, Oly,” Artemis was quick to agree…was there something a touch sly in her demeanor? Perhaps she did not believe the rapscallion; claims of their father being a vampire were, after all, quite absurd.

“Very well, Cicada,” he conceded, “but I would very much like to hear more about this business with your grandmothers performing splitting magic on my–”

“Never mind that!” Artemis snapped, “both of you, follow me; I need to show you something.”

Mosi’s sister led them to the little nook by the downstairs washing room, where father kept some of his less interesting books…

…and pushed the frame of the bookcase to reveal a hidden doorway.

“Wicked!” Exclaimed the moron beside him.

“I discovered it recently while looking through father’s collection on ancient burial customs,” there was a distinct hint of thrill in Artemis’s voice; all Mosi felt was digestive distress.

“It’s like, a secret room!” Oly continued to be in awe, which, apparently, included declaring the obvious.

“That’s exactly right!” Why was Artemis patronizing the delinquent? “And there’s a whole other tunnel down that way full of artifacts, and urns, and portraits; but this is the one I wanted you to see, Cicada…”

“…do you recognize her?”


Whoa! That Bastet portrait is just showing up all over the damn place! What can it mean?! I’m actually not telling…but it totes means something. Maybe.

Frankly, if I were Cassie, I wouldn’t be able to focus either with Pili walking around shirtless all the time.

Also, I updated the primary family tree, you can view it here if you feel so inclined.

Mysterious, winking Catform Balsam: “HAPPY SIMMING!!”

23 thoughts on “49. Vision

  1. Shipper WitcHazard; Yes the triplets are from the Cassie Pili ship OMG!

    Lover WitcHazard: I knew that shirtless body a couple chapters before wasn’t Kalvin! Trying to hide the Pili goodness shame on you! And I just love Mosi dude Persephone has sons older than you I think you should really chill cause she’s clearly taken!

    Dark WitcHazard: Well I guess going to school would make it less awkward to ask why there’s a stranger in your house! Yes the Pili Cassie ship never sank but I thought he was dead so now I’m confused as to whether this is a AU or a Altered Timeline sorta deal! So then who is Colt’s mother and I’m assuming Kalvin’s wife?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Shipper: they are! Mazel tov 🎉
      Selene looks exactly like Cassie/Kendra and Mosi is a total Pili doppleganger! Artemis is a good blend of the two ❤️

      Lover: I can’t fool you when it comes shirtless hotties 😝
      Man, when (if?) Mosi finds out about his new love’s past, I wonder if he’ll mind that she’s older? (And clearly already very ‘experienced’) 😉

      Dark: It is neither A/U nor altered timeline! (🤔)
      Colt’s mother, hmm, who could she be?!


  2. One line in and I was DYING. OMG, I love that Little Old Man Mosi has his first crush (though he would never call it that, oh no), and it’s on a grown-ass fairy. LOL. Aaaaa, poor little guy’s gonna get his heart broken…

    I think he’s my favorite, actually. I just love his grouchy, too-old-for-this-shit personality. And the way he dealt with his parents (who just don’t understand)…rofl. I hope we see more of him when he grows up, too!

    Could any of Pili and Cassie’s kids actually be vampires too?

    And aaa, Bastet looking gorgeous as always (even when she’s dead). ❤

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I’m so tickled you like him! ❤️
      And no, omg, crush? It’s LOVE ok.
      Maybe she’ll let him down easy? 😬

      His parents, sigh; a never ending source of frustration… but you need to be patient with them, they can’t help it!
      There’s plenty more Mosi to come 😊

      Vampires?! Omg, wouldn’t Oly have a field day with that revelation if they were…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ohhhh, things are really heating up now. (And THANKS for the Pili fanservice. THIS fan was definitely happy that he’s traipsing around half naked.Cassie didn’t seem to mind either.)

    I love the way Mosi speaks and his annoyance at Oly. And now we have a pathway to Bastet. OOOOO…I do want resurrection, creating the Amazonian ways of old out in that part of the desert. Hmm…well, we’ll see! NICE CHAPTER!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Fanservice! Yeah, Haha, that’s totally what it is (not Lisa-service at all, nooo) 😈

      I really enjoyed shooting this chapter. 😉

      Well, I can promise or discount resurrection, BUT, I will go on record saying that we haven’t seen the last of Athena’s chosen yet ❤️❤️❤️


  4. Queen Bastet, ahhhhh! She was so very, very beautiful…not that I’m biased or anything. No, not at all. 😉

    Okay, Mosi is amazing and I’m in love with him! Setting aside the whole “time traveling witch/fae” thing, Persephone would be pretty perfect for him! Ex: a thirst for knowledge, wisdom beyond her years, and oh the sass. We’ll leave out that she’s got adult children and has had relations with her brother. 😀

    It’s all coming together, Fruity, and I’m so happy to see the new gen embracing their roots! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Bastet and Malka, sittin’ in a tree… er, sorry, I don’t know where I was going with that 😉
      (Yes I do.)

      I think they’d hit it off too! I mean, she liked Raet, right? Mosi has a little bit of his Aunty Raet going on 😀
      As for the rest, eh… that just adds character!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I’m sorry! The denim takes so much getting used to 😭
      I’m not sure I’ll ever be okay with it TBH.
      Re: the Anchor, no comment 😝


  5. “You’re defecating on me…” MOSI, how I love thee LMAO

    Seems that Pili’s, erm… affliction… has been cured… I’m intrigued to see how that happened too! And, y’know, just happy in general to see more Pili 😉

    And aw man… Bastet feels every time we see that portrait! Best Amazon queen 😥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL, I think you’re the first person who noticed that defecating thing (he tries so hard to talk like a normal, bless him)❤️

      Yes, and *so much* OF him to see in that chapter 😈
      You are correct that the condition is cured! How that came about will get a mention… I hope you continue to like Bastet as time goes on 😬
      I mean, why wouldn’t you tho…

      Liked by 1 person

  6. The abs were Pili! Nice! He knows he is in the future and he cured Cassie. But is he still a vampire? I don’t think since he’s out in the daytime. Hmmm. And I’m not supposed to tell so keep it in the downlow. Oly…Everyone will know soon. Lol. They didn’t pinky swear.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. At that point, it would appear he is no longer! But vamp or not, the abs are forever ❤️😈
      Ye-ah, telling Oly stuff is probably never a good idea if you want to keep it a secret, lololol

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