53. Welcome

Last chapter…

The grown ups all congregated in Prim’s dining room (and via wifi) and pretty much all instantly agreed that it was time to bring the kids in on their super secret past stuff because Oly was totally blowing their cover anyhow.

Aries walked in and almost gave Pili and Kalvin a jammer (because Khafre resemblance), but then Persephone followed up with an explanation (off camera cuz we already know all about that and am trying really hard to keep these chapters under 2000 words ok).

Then Pili and Cass had nudie pillow talk about whether or not Persephone might be Up To No Good (Pili is #TeamPossiblyUntrustworthy, Cassie is #TeamProbablyTrustworthy, for the record).


“So…you’re Calliope, not Antonia, and your sister is Hollyhock, not Octavia.”

Calliope-not-Antonia gave Cassie an encouraging smile, “you got it, girlfriend.”

“And it’s like a sanctuary…for witches?” Cassie scrunched up her face, trying to successfully parse those things in her mind.

“Yeah, I guess you could say that,” Calliope shrugged, “except it’s really just for two witches; my mom and my Aunty Prim…well, and their kids and grandkids, etc.”

“Right, because they have that blood-bond thing going on.”

“Basically, yes, and it keeps us all safe from outsiders…witches don’t usually create pacts like that, so it’s sort of a special deal.”

“Are they, like, you know,” Cassie waggled her eyebrows.

“Hah! No,” Calliope tried to imagine how much worse the squabbling would be if her mom and Aunty Prim were lovers on top of everything else, “they’re just super good friends; they were fostered by the same witch, back in the day, and grew up like sisters.”

“And witches don’t usually have sisters,” Cassie repeated the information from memory; she’d had a lot of new info thrown her way all of a sudden…as if getting thrown forward in time to an older catatonic body wasn’t freaky enough?

“Yeah, it’s super rare; usually we’re all one and done, but of course my mom had two kids, which is really impressive,” she chuckled, “to hear her talk about it, though, she got quantity instead of quality.”

“Omg, did she say that to you? That’s so mean!”

“Eh, it’s fine, it’s just her way of pushing us; witches don’t adapt very well to change and she’s really pretty proud of herself for popping out two daughters.”

“Okay, so name changes, witchy-bubble of protection because blood pact, mostly only-child syndrome, except for your mom because super-womb, and they split me in two–” Cassie fought not to scrunch up her face again, but not because it bore thinking about too hard.

“Yeah, sorry about that; Holly and I didn’t want to leave you alone with them, but we thought we were on the trail of something that would save you,” she frowned, “you were looking pretty damn bad, Cass.”

“I know, it’s fine, really,” Cassie felt her smile falter, “I mean, I guess it’s only fine because the splitting thing worked? No one wants to be catatonic because they have two people trying to share one mind…”

“And I’m sorry about that too…again, I mean,” Calliope sighed, “we’ve got a lot to be sorry for, we kind of fucked you over big time.’

“Well, you didn’t mean to,” Cassie tried to seem forgiving, even if she was still feeling a bit miffed, “I just feel sorry for the other…half?”

“Half, three quarters…something like that, give or take.”

“She must be so confused,” Cassie shook her head, “I mean, I know she won’t remember what I remember, but I feel like I should send her a card or something…I still know stuff she knew, like some of her pieces are filling in my cracks.”

Calliope sighed, “I honestly don’t even know where she is now, mom and Aunty Prim said she probably ended up back where she was when the spell hit her in the first place, wherever that is…poor kid, I hope it didn’t mess her up too much.”

“I don’t even have a last name…Callie, I don’t know who I am–“

“You are Cassandra of Al Simhara,” Calliope told her firmly, “and you don’t need a last name, though if I may say so, I think that ex-vampire might be keen to give you his…”

Cassie blushed.

“I don’t get it though,” Calliope frowned, “I’ve never seen Holly’s magic fail like that; we were supposed to find something that was going to help you get better, but mom and Aunty Prim fixed you and all we found was a guy–like, a hot guy, but still…”

“But it didn’t fail!” Cassie protested, “don’t you see? Your mom and aunt might have done the operation, but you and Holly provided the rehab; I seriously wouldn’t have come out okay without seeing Pili.”

“Aw, you don’t give yourself enough credit! You’re a lot stronger than you think you are Cass; a lot of humans would have straight up died during the splitting.”

“Still!” She insisted, “having him here has made all the difference…I was feeling so lost and confused and out of place, and then there he was, and it all just seemed to make sense again.”

“Hah! As much as anything can make sense after all this being a magical piñata bullshit…did I mention we’re super sorry about that?”

“Omg yes, stop apologizing okay?” The woman snorted, “you’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to me anyhow, you know, since I can’t leave this–what was it called again?”

“The Woulding,” smirked Calliope, “and yeah, we got you; we’ll set you up with a nice run down place of your very own, and Aunty Prim is brewing up a batch of vampire cure for that man of yours–”

Cassie felt the blood rush to her cheeks again, “he’s not my man–”

“You should tell him that! I’m pretty sure he thinks otherwise… speaking of which, have you two–?” She waggled her eyebrows back at the human.

“No! Omg, maybe after he gets the cure? You know, if he wants to…”

“Dude, he totally wants to; why do you think he’s doing it in the first place? For the lulz?”

“I guess I hadn’t thought about it, I mean, that is a bit weird, right? Him just giving up immortality all of a sudden–?”

“He said he didn’t want to father any vampire kids, didn’t you guys talk about it at all?”

“Kids? Well…no,” Cassie frowned, “I mean, I sort of feel weird about that whole idea–oh Goddess, Callie! He’s going to all this trouble and I don’t even know if I want kids!  I mean, I know it’s been hundreds or thousands of years for him, but it’s only been a few weeks or months or whatever for me…”

“Chill Cass, I’m sure he’s doing it mostly for him…but, I mean, yeah, definitely talk about the kids thing, when you’re ready…there’s no rush, right?,” Calliope’s expression faltered suddenly, “I’m pregnant, by the way.”

“Whoa, what?”

“Yeah, sorry, I’m a bit awkward with segue’s, but I needed to tell someone–“

“When did that even happen? I mean, I didn’t know you had a…partner?”

“Oh, I don’t! Well, not really, it’s a bit different for witches? We don’t normally keep our baby daddies around…I mean, Holly’s pretty attached to that human guy she brought back with us though…”

“So, it’s kind of like an arranged…breeding?” Cassie tried not to look distressed at the idea.

“Yeah, something like that; it was part of mom and Aunty Prim’s pact,” Callie shrugged, “Perseus, that’s Prim’s son–”

Cassie blinked, “the pink-haired guy?”

“Right!  They agreed that he’d father a kid for me and a kid for Holly, that way both mom and Aunty Prim would have an heir to continue their lines…witches are super weird about their bloodlines btw, and sons are rare, so Perseus is kind of a big deal…like, better than hunting down a rando werewolf or something, right?”

“I’m sorry, your mom decided who was going to be the father of your kid…how is that okay?” Cassie looked extremely horrified, and Calliope wasn’t sure how to make her understand.

“It’s not like…okay, they can’t make us do it, but it’s all tied up in the magic that keeps my home safe, and having kids is different for us than it is for humans? It’s more like a calculated decision because it’s not like we can have a do over, usually, so you really need to make sure that you’re investing carefully in the witch who is going to be the caretaker of your family line for a few thousands years, right?”

Cassie squinted, “but…you can say no…”

“Oh yeah, sure, but why would I? So, don’t feel weird about it, because I was going to do it anyway.”

“Why would I feel weird…omg,” Cassie gasped, “you did it so I could stay, didn’t you?!”

“It’s no big deal! Like I said, I was going to do it anyhow, but mom was talking about sending you to another dimension…and, you know, I feel like I owe you a bit, Cass–”

“Oh Callie!”

“It’s cool, seriously; now mom and Aunty Prim are thrilled to have a grandkid on the way, and you and your maybe-man can stay in The Woulding…”

Cassie interrupted her friend with a big hug, “congrats, Callie!”  There really wasn’t anything else she could say after such a gesture.

“Duuude!”  Gasped Oly, “so meta…”

“What did you see?”  Persephone asked softly.

“Bitch, were you watching me sleep??”  Oly couldn’t help being slightly impressed by this chick’s level of commitment to her creepiness.

“Don’t be silly,” said the creepy question dodger, “tell me what you saw.”

Oly sat up and shot Persephone the real-talk look, “like, do you even know what a massive weirdo you are?”

Persephone hardly looked phased, “cousin–

“I dreamed about my moms and Mrs. C making the blah blah about stuff I already know, okay?  And then moms said she was pregnant, with me…now, about you–

“There is nothing say of me,” the weirdo smiled strangely, “though perhaps, one day, you shall come to it on your own.”

“Uh, okay…sounds…cool?”

“There is so very much I could show you, cousin…”

“Wow, uh…Goddess, I hope you’re talking about dream-magic–” and not, like, dismembering puppies, or something.

“There is much beyond The Veil, my child,” her voice dropped an octave like creepy voices do, “more than a slip of black and white, stolen from the pages of times past…”

“Whoa, wait…is that creepy girl code for ‘wanna dream in colour and see the future?’–”

“That…and more, if you wish it.”

“Umm, fuck yes I wish it!”


What?  Did you think Oly would say no??  LOL.

Omg, only one more chapter until TEENS.  And you know what that means;  HORMONES.  Bitches love hormones.

Also, probably very few exposition dream chapters from here on out (you’re welcome if you hated exposition dream chapters :D), or at least the long ones; but hopefully this one cleared up a few lingering questions!

Here, enjoy it while it lasts:

Osiris Family: “HAPPY SIMMING!!”

20 thoughts on “53. Welcome

  1. “I’m sorry, your mom decided who was going to be the father of your kid…how is that okay?”

    IDK if he’s as hot as Perseus and the rest of the dudes in LotL, sign me up bb.

    Awwww, what a sweet family photo of Pili and his brood. ❤ ❤ I guess the young'uns will be grown soon… I wonder if they'll become moody teenagers. At the very least, they'll become hormonal teenagers, knowing you. 😉 (And, uh, human body chemistry in general, rofl.)

    Have I mentioned how much I’m looking forward to them growing up? LOL. I hope Mosi gets a girlfriend, I love him. Whether it’s the goddess of his dreams is another matter…

    Speaking of his goddess, I’m with Oly–she’s one creepy lady-child. But I’m totally not surprised Oly signed up for the weird shit she’s got on offer.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. We do keep a fresh supply of hot dudes around for any old impregnation emergency /nod

      Yes ma’am! Chapter after next there will be rapid growth resulting in much moody and many hormone 😀

      Aww! I’m glad you’re rooting for Mosi, he’s going to need that emotional support, I fear; spoiler: he’s not exactly a slick ladies man!

      Right? Oly loves weird shit; don’t let all that ‘creepy girl’ talk fool you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lover WitcHazard: I doubt anyone hates dream explanation it’s one the best things of this gen is specially Oly!

    Dark WitcHazard: That potty mouth Oly is definitely my favorite! Wait does that mean poor Oly is going to be forced to have some random dudes baby! I won’t stand for it Oly fight the system!

    Shipper WitcHazard: Arrangement for baby making that totally throws a few choppy waves at my Ollene ship!

    Nooboo WitcHazard: Arrangement Nooboos making I feeling it should be a natural process but it gets me more nooboos so I’ll allow it!

    Lover WitcHazard: So if Kalvin keeps getting Holly pregnant has she already had her baby with Perseus or is she pregnant with his baby right now! And if she already had the baby who or where is it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww! Lover, Oly appreciates that you’re a fan of the dreams (since that’s kinda Oly’s thing), and that Dark is a fan of the potty mouth (rofl, me too); honestly, I pity the fool who would TRY and make Oly to anything, least of all procreate!

      Don’t worry Shipper, baby making and romance are rarely related in the witchy world; there’s hope yet for Ollene (maybe) (ebil cackle).

      Ah, you caught that did you Lover! Hah, no Holly had NOT had her magical baby yet (which is why Bella has no heir and jealously covets Oly); and will she ever even have that baby, or is it herds of boring little humans from here on out?!


  3. So Pili gave up his vampirism for a fam! Awww…I was wondering why his eyes didn’t glow now. 😉

    And Cassie is split…um…wonder if her other half will haunt somehow?

    Perseus is the father of both Oly and (the little normal girl who I really like but can’t think of her name atm!) No wonder they’re besties! (I think that’s right…correct me if I’m wrong).

    This chapter DID clear up many things and then created more questions (shakes fist) but leaves me wanting the next chapter!

    Persephone is one weird chick. I like!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. LOL, yes, if any one thing has been confirmed, it’s that Persephone is a weird little chickaboom 😉

      Pili did indeed give up his vampirism to start a family (aww), and Cassie’s other half (unbeknownst to Cassie and the witches) is poor Kendra Reina, who was put through the ringer and then dumped right back where she came from! (But possibly not WHEN she came from??)

      Perseus is, so far, ONLY the father of Oly… do you mean Selene? That’s Pili’s oldest triplet with Cassie! (Artemis and Mosi are the other triplets in that set).
      I know! So many little rug rats to keep track of!


  4. Arranged breeding, oh dear, oh dear.
    Persephone, you better not show poor Oly the things you showed to your brother. I’m keeping my eye on you!
    Teens and hormones coming up? Oh my. I wonder what effects the hormones are going to have on Oly’s visions. Hehe. I’m getting some ideas here.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. LOL… no comment on what Persephone may or may not show Oly when hormones become a factor 😁

      I think there is, however, a very decent chance that hormones may trickle on down into dream shenanigans (ebil cackle) 😈

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Bb Persephone is freaky as hell, but I dig her! 😀 She at least keeps cool in the face of the unknown–definitely a trait she carried over from her adulthood. How is it that she remembers her adulthood? Fae magic? Or will all be explained in time? *ponders*

    Loved the tender moment between Cassie and Callie! I love seeing the family dynamics, because at the end of the day, they *are* a family, as different as it might be. It’s what a Coven-Tribe is all about! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. There will be some delving into the Persephone circumstances, but long story short, remember that it’s *her* magic 😉

      They are most definitely family! They’ve grown up together (somewhat) and been through a lot! And they share very similar backgrounds culturally ❤ ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oooh loved hearing more details about all the witchy culture! And LMAO Oly “so meta” indeed! 😛

    Also, I am a mixture of both excited and terrified for what Persephone might have up her sleeve… eek! Be save, lil Oly. You and Mosi are my precious babes this gen. So like… no pressure, but PROTECT THEM PLZ 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mmm, well, I mean… I think I’m usually nice to them as *kids*… I think…

      Aww, poor Persephone! She just wants to bone her brother, ok! Like any normal fairy would 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Well, that at least explains who the baby daddy for Oly was. I should’ve figured that out already, but I’ve been on decongestants, which never helps.
    And blonde seer girl/lady WAS especially creepy this time, but I don’t think Oly minded as much towards the end.

    Liked by 1 person

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