54. Truth

Last chapter…

Oly dreamed about moms and Mrs. C making the blah blah, which was kinda boring for Oly, but at least we found out that witches totally do it with rando werewolves if they can’t find a cute pink-haired witch guy instead.

Loose ends about the Cassie stuff were tied up, and also re Pili’s unvamping, BUT THEN, Persephone (who may or may not have been creepily watching Oly sleep) offered (ominously) to tutor Oly in dream-magic stuff.

I’m sure it’ll totally amount to harmless fun!


Cassie cleared her throat, “Pili.”


“–Oh, er, right…brb…”

“Thank you, dear,” Cassie sighed.

Artemis smirked, “whoa, must be serious if dad has to wear a shirt.”

“Do you suppose we’re relocating to Sixam??”


“But I don’t want to move!”  Pouted Selene.

Artemis tried not to roll her eyes, “omg, nobody is moving…mom can’t even leave The Woulding, remember?”

“I hate to disagree, Artemis,” huffed Mosi, “but if we are relocating to another dimension, mother can most certainly accompany us.”

Selene wondered why Mosi disagreed with them so much if he hated it.

“Locked and loaded, babe.”

Cassie sighed again, “thank you, sweetie,” it would have to do.

“So…is this, like, awkward bonding time, orrr…am I in trouble–?”

“Er, no trouble,” Calliope blinked “I’m gathering my thoughts okay,” how did you even start a conversation with your kid about magically induced accidental time travel?

Wicked; take your time…I believe in you moms.”

Calliope snorted, “ass.”

“Wow, you realize you’re damaging my self-esteem, right.”

“Piss off; I’m trying to be serious here, monster,” Calliope wished Perseus wasn’t on some wild goose chase Goddess knew where; he was so much better at this kind of crap.

“Heh, kk, what’s up?  Just lay it on me woman, Oly’s here for you.”

“So it has to do a bit with those dreams Oly’s been having, but also a bit about my storage room–”

“Which you’re still not allowed to play in,” added Cassie, giving each of her kids a poignant look, “because like we said at the last family meeting; that’s daddy’s special room, and you need to respect his privacy.”

“Right, totally…but also because that’s where your, er, grandma’s urn is, and you know…it’s not really cool to be playing in a crypt?  Like, I’m pretty sure that’s disrespectful of the dead.”

“Is grandma the lady in the painting who sort of looks like you?”  The question was mostly for the benefit of those who hadn’t put it together yet; Artemis flattered herself that she was probably the only one to figure it out beforehand.

“Yes, sweetie, that’s right; her name was Bastet–”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up; that can’t be right, that painting lady is like, ancient, you know?  Way more ancient than Nana B even…I mean, unless all the hieroglyphics are fake--omg…”

“Don’t even start kid,” Calliope was so not interested in hearing about how the frog spies might be connected, “it’s not a conspiracy, okay?  Bastet is legit ancient Al Simharan.”

“You’re shitting me, right?”

“Nope; Selene’s dad was born in ancient Al Simhara.”

“And he was a vampire.

“And he was vampire,” Callie agreed, “I even met him once back then, when he came and saved us from the crazy Themysimran zealot.”

“I KNEW IT!!”  Mosi looked like he might be on the verge of accidentally soiling himself, “temporal displacement is a valid field of study!  You must let me perform experiments on you, mother!”

Cassie hadn’t quite expected that reaction, “oh!  Um, well…

“That’s a hard no, son,” Pili cut in.

“Did you miss the part where they said it was a magical accident that sent mom and the gang through time, meathead?”

“Why must you always contradict me in mixed company, Artemis?  And the name calling; is that truly necessary?”

“Well, if you didn’t say ridiculous things out loud I wouldn’t have to, now would I?”

“I’m sorry you were forced to witness that, mother, father; Artemis and I are going through a rough patch at the moment…but it doesn’t mean either of you are at fault; we still care for you a great deal.”

Pili’s brow furrowed, “okay, is it just me, or…”

“No, it’s not you, sweetie; they’re, um–”

Really weird kids, right?”

“Let’s use the word precocious; that sounds nicer.”

“Okay, so now we’re not moving to another dimension or Sixam?”

“Let me make sure I got this straight…Mr. P was borned in ancient Al Simhara, his moms was an ex-Priestess who was told to be an Amazon Queen by Athena, you and Aunty H accidentally did some time travel magic that took you guys AND Mrs. C back to the Queen’s village thing and/or rando pyramids, and there was shenanigans and a plague etc, then Aunty H made a wish or something and you guys all ended up back here, no harm done, but only kinda because Mrs. C was two people at once?”




You are absolutely maddening today,” Mosi scoffed, “which part of the tale is preposterous, dare we ask?”

“Well,” she shot back, “if you would quit interrupting me, I’d be happy to tell you–”

“But how did you get out of ancient Al Simhara, daddy?  If everyone else took the wishing well after you got sick and fell down, how did you get better and come here too?”

“Well, princess, I lived, that’s how I got here; I lived a really, really long time.”

“It’s actually quite impressive.”

“True, most people would succumb to madness after spending that much time in isolation; he would make a fascinating case study.”

“Do you suppose it’s related to the vampirism?”

“Wait!”  The cloud that had been hanging over Selene’s head the entire meeting seemed to clear instantaneously, “does this mean I’m actually a real princess??”

“Omg Lena, priorities.

“Hey!  So that means that Lena and Artie and Mo are kinda like…royals or something, right?”

“Huh,” Calliope considered it for a moment, “yeah, I mean, I guess so.”

“Like, it doesn’t really matter since everyone is dead, I guess…but doesn’t that kinda make Lena some sort of heir?  She is the oldest triplet.”

“Maybe?  Honestly, I don’t know too much about Amazon succession laws, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some clause in there about inheriting through a son when there aren’t any queens or princesses alive.”

“Did Mr. P ever say what happened to everyone else who didn’t come through the wishing thing?  I mean, I don’t know about you, but I’d sorta like to know what happened to all those other people who were left behind…”

“Yeah, he doesn’t actually know as much about it as you’d think.”  Callie sighed.

“That part of it’s a bit sad; I remember blacking out upstairs in the library, but then I woke up downstairs in my bed and the door had been sealed with a huge boulder.”

“Wow, daddy, I’m so sorry,” Selene looked like she might be on the verge of tears, “that must have been awful; trapped in a dark, scary, crypt, all alone–”

“Someone tried to lock you in because they knew you were a vampire!”  Guessed Artemis.

Mosi shot Pili a small, conspiratorial smile, “please continue, father, before the womenfolk get any more hysterical.”

“It’s like you forget I can still beat the crap out of you,” Artemis muttered.

“We shall see, sister dear; I’ve been performing calisthenics.

“The place was deserted and dusty, and there were 5 graves behind the pyramid; afterwards he went to Sima-Migdhall, and found 3 more.”

“Whoa, major bummer.”

“But that doesn’t make any sense!”  Insisted Artemis, “it’s culturally inaccurate!  The Amazons burned their dead, they didn’t bury them!”

“I don’t know what to tell you, sugarplum; I guess it wasn’t an Amazon that took care of it?”

“But, you don’t even know who it was who died, daddy?”

“Sorry, princess, I don’t have any idea; I didn’t have it in me to check, you know?”

“Of course not dear; no one in your position would have.”

“After all that he was pretty freaked out and sad and alone, so he went back to the pyramid, took his mom’s portrait and urn, and left.”

“Okay, so I don’t want you to think I’m a massive jerk or anything, but you have to know how awesome that all is!  I mean, er, sad, obvi…but aweSOMMMME.”

“Sometimes I’m like ‘should I have this kid tested for psycopathy?’.”

“Naw, it’s cool moms; I’m just disconnected from the experience, you know?  I’m sure I’d be totally bummed if I’d been there and stuff.”

“Alright, but if you ever have the urge to decapitate a rabbit for no reason, you tell me.”


“I’m glad we told them about you, I mean, they were always going to find out eventually, but–” Pili’s thought was cut off by a buzzing in his pocket.

“Well, fuck me,” the coincidence of the timing did not go unnoticed, “the Goddess has Her hand in all things.”

It was something Tem told him once; at the time she’d been laying in her bed, dying, and he’d taken it to mean she wasn’t afraid…but more often than not, it popped back into his mind whenever some shit like this came up.

‘And the gods must always have their pound of flesh.’

“Hello, Anubis.”


Pili glanced over as his nephew approached, “did you bring it?”

“Of course.”

Pili nodded, “13 years,” he sighed, “it wasn’t enough.”

“Are there an amount of years that would have been enough?”

Pili chuckled, “always so sensible, just like your father.”

“You stole 13 seasons from the Goddess, uncle; did you think she would not collect her due?”

“Eh, I like to think of them as ‘borrowed’,” he couldn’t bring himself to smile over the attempted levity, and sighed, “I know, but that doesn’t make it any easier.”

“Would you have me take your place?  I too am a Prince of The Blood, we could try–

“No,” Pili frowned, “it’s brave of you to offer, you get that from your mother…but no, it has to be me, we both know it; I made the pact, and I am Her son.”

“As you say.”

Pili turned to his nephew, “what will you do now?”  It was an idle passing curiosity.

“My duty,” came the somber reply, “my duty to Mosi…and his duty also, if he cannot.”

“And if he can?”

“Then I will rest; I have earned it.”

“Truly?”  Pili looked mildly surprised, “the witches have a cure, you know, you could at least grow old, enjoy the rest of your life as a mortal.”

“I have enjoyed far many more lifetimes than I needed to, uncle,” he looked out to the horizon, “I am…tired.”

“I understand…what will you tell Cassie?”

“The truth, I suppose.”

Pili nodded; it was out of his hands, in any case.


Let’s keep it simple today, shall we?  Teens incoming!!

Check out my ever so useful new Characters Master List for all your “who the fuck is that??” needs!

Future Selene and Future Artemis: “HAPPY SIMMING!!

34 thoughts on “54. Truth

      1. Also NO! Not Pili! I refuse! Is alone for thousands of years, gets Cassie and his family for about…ten…and then gets that taken away? NO!

        He’s growing old and meeting grandkids OK!

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      2. /holds azzy hand
        It’ll be okay! Um, maybe 😬
        I mean, do we *really* wanna see Pili get old?? The abs! 😱


  1. Really glad for the character page! I forgot Pili had a nephew. I knew Aten’s kids died, Raet never gave birth and Maat had a daughter so I was confused. I complete forgot Maat went boom boom with Jahi and had a son so that solved one mystery. Next, is Pili gonna *gasp* die??? How exactly did he steal 13 years from the goddess? Was there some special purpose he abandoned to be with Cassie? Is that what he was up to for all those centuries? I need answers!!!!
    Looking forward to the teen years. Selene looks like her mother’s twin and Artemis resembles Bastet. Can’t wait to see how Mosi turns out. If Pili is indeed dead, then Mosi better inherit his father’s abs to make up for the loss of such hotness. It wouldn’t hurt if he also had something else going for him other than his…” precociousness” 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Eddieeeeeee ❤
      I know right! I have SO many characters, I didn't even mean to, it just sort of happened?! And then there was that long break and massive time skip etc (le sigh).

      So many mystery! Much secrets! It sure seems like Pili made some kind of pact with a higher power to have a family with Cassie! (Aww, but also; ruh roh); doesn't he know that pacts with higher powers is almost always a Bad Idea? SMH. Men. The things they do for the vajimjam, amirite.

      Omg, yes, Selene = Cassie, Artemis = Bastet (in the looks department anyhow), and Mosi, well, he is a Pili clone in many ways!
      What… wait, you can't impress girls with science?? Oh dear, he may be screwed…

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  2. I want to move to Sixam tbh.

    Sounds like the weird kids have a lot to process. Oly seems to have less to process than the rest, and I love how excited Mosi is, as a budding little scientist. (Have I mentioned he’s my favorite?) I also love how much shit Callie gives her kid, like a proper mom should.

    Worried what’s going on with Pili tho… 😱 All the talk of duty and pounds of flesh (and Pili has very nice pounds of flesh tyvm) and pacts and aaaaa. It’s nice to see Nubbins all grown up (he looks so much like his dad), but man he’s kinda creepy, guess that happens when you live for too long and apparently have more duties than hobbies.


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Me too. Or even, like, some kind of fairy or Wonderland dimension? (Or something). 10/10 I’d live on Bangs Island (me and Fozzie could share a room).

      Is Calliope parenting Oly, or is Oly parenting Calliope? I never can tell; witch kids are confusing. At least they all grew up in an already kind of weird environment, so this kind of info dump *should* process out smoothly (ish).

      Nubbins! I love Nubbins, even if he’s a bit ridiculous (seems to be something that runs in the family?) I’d suggest he takes up simlit, but I think he’d only write depressing vampire stories that he abandons over and over again after 20 chapters.

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  3. Dark WitcHazard: I call dibs on Anubis! Has death come to claim my beloved shirtless Pili NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!😱

    Lover WitcHazard: Dang it! But poor Pili! And it looks like Mosi fate may not be his own if I’m not wrong doesn’t Mosi have to become a slave and potentially give an heir to an Amazon queen and then meet a untimely demise! Say it ain’t so for the adorable Scientist! 😭😭😭

    Emotional WitcHazard: Ooh Selene And Artemis look so cool as teens can’t wait to meet everyone else!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I had a feel that Dark would approve of the slightly creepy Mr. Nubbins 😁

      Hey now, Lover, don’t write Pili off yet! He could still totally pull through! And Mosi too! Maaaaaaybe. 😘

      I’m so excited for teens, you have no idea. Or maybe you do, because I won’t shut up about it? 😜


  4. I wanted to quote many lines of this chapter here and comment on them and how hilarious they were. Then you threw Anubis to us and I forgot everything. So no quotes and comments on them this time. That will teach you to serve hot male sims just like that!
    Read the character page. It left me wondering when exactly did the age transformation occured after the time travel. In the middle of it, Becaaaause I can’t keep wondering in what form Persephone gave birth and it is kinda bothering me. 😀
    The unknown status at Jahi’s and Raet’s names leaves me hopeful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, Anubis breaks my brain too! So it’s only fair 😈
      And LOL, don’t worry, Persephone gave birth after she arrived, and still as an adult (it’s not *that* kind of story… yet 😁 ) the age thing happened well after she arrived and gave birth.

      Regarding Jahi and Raet statuses: 😈 🤗 😬 😎

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  5. I LOVED this one, Fruity, it’s my new favorite of the latest gen! ❤ It was really clever how you tied the two different groups together–Pili and Cassie told their part, but then it flashed to Callie and we saw her finish up where they left off. It was a great way to show everyone hearing the same story, but in their own ways.

    Dun, dun, dun! Cue the ominous music…what happens with our Pili? *frets* We JUST got him back, we can't have him already croaking on us!!

    But hey, consolation prize–two bb grills inherited The Nose!!!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! Oh wow, favourite! Actually it’s kind of my favourite too (because I’m kinda in love with Anubis)

      Yeah, it’s hard to tell the same story over and over again in new and creative ways… so I didn’t, ROFL 😜 also solved the problem of not having a PoV for the last kiddo chapter.

      I mean, Pili has to retire *eventually* tho, right?? 😬

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  6. OMG…now it’s all SO CLEAR!!!

    Sort of…

    I’m sad about Pili living alone all those years. I guess he was kind of in a hibernation state, not having to drink blood…(I think that’s what happens to vampires when they’re in a coffin.)

    And…hmm…so they AREN’T moving? I was getting kind of excited they were going back. But that would be strange to the kids. The teens look very much Al Simhararin.

    ANUBIS…sigh…I just died.

    But I don’t like all this “pound of flesh” stuff from the goddess. UGH. Pili better not make that danged prince sacrifice…no way, man. I never liked that Amazon rule in the first place (and yeah, did away with it during 3rd gen.)

    Yay for that wonderful character chart. It was fun to read about all the characters again. And ones who aren’t dead. Yaaaas!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. And thank you once again for helping me figure out why everyone en masse seems so sure I’m offing Pili LOL
      Me: “Oh, right, Amazon Challenge rules are a thing!”
      Spoiler: they are SO no longer a thing in this story, all bets are off my friend 😁
      But yeah, what is a thing, though, is vampire hibernation; shh, don’t tell Artemis and Mosi, they seemed so impressed?

      I think you just have moving on the brain, Pamazon 😉
      But you never know, moving may be in the cards after all! Well, whatever sacrifice Pili seems to think he’s being called to make, I promise you one thing; the abs will remain unscathed (that’s the best I can do).

      Thank you for the character chart love ❤
      Seems to be one of the most popular pages I've ever posted, LOL

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  7. Okay, first off HOW DARE YOU *hysterical sobs* You mention Tem AND throw in Jahi’s son who looks way too much like him for my heart to be okay??? Wahhhhhhhhh!

    *tries to compose self*

    I liked how you switched back and forth between the two convos to reveal to us what the kiddos learned. Also, freaking MOSI. I can’t even LMAO between him asking to do experiments on his mom to acting like he and Artemis are the bickering parents and his parents are the kids, I just can’t… I freaking love him so much ahhhh


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh dear, thar thar /patpat
      It’s like… it’s like we get a whole new upgraded version though! 😀
      Jahi 2.0, with extra freckles!

      Ty! I had a lot of fun patching that together; I wish I could have kept child Mosi forever and I’m sad he’s all grown up now (kid Mosi was the BEST Mosi, ok) /bawls

      It’ll be okay! (Probably)

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  8. Nooooo……not Pili…..and the character page! Yassss. Thank you!

    But…..now there are some alive dudes and dudettes….you surprise us with more. I’m wondering how. Please don’t make everyone sad again. I was all happy with the weird kids and Pili’s abs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh dear, is like a roller coaster!
      Poor Auds /eep

      Aww, I promise no extraordinary amounts of sadness again (at least for a bit); I’ll try to space out the sad stuff 😀

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      1. Raet? Not dead….but how? He goes back further in time and saves her? Gah…I have a little time this morning….need to get caught up!

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