58. Later, Alligator

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Last chapter…

Pili had a snuggly reunion with his only surviving sibling (in a jungle); Khafre and Nafi were there too, and some rando toddler (that everyone already knows is Anubis). Apparently Khaf was the fellow who saved Pili from extra-death, but locked him up just in case (even though Nafi said not to).

Mosi went for a hike/stalk over to the Blackthorne place to steal something that he seems to think will help him with his Persephone problem (cuz no one else is being helpful GDI); man these kids and their stealing, where did Cassie/Pili go wrong??

Persephone had a fairy meeting with her boys to talk about Anchor stuff. Aries cared. Orion didn’t.



“And you’re sure they’re gone all day?” Artemis asked for the third time, “because this will go tits up in a hurry if they come home and find us here.”

“Um,” Colt’s gaze wandered skyward, as though expecting to hear footsteps, “mostly sure?”

Artemis snarled.

Selene wished her sister was just a little bit nicer to poor Coltsfoot; he’d really gone to a lot of trouble to help them get in here!

“It’s fine, Artie,” Selene tried her best to sound confident, “everyone is at that Faire thing, right Colt?”

“Yes…that was probably today.”

Selene repressed a sigh; he really wasn’t the very best at this sort of thing, but neither was she, so it wasn’t fair to judge, was it?

“Omg,” Artemis made a dash for the nearest bookcase, “better get to work before this ignoramus gets us all caught.”

Selene heard what sounded like feet on a staircase ever so faintly above their heads, “does your Nana have any pets?”

Coltsfoot paled ever so slightly, “we should probably start looking as soon as possible…do you need to borrow a pair of safety gloves?”

“Oh, no thank you,” her eyes darted over the stacks of tomes; more than she’d ever seen in one place!

“Okay, but if you change your mind, I always keep a few spares in my emergency undervest compartment.”

“Oh, Colt, we’ll never be able to check all of these books! It could take all day!” To say she felt a pang of hopelessness was a huge understatement.

“Got what I need; later losers,” Artemis made a beeline for the stairs, treasure in hand.

Selene’s hopelessness flared into panic in an instant, “wait! Artie! Please help me look!”

“You’re fine, you’ve got stunned-wonder there to help; assuming he knows how to read…”

“She doesn’t like me very much, does she?”

“It’s okay, Colt, Artemis doesn’t really like anyone,” Selene pouted, “I guess we’d better get started…”

“Um, uh-oh,” it was hard to tell, but something in how his voice squeaked made Selene really nervous all of a sudden.

“What is it?!”


“There’s someone standing behind me, isn’t there?”

“Hey guysss…so whatcha doin’ in my basement?”


“Boo, bitch.”

Mosi only barely kept command of his urinary sphincter.

Artemis grinned, “thought I didn’t notice you following us?”

“I, ah, well–“

“You’re stealthy like an elephant, you know; a weird, fly swatting elephant with stupid hair.”

“This is none of your business Artemis! Leave!”

“Ye-ah, I’m going to go with no, and then you’re going to tell me what idiotic scheme that pea brain of yours has cooked up.”

“Or else what?”

“Or else I grab you by the stupid hair and drag you out of here kicking and screaming like a preteen girl?”

“Confound it, Artemis; this is none of your business!”

“It is when I find my moron brother lurking in a witch’s potion storage room; do you even know what half this shit could do to you?” If he didn’t know any better, he’d think she was worried about him.

“You think I want to go back to mom and tell her she’s lost her only dumbass son on top of her husband?”

Perhaps not.

“I need a romantic lubricant, alright?”

“Er…you need some lube? Dude…you know you can just buy that at a human store right?”

“No! Stars! Why are you so dense!” He groaned.

“Yeah, that’s what it is, I’m dense; you’re the idiot poking around dangerous magical concoctions in the dark looking for lube.”

“Not–” Mosi sighed, “I need the sort used for easing social situations, Artemis–”

“It’s called alcohol; also something you can buy from a human store.”

“Just go!” Mosi felt the last vestiges of his self control slipping away, “I don’t want human items, I want something to help me win my angel’s heart!”

“You mean her pussy,” his sister smirked with her stupid smirky face.

“I would most certainly never presume such a-a…”



“Congrats, Khaf; he’s a fine boy…Horus, though; not a fan of that.”

“Thanks man…er, wasn’t my choice?  But it’s great to see her so happy.”

“For a while there I thought she’d lost all her happiness…”

Khafre remembered the pale, withdrawn creature he’d led from the graveyard that was once Sima-Mighdall; disheveled and listless, she had followed him without a single spoken word to the gates of Osiris.

“Raet always did feel everything, but she’s much sturdier than she seems, like mother.”

“I’ll miss her,” Khafre replied, and knew that it was no idle thought; Raet had a way of attaching herself inextricably to one’s heart.

“I’m not going say she’s the greatest love of my life, but I do love her; Persephone loved her too,” and if things had gone differently, they would all still be together, he was certain of that.

“You could stay longer…”

Khafre snorted, “does that make it easier?  Seeing them grow up?  Lingering over their mothers?”  He was fairly certain he already knew the answer, but he felt a cruel urge to hear the other man admit it.

“No,” Pili conceded, “no, it sure doesn’t.”

“Even a free man is a servant to some Goddess or another; me to my Persephone, you to your Bastet…or is it Athena?”

Khafre’s thoughts flitted back to Horus, “I wonder who his Goddess will be.”

“You’re a philosophical little fucker, aren’t you?  In modern times we called guys like you “douchebags”…”

‘I’ll miss you too, friend,’ for all that the ex-vampire could be a colossal dick, Pili was easy to like.

“I guess I don’t have to ask you to look after her–” would she even miss him now that her brother was here?

“Just hold up your end of the bargain, hipster, and we’re cool; I gave up a lot to be here, it’d be pretty messed up to try and peace out at this point.”

“Fair enough…should I say goodbye?”

“I didn’t.”

“Do you regret that?”  Another question he already knew the answer to.

“Don’t you always regret cowardice?”

“Now who’s a douchebag,” when he’d first learned of the prince’s journey, Khafre had felt a prickling of contempt; what sort of man leaves his woman and children without facing them?

He understood now; if he held them in his arms and told them he was leaving them forever, could he find the strength to let them go?  Strangely the understanding of the thing didn’t lessen his contempt for his friend’s decision…or for the one he was about to make.


“Will the kid have any…side effects we need to worry about?”  The ex-vampire tried to temper the somber mood with a little levity.

“No, he shouldn’t,” Khafre attempted a smile, “humans reliably breed true; but he might be uncommonly handsome and dashing, of course.”

Pili snorted.

“She’ll, ah, still need a princess though…”

“Just when I was starting to like you!”  There it was again, that clenching in his gut whenever he was reminded of the daunting task ahead of them…is this what mother felt like all those years ago?  A small handful of people with the weight of a Goddess’s expectations on their shoulders.

“A shame Anubis isn’t a little older, he turns out pretty well,” truth be told, it was kind of weird seeing his clever, reserved companion of centuries as a wobbly little brat with a snotty nose.

“Hey, give the kid some credit; he might be able to squeeze one in before she closes down the baby shop.”

“Not gonna be able to bank on that,” Pili sighed, “dollars to doughnuts Raet and I will have to do what royal Al Simharans are known for doing…unless I stumble on some random guy somewhere in this Goddess-forsaken jungle.”

“Well, you know, no judgement here…”

“Yeah, no shit Tinkerbell.

“Is it weird I feel like your mother set it up this way?  I mean, honestly, she could have just left things as they were; I wasn’t going anywhere.”

Pili chuckled, “Bastet always did have a bratty side to her sense of humour…she was probably a really shitty Priestess?”  Or was this Athena’s doing?  Was there even a difference anymore?  Didn’t the souls of all Amazon Queens go to join with the Goddess in the afterlife?

Khafre paused on the outer limits of their settlement, “well, this is me.”

“Take it easy, man.”

“Should I say hello to anyone for you?”

“Bro, if I punch you, you realize that it will hurt, right?”


Time, as you may notice, is going a little faster in Simchu Pichu with Pili and Co. than it is with the modern era crew; we’ve already had about a year pass them by in the jungle since last chapter, where as it’s still same day in The Woulding.

Reasons.  I has them.

Very Lucky Waterfall Shower: “HAPPY SIMMING!!”


Handshake pose by La Sims Society

Existential Beauty series paintings by augold44

Pile of bones by S�ri

Illuminated Pier by TheJim07

Celestial Collection: Saturn by lunaalexandra24

Back to Hogwarts by Blackgryffin (Bookcase, Book Stacks, Leaning Mirror)

Long Table by HistorySims

Felipe Bedoya paintings by cupcakeonastick

Vintage Wall Clock and Art Deco rugs by nafSims

Modular Hanging Plants by plasticbox

Romantic Paintings Set 1 by Simalicious

23 thoughts on “58. Later, Alligator

  1. OMG, Pili in the waterfall!!!!!!!!!!! I need a moment.

    Okay. *breathes* Love having the jungle and Woulding storylines running side by side. Curious to see all that’s going down in the jungle, and I love the ancient setting and familiar faces (and bods–helloooo, Khafre~). I wonder how Raet’s going to get the princess she needs…

    And LOL, love that giant dork Mosi as always. Colt is also a dork, but I like Mosi best. Though, uh, maybe you don’t have to go straight for the magical assistance, buddy? I get that he’s nervous, but Persephone always seemed down for anything, so if he asked… Then again, I have a feeling any magical solutions will backfire horribly, and this I want to see.

    LOL at Oly tho. I don’t think they’ll get too mad? More likely to join in on the fun~

    Loved all your witchy cc, btw. ❤ ❤ This really feels like such a witchy setting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ROFL 🍆 😇
      I couldn’t NOT have Pili in a waterfall when one was available!

      Inorite? That Khafre, he’s lithe like a caracal (or something lithe); as much as I appreciate the jackedness of Pili, who doesn’t want wrap themselves around a sleek little number like Khaf?! 😈
      I’m SO happy to have the jungle crew on board now! I’ve been very impatiently waiting to post jungle stuff! 😭

      Colt and Mosi are like, totally *different* kinds of dorks tho, so that makes sense you’d have a preference!
      He’s just *really* suffering ok? Why does no one understand how hard it is to be him, it’s the hardest 🍆

      Nah, Oly is cool; they’d be my pick to get caught by 💯
      Omg, I had so much fun hunting for witchy cc! ❤️❤️❤️

      As for princess getting stuff, hmm… 🤔
      How they gonna even?? 😇

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Dark WitcHazard: A showering Pili is much appreciated! Love how Artemis gets what she’s wants then is all like peace out! And lube talk hilarious somethings are just instant classics pretty much anything out of Oly and Artemis’s mouth love it!

    Lover WitcHazard: Pili’s dick!😍 Stop making me crave something that’s not real! Also Mosi looks like may have gotten ahold to somebody’s love potion!

    Shipper WitcHazard: Raet needs and heir! Hmm 🤔 jury is out in the Raet Pili incest baby I’m sure there’s some hunky dude in this jungle that has some man batter at the ready!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! The showering was totally necessary, it’s like crucial to the plot, I swear (not really).

      Artemis is kind of a dick, but not really! It’s not her fault everyone else is SLOW, like maybe if they didn’t stand around staring at stuff so much, pfft. 😉

      Pili’s dick; we haven’t seen the last of it, I promise; he’s paving the way for dick normalization (it’s a very important task ok).

      Don’t worry, Raet *will* find man batter 😈
      but cannot promise it won’t be her brother’s (omg, HALF brother; it’s less gross!)


  3. Awwww, Colt, you little punkin! What did your neat freak mother do to you?! 😉 At least we know Oly is good at keeping secrets–(s)he loves mischief as much as the next fae! (Or witch, or…)

    Piliiiiiiiiiiiii. ❤ I honestly don't think Simlit would be the same without him. ❤ It'll be an adventure to see what happens next in his journey–I'n intrigued by the new l'il possible Biter in Anubis? Time travel is confooze!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Holly scarred him for life. Damn, Holly.
      Yeah, there are definitely worse people to get caught by than Oly; they usually have for back for shenanigans 😈

      Aww ❤️❤️❤️
      That’s so sweet! He’s been the steady Eddy of this story, that’s for sure!

      Anubis is not *yet* a biter, nor does he ever time travel himself (more confuse? 😯)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Raet and Pili…I like but you have a hard act to follow with Pili and Maat…😍

    KIDS! You’re going to get caught, so get the heck out of there!

    And poor Mosi getting caught by Artie. And she does t let him off easy either. Loved that last pic of him! 🤣🤣🤣

    Here’s hoping Selene finds the book but how embarrassing because the person Lena has the hots for is right there. How is she going to search for the book of dreams now??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HAH, is it weird I always forget about the Pili / Maat dream thing?
      Was it even real? There was no nooboo, maybe it was all in her imagination! 😮
      Okay, there were A/U twins (but that doesn’t count!)

      Lol, yup, totally caught… but, eh, I think Oly will be lenient? At least, more lenient than that meanie Artemis 😈
      Poor Mosi, so little control over himself anymore! Damn those hormones.

      Right?? She went to so much trouble for that book! 😬 Surely there’s a way…

      Liked by 1 person

  5. *sigh* Killing more of my ships… And now I am thinking about that incest foreshadowing Pili had a few chapters ago… yup. 😂

    Mosi though 😂❤️😂❤️ Every chapter is better with him in it ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sorry (am I tho?) 😇
      Yeah, why waste a good foreshadow? LOL, I shall strive to have more Mosi; he’s a very special bean ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Holy shit! The waterfall…..and Pili is gonna bang Raet to get her a priestess….wonder how many she will have before they get a girl….

    And yes, Kahfre left too without saying goodbye. It was a trade then?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pili is *such* a trooper eh? Banging just whoever he needs to, time travelling… helping me test out waterfalls… (kekekekeke)

      Yeah, sort of a trade! Khafre has some stuff to do he’s totally [QUEST ACCEPTED] rn

      Liked by 1 person

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