60. The More You Know

CENSORED Version: Click Here (censored for butts)

Last chapter…

Artemis surprised her (not) ugly crying sister with a book on dream walking; hopefully it’s easier to read than the one on necromancy?  Selene was momentarily rendered speechless by her sister’s act of kindness (no clue why).

Nafretiri had some inner exposition monologue stuff that revealed the not so surprising fate of the pyramid people; sad kittehs mourned their fate, aww.  But we also got to see a bit of the Simchu Pichu compound and meet Princess Kebechet!  We’re not going to talk about how Raet came by the princess; just pretend she was delivered by the stork (macaw?)

Also, In a surprising twist of fate there was a book that Oly could read but Artemis couldn’t! (Whaaat).



“Took me for-damn-ever to find your hidey hole,” not literally, but not exactly an exaggeration either if you’re counting your finding time in years instead of months, “Future You is a terrible cartographer, by the way.”

Present Me is a terrible cartographer, so that’s not a massive surprise.”

“Do you even know what a carto–”


Khafre suppressed a grin; it was oddly amusing to see how much vampirism and a couple thousand years age difference didn’t change his friend.

“Well, anyway, I have a letter for you–” he dropped the scroll between them on the box, “it’s, uh, from someone you know pretty well, actually.”

“Oh, good, I was hoping for mail.”

“Once a smart-ass, always a smart-ass, eh?”

“Just let me read the damn letter before I eat you.”





Oly snorted, “cute.”


“Not even close…why can’t it just be Oly?”

“Please, witches love to name their kids grandiose woo woo names; there’s no way your mom called you just plain Oly.”

“Says the girl named Artemis.”

“My mom was into moons or something, ok…ugh, what about this one?”


“I’m not sure I can conjure up enough phlegm to say that.”

“Eh, the reverberation in your soft palate is more important, actually.”

“Gross,” Artemis scratched down a phonetic approximation to practice later (when she didn’t have any victims present to accidentally spit on), “since when do you use words like ‘reverberation’?”

“I’m not just a pretty face.”

“I doubt that.”

“Yeah?”  Artemis could hear the smirk in the moron’s tone.

“Shut up…who are you texting anyhow?”


“Irritated, actually, because you’re supposed to be concentrating on helping me; we have a deal, remember?”

“So we do,” Oly tucked away the phone, “you wanna go over the 14 variations of verb conjugation for shcchtrt?”

“Goddess…I really don’t,” this was starting to feel impossible, “why does this one and that one sound exactly the same…or did I fuck up my notes somehow…” and what if it didn’t even work, after all this effort?

What if it didn’t matter how well you hurfed and rrrr’d your way through the linguistic yoga of the Sorcering Tongue?  What if you had to be a witch to make it function?

Oly shrugged, “maybe you need a break…wanna make out?”

“Omg, can you be serious for any length of time at all?”

Was this idiot even more of a help than a hindrance at this point?

“Who says I’m not serious, harpy?”

This was their third translation meeting, and Artemis had only managed to get quality notes on a quarter of the necessary symbols…it was all Oly’s fault of course; the fool had a knack for derailing focused discourse.

“Maybe you should go home,” Artemis ignored the unwelcome warmth that threatened her cheeks, “I think I can manage on my own from here on out–”

The dimwit sighed, “look, Artie, I–”


Selene wafted into the room on a cloud of sunshine, “you came to visit me!”

“I–uh--sure did!”

“Excellent timing Lena; why don’t you take your numskull and beat it,” Artemis knew she sounded a little snappy, but was too annoyed to care, “I have work to do.”


“Wow…um–” he’d read it four times already, but the information was fighting to settle in, “so…some of my friends and family are alive–”


“But you won’t tell me who…except Anubis, because he’s going to come be my roomie in a few years.”

“You got it.”

“And we have a place in Simchu Pichu…wherever that is…Future Me and kid-Anubis and these mysteriously alive friends and family–”

“Sorry I can’t divulge more than that; Future You didn’t want Present You to know.”

“Right, because Future Me wants himself to just walk blindly into the, uh…future,” Pili was pretty sure Future Him was also doing it to be a bit of an ass, because he totally would too.

“That about sums it up, yeah.”

Pili wasn’t sure, however, if maybe Khafre wasn’t a bit of an ass too; he sure seemed like he was trying really hard not to smirk.

“How are they and me alive again?”  And could he maybe just threaten vampire stuff to get more info out of this almost-smirking messenger boy if necessary?

“I, er…have a special healing skill.”

Pili forgot all about threats, distracted by a trickle of genuine despair; at least the git had the decency to look sheepish.

“Hold the phone, Mr. Special Healing Skill…why didn’t you save everyone then?  And was it you who tried to trap me in the basement?”

“I was out on an errand when the sickness hit Sima-Mighdall,” he admitted, “when I got back, everyone was mostly disappeared or dead already.”

Pili’s blossoming anger dissolved into a fresh wave of sadness.

“And mostly just dead at Osiris…”

“I went straight there, after Sima-Mighall, I swear to Goddess, Pili!  And I only holed you up in the crypt to keep people out, in case you really were dead!”

“It’s okay, man,” nothing about it was okay, actually, but at the same time; “the plague wasn’t your fault…but I’m supposed to, like, just pack up my shit, let you take me to some unknown location and build a freaking temple…”

“…you realize how fucked up that is, right?”

The smirk emerged in full force, “oh, a hundred percent, but, I mean, it’s nice to have a big project when you’ve got a few thousand years to kill?”

“True; beats laying on a box in vampire-sleep mode,” Pili paused, studying the other man for a minute, “why am I not allowed to tell anyone about you?”

“Well, um, because one day you’ll meet…someone I know, and…well, let’s just say shit will go south in a hurry if you talk about Fight Club, okay?”

“Yeah, sure, whatever…but you’re going to stick around until Nubs gets here, right?”  Pili found himself especially eager at the thought of a roomie…even a smirky one that liked to withhold information.

“Yup, all part of the deal I made with Future You; Anubis has a little growing up to do before he becomes your vampire minion, but in the mean time, I’m going to help you find the shit you need to build Athena’s Temple…after we get all the necessary parts it should be a cakewalk for you and the boy.”

“What do you mean ‘parts’…don’t we just need like rocks and stuff?”

“Mostly, yeah, but there’s a particular item your Goddess wants us to haul onto the grounds; my sister’s Well.”

“That’s…kinda weird; do you know why?”

“No, but I’m guessing because it’s…special.”

“Special like ‘I have special healing powers’ sort of special?”


“Far be it from me to deny Athena her special Well, I guess.”

This little fucker was definitely being dodgy, but Pili decided not to press the issue…for now; no sense in potentially running off a perfectly good roomie.

He smiled instead, “you know, I don’t even care if this is all some elaborate ruse and you’re going to lure me to a trap and sacrifice me to cult or something…either I end up dead, or I end up not alone; both better than an eternity laying in the dark by myself guarding mother’s urn.”

“Aww, that’s kinda sad, man…do you wanna, like, hug it out or something?”

“Naw, thanks for the offer, but you should probably keep your distance for now; I haven’t eaten in quite a while…”


I know that was a lot of connective tissue and a big info dump, but at least I temper my tissue and dumps with rippling abs??

Don’t worry, next chapter will be a lot more exciting…and peculiar 😈

Also, don’t forget to participate in the Line of the Last casting call!  I’m really excited to adopt everyone’s babies; they mean so much more than any rando sims I would create myself (or steal from the gallery), and Goddess knows I could use a bit of new blood 😉

Very Confused Knight in Shining Armour: “HAPPY SIMMING??”


Reading Letter accessories and pose by Historical Sims Life

Female Bodystocking by Julie J

22 thoughts on “60. The More You Know

  1. So this Pili doesn’t remember being married to Cassandra and having the kids? What does he know? And if this is Past Pili, where did future Pili end up? What is going on?

    I love the dynamic between the triplets, though I’m hoping for more Mosi and Coltsfoot; those two are hilarious.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Naw, this Pili hasn’t lived the life of Future Pili yet (he’ll get there eventually though?)
      Basically he knows nothing (like Jon Snow), while Future Pili Knows All (like me), and is living in Simchu Pichu with Raet and Co.

      Don’t worry, plenty of Mosi (and maybe even some Coltsfoot) to come! And then you’ll be like “WHOA, NOT THAT MUCH MOSI PLZ” and I’ll be like “LOL”



    OMG, Oly is rocking a whole lot of Look. I don’t think anyone else could pull off that outfit (though apparently they want Artie to pull off their outfit). I almost feel bad for the super thirsty Selene, LOL. But aww, look at Oly sort of awkwardly hate-flirting. I support this.

    Pili is the same as ever–which makes sense, because Past Pili. I missed those glowing yellow eyes. ❤ ❤ Loved him and Khafre together, lolol. A shame Khafre couldn't save everyone though… 😭😭😭

    I also loved Artie trying to guess at Oly's full name. Good effort~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 10/10 picking Oly’s outfits is the highlight of chapter creation for me 😀

      ” I don’t think anyone else could pull off that outfit (though apparently they want Artie to pull off their outfit).”
      OMG; you crack me up. Oly knows what Oly likes… and apparently Oly likes a challenge.

      I missed the eyeses too… non-vampires need glowy eyes also, it’s so unfair, I feel like he lost at least 10% of his hotness /sob

      Hmm, maybe one day Artie will figure that name out… ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Aww…Oly wants his Artie! And Lena! I no longer like you as a ship with Oly, so buzz off! 🤣

    Pili…never get tired of looking at him! 😍😏😍

    Khafre. Same.

    I laughed when Pili was frustrated with his future self and thought he was just being an ass. Reminded me of an episode of Dr. Who.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ROFL, poor Lena; she hasn’t gotten the memo yet that her efforts are in vain.

      I was like “I need to do 3/4 of the chapter with Khafre/Pili exposition… will that be okay, or boring? What am I saying, it’s Pili and Khafre with no shirts, it’ll be FINE.”

      LOL, Dr. Who, I’ll have to look up that episode!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ah, it looks like a “she’s in love with him, he’s in love with her, but she is not in love with him” kinda situation in the modern times. Someone is going to have a hearbreak at the end, I’m sure. If that’s not a reason to get a bottle of champagne ready I don’t know what is.
    Okay, that past-and-future-vampire-and-building-a-temple-goal was too deep for me and I have nothing to say to that. Only voting for hugfest with Pili. Is all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, it is a situation very much like that 😬 are we celebrating heartbreak? Mehehe; I’m on board 😈

      No worries, the time travel stuff with the temple side quest is pretty much just tying up loose ends and filling plot holes; just stand there and hug Pili until we move forward 😏


  5. Even though I am secretly still a Lena and Oly shipper, I do love me a good love triangle, so you get a pass here 😛

    I loved how you tied up the past-Pili loose ends a bit here. What a confusing letter that must have been to receive 😂 But it’s probably good he didn’t get more info than that. We don’t need any crazy time paradoxes on top of everything else going on! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I’ll take the pass, because aww, Selene x Oly will never be a thing (probably) 😬

      I know, fuck; like adding paradoxes is all I need right now 😭

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Alrighty then….Pili – Khafre…. swoons…sombuilding a temple for the well…somthey can go into the future with the mail from the future….

    Yep…clear as mud! Lol…. But I think maybe I got it.

    Liked by 1 person

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