61. Eyes Wide Shut

CENSORED Version: Click Here (censored for nudity)

Last Chapter…

Oly and Artie studied some really boring language stuff and Oly was pretty much incapable of being helpful or serious or whatever, but Lena stopped by for a visit so nothing super interesting happened after that.

Khafre resurfaced in Pili’s hidey hole ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) with a letter from…uh, Pili.  They talked about their plans for a cool crypt summer home slash temple for Athena, had some Well confusion, then agreed not to hug it out until Pili had a snack.



“Thank you for coming, Colt,” Selene was careful not to offer a hug, just in case it freaked him out, “I will most definitely use the anti-fungal paste you gave me–”

“I have a dental dam,” he blurted before she could compliment his choice of gift for Artemis and Mosi also, “in my emergency compartment.”

“Oh, um, is it another gift–?”

“No, it’s for me,” the wild look in his eyes began to make Selene feel nervous.

“I wanted to ask if I could give you a k-k-ki–”

“–mother trucker,” he sighed.

“A mother trucker?”

“Let’s go, spaz.”

Oly seemed a bit huffy for some reason, but still leaned over and gave Selene a quick peck on the cheek.

“Happy birthday, Lena; call me tomorrow if you wanna come over for games or whatever…”

“Goddess knows I won’t be doing any book reserach helping or anything.”

“I can walk home by myself!”

“I told your mom I’d make sure you got there okay if we left after dark, so quit dicking around and come on.”

Oly stormed off towards the Hillock residence, and after a moment of hesitation, Coltsfoot followed, heaving a sigh.

Selene wondered why he seemed so sad, she could have sworn he had a nice time at the party…

“I never told you when we first met, filia Athena, but you are special also; do not forget, and do not despair of what is not yours,” Oly’s strange cousin was smiling and staring again, in that way she always smiled and stared…and appeared out of nowhere.

“Yes, thank you Persephone, that’s very…thoughtful of you,” was she being nice, or fake-nice?  It was really hard to tell, “I hope you had a good time.”

“Very much so; sweet dreams, child.”

Was it Selene’s imagination, or was that more of a smirk at the end there?

‘Don’t be silly, you’re just nervous and imagining things!’

Inside the house Mosi was helping their mother clean up, and Selene moved to join them, mulling over the events of the afternoon; Artemis, as usual, was no where to be found when housecleaning was afoot.

“Her hair was truly lustrous this evening, wasn’t it mother?  Did you notice how the pale glare of the television turned her locks to radiance, even amidst the onslaught of a zombie apocalypse?”

Selene did not need to ask whose hair was supernaturally radiant, and also, perhaps next time she would not offer to let Oly bring a film for them to watch–

“Yes, dear, Persephone has very lovely hair.”

“Well, Persephone has very lovely everything,” she regretted the words the moment they left her mouth.

“Is something the matter, sweetheart?”

“No, mother, truly, I’m just tired,” she tried her best to sound reassuring, “thank you so much for throwing us such a wonderful birthday celebration…do you think everyone had a nice time?”

“Yes!  I’m quite certain she did!”

“Er, why don’t you go get ready for bed?  Mosi and I are nearly done here anyhow, and you worked extra hard today to be a good hostess to your friends,” normally Selene would have dismissed the offer and insisted on helping until the mess was all cleaned up (it’s what a good daughter would do, after all), but tonight she had special plans.

“Thank you mother!  I appreciate that,” did she appear too eager?  Ungrateful?  “I’ll make everyone pancakes in the morning to make up for it!”

Selene hugged her mother and rushed down the stairs.

Truly, the young woman had been ready for a week already, but she’d waited for this night in particular; the book said that special times were the best times to attempt dream magic anyhow because you were so much more connected to your happiness, and the happier you were, the more likely you were to have a good dream.

Selene wasn’t just going to have a good dream, though, she was going to have the best dream.

Artemis, as usual, was holed up in her laboratory room muttering over a pile of notes; she wouldn’t be to bed for hours…and even if she did come in early, it’s not like her sister didn’t already know what Selene might be up to.

It’s not like she’d never seen the book.


“Hello, Mosi.”

“Happy birthday.”


Selene lay as still as a statue, breathing deeply and evenly.  The world around her faded away against the white noise of nothingness (thanks earplugs!), the darkness behind her lids coaxing her to surrender (thanks sleeping mask!).

‘One, two, three,’ she counted her heartbeats in simple sets, ‘one, two, three.’

The book said that you could make up a mantra if you wanted too, or just say one word over and over again, but the young woman decided that she liked counting her heartbeats the best; it was kind of romantic, right?

‘One, two, three…’

Selene imagined a mystical glade; the book said it was important to form the setting in your mind as perfectly as you could, and she’d spent a lot of time crafting just the right backdrop…

…and she would clothe herself in a beautiful, er…no, too…no.

Better.  Less Jasmine, more Thumbelina.

‘One, two, three.’

Selene felt the pull of lucid slumber…this was the tricky part, bringing your fantasy with you into the actual dream.  But she’d been practicing a lot, like an athlete preparing for a marathon!

‘One, two, three.’

Only one thing left to do, the thing she’d never dared try before…

‘Oly, Olyy, Olyyy…’


“Whoa, what the fuck…”

This was, er, new.

Oly pulled the stupid helmet off and had a look around.  At least it was in colour this time?  But still, pet cemetery, creepy.

Where was doughnut guy when you needed him.

“Oh no, this isn’t right at all!”  Came a small moan from somewhere.

Oly turned around to see a woman sobbing into her hands…

…and, like, no joke, there was a whole lot to see.

“I messed the whole thing up!”  She wailed.

“Er, sorry?”

How did you even make a naked person crying in a pet graveyard feel better…orrr, no, wait, she was wearing some kind of sheer bodysuit thing…

“Oh my Goddess!  Oly!”

“Holy shit…Lena?  Why are you dreaming about crying in a cemetery with your lady parts on display?”

Was it, like, some kind of insecurity dream metaphor thing where  you’re naked in public?

“I-it wasn’t supposed to be like this!  It was supposed to be in a beautiful fairy glade, and I was w-wearing a silvery lavender dress, and a crown of flowers–“

“So, not a sheer bodysock and fuck-me boots…” the attempt to lighten the mood only made Selene’s eye twitch a little, “er…too soon?”

“This is all my fault!  I shouldn’t have tried to mess with magic dream stuff!  Oh Goddess, I’m so sorry Oly, I just wanted us to have a special moment!  Something magical we could cherish for the rest of our lives together…but I’ve ruined it!”

“The rest of our…um…Lena, was this supposed to be…you know…like a-a sex dream, or something?”

Selene sort of shrugged and looked away; had it been real life, Oly was pretty sure she would have been blushing big time.

“I mean, don’t you like me?  Aren’t we sort of childhood sweethearts?”

Oly’s brain switched right to standby mode, “ahh…”

“I-I thought…we go out all the time, and you kiss me…”

“Like, on the cheek, though…you know, like a sister…”

“…a sister.”

Oly could see the horror building behind those big blue eyes.

“You think of me like…a-a sister.”

“The best sister ever?  I mean, I don’t have a sister, but if I did, I’d want her to be just like you…” the lip started quivering again, shit, this was not going well, “look, I’m sorry, kiddo, you’re just not my type, er, that way.”

Better to be totally up front about it, right?  Cuz apparently Selene wasn’t super good with subtlety.

Wow, this was going to be a bit weird later though; no getting around it.

“I feel so stupid!”  The accidental sex kitten whispered.

Oly knew that what Selene did was not cool, and probably, like, harassment or something?  But still, it was pretty much impossible to see her standing there with her vajimjam on display and not feel kinda sorry for the poor woman.

“You’re not stupid, Lena, I understand, okay?  I mean, I really don’t like hurting your feelings and stuff, and I totally get what it’s like to ride for a fool who doesn’t see you or whatever–”

Shit.  Might’ve said too much there.

“A fool who–?”

Yep.  Said too much.

“Oly, is there someone else you like?  Is it Persephone?  Is it because she’s prettier than me?  And elegant, a-and ethereal…”

“Nah, I mean, Persephone’s cool, I guess…not my type though, you know?”

Selene bit her lip and tried not to look like she was about to cry, “alright, well, who is your type–?”

“I dunno, look, I’m going to head out before this gets any more weird…”

“Oh, okay…I’ll see you…later, I guess…” Selene mumbled as Oly made a run for it.


‘I’m such a fool!’

Not only had she embarrassed herself, and her best friend, but she maybe even ruined their relationship…and for what?

‘Artemis was right all along, I shouldn’t have thought this would work!’

Where had she gone wrong?  She’d done exactly what the book said to do!  And even practiced for weeks beforehand; it should have been perfect, not…whatever this was.

The cemetery, the bodysuit…where had it all come from?  Surely her mind could not have conceived of such…such…

“Oh wow, it worked!”  Gasped a voice behind her.


Coltsfoot, you dog.

Before anyone decides to gasp and clutch at their pearls, it was the triplets’ adult birthday party, ok; everyone is all grown up now, and allowed to put their bits on display for our amusement.

Wut?  Oly does it because sister, why can’t Pili? 😈



Sleeping Mask by Sims 4 Marigold

Rose Crown by Lilit

Sensitive Dreams Dress

25 thoughts on “61. Eyes Wide Shut

  1. A dental dam. For kissing. OMG, that had me howling. Only Colt, man.

    Oly’s outfit was incredible, as always. Seriously, I love everything they were–no one else could make it work, but Oly is Oly. Very fancy. 😉 Hmm, if Selene and Persephone aren’t their type, I wonder who it could be~ (Okay, it’s clear who it is, but apparently not to Selene, LOL.)

    That sleep mask had me giggling too, omg. Does it seriously say Princess? ROFL. Poor Selene–it’s hard not to feel bad for her despite the unpleasant whiff of desperation. Who can blame her for liking Oly?

    But damn, that was one hell of a dream–okay, nightmare. And then Colt showing up at the end, with half a ween showing…LOL. (Well, she def saw the whole thing, unlike us.) I guess one woman’s nightmare is another man’s dream? I wonder if she could get stuck in there though…

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Colt’s just super careful about hygiene, ok, why doesn’t anyone understand?? Bunch of savages.

      LOL. I promise the world, there will be an Oly lookbook one of these days! Oly tried extra hard to be fancy for the party (that hat totally matches the reindeer on the holiday sweater).

      Omg, yes, it *does* say Princess because Selene is *totally* a real princess! I went to a great deal of trouble to liberate that from behind an adfly wall, lol; no other sleeping mask was worthy!

      I guess, depending on whose perspective we’re looking from, it was both a dream and a nightmare :O

      Poor Selene, I really put her through the ringer this round (sorrynotsorry) 😈
      It’s good for her though, right? Builds character or something.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Only YOU, Fruity, could have come up with this! 😀 I was trying so hard to figure out the context based only on the shot of Lena’s (mostly) bare ass, but the reality is so much better than the expectation!

    Lena, Lena, Lena, our sweet grandbab. I’m glad that Oly didn’t make her feel *totally* stupid, but yeah. Awkwardness will probably ensue in their day to day lives, but probably briefly. I can’t imagine Oly would be one to hold grudges for too long, especially with her BFF/sister. I suspect things will get better soon!

    It is really, really funny to me that Colt has to be in a dream to do naughty things. XD His fear of germs really IS worse than his mama’s, we know SHE has no prob taking a roll in the hay!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. HAH! I’m so pleased I was able to surprise you! ❤
      I don't know why, but I was like "should I even post this pic at the end? Is it too much of a give away?" but I forget I'm the only person in my head knowing about the weird shenanigans!

      Yeah, Oly's not mad! I mean, a bit weirded out, sure, and disappointed maybe? But they care a lot about Lena, and are generally not very grudgey to begin with 😀

      Dreams are, like, the perfect place for Colt to express his pent up desires! No dental dams or safety equipment or sanitizers required! 😈

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Man…I had to wait a whole day to read this!! Killed me! But it was worth it…love! Such awkward adulthood on every side.

    Ahhh! Anubis…what choo be doing with your glass eyes on? You better not hurt my Mosi or I karate chop you!

    Aww…poor Selene. Got “like a sister-ed”. And good on Oly for not telling the truth about his crush on HER sister!

    But never fear, Lena, Colt is here. Complete with dental dam, spike choker and Colt Jr. 😏 Let’s have some nice geeky fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, never worry! No one is going to *hurt* Mosi… probably 😈 Nubbins just wants to borrow him for… stuff! MANLY stuff 😀

      Poor Selene indeed! Yeah, Oly’s good people, always trying not to hurt feelings and stuff (not always succeeding apparently) 😬

      OMG… Colt Jr. I love it (maybe Selene will love it too?!)


  4. The idea of Colt carrying a dental dam on him is way too disturbing and I’m NOT going to talk about it more.
    That dream was the most hilarious thing! I bet Persephone did it to poor Lena. That ebil vitch. Naked Colt was just too much. 😀 (Obviously the dental dam is non-transferable, thank Athena!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Colt is a very special young man, with very special ideas about things 😁
      Oh man, Lena had such different ideas of how that dream was supposed to go (as you saw); and naked Colt was *not* supposed to be on the agenda!
      But I guess it’s freeing for him to be somewhere the germs can’t get him 😈


  5. Ha! 😂 Okay that ending with Colt ALMOST made up for you breaking my heart earlier (and Oly breaking Selene’s 😦 )

    Ahhh I feel so bad for her. I hope she’s able to stay friends with Oly and also find some happiness by the time the gen’s over. (And as funny as Colt is… I’m hoping it’s with someone else 😬 But I’d be cool with a little dream action between them? 😉 )



  6. I loved this chapter…it was hysterical. Poor Selene…she was mortified – twice. Once by coming on to Oly and again by seeing Colt in his birthday suit! And it aapears that Artie didn’t make it in time to save her brother….😢 Now, What is it that Anubis wants with him….is he going to take him to his father? Or trade him for Khafre?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh! I enjoyed sharing that chapter 😁
      This is what happens when you meddle, Selene!
      I mean, I’m totally down with seeing Colt in his birthday suit tho 😈 (damn son)

      Poor Anubis, maybe he’s just lonely and wants a friend! 😁

      Liked by 1 person

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