62. Water Snake

Last chapter…

The triplets threw a killer (off screen) birthday bash (okay, their mom did) and watched a zombie film (while Mosi watched Persephone’s hair, apparently), and then Colt failed to kiss Selene even though he came prepared, so Oly walked him home because it was after dark.

Later Selene did some dream magic that worked, but kind of backfired when she ended up in a pet cemetery wearing a sheer bodysuit instead of a princessy dress; luckily Oly was pretty chill about the whole attempted seduction and metal suit thing, and let their BBF down as nicely as possible (it’ll probably be a bit weird later tho)…at least Colt showed up to console Selene after, yay!

Also Anubis stopped by randomly to wish Mosi a happy birthday (aww, that was nice!)


A Journey to Sim’Caritambo

In the ancient world, many lived and died in the very place they were born.  Perhaps especially those who were born free, but low; caged by the circumstance of their status, which did not permit opportunity for exploration.

Strangely, it was the lowest of the people of that time, the human chattel called slaves, who were among the most well traveled of the ancient peoples.  Like cloth, and spices, and jewels, and other livestock, slaves were carted around trade routes, passed from one owner to the next, and often ended their lives far from their place of origin.

In the land of the riverbank, that arid, rocky expanse of sand known as Al Simhara, many were born in chains.

Far to the north, lush forests smelling of aromatic pine were fed by cool water tributaries and wide, fast running rivers; the mountains were steep and capped with snow, and the people were known to be hardy and ferocious in combat.

Sandwiched between these two different lands, lay a vast, deep valley thick with humid air, and warm, lazy rivers.  Simchu Pichu was as much mysterious and deadly as it was breathtaking and bountiful.

In the heart of this wild paradise, lay the seat of the High King of Simchu Pichu, Lord over the Twelve Royal Houses, in a place called Sim’Caritambo.

It was said to have been built by the god Ayar, who conquered the hidden jungle and took a virgin daughter from each of the Royal Houses, and bade them slay each other until only one maiden remained.

This maiden, called Temaz, the youngest daughter of the lowest of the twelve houses, married the god Ayar and bore him many sons.

When Temaz grew aged and died, Ayar took her spirit and restored her flesh as the goddess Temaz’Calteci, who watches over childbearing women.

From the union of the conquering god and his Temaz, came the line of kings in Sim’Caritambo, who call themselves Ayar after the god that they claim as their predecessor.

It is said that the children of this house are divinity made flesh, and those born with Ayar’s silvery hair are marked with his favour, and destined for greatness.

For when they die, they are set in the night sky as stars, so that the people of Simchu Pichu can look upon their radiance and remember the will of The Conqueror…

…even those born in other lands, brought to serve the scions of the jungle lords.


Was there even anything worse than a little sister?

“Oh my Goddess, Hattie!  Could you seriously not follow me everywhere?”  Like, Kebechet understood why she would, because, obviously the brat knew how important her older sister was…but it was so annoying.

Just one more thing you had to deal with when you were the Princess, right?  Like, people totally didn’t get it, obviously, because how could you if you weren’t special like that?

Okay, Hatshepsut was kind of special too, because she was technically a princess, but it totally didn’t count or anything because it’s not like she was going to be Queen, duh.

Kebechet was going to be Queen, because a Goddess said so.

Horus was totally jealous (of course), because he was born first but he was a boy, and obviously boys couldn’t be queens; but like, maybe if he was really nice to her she might let him be the father of her princess one day.

It for sure wasn’t going to be Anubis though.

Okay, so, yeah, his mom had been a queen too, but he thought he was so important because one day he was going to go live at the Temple of Athena (or whatever).

Anubis never took her seriously and he totally didn’t even listen to her when she gave him orders, which was majorly disrespectful and, like, that was going to make the Goddess mad, okay.

Nafretiri was really the only person who got it, but like, her parents has been servants or something, so she didn’t have any reason to be jealous of Kebechet’s position.

Mother said that the older girl was her Tribal Sister (which was basically the same thing as a servant).  Nafi’s mom and dad were supposed to have been super smart, and had done well serving Queen Bastet, so hopefully their daughter was good enough for Kebechet.

Hatshepsut was her Tribal Sister too (so she was pretty much a fake princess), but she was too little and dumb to understand anything important yet.

Mother was the most beautiful woman in Simchu Pichu (of course), but Kebechet was probably going to be even more beautiful because everyone said that she looked a lot like her grandmother, who was so beautiful a goddess picked her to be Queen.

It was kind of sad that mother had to do chores and things around the settlement, though, because queens were supposed to sit on thrones and tell everyone else what to do and have people wait on them and stuff.

Mother said that in a small tribe, everyone had to pitch in and help out, even the Queen (so dumb); Kebechet swore she’d have enough servants for when she took over, so that she didn’t have to do anything beneath her.

Father and the boys mostly they spent their time building stuff and dragging rocks around or whatever.  They made this useless platform thing that father called an ‘improvement’, but no one really knew what it was for.

Nafretiri and mother took turns teaching them things, which usually wasn’t Kebechet’s favourite, but like, sometimes it was fun when they got to learn about Athena and queen stuff (mostly it was a lot of boring crap she probably didn’t even need to know).

Why did a princess who was going to be Queen even need to know how to do stuff like read and write and math?  Wasn’t that what servants were for?  Ugh.

“Why don’t we have slaves anymore?”  Like, maybe if Anubis was a slave he’d have more respect for Kebechet’s status, “can’t we go buy some from the traders?”

“There ist no need to keepeth slaves, beloved; we art blessed to have many hands amongst our family,” mother smiled like it was super obvious, or something, but it totally wasn’t, “as it ist, there art no goods to offer yon traders, for while we doth have enough to keepest ourselves in comfort, there ist naught to be spared for frippery.”

“I mean, brothers and cousins are better than slaves anyhow, Highness,” piped up Nafi, totally just sucking up to the Queen.

“And you have your dad, too; slaves are pretty touch and go on the whole loyalty thing, but family will always stick by your side!”

Kebechet knew Nafretiri was majorly wrong, she just wasn’t sure how (yet); she’d absolutely figure it out eventually though.

“You don’t need a slave, Highness; I’ll totally help you out like Uncle Pili and Cousin Anubis do for mom because you’re my sister!”  Ugh, as if she even wanted help from a wimpy jealous kid like Horus anyhow.

“The Goddess dost not require that we haveth slaves, beloved; She ist not displeased, and looketh down uponst us with much pride.”

Mother just didn’t really understand what a queen deserved; like, no offense or anything, but she was too nice (nice people were weak, okay).  Everyone knew that mother wouldn’t have even survived if it wasn’t for Horus’s dad, and there was no way Athena was happy about having a queen that couldn’t survive on her own.

Kebechet wasn’t going to be that kind of Queen; she was going to be strong, and beautiful, and powerful…

…and if Nafretiri and Hatshepsut wouldn’t help, she’d just do it all by herself!


So we meet the future Queen of Sima-Mighdall the Simchu Pichu Amazons at last!  She definitely has shades of her Aunty Maat in there, and for anyone wondering, her current trait is “mean” (though I don’t always cater to their in game traits).

The Goddess Kebechet was associated with snakes, and embalming, and her name is normally translated to “cooling water”.  Interestingly in mythology, she is the daughter of Anubis and is sometimes linked to the Goddess Ma’at 😉

My Simchu Pichu is very, very loosely based on the Maya, Inca, and Aztec cultures of yore, and I may throw in bits and bobs from other fandoms, mythologies, and histories as I come across things I like for this world.

Thank you to everyone who has donated, thus far, to the casting call!  If you’d like to keep up to date with how those sims are doing, I put together a feature page with a picture and some info on each character I’ve received…and there’s still time to get your sub in if you haven’t made a deposit yet 😉

Mosi: “Dude, what the hell; HAPPY SIMMING?!


Ancient Temple by simproved

Egyptian rugs & pillows, Dresser basket, Toy blocks, Egyptian clothes at Blackys Sims Zoo

Calliope sandals at Sims4Nexus

Dream headband by simiracle

Boheme dress by Fuyaya

20 thoughts on “62. Water Snake

    1. LOL… what *kind* of snake pun? 😇
      Aww, dat Maat nostalgia! Kebs is a total brat, yeah, but maybe she’ll grow out of it? Ehh….

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  1. Damn, that king is hot. But most of all, I loved the mythology you weaved in at the beginning! So perfect for the setting and this story. And I love the silver hair–very Targaryen-y. (I loved Etoile so much, too…)

    And LOL, before you said Kebechet had shades of Maat, I was going to say she was giving me major Maat vibes–definitely not a coincidence, apparently. 😉 It makes me worry, though, because things didn’t turn out very well for Maat in the end, and she never could come back from the brutal, domineering choices she made.

    Hopefully Kebechet won’t have a devil whispering in her ear like Maat did–she does seem to be surrounded by caring and supportive family though, even if Kebechet would apparently prefer slaves. (What a brat!) Her dealings with Anubis reminded me a bit of Maat and Jahi too. Of course bratty kids and teens from you are always fun~

    Also, I have to say I was struck by how beautiful your screenshots at the beginning were–it reminded me of OG LotL where you showed all the Al Simharan scenery to establish setting and time passing and aaa, gorgeous.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. That king IS hot ❤
      But he had hot parents, so I suppose it's to be expected 😁
      Hopefully silver hairs and hotness is the only thing he has in common with Targaryens tho? 😈

      I suspect there's some Maat-ness that runs in that family… but yeah, one does hope that it doesn't take Kebs down the same path as her aunty 😭
      As you pointed out, though, Kebbie has a distinct lack of crazy zealots encouraging her to do Bad Things, and lots of nice people around to help her make better choices ❤

      I was just drawing on all the parallels with this one, wasn't I! Hopefully I'll be able to nod to the past while still creating something different in this incarnation ❤ we shall see!

      TY for the screenshot love; I definitely thought a lot about vintage LotL when I was shooting that stuff ❤ 😳

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  2. I cannot wait to meet the new princess! I can tell she’ll be the spitting image of her aunty Maat.

    And did I spy my silvered haired babe? So handsome! SWOON!

    I can see some plotting going on by Kebechet! A good minion if you have the mean trait. Muauahhaaaa!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Kebs definitely remembers her Aunty Maat (and Grandma Bastet) in looks! And maybe especially Maat in nature a bit too 😬
      (I’m sure it’ll totally be fine tho!) 😈

      You did spot your silvery haired baby! He looks good in anything, I swear; not every man can pull off that indolent demigod fabulousness look 😁

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  3. Oh-em-gee. I’m so excited about the Ayar, I can’t even… I hope you’re going to show us more of them and their possible dark rituals (wishful thinking) and stuff. I love it when a male tribe is included in Amazon stories.
    Should I even comment on Kebs possibly being another Maat, when you said so yourself? Yay?
    Ending my comment with a content smile, because Raet talk.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eee! I’m glad you like my Ayar! Rest assured there is much of that to come as we shift away from modern times to ancient times; myths and rituals galore! (And casting call hotties!)

      Yeah, Kebs is very Maat like, lol…but not exactly the same! I promise! ❤


  4. Ha! Even before I read your author’s note, I was planning on saying “Wow, getting some major Maat vibes from Kebechet“ hahaha She is a little spitfire!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it’s true! All bratty little beans tend to sound a lot alike; I have a feeling you won’t love her, but who knows, maybe you will! 🤷🏻‍♀️

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow….a King kingdom…to compete with the Queen Amazon queendom…that’s gonna work out nicely! NOT…. or maybe… I have no idea!

    Pili needs to straighten out that kid. She is a hot mess. Gonna be lots of trouble from that one. Nefri is so pretty.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes ma’am, two worlds collide in Simchu Pichu rumble 😈
      Should be Good Times!

      Yeah, she’s… going to be a handful. Ok, already IS a handful 😬

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