67. What Possessed You?

For CENSORED version: Click Here (censored for nudity)

Last chapter…

We met the Queen of Sim’Caritambo, who is fierce in ambition, if not warrior stuff…apparently that ho likes to poison some folks (sure that’s just a bit of harmless fun tho!)

Raet caught Nafi creeping on the boys just looking at some scenery, and then they had The Talk about trauma, and first times, and Amazon duties, but then it all worked out because Raet said Nafi could get busy with Pili.  As usual, Pili’s bo-bo solves all the problems!

And then Nafi wasted no time in surprising Pili in the shower, but he was pretty chill about the whole thing, so hopefully nooboo incoming…




“Hello Mosi,” the angel knew his name, “I’ve come for a date.”


“Oh, hello Persephone!”

“Mis–Cassandra, nice to see you again,” the angel smiled demurely at his mother, “I’ve come to get your son for a date.”

“You’re here for…Mosi?”  Well, would it kill her to at least pretend not to be surprised?

“I am,” she confirmed before turning her seraphic gaze upon him once more, “you look very handsome today.”


“Well, that’s nice, Mosi, sweetheart; why don’t you go put on some clothes, I’ll keep Persephone company.”

“Please come have a seat, won’t you?…”

“…and then you can tell me just exactly what it is that you’re up to, Persephone, because I don’t for one moment believe that you’re interested in dating my son.”

Clothing…he had some, he knew he did…yes, blue clothes!

Because mother said he had beautiful blue eyes and perhaps The Angel would notice?

This was…unprecedented.  And wonderful.

Had he truly expected his sister and her ignoramus, to come through on this?  Perhaps he hadn’t.  But here it was, and he was rather unprepared.

Or was he?


“Mosi, I wouldn’t want to presume to tell you who to go out with…”

“And yet, it sounds like you’re about to do just that…”

“Mother,” he did attempt not to sound as though he were pleading, “once again–”

“Yes yes, I know; you’re a grown man!”

Well, he was, okay.

“I have an idea!”  Spake the Vision, “what if we stayed here so that your mother could supervise?”

“I’m sure that’s not creepy, invasive, or patronizing.”

Her smile was radiant, and seemed very genuine, but somehow Mosi felt as though she didn’t quite mean it the way she’d said it?

Mother must have had the same thought; she turned a very particular shade of pink that was usually reserved for when he erroneously combusted items in her kitchen.

“Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to be accused of being creepy, invasive, or patronizing,” mother paused, breathing deeply for a moment, “but there’s also the fact that Mosi has been unwell, recently–”

“Yes of course, well, it’s settled then; we’ll stay in and your mother will give us some privacy for our date,” the warmth of her gaze filled his soul with boundless joy.

Why did mother look so displeased?  “Very well; I’ll be in my room,” she looked at him for a moment, as though she wished to add something, but only frowned and vacated the premises with an abruptness that was unlike her; usually mother was such a charming hostess!

“What would you like to do?”  Thankfully, the Incandescent Apparition didn’t seem to notice.

“Errr…” he rallied his wits as best he could under the heat of her effulgent eyes, “perhaps…would you, um…I-I could insert an, ahh…film?”

The hormones surged anew, bombarding his brain with other usage for the word insert, and how that usage may come in to play during their impromptu social engagement.

“Do you enjoy, ah, violent films regarding flesh eating menaces?”  He was fairly certain Oly’s zombie apocalypse film was still in the digital versatile disc reading device…

“I do!”  She frowned slightly, “I think?”  The Perfect Creation tilted her head slightly, “do you smell that?  What is that…”

The only thing he could smell was the witch’s concoction which he had ingested, but also splashed (conservatively) on his neck and wrists; mother said that cosmetic scents should never be over zealously applied.

“…is that coming from you…” she leaned towards him and a haze of light overwhelmed his senses.

With his last coherent though, he noted that it was possible that they would not get to enjoy the thrill of flesh eating undead creatures tha after all



There it was again!

Selene sat up, glancing across to where Artemis was sleeping soundly.

‘Am I going crazy?’

Wasn’t that always what happened to young women in horror movies?  They dabbled in things they shouldn’t have, and then wondered if they were going crazy when they started hearing voices…

It had been soft at first, barely a whisper; she’d thought she was just imagining it.

But it followed her throughout her day, like a shadow in the peripheral of her eyesight…when you swear something just went by, but you turn to look, and nothing is there.

And then it woke her up at night, and she’d thought it was a dream…but now, well, the voice was louder than it had ever been…

Like there was someone just outside her bedroom, calling to her…

But there was no one there.


Or was there?

“Hello, Selene…”



Balsam really goes that extra mile for Prim’s family, you know?  He’s a team player, that one!

I know, I’m sorry; a whole modern chapter with no new Oly outfit…but at least Mosi finally got some?  Even if it wasn’t necessarily the “some” he thought he was getting.

Here, have another cliffhanger/teaser kind of thing:

Green eyed Selene: “HAPPY SIMMING…probably.

24 thoughts on “67. What Possessed You?

  1. Green eyes for Selene but those hips stay. 😉

    I was about to say that I regret calling Mosi a cuck but it turns out there’s worse in his life than that now! I was cackling. Too bad he looked so proud of himself.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. There are some things in this universe too powerful to overcome… Selene’s hips are one of those things 😈

      Mosi done well, okay! Just not… er… not *what* he thought he done well…

      Liked by 3 people

  2. Everyone rocking that cc. ❤ ❤

    OMFG, I knew "Persephone" was too good to be true. 😱😱😱😱😱 Damn, Balsam! Ice cold. Something seemed off… Poor Mosi, how will he react if/when he finds out the proof? I can’t imagine Persephone would be too happy with someone stealing her likeness either, as serene as she is.

    Aww, Cassie trying to protect her son, though I guess Balsam was successfully manipulative enough to get her out of the picture.

    So curious what good ol’ Grandma wants from Selene… 🤔 Reckon we’ll find out soon though. 😉 And see more new Oly outfits, of course. ❤ ❤

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Yeah, still playing with the cc 😉

      Don’t worry, when he finds out, it will be in the MOST splendid way possible 😀
      Hey, Balsam wasn’t expecting it to go that far either; he was just trying to be a Good Kitty, and then BAM, mystery potion issues.

      Cassie does not like girls showing up randomly trying to take her precious baby boy on dates 😉 especially not ethereally beautiful ones!

      Poor Selene, not expecting to be Grandma’s new flesh suit… speaking of suits, yaaas! More Oly glory to come 😀

      Liked by 3 people

  3. Aw shit, I was so happy for my Mosi… 😂 Well… what he doesn’t know can’t hurt him? (But how long can he go without knowing 🤔) And to think I was gonna compliment him for his crazy attempt at a love lubricant (or whatever he’s calling it) working! 😛

    Also… ahhhh! Damn it. I love Bastet, but… I have no idea how to feel about this. I’m worried! 😭

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You can still be happy for him! He finally got his rocks off into a beautiful creature… okay, maybe not the beautiful creature he *thought* but hell, I’d still consider Balsam a Good Catch 😉

      You should definitely be worried; this is a valid concern 😮

      Liked by 3 people

  4. WHOA! I legit did not see the whole shapeshifter thing happening, well played! Our Mosi looks so pleased with himself for FINALLY SUCCUMBING TO TEH HORMONEZ! No need for him to know that another dude popped his cherry–he can live happily ever after thinking a lovely ancient fae did it.

    *Le gasp*

    Is that really Bastet, or some evil version masquerading as Bastet? Homegirl was never evil, but the vampirey eyes appear to be telling a story other than hers. *frets*

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Why thank you! 😈
      Aww, yeah, I’m sure he’ll *totally* get to move forward in bliss and NEVER find out that his Vision didn’t actually defile him! 💯 😇 👀

      I mean… maybe it *is* Bastet? Hard to say what happens to a homegirl after death, right? 😬
      Ehh, I’m sure it’ll fine… probably 😱

      Liked by 2 people

  5. Ahhh! Selene is POSESSED! Oh goodness, this is getting GOOD!

    Mosi…loved that he didn’t bother to take his shoes and socks off. Got right down to business…or did he?

    Balsam…what are you up to now?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Bastet was all “go big (hips) or go home!”
      I’m glad you approve 😈

      What I want to know is: how did he get his pants off over those massive pointy shoes?! Must be magic 😮

      Poor Balsam, caught in the middle, enraptured by mysterious witch brews… worst walk of shame EVER.

      Liked by 2 people

  6. Omg. Seems Olymis had a mean plan for poor Mosi 😡
    Those socks though ❤ Keeping style even while engaged in hormonal influenced… things 😀

    Good he didn't lead her/him(!) into his bedroom. I am not sure that bed would have been big enough for them. Tho the cat ears on the bed head are hot. Yes.

    Poor Selene… she looks a little possessed :c

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oly’s ideas are all SUPER brilliant! Even the mean ones… I mean, Mosi got half his wish at least? 😀

      Actually, now that you mention it, those cat ears would be *amazing* for holding onto, if, er, you know… you needed to hold onto something? O.O

      Selene just sleepwalking? /innocent

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hmm I just had a random thought….
        having a familiar like this one around might bring “roleplay” into a total different level.
        Imagine all the fun and people you could errr.. have *-*

        Liked by 1 person

      2. O.O

        Oh man… now I’m sad I don’t have one.
        Why can’t I live in a world where that sort of magic is real?? 😭


  7. OMG! Selene has become Bastet’s vessel. I don’t know how I’m feeling about that. Depends on whether Selene’s self has been competely absorbed/devoured/supressed. Eeeeek! Nah. I’m loving it. Gimme some mischief and evil and terrorizing Bastet. But subtly, y’know? It must be subtle and cunning. We don’t want those witches to interfere and put an and to Bastet’s evil spree.
    Bastet got me too excited that I’m not sure what to add to Mosi’s status. Bummer maybe? He looked happy, though, so I’m voting for recurrence, I guess. Eventuallyit will become awkward when he meets the real Persephone. Although he may assume she’s pretending nothing happened on purpose? Poor Mossi, lots of confusion in his future. Will it matter when he’s the vamp? And what about Balsam? Won’t the vampire change that Mossi is going through affect him somehow after this? So many questions…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SHE HAS 😮
      I can only say that Selene is not gone, but certainly not at the helm anymore… and that what ever has taken over is clever enough to fly under the radar *for now*.

      LOL; yes, bummer 😀
      For now he’s just a happy guy who thinks he finally got some (rather miraculously) from his Ethereal Vision… but there are a myriad of ways and things that could fall out from it!
      I’m sure the real Persephone would react with serenity and a dash of horror, lol!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Poor Mosi! Thought he done got fucked….unfortunately he did get fucked…😂

    And Grandma is taking over Selene’s body…hmmm…..very interesting! She was being ‘saved’ for greater things.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Yeah, so figured there was something off about blondie fae lady. Balsam took one for the team… or maybe himself. He didn’t look too upset.
    And Bastet just won’t stay at rest. What could she possibly be wanting?

    Liked by 1 person

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