68. Duck, Duck, Goose

For the CENSORED version: Click Here (censored for nudity and nudie touching)

Last chapter…

“Persephone” randomly arrived on Mosi’s doorstep looking for a date (with no prior warning; how rude)…Cassie had her reservations, but Mosi was pretty stoked and wore blue and witch potion to increase his chances of success.

Selene continued to hear a voice (voices?) so she got up for a walk and was surprised by a talking painting in her dad’s old storage room, and now she has the wrong colour eyes (it’s probably fine).

We ended with confirmation of Mosi cherry popped, but not by the exquisite creature we initially thought (totally a different exquisite creature though).



“A son!”  The Lord of the 12 Royal Houses of Simchu Pichu made a sound that could only be described as a girlish squeal of delight.

“At last!  Kumya…do you know what this means?!”

“That Her Radiance is, er, expecting a boy child?”

“No, silly!”  A giggle this time, “well, actually, yes…but not only that!  It also means I do not have to try and stuff my beauteous man wand into that dry hole between Her Radiance’s legs for at least a year!”

“Beauteous man wa–”

“Yes, a new one I’m trying out…do you like it?”

Kumya felt his cheeks warm, “I could not say, Your Magnificence; I have not had the, er, pleasure of–”

“Dirty goose!”  The giggle again, “I mean do you like the name of course!”

“Yes, Your Magnificence, very…particular.”

Go to Simchu Pichu, they said, serve at the right hand of the The Ayar himself, they said…Kumya was relieved Master Farengal could not see him now; discussing ludicrous terms for male genitalia with the most singularly ridiculous sovereign ever born.

“I am slightly disappointed though, that it was Marketa and not one of my wiggly little bunnies,” The Divine Ayar made a petulant moue, “if she manages to whelp the next Scion there will be simply no living with her!”

“My condolences, Your Magnificence, that you did not impregnate a concubine,” the sorcerer tried very hard not to envision his king’s hair on fire…in case it actually happened.


“It’s so very frustrating, Kumya,” whined The Conqueror Descendant, “no matter how many of their nectary petals I pollinate with my beauteous man wand, nothing ever seems to come of it!”

“Er, you don’t pollinate petals, Your Magnificence–”


“Not important; I agree that it is quite peculiar that none of your efforts have come to fruition, excepting where Her Radiance is concerned, of course.”

“Indeed!  What are the odds all of my fragrant fruit blossoms are barren?  It seems rather mad,” huffed the king, “my father had half the harem I’ve got, you know, and his luscious delicacies constantly had a belly full…”

Kumya watched the Lord of Simchu Pichu sulkily admire his manicure, and wondered, not for the first time, if his liege was perhaps pollinating the incorrect orifice…

“Do you think my Divine Forebear is punishing me for something, Kumya?”  Pouted the king, interrupting his servant’s thoughts.

“Of course not, Your Magnificence; Ayar looks down upon you with favour, as He has marked you as His own,” it was the correct answer, even if Kumya didn’t truly believe it.

Kon huffed, “yes, very well…have the harem guard bring me an afternoon snack would you?  Something new…not the red-eyed one, mind; I’m in no mood for biting.”


“And was my husband pleased to hear Our news?” Sabit noted the tugging at the corner of the other woman’s mouth, betraying her urge to smirk.

“Yes, Your Radiance; I have it that he celebrates, even now, and calls for the harem guard to bring him a woman.”

This time, Marketa did not bother to repress her sardonic mirth, “little good may it do him.”

“I must, once again, advise caution, my Queen,” little good may it do her, “even Kon will in time notice something is amiss.”

“Sabit worries herself too much,” it was always the same reply, “for it is clearly the will of The Conqueror that His Son should only sire children upon His Chosen Queen…unless you have had a Vision, my lovely mystic?”

“No, Radiance, I have had no Visions, I only worry for my mistress; the physicians and scholars begin to murmur of curses and demons, as men do when something perplexes them.”

“Let them murmur; their fussing will never make it’s way to my doorstep,” perhaps it was true, but Sabit could not help the knot of anxiety in her gut, “no, we are always one step ahead of these men, are we not?”

“Yes, Your Radiance,” until we are not, “but I will, nonetheless, remain diligent on your behalf…the stars favour this child you carry–”

“Have you had a sign then?  Is it the Scion already?”  Marketa’s eyes sparkled with desire, and despite herself, Sabit felt a flutter of jealousy.

“Nothing certain, my Queen, but there is every sign that his will be a blessed path–”

“You may keep your overcaution, witch; with the next Conqueror Descendant in my belly, there will soon be no need for subterfuge,” perhaps the fire in her eyes was for Sabit after all…

…or perhaps Marketa was looking only for something to burn, “and then my idiot husband can impregnate as many fat-assed concubines as he sees fit.”

The Queen was forever full of hunger; it consumed her from within, even as she devoured everything and everyone around her.  Ambition, she would call it, but Sabit Abi-Simti knew what it really was.

Hunger.  Desperate and burning hunger; it would consume them all, eventually, if left unchecked.

The Stars were very clear on that account.


Kumya made his retreat as the king’s ‘afternoon snack’ arrived; why the constant association between his concubines and food or diminutive beasts, he did not know…Kon Ayar was forever an enigma.

It was quite the perplexing riddle, however; why was it that the Lord of Sim’Caritambo could not produce children with any woman save his wife?  The sorcerer did not pretend to be any expert of fertility, but he’d never heard of such a strange thing; a man capable of only reproducing with one particular woman?

It was either that, or the entirety of the harem was barren, as the king believed; but the odds of that were incalculably low…no, there was something else entirely going on here, and Kumya decided he was going to get to the bottom of it.


“You seem distracted, lovely,” Marketa was careful to keep the irritation out of her voice; it would not do to quarrel with the keeper of her secrets.

“My apologies, Your Radiance,” the mystic’s gaze was nearly wistful, “but the nearer I am to you, the more I cannot help worrying for you.”

Of course she did, that was her duty, after all.

“So long as it does not lessen the pleasure of our time together,” in any case, the pleasure for the queen was what truly mattered, was it not?

Her gaze fell on the mystic’s heavy breasts, as round and firm as any young woman’s…yet Marketa remembered that Sabit had been a young woman already, when she herself was still a child.

“There can be nothing that would lessen the pleasure of my lady’s arms,” came the appropriate reply.

The Ayar’s wife let her fingers trail down the unblemished skin as she contemplated, not for the first time, the mystery of her mother’s pet witch…who was now her pet witch.

It would not do to ask the creature her true age, for she swore not to know, but Marketa’s mother had said the mystic had served her grandmother also…had she looked at them with such devotion?  The queen preferred to think not.

Whatever the case, hers was a witch blessed truly with magics…unlike that sullen farce of a sorcerer her husband kept in his orbit.

The queen’s touch found it’s way to Sabit’s hip.

At first the dalliance between them had served to demean the haughty enchantress, who seemed to think herself above a middle daughter with no discernible prospects…but in time, the heat of the painted woman’s gaze had turned from resentment, to something rather unexpected.

Still, the queen would not be satisfied until she had the other woman’s full attention; her fingers found the crevice between the witch’s thighs, “perhaps we should try again, just to be certain.”

“As Your Radiance wishes.”


Sorry, no Amazons this chapter 😱 …just boobies 😀

Time to begin peeking into the machinations of the Sim’Caritambo Court, as what’s going on there will eventually become relevant to the lives of our Simchu Pichu clan.

And welcome to the story Kumya the Sorcerer (donated by MrsRacooney), and Sabit Abi-Simti (donated by Munterbacon)…I hope you all love them as much as I do (if not what I have in store for them 😬)!

Totally Normal Mosi: “HAPPY SIMMING!!”

32 thoughts on “68. Duck, Duck, Goose

  1. OooooOOOOOOOOOooooh, shenenigans ensue! I think I already hate Marketa–I don’t trust her or her motives at all. She reminds me a bit of Morgause in the Mists of Avalon–a spoiled little girl with too much power who stamps her feet if she doesn’t get her way. It makes me worry about Sabit–I could see the queen deciding that Sabit would make a better sacrifice than anything.

    In any case, love seeing new sides of the tribes! Keep it coming! ❤

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Shenanigans is the name of the game up in here! (Kekekekekeke)

      Marketa is Not To Be Trusted: 10/10
      Well, she can be trusted to act in her own best interest, that much is certain, but beyond that? Er, no.

      Morgause! An interesting comparison! Also, Cercei a little bit; both interesting characters I love to hate ❤ (and can't help but find a bit delicious, also!)

      I think the queen might do well not to underestimate Sabit tho… 😈

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hmmm… something tells me the Scorpion may be striking again… 😉

    Loved meeting Kumya and Sabit (she’s gorgeous, woah! And I love her dynamic with the queen) Looking forward to Kumya donning a detective hat on his king’s behalf… though I fear what he may discover!

    And of course seeing my wicked girl Marketa 😈 I have no doubt she is headed for ruin… but I look forward to the journey ahead 😉 And more of her with Sabit! I am so shipping this 😍 Though the king is cracking me up 😂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Sabit IS gorgeous! Munterbacon did a phenomenal job with her 😉 I think the only things I changed were my skin/eye defaults!

      Marketa might not think much of Kumya, but she should probably be careful not to underestimate him… or maybe it’s okay? You never know; he might be a complete cock up as a detective!

      Ruin is possible… or maybe she’ll win? I wonder if she even knows what winning looks like, ultimately 😈

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Looks like he hasn’t been sticking his dick into the belly button until now! Simple mistake, where else would babies come from?

    That being said I give Sabit’s second lips and big brown nerps a worth hiding from workmates/10. And Marketa’s devilish ways and approaching hands are just…😈😍😋

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I mean… it’s a genuine concern, right? What if Marketa’s success is only because she gets to pick the hole??
      OMG… no one would see it coming (Kumya might).

      Sabit is honoured you braved your workmate’s shock and horror for her cushy lady parts 😈

      Liked by 4 people

  4. Eeeee, I loved this! I adore the Ayar court–I look forward to seeing all the court happenings and cultural tidbits (or tit bits, in this case). ❤ Complete with Game of Thrones-style sexposition/ladies chatting naked! I really love the vibe of the Ayar stuff–as much as I love the Amazons, I didn't think their absence made this chapter lacking at all.

    And I love Kon, though bless him, he seems like kind of an idiot. (But a fun idiot?) I feel for the long-suffering Kumya–he reminds me a little of Jahi. ❤ Kon was cracking me up, but I'm sure it was less fun for Kumya…

    And Marketa's playing a dangerous game… I hope Kon gets one of his concubines pregnant somehow anyway, despite her plotting and Sabit's help. I have a feeling her luck (and poison) is going to run out eventually…

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I’m so pleased! ❤
      (ROFL, yes, many tit bits inc) I mean, all the best conversations happen when people are nekkid and have their guard down, right?!
      Also, then we get to see nekkid people (bonus).

      Kon is… less dumb than he seems (probably), he's just *very* busy with really important king stuff, thinking takes up way too much time (that's what Kumyas are for).

      You're right, she IS playing a dangerous game, but has been for so long with success, that I think she may have forgotten HOW dangerous… luckily Sabit is there to remind her (and be ignored); hopefully it's enough to keep her head above the water (unless you're not rooting for her, then it's "drown bitch, drown" ) 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  5. OMG! Kon is so hilarious, I hope that he continues to come up with new terms for his man-bits, which he must share with his Sorceror, Kumya, of course.

    And we see our Scorpion Queen plotting away, readying herself to strike. Be careful Marketa that you don’t sting yourself!!!

    I love what you’ve done with Sabit’s character, I’m guessing that you’ve made her into an ageless mystic? Considering she still looks quite young and served Marketa’s grandmother also.

    Oh, and…

    Boobies! 😍

    Liked by 3 people

    1. NEVER YOU WORRY FRIEND; Kon has many, many names for his glorious man parts… this is what he prefers to do with his mind instead of actually thinking 😀
      Kumya gets to do the thinking on his behalf; and listening to man part names?

      Bless that queen, is she overreaching? I mean, she’s done pretty well for herself so far, so she must *kinda* know what she’s doing. Or maybe she’s just had a crap tonne of dumb luck 😈

      I’m pleased you like her so far! She is indeed ageless, and having of mystic abilities… and there are reasons! 😈
      But mostly boobies (yaass, boobies!) ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow! That set is amazing! Looks so realistic! I was agape the whole chapter!

    I LOVE Kumya and hope he DOES get to the bottom of the queen’s antics. Is this set in the very ancient past?

    Kon…you dimwit. At least you had the good luck enough to gain a smart sorcerer as a sidekick. But you are very easy on the eyes. ❤

    Marketa…what a little sneak. And it feels very fitting for a royal who is in a loveless marriage. That tattoo on the very dark Sabit is breathtaking. The witch looks not a day over 30…so yeah…some magics are going on there. 😉 I wonder what's going on in all of it. How the witch will play out.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thanks! That temple (which I have laboriously converted into a palace) was a great find, omg.
      I’ve been having a blast decorating it 😀
      It’s set approximately 2000 (ish) years before the modern story line; I’m taking a lot of liberties with time stuff here, as it’s only an A/U version of actual historical things anyway.

      Kon loves the camera, man! He’s a very photogenic guy… and lucky for him, kings in Simchu Pichu are not chosen for competency or suitability 😈
      That said… he may surprise us a bit yet 😉

      Yes! Isn’t Sabit a beauty? Munterbacon styled her so well! ❤
      I knew I had to find something extra special for her to do in the story 😈

      Liked by 3 people

    1. Kon is the manliest of all Man Queens, rofl! Will he ever be as awesome as Aten though? I suppose time will tell…

      Kumya is the poster child for failed expectations, I’d wager; but at least Sabit is a hottie (GJ Munterbacon!)

      Liked by 2 people

  7. Dark WitcHazard: Murdering unborn babies that’s cruel I love it!

    Nooboos WitcHazard: This BITCH MUST DIE! Anyone who ruins the precious births of adorable Nooboos must perish! Every second of her pending death will be in agony! She will never have peace even in afterlife! And may her unborn child be sent to the heavens so that he may never be associated with this venomous wench of a breeder!

    Lover WitcHazard: Kumya Don’t fight the feelings you want to know the pleasures of Lord Hotness’s beautious man wand!😍 I want to seee it happen make it so! Sabit I get it the pleasures of sleeping with crazy people is they are hella good at it, but there’s always a catch looks to me she might throw you under the bus so stay sharp and enjoy yourself while it lasts!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think Dark and Marketa just became BFFs O.O

      It’s true, this queen DOES stand in the way of dozens of fat little concubine nooboos… man, there would have been a whole herd of them by now if it wasn’t for her!
      Am I making it worse? I’m making worse, aren’t I…
      I mean… one nooboo incoming tho? ❤

      I was wondering if someone would suggest Kumya x Kon… congrats, Lover; you are the one!
      Agreed that it would be extremely hot stuff 😈
      Don't you worry about our beautiful Sabit; that biatch is tougher and craftier than she may seem 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  8. After this chapter I’m tiny bit favoring the Ayar over the Amazons, because their story is so new and fresh and exciting! Loved the setting, costumes, everything. The masks!
    Are we positive that Kon’s parents weren’t siblings and their parents too? Wouldn’t surprise me. If Marketa is preggers, I wonder who the real father is. Because I somehow doubt it’s Kon. Maybe a handsome guard then?
    Sabit is stunning in every way. What is her game and her secrets? Serving generations of women, she’s either blindly loyal to the family or is bound to it in some way. That could be interesting if she proved to be less loyal than Marketa thinks.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Ayar over Amazons?! 😱
      Me too, tbh; I need to up my Amazon game a bit… they’re sort of in baby making peaceful standby atm (yawn).

      The masks delight me every time I see them; you are such a treasure for unearthing them for me ❤ so much fun dressing the background for this wing of the story, omg!

      Kon's parents were not siblings, but possibly there is some mixing of cousins and such (as happens in royal circles); no intentional incest though; the Simchuans keep to the strict traditions of marrying out of the noble houses.

      And interesting theory about the father of Marketa's baby! There is absolutely a mystery surrounding the king's baby making prowess, but we may have to wait for Kumya to stumble his way into an answer on that 😈

      If there are two things we *can* be certain of, it's that things are NOT necessarily as Marketa believes them to be, and that Sabit is STUNNING (ty Munterbacon 😘)… and you may have unearthed something there in your musings about her…

      Liked by 3 people

  9. Yay, bewbies!

    I mean .. errr … the BESTEST picture has got to be Kumya’s face right before he talks about not pollinating petals. The face. The. Face.

    Marketa is up to something!! And with no nooboos around, that something is nefarious indeed. Also, one must wonder if she hath truly perfected the art of parthogenesis. Except that would not work to get the boy child she desires (but maaaaan, if Amazons ever found out about it, they could use that to their advantage)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. (yay bewbies yaaas, kekekeke)

      LOL. Poor Kumya, I wonder if he sometimes feels like he’s babysitting, more than serving? I know I would… I bet he drinks.

      Parthenogenesis! HAH; you crack me up (OMG, plot idea for a futuristic Amazon tribe with SCIENCE?! 😮 )
      Yeah, Marketa is plotting her plots and trying to control all the things; that always turns out well, though, right? Trying to control the will of a god who was like “no, I’m picking the babies”


  10. Wow….so much to look at in this chapter and to think about. How is she keeping the other girls from getting pregnant. Poison somehow which makes them miscarry or poison for him which makes him infertile and she has used the services of some other handsome white haired man….whatever it is, she is the cause.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If there’s one thing we CAN be certain of, yes, she is definitely the cause of some kind of underhanded fertility crap!
      Girl do what a girl gotta do to win tho, rite?

      Liked by 1 person

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