70. Another Day in Paradise

Last chapter…

Cassie took a freshly turned Mosi for a consult with the witches to see if the vampirism could be easily fixed; turns out no, so long as Anubis is alive, which is sort of a bummer because Mosi really wasn’t down with Nubbins murder (even though he’s kind of a botched job, poor kiddo).

Artemis had The Weirdest Convo Ever with “Selene”, and ended up confused before coffee time and lacking a pair of boots, which walked on over to Prim’s house for a bit of light kidnapping slash possible murder.

Persephone got all ansty about being woken up with itchy Doom Feels; her kids were perplexed, but agreed they maybe just needed to get out of the house for some fresh air and a walk or something.


Through the jungle, a short ways from their settlement, Pili and the older boys had begun to clear land for an expansion to the village.

It was only a narrow corridor sandwiched between a tall rock face and a sheer cliff, but it was nicely defensible…

…and the view had no equal.

Pili brought Raet and Nafretiri to see their progress; he’d discovered early on in his life that he had a passion for building, and he was eager to show them his vision.

“It ist truly lovely!”

“Thou and thine helpers hast done well, mine brother,” the land would be used to expand their gardens, and create more permanent living quarters for their growing families, “mother wouldst hast been verily proud of thist hamlet we hast secured.”

“If my queen would permit it, I would like to work here with Pili and Anubis,” Nafi surveyed the terrain with a discerning eye; already making plans in her mind for how the expansion ought to be laid out, “the twins adore Horus and Hattie, and I’m sure your son would prefer minding babies to hard labour.”

“Yeah, he’s not a big fan of getting his hands dirty,” Pili agreed.

“It ist an agreeable arrangement for mineself; I wouldst hast each member of mine Tribe doest what they are most verily suited to.”

“Speaking of Horus and the twins, I hope they’re not giving him too much trouble.”

“Probably less trouble than Kebechet is giving Anubis,” Pili snorted, “I think I’ll settle him out here for now, away from her; they’re like two hissing jungle cats trapped in a sack.”


Horus sighed as his sister squared off with their cousin for the third time since Uncle Pili had led mother and Nafi away to see the expansion; it was always a little nerve wracking with no one else around to keep the arguments from escalating.

“No, I don’t have to do what you tell me to, actually; I’m the eldest here, so I’m in charge until they get back.”

Horus couldn’t help but wonder if Anubis chose his words specifically to get the maximum amount of ire from Kebechet.

You are an affront to the Goddess!”  She snarled, “EVERYONE knows that when the Queen is absent, it’s the eldest Princess who is in charge!”

“Maybe in the olden days when there were slaves and sacrifices, but this is modern times, Highness,” he smirked at her, making the honorific sound like an insult, “also, the Queen told me I was in charge while she was gone…pretty sure that means you’re not.”

“You lie!”

And so it went, round and round, until the elders returned and separated them…at least the children didn’t seem to notice?  Perhaps they did not care.

Nafi’s little ones, Akila and Garai, didn’t seem phased by the shouting; Goddess bless them, but Hatshepsut would roll her eyes at the bickering from time to time.

“For what it’s worth, I think you’re best suited to be in charge,” chuckled his sister.

“Thanks Hattie.”

“At least until I’m old enough,” she smiled in that quiet way of hers; the way that left no doubt whatsoever in Horus’s mind that she meant what she said.

Far to the north, months of travel from the sweltering jungles of Simchu Pichu, lay a forest of pines, swaying under a clear blue sky.

Nestled in the heart of this strange, rugged land, stood a small, and rather peculiar edifice; both belonging, and yet oddly out of place, under the evergreen boughs.

Colourful, local wildflowers mixed with exotic trailing vines against a backdrop of moss and stone.  The engraving on the columns and frieze were unlike any other to be found in the quiet northern wood, and the entire thing made for a beautiful, if eccentric, monument.


“Do you think she’d like it?”  Pili wondered out loud.

“Your mom?  Yeah, man; you did an awesome job.”

Pili let his gaze travel over years of hard work, “ah, you helped a lot, Khaf…you’re actually pretty strong for a not-vampire.”

“Yeah, I lift rocks and stuff.”

“Gotta say, again that I don’t know why we had to build the thing way out here in the middle of buttfuck nowhere though…” Khafre was pretty dodgy about some stuff, the significance of this spot was one of the stuff.

“Who knows; the gods have their reasons,” another non-answer, “sorry I’m leaving you to sort the basement out yourself tho–”

“Wait…what?  You’re leaving?”  Pili felt a little flutter of panic, “but, Anubis isn’t even here yet…”

“No worries, man, he’ll be along soon, and you’ve got a lot to keep you busy here still,” it was true, but that didn’t make it any better; being alone for a long time was balls, “just remember what I said about this well and that special stone, okay?”

“Yes yes, I know; take it out after you leave and hide it,” he repeated the instructions for probably the hundredth time, “still don’t quite understand how that whole well travel crap is supposed to work tho.”

“Eh, to be honest?  I’m not even sure you need the well, exactly; the stone probably does just fine on it’s own…but don’t test that theory okay?  Wrapped.  Hidden.  No touchies.”

“Yeah, okay, I get it,” he tried super hard not to sound like a giant vampire baby, “so I guess this is a really awkward and sudden good bye then, huh?”

“Afraid so, big fella…but how about a farewell hug, eh?  C’mon, you know you want to…”

Khaf was right; he did want to.

“Alright, Well, take me to my sister…whenever she may be,” said the smaller man; instantly the damn thing lit up like a candle.

It was pretty far out, but not as far out as what happened next…

…green sparkly levitation glowy stuff, that’s what.

Pili decided he was never going to go for a Well travel, cuz that looked all kinds of crap, tyvm.

The vampire sighed after his friend and roomie dissolved into nothing…he sure hoped he actually got to go back to see his sister, and wasn’t, like, dead or something.

‘Well, this blows.’

The foremost stone on the rim of the magical device faded to a dull brown; Khafre said it would do that after a ‘discharge’ and that it just needed to recover (or some shit)…whatever, damn thing was going under the floor in the basement anyhow.


Waldo Wasserman was at the tail end of one of the shittiest days of his life; seriously…it was even worse than that time he accidentally shattered an entire case of Chateau FrouFrou Noir.

How, you might ask?  Well, it was a close thing, really, but most people would probably agree that dropping your glasses into the gaping maw of a freaking crocodile was worse than the destruction of a few thousand simoleons worth of finely aged wine.

“Didn’t even want to go on this fucking camping trip, did I?”  He muttered to himself, “oh come on Waldo, it’ll be fun!  Never mind your allergies to every GD plant known to simkind, just bring some antihistamines!”

…because those were working super well.

Okay, fine, so most of the blurriness was due to the loss of his very necessary prescription frames, but he could feel his eyes swelling under the influence of some stupid extra-strength forest pollen.

How did a freaking crocodile manage to find it’s way into a provincial park forest anyhow?  Was it some stupid tourist’s crazy pet?  Like, Waldo didn’t see any “don’t bring your pet crocodile” signs when they were driving up, but he felt like the “no dogs” one pretty much implied it!

Man, this was one humid mofo of a forest…and really hot for mid fall.

‘At least I’m wearing shorts.’

The sound of water drew him forward; if he followed the stream down (and didn’t run into anymore accessory munching reptiles), he should find the ranger’s station…

Whoa, was that…a person?

“Hello?”  Waldo called out to the potential source of help, “hey, can you help me?  I’m totally lost, and I my glasses were…well, let’s just say they’re gone, so I can’t see hardly anything…”

Okay, yeah, definitely a person…maybe they were hard of hearing?

“Hello?”  He tried again, “can you help me find the ranger’s station?”

A feminine giggle carried itself to Waldo’s ears.

“Look, lady; maybe you find this shit funny, but I’m fresh out of lols, you feel me?”

Apparently not?  She said something, finally, but it wasn’t any language he was familiar with.

“Uhh, sprechen vous, the uh, Inglés?”  Bet it was her, GD crocodile.

“Whoa…did you hear that?”  Not that she understood the question, “sounded like a fucking rattle snake or some shit; what the hell kind of forest is this?”

The weird hissing slash rattling crap sort of faded out; Waldo paused to try and hear it better…

“I’m telling you; there’s some freaky shit going on out here…”


No worries, she totally just helped him find the ranger’s station after this 😀 because Nerissa is a super nice Lamia!  Thank you so very much to Damaro for donating Simchu Pichu’s sweetest flesh-eating monster ❤

And a thank you, also, to VanPelt81 for the donation of poor, lost, red-shirt, Waldo Wasserman!

EDIT: nearly forgot to say!  The temple that Pili and Khafre built is the deconstructed version of Haids’s modern day Granite Falls Temple where all the Well shenanigans started 😉

Nerissa: *BURP*

And…HAPPY SIMMING!! (okay, but not for Waldo)

28 thoughts on “70. Another Day in Paradise

  1. Thank god for Vampire Pili because I just noticed the other one and Raet are getting older. 😥

    Anyways excited for a whole new species! I’m glad to see where the bloody mouth makeup came into play.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Yup, dey is! This why I kill them while they’re young, right? Preserve the hotness, not make everyone watch them waste awaaaay!

      You’ll be seeing more of that bloody mouth gf kekekekeke 😈

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Nafi looks so much like her mom, complete with side braid. ❤ ❤

    And Kebechet is GORGEOUS, holy shit. Shame about her personality tho~ The jungle is gorgeous too, as always. ❤ Loved her squaring off with Nubbins and him so easily getting a rise out of her, LOL. (Are they gonna hate-bang?)

    Hattie's already plotting!! I wonder if she'd make a better queen than Kebs…? (Not hard rn tbh.)

    Eeee, Khafre's gonna be reunited with Persephone (barring some magical disaster)!! ❤ ❤ Awww, can't wait.

    Also RIP Waldo, I'd say you died well but you done got ate by a lamia. His grousing cracked me up tho. (Loved the red sweatshirt–very appropriate.)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. She does look like her moooom /wail
      Spoilers; so does Akila (the woman genes are strong with these uns, let me tell ya).

      Kebab…I can’t disagree with you there; stunning on the outside, little less stunning on the inside (alas).
      No comment on hate banging, but it should be interesting to see what pans out as the power shifts in Kebab’s favour O.O

      10/10 Hattie is probably already a better queen than her sister, even though she’s still a little girl… and she knows it 😈

      Khafre couldn’t have picked a more fun time to arrive, too! 😀 (kekekekeke)

      Yeah, he sure did; silly Waldo… how u even get in dat jungle, son? 😈

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    I loved seeing the sibling dynamics here haha typical 😉 And everyone looks amazing! It’s always so fun aging people up and seeing how gorgeous they come out ❤️

    And I loved seeing more of the casting call sims… even if some of those appearances are short lived 😬 RIP… Hope Damaro’s beauty enjoyed her meal 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww! That moment when you’r fave incest pair gets reunited ❤

      Oh man, yes! Ageing the kids up is one of my MOST FAVOURITE THINGS EVER. Second only to boom boom ofc (nothing is more fun than boom boom ok).

      Damaro's beauty SURE DID enjoy her little snack (hehe, enjoy 😉 )
      Hope the pacing for sprinkling these casting call kiddos in is working for everyone (don't want to overwhelm, you know!)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. If only Waldo had picked a DIFFERENT COLOURED SHIRT! 😱
      Neh, he would have still ‘bit it’ (kekekeke), but it would have been marginally less amusing.

      I mean, Hattie *does* kind of have a name to live up to, don’t she?? O.o


  4. Sooo… vampire Pili is now guarding the Start Gate? I mean Star Well? Hiding the stone among other stones may be tricky if you want to ever find the magic one again. Also, the way the well worked in the past, does it mean that poor Waldo technically swapped places with Khafre? Is it some kind of law of conservation of mass (sims)? Makes sense.
    Your sims look somehow better. Must be the new eyebrows and complexion and skirts. Luved it.
    Now again starts the torture of waiting for the next chapter.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Yes ma’am! And the origins of the mysterious well at that random forest temple are revealed /confetti
      Hopefully Pili thinks to put a sticker or something on *that* stone (would be absolutely horrid to get it mixed up!).

      You are correct about how poor Waldo managed to start out camping and ended up stumbling into the jungle; that well has kind of a shit sense of humour (probably a good thing Pili is going to neuter it).

      And, lol, you also stumbled across my last secret of this chapter; yeah, I’ve finally stumbled across the cc/editing combination I like; expect more consistency in sim appearance from here on out (and I’m pleased you like the finished results!), OFC, you did contribute to a large part of it 😏 ❤

      Liked by 2 people

  5. I THOUGHT that temple looked familiar! 😀

    Yowza, too many beautiful Sims here! First off, Nerissa is about as stunning as they come. I remember seeing her while I was looking through your casting call post and yeah, an audible gasp escaped my mouth. Damaro did a helluva job and I can’t wait to see what this flesh-eating creature has in store for us!

    Meanwhile, Kebechet is being spoiled and beautiful all over the place, and I already love to hate her! 😀

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Right?! LOL, I was like, well, it need to look more ancient… what would it have looked like a few thousand years ago? BAM, basic man-structure (good thing Pili likes plants)

      Nerissa is a jewel! She’ll make many fun shenanigans for the denizens of Simchu Pichu, you can be certain >:)

      Ah, dear Kebab… maybe she’ll freak everyone out and turn into a upstanding young woman? LOL (pull th’other one, rite?)

      Liked by 2 people

  6. I made it! 🎉 Officially all caught up and damn well horrified! 😱 Lol…. I will never be the same again…lol.

    Back to the murderous Amazon’s and Kings….man eating women, Khafre reuniting with his sister and their incest children….Pili with his incest babies…no wonder they were all crazy and want to do dead people….shew…

    Now I have to wait like everyone else. 😢

    Liked by 3 people

    1. /confettis!
      GJ! You did itttt!
      Scarred for lyfeeeeee! (yay?)

      At least we’re maybe seeing some incest HEA!
      What a concession 😀

      Pili makes the cutest incest babbys tho!
      Actually, Khaf’s are DARN FINE also ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Ohhh, Raet is an adult now? Those cute wrinkles around the mouth c:

    And omg Nubbins is pretty. OMG.
    Hattie has some plans by herself, doesn’t she? She got enough of her older sister I guess! 😀

    And aww, Waldo :c He’s always lost…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She is! So is Pili (the human one anyhow)… my cc really smoothes out ages lines, so I have to effort to add them back in, lulz!

      Nubbins makes me swoon, not gonna lie 😍
      Hattie might be considering what could be done about her sister 😈

      At least Waldo isn’t lost any more?? 😁


  8. I’ve read this THREE times…but only got to Waldo once and I’m in a doctors office with crap WiFi. SO I can’t see what happened with Waldy…ugh!

    I DID see Anubis…so HANDSOME! I think we need more of him! 😍 and the Jungle adventures backdrop is so fitting and gorgeous.

    So…is Khafre going into the future? Hmmm….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohnoes! Waldypants is, arguably, the most fun part of the whole thing! D:
      Oh wells.

      Anubis is finally all growed up and turned out NOT TERRIBLE ❤ lots of that boyo to come 😉

      Khafre IS going… somewhere. Hopefully the future (he seems to think so anyways)… wherever it is, I'm sure he'll drop in at the BEST time possible 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Finally read Waldo’s part…and bleh…that monster is scary! So hope Pili can kill it before it preys on anything else!

        Liked by 1 person

  9. Waldo! I found him! Uh, someone else did too.
    So they expand the village and run across the white-haired not-a-fairy-in-that-sense king guy. Right?
    And we know what happened to the anchor! (for “now” at least)

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