71. Life After Death

Last chapter…

Pili took Raet and Nafi out to see how the new yard was coming along; they all agreed the view was nice and stuff, and Nafi volunteered to come help decorate, and maybe Anubis will have to live there also because he fights a lot with Kebs.

Back in the village Horus and the kids watched Nubbins and Kebs go at it (not like that…yet), and Hattie told Horus he’d be a pretty good stand in until she was old enough for a hostile takeover or something;Nafi’s twins gave zero fucks.

Vampire Pili and his roomie Khaf finished building a temple in some forest, and then Khaf was suddenly like “okbai” and jumped on a magic Well (should be fine, turned out okay for everyone else so far, right?); Pili was sad.

Also, some Waldo guy with a red shirt met a sticky end after losing his glasses and stumbling allergies first into a toothsome monster lady.



By the time they arrived at Primrose Pennyroyal’s home, the terrible prickling had escalated into full blown currents of dread.

It had been an age since a strong premonition had assaulted her senses in this way, and she chastised herself for not recognizing it immediately…had this unexpected journey through time diminished her so greatly after all?

Perhaps it was the ill conceived age regression; she wasn’t surprised, really…there was always a price for magic of that sort.

Regardless, as her feet touched the grass the bubble of urgency popped, and Persephone knew she was too late; the feeling of dread gave way to a terrible sadness.

“Mother…I think I heard someone scream–?”  Orion didn’t seem very pleased to have come after all.


“It came from the kitchen…”



“I’ve set my sons to cleaning the…room,” and she would inspect their work personally to see to it that no traces of violence remained, “did Holly come?”

“She did; her and Kalvin took Bella and Callie home…Prim’s locked herself in the study though,” Cassie’s sadness filled the air between them, “she won’t respond to anyone, not even Balsam…”

“I will remain here and keep watch over her, of course,” the weight of responsibility lay heavily in Persephone’s chest; if only she’d come sooner, “you should take your daughter home, Cassandra…”

“…she grieves for her friend,” the fairy glanced over to where the youngsters stood, “and I believe, also, that your son is beginning to spark in this light–”

“Figures that that’s the one vampire thing he’d get right,” sighed Cassie.

“I don’t suppose she saw anything that might point to the party responsible for this horror?”

“A man, she said,” an undercurrent of hatred seeped over Cassie’s aura of sorrow, “tall and dark haired…I’d bet my life it was Anubis.”

“Your son’s Sire?  But why would he do such a thing?”

“Because he’s evil of course!”  Cassie fairly snarled with the accusation, “evil people don’t need a reason for what they do, they just go around ruining everyone’s lives for the pleasure of it!”

“M-mother,” the boy cut in sheepishly, still clutching his weeping sister, “ah, I am beginning to feel–ah…rather combustible?”

“I will not keep you any longer,” the scent of lightly seared flesh wafted past her nose, “but I promise to keep you abreast of any further developments.”

A small twinge of concern settled in her mind over the woman’s fixation with this vampire…but what harm could she do on her own?  Perhaps none, but it bore setting one of the boys to watch her, just in case.

Cassandra’s glare was a palpable thing, “you’d better.”


Artemis’s grief was…unexpected.

“Oh sweetheart,” she settled herself down next to her youngest child, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know you’d take it so hard…”

Was this only an outpouring exacerbated by hormones?  Had they been closer than she’d thought?  It didn’t make sense, but many things didn’t make sense, lately.

Mosi arguing with her…Artemis weeping…Selene dressing like, well, Artemis.  It occurred to Cassie, then, that perhaps she didn’t know her children as well as she’d imagined.

“Or maybe everything is changing.”

The light filtered down from above and caught the facets on her wedding band, and as she held her sobbing child, something within her finally came undone.

He did this,” she murmured, “he ruined everything,” Oly and Perseus, Mosi…Pili; it was all that monster’s fault!  Everything had been so wonderful before he’d come along with his smirking and his threats.

“Don’t you worry, my love,” she whispered, eyes still fixed on her sparkling ring, “mommy will make him pay for what he’s done to us…”


Celina wasn’t certain when the melancholy had set in.

Was it before, or after she and Colton had gotten the wonderful news that they were expecting a fourth child?

Perhaps after.

Had it come on gradually?  Or had it suddenly appeared one morning and taken her this long to notice?  Celina couldn’t say for certain, but she felt as though it had been sudden.

Once upon a time she’d enjoyed her morning walks with Spud, but even on a lovely day, the sun seemed dim and cold.

Each morning the birds chirped outside her window as she sat at her vanity to ready herself for the day…but their songs were more irritating than uplifting.

Everything was grey…but what did she have to be sad about?

Grace and Kevin were bright, beautiful children…and for all their energetic ways, they were studious and thoughtful, and always minded their manners.

Ryan was what one would generally call an ‘easy’ baby; not overly fussy about meals, a willing napper, and happy to be passed around with a smile always ready on his lips.

Colton was a kind, hardworking man, and a devoted husband and father; he brought her flowers for no reason, always remembered important dates, cleaned up after himself, and still looked at her like she was the sun in his blue skies.

But no amount of sweet smiles could warm her.

The days passed in a gloom, and Celina’s heart grew ever more burdened.


Kalvin had made surprisingly little fuss when Cassie had shown up on the Blackthorne doorstep asking to see his mother in law…

…though he’d warned her neither witch was in any frame of mind to receive visitors.

Distantly, she noted that she should feel sorry for them, but there was no room in her heart for anything else at the moment; the grief of her friends would have to wait.

“Cassandra…?”  Belladonna’s voice was hoarse; Cassie had never seen her eyes so full of defeat.

“Bella, I need to speak with your cousin Jerry.”

If they could not have back what they’d lost, at least they would have satisfaction.


Admit it; you didn’t think I’d kill Oly (to be fair, Oly probably didn’t think so either).  Well, now everything is just a horrible mess!  But that’s good, because it means we get to untangle the mess, and that’s always a hoot, right?  Right.

Cassandra tho; what’s that broad up to? O.O

/Runs away to hide in case pitchforks incoming 😬



42 thoughts on “71. Life After Death

  1. HENLO BUD Spud. He looks so dashing in his sweater always. FOREVER. ❤

    That was definitely the source of the sad kittens rating because dogs always make me cry. Murder victim whom? 😛

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Wow and in my rush for a comment I completely forgot to mention Cass blaming Pili for all this. Wtf. The Pili she knew is an incidental player to the brewing happenings at best. Even if he’s now a deadbeat dad who’s more content to boink his sister.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Bud weeps for his own beauty, or it’s just normal cockly eye problems. 😛

        Oly will get into Lena’s head to duke it out with Bastet and also STEAL SPUD. Their death won’t be in vain with him around it’s the only thing keeping me positive ok

        Liked by 1 person

  2. You really did it 😭 I knew you would, Miss GRRM Jr… 😭 But I refuse to believe Oly will stay dead! Plenty of magic folk around who can do something about this, right? RIGHT?! 😭

    My heart breaks so badly for poor Artie. Found her first love and then had to lose them so soon after they finally got together 😭

    And no one had better touch sexy Nubbins 😭 He’s innocent! My boy Mosi needs to protect his sire 😭

    And poor Selene/“Celina”… I think she can sense the trouble and pain her body is causing 😭 Poor girl… when will see be free??


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Does this mean you’re voting for… ZOMBIE OLY?! 😮
      I wonder if Artie would be into Zombie Oly? I mean, maybe… she does like undead stuff and possibly necromancy rituals etc.

      No comment regarding what’s on the horizon for Mr. Nubs and his sexiness 😀

      What IS up with “Celina” and her melancholy?? Could be some many things I guess 😏

      Liked by 1 person


    WHAT DID SELASTET DO TO YOU (aside from stab repeatedly apparently????????)

    And whoa, Cassie sounds…kind of unhinged now? 😱😱😱 Calling herself “Mommy”… Worried for Nubbins now…

    Poor Artie 😭😭😭😭


    And man, “Celina’s” world is increasingly unnerving, I guess a ghost-induced fantasy can only get you so far before the ennui sets in.


    This chapter needed more sad kittehs… 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Selastet, kekeke, sounds like elastic and dats funny… but what’s not funny is yeah, many stabbits 😮
      Poor Oly.

      Good catch on Cassie’s general unhingedness! She is, indeed, coming unraveled a bit (eek)! But, like, what can she even do? She’s just a middle aged homemaker with no magic and he’s a hot ancient vampire dude O.o

      Spud for king; he’s so cute and he likes to sit in whatever room all the people are in when we take pics ❤

      Celina's world *should* be peaches and rainbows, but why is it not? She has all the good things! Maybe she's just falling into depression and it has nothing to do with all the shenanigans on the outside?? (lol, nope)

      COUSIN JERRY (be afeared ok)

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  4. Until you wrote it explicitly, that Oly is dead, I was like: yeah, there’s a dead body in the kitchen, probably someone unimportant, good. My brain did a good job pretending. And then whoa. I’m sure there’s a silver lining in there somewhere. Lena won’t have to feel awkward around him anymore, I guess? Speaking of her, looks like she found out how boring domestic bliss actually is, heh. Grey and boring. Or was it the crushing presence of Bastet/Goddess in her head making her gloomy? No, I’m sure it was the domestic bliss.
    Everyone is blaming Nubbins now. Cool. I need a large bowl of popcorn, because this is going to be interesting. Nubbins must suffer (nicely while staying hot while doing it). Go and get him, mighty pissed mommy Cassie!
    Spud is the bestest dog name ever!
    Feel free to hide in my cave if/when the mob with pitchforks arrives.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yeahhh, the Oly body was not a fake (nor was the Perseus body, poor dude); “Selene” was very thorough, alas.
      I’m sorry brain 😦

      It’s probably a good thing for Lena she’s trapped somewhere else atm though, awkward or not; she would have been just as torn up about her bestie’s death as Artemis was /sniffle
      Even if that place is grey and full of boring!

      Come sit with me in the cave and share the popcorn ❤
      Angry, and possibly unhinged Momma Cassie is pulling nooo punches…

      Liked by 2 people

    1. I accidentally borked the Oly 😬
      OK, possessed Selene did.


      I was wondering if it were possible for people to dislike Bastet; APPARENTLY YSS!


  5. I have no words… omg!!! This is more than just sad kitties! 😥 :sob:

    Lina must feel that her one true love is dead… that’s why the sky is grey? Besides the boring domestic life, ofc. Who could be happy being a 50’s housewife x.x

    And even if she might be on the wrong track, I love Cassie. ❤ Never mess with a mom!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I knowww, those sad kittehs mean business 😬

      A distinct possibility that Oly’s demise is the catalyst for Lina’s grey mood!
      Whoever put her there must’ve thought that’s what she wanted, but maybe don’t know her as well as they thought!! 😯

      Cassie, man; watch out for that woman, she comin for some unlucky little trouble maker!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, that whoever didn’t put Colt’s obsession with hygene into consideration either. They did such a bad job with research before applying Lina’s status!
        And I’m convinced the only thing she wanted was still Oly, BUT NOW IT IS TOO LATE T_T

        I’m actually looking forward to that little show down 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  6. 😭😭😭 I read it three times before I finally grasped what happened. Oh my gosh. Oly being gone is totally tearing a hole in the entire balance of….well, everything! The witches no longer have an heir. Artie’s lover is gone. Lena doesn’t have a BFF anymore. And Holly and Callie….oh gosh, my heart! I can’t even imagine poor Callie’s grief. The next couple chapters are going to be HARD.

    WOww, I am still so shell-shocked. This will change so many of the dynamics of the tribes. My heart is doing all kinds of squishy things!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ahhh!
      I knowwwwwww… Oly held a lot of things together just by existing and being awesome! We won’t focus on the grief so much as the retribution though; less wallowing, more lashing out! (Should be FUN)
      Everyone loves a good witch hunt, right?

      Liked by 2 people

  7. Wow……you murderess…..two in one day….I am confused why Bastet is killing the witches….I am going to assume Lena/Slelene/Celina had no control thatbis why she dreamed of being Celina. And Bastet is mad as hell about something – maybe the witches.

    And Cassie, well she is mad as hell too…. she is going after Anubis. He took away everything they loved. Be afraid, be very afraid! He took Pili, he changed Mosi, made Lena do things she doesn’t know yet and broke her girls hearts and caused two people dear to her to die….mommas pissed and she’s comin’ after you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why DID possessed Selene kill the witches? Seems like a lot of unnecessary trouble if you ask me! Must’ve had her reasons though 😈
      I can confirm, however, that Celina has no idea or control over the situation!

      I mean, there’s like 30+ characters though; would we really miss a couple here and there?? O.o

      Cassie IS mad as hell (in more ways than one, alas), and she DOES have Nubbins fixed in her sights… should she though? Yeah, he seems like the guy to blame for Pili and Mosi, but he *probably* didn’t have anything to do with Oly and Perseus!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. As always, my favorite character died. I have such a talent to this, it’s enerving. 😦 😦 😦
    At least there was a puppy to help my grieving ~holds puppy gently and weeps~

    Liked by 3 people

  9. Flaming hot cheetos… they hurt! But make a good distraction from this horror horribleness. Well, nubbins can be blamed for some things, but yeah. And still reeling that Bastet is a baddie.

    Liked by 1 person

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