72. The Secret Life of Girls

Last chapter…

We sadly confirmed Oly/Perseus stuff (one slightly more lamented than the other, lol), and Persephone failed to arrive in time to save them against murderous Selene-possessing entities (oi).

Celina had the blues (greys?) because her super happy perfect life with the best husband/kids/dog ever was making her sad…speculation as to whether or not the sad originated with the life…or what’s going on with her body outside the life!

Later Cassie (who may or may not be a little cray cray now) went to see her grieving witch friends to get cousin Jerry’s phone number.  Eep!



Everywhere she turned to look, Hatshepsut felt dissatisfaction…no matter where her eyes fell, and no matter whom her eyes fell upon.

It was worrisome, but also it made her heart sad, for she loved her family and wanted good things for them.

Raet was lovely, as a queen and a mother and a woman; lovely and sweet and weak.  She needed others to lean on, be it Pili or Nafi or Horus’s long-gone father, and this was not fitting for an Amazon Queen…surely Athena had noticed?

Hatshepsut had to believe that the Goddess gave Raet so many guardians so that she might survive to bear a strong princess.

Kebechet, for all her shortcomings, was a strong woman…or was it truly strength?  It seemed to Hatshepsut that true strength should look less disconcerting on a person, and make her feel more confident as a Tribal Sister for her future Queen…

…but with every day that passed, Hattie grew, and learned, and felt her dissatisfaction with her elder sister increase.

Who was truly more fit to lead?  Raet with her kind smiles and florid manners, or Kebechet, with her burgeoning ruthlessness and vanity?

Not for the first time, Hatshepsut thought that Pili would have been a better choice, but such things were unheard of among her people as they were forbidden by the Goddess.

What would her grandmother have thought?  Bastet had been described to her as being both kind and strong…and surely this was the truth, for she had been chosen by Athena Herself.  A queen did not have to be perfect, but she did needs be effective, and leave her Tribe better and stronger after her reign.

Did Raet not meet that criteria, however?  There was an argument to be made on either side, perhaps…and perhaps it wasn’t as simple as a yes or a no.  Regardless, Athena had clearly shown Bastet’s second daughter Her favour, and that was no small thing.

Hatshepsut considered she might leave to settle her own Tribe, as Maat had done in times past…but everyone knew how that had ended up, and perhaps Athena had allowed the plague because she was displeased at the fracturing of her Amazons; perhaps leaving was seen as abandonment and disobedience?

But there were no rules to go by, alas; the culture brought to Al Simhara by the Themysimrans was not theirs, and Hatshepsut was beginning to believe that trying to use Themysimran ways was where they had gone wrong in the first place.

They were not Themysimran, they were Al Simharans…and now Simchu Pichuans?  One thing was certain, however; Athena had removed them from Themysimra for a reason, and chosen Bastet’s blood to carry forth Her will…why did no one else speak of it?  Did they not see?

Raet saw only lovely things.

Kebechet saw only herself.

Hatshepsut, however, saw ever so much more.


The Ayar Court of Sim’Caritambo had been a surprise, though of which sort, Arsinoë was not certain.

It was equal parts less and more awful than she’d anticipated, but it was also beautiful, and thankfully not full of the promised corpse violating savages…

…so far as she’d yet seen.

The people of Simchu Pichu were also a surprise…

…and perhaps none more so than Princess Nenetl, who was the first and only child of The Ayar himself…ah, but that was now incorrect, was it not?

No, duenna, I do not wish to see my new baby brother…what do I care for him?”  Her Highness was as self absorbed as any girlchild Arsinoë had ever seen, but not as much so as she’d been led to believe of a princess…though in fairness, the Al Simharan slave had never before met a real princess.

“In any case, he is not The Promised One, and so I have no use for him, yes?”  It was true, the entire Court whispered behind their hands of this prince who was not Marked by the favour of Ayar.

“But he is your kin, Highness; it is expected that you will go to see him,” she reminded the girl, “surely you do not wish to appear uncaring?  It would displease your mother, I am certain.”

Nenetl frowned, considering, “then I will see him,” she declared with no small amount of sobriety, “but we will not linger?”

Arsinoë could not repress a little smile at how the princess began to straddle the line between the obligations of womanhood and the mercurial fancies of a child; “No, Highness, we will not linger.”

The young Al Simharan woman had not been trained in the art of child rearing, but she had been well educated and raised with the refined manners that appealed to the Seneschel of Sim’Caritambo…

…being given to Princess Nenetl as duenna, companion and tutor, had been more welcome a household position than Arsinoë had ever dared dream of…

…and for all that her journey had been taxing, she was pleased to have been sent.

The red-eyed demon girl had ended up in the harem…

…a fitting task for such an empty headed creature; to lay on your back and wiggle around for the amusement of a man; but Arsinoë did not wish to think of what sort of tainted beast might be one day squeezed out from between those smooth thighs…what if the succubus bore the next king?

Surely such a thing could not happen, however; the Conquering God would not seek to Mark the whelp of an ill-favoured Gaulish slave girl…would he?

It did not bear thinking of…but then, if the Court gossip had the right of it, no concubine would produce The Ayar…or any other babe, for that matter.

“A shame that father’s harem is cursed,” sighed the princess, eerily parroting Arsinoë’s thoughts out loud, “for now mother will have to have another baby, and she does not care for it.”

“Her Majesty does her duty,” the duenna reminded her charge, “as must we all, despite our personal desires, yes?”

“I know it,” huffed the girl, “but if it is another boy who is not Marked, then that is also another son that mother will have to give to spill his blood on Ayar’s Throne…and what if I am sad about them when the time comes, duenna?”


“I know I should rejoice for The Promised One to have many brothers, as father did; for the blood of many brothers makes for a stronger king, yes?”

“But I think it will make me sad to see them die…is that a wicked thought, duenna?  Would Mother Temaz and Her Handmaidens frown upon me for it?”

For the first time since her arrival, Arsinoë felt a cool horror wash over her.


Cursed, they said…the whole damn harem.

The girls whispered about how three times a concubine had gotten knocked up by the king, and three times they’d just up and died, as if smacked down by the hand of The God Himself…

…purple, and flailing, and frothing at the mouth; a horrible rictus of pain following them into the afterlife.

Deshret had ignored it as stupid gossip, which was totally normal with groups of young women…but now she couldn’t help but wonder if it was true, and a seed of dread grew in her belly as surely did another kind of thing grow.

Would their God of Death strike her down too?  Would he steal the breath from her throat until her beauty was consumed by discoloured swelling and bone-snapping convulsions…her mouth went dry as she imagined how shitty that would be.

And what if He didn’t God-slam her?  What if she alone, among the whole herd of concubines, got massive and was singled out and celebrated by the entirety of the 12 Houses…only to pop out a normal not-silver haired kid?  Or worse; a kid that didn’t look like the King of Sim’Caritambo at all.

“Dumbass,” she scolded herself in a whisper, and her eyes searched for him of their own accord.

It was forbidden, of course.  Punishable by death?  Probably; she’d never asked, but that seemed like the normal thing that would be punishable by death, right?

They were in love, duh; who would risk execution if it wasn’t love!

But what a fucking mess…Deshret knew she wouldn’t be able to hide it for very long, they kept pretty strict tabs on reproductive stuff up in this crazy joint.  Guess that made sense when everyone was hella thirsty for king-babies though.

‘Betcha any money that queen is banging some rando dude,’ made sense, right?  King was clearly shooting blanks if his whole damn harem was ‘barren’, didn’t anyone else think of that?  Were they just pretending, or were they all really that dumb?

‘I need to blow this popsicle stand.’

Would he help her escape if she told him about their baby?  There’s no way it wasn’t his baby, right?

Like, the king banged her enough for the first few months with no dice…

…but then she starts riding a new dude and BAM; pregnant!

Gotta be the prize from door #2…right?

‘Gotta be.’


Well, you can’t fault logic like that!

A quick thank you / shout out to a couple unnamed background sims (who will eventually become named foreground sims): bellagorilla’s Hatasu Aui (whose gorgeous rear end also appeared in Chapter 68), and Damaro’s Ophelia Ayar.

So, what’s Hattie going to do about all this lack of good leadership (you can probably make a pretty good guess.)

Next chapter we’re going to explore what happens when you add a splash of misinformation, and a dash of crazy, to a pile of murder…


38 thoughts on “72. The Secret Life of Girls

  1. Ooooh, I get a feeling that some shit’s gonna go down in the near-ish future. 😱 Between Hattie’s rebellious thoughts and Deshret sleeping with another dude…uh oh.

    Can’t say I disagree with Hattie about Kebs, but Raet’s a darling. (Maybe too darling though, in Hattie’s opinion?) I think it’s very progressive of her to think that Pili would make a better ruler than either Raet or Kebs. I’m very interested to see if she’s ruthless enough to turn her thoughts into actions–and what might happen to the woman (or women) she ousts!

    I liked seeing the Ayar court from Arsinoe’s PoV, damn that shit sounds brutal. Heartbreaking that the little princess doesn’t even want to get to know her brother because, omg, what’s the point? Brutal culture, can’t blame a woman for being horrified.

    Worried for Deshret too… Ahhh, what a fun chapter. ❤ ❤

    Liked by 5 people

    1. “I think it’s very progressive of her to think that Pili would make a better ruler than either Raet or Kebs.” I just want the man-queen again, thanks!!

      Liked by 3 people

    2. If ever there was a guarantee of *anything* here, it’s that some shit gonna go down 😏

      Raet is a darling, it’s true; let’s hope that Hattie will figure out why Athena chose her and get on board! 😬
      Hattie is the champion of effective rulership, almost to the point of militant altruism, I fear; it could turn out as a boon for her Tribe… orrr go terribly wrong? 👀

      It is a brutal culture! And there’s no hiding from it’s darker rituals, alas 😭
      Arsinoë has a lot to learn about her new home, she’s only JUST begun to scratch the surface… I wonder what she’ll think of it in 10 years (provided she makes it that long 😈)

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Damn, I hope Hattie doesn’t try going the Marketa route or something… hopefully love for her family and fear of displeasing Athena will help curb anything TOO drastic or rebellious? Maybe? 😬 Got my eye on her tho…

    Interesting that the queen’s baby was not the future king after all… and how awful that he has to be killed! 😱😭 I like that we keep seeing the inner workings of the court from a variety of perspectives. Everyone adds their own piece to the puzzle!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hattie is ALL about pleasing Athena… so far.
      One to watch tho, for sure; I wonder if anyone else in her Tribe knows it? 😈
      It’s survival of the fittest up in this jungle y’all!

      Yeah, poor kiddo; born with the wrong hair colour… but at least we all know how that works now!
      And hey, with any luck he’ll get to live a long and happy life before stabbity sacrifice time…

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  3. Hattie looks like she’s quite mature for her age. And omg she’s pretty! She looks a lot like nubbins 😀

    There’s definitely quite some shit going on in Simchu Pichu. Not less cruel than the original amazon ways XD
    Also is that a Tony I’m spotting here?

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Hattie is a very clever, sensible young lady, but lacks life experience; hope that combination doesn’t go over poorly 😈

      The ancient world was a brutal place, and ancient civilizations has some particularly cruel ideas… well, no less than we do now a days I suppose!

      Tony?? OMG WHERE 😇

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That is usually a very baaaaad combination :O she’ll get in trouble, i smell it 😀

        Well. Nowadays people just got better at hiding it. I bet future generations will just say omg how barbaric was the 21st century c:

        The chest hair! I know it! c:<

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Wowzaz! Somebody opened up an Eye Candy shop and put all their wares in the window for all to see! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Hattie – She looking damn fine! And I really like the way she thinks.

    Raet – Still lookin’ good gurl!

    Kebz – Gurl, you crazy… But that long hair looks awesome on her.

    Pili – Pili is Pili, need I say more?

    Arsinoe – She scowled too much in the first appearance, she looks really good when she smiles.

    Deshret – Phroar! My sim crush is back!! But maybe not for long! 😬

    Liked by 3 people

    1. We have a pretty rigorous quality assurance staff here at LotL Inc… no sub-par products make it into the final catalog I’m afraid 😀

      Everybody kinda looking pretty in the same way, but TY nonetheless 😘
      (CLONES O.O)

      You’re right, though; Arsinoë has a beautiful smile!
      And Desh… well, all her (possibly doomed?) parts are beautiful also 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. QA Staffer: “I’m sorry, but you only reached a 9.5 on the LotL-scale.”

        Potential Character: “Umm… That’s good, isn’t it?”

        QA Staffer: “Take them to the Pit of Uggos!”

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  5. That throne area, so prettily decorated. I have to admire your sets every time. I’m finding myself reading slower and slower every chapter, because I want it to last longer! And studying your pictures in detail (haven’t used the magnifying glass yet, but we might get there) helps to prolong the joy from reading your story.
    Hattie has Pili’s nose! Makes me happy for some reason. The genes will carry on to the next generation.
    I can’t wait for Hattie & Kebab showdown. If that ever happens, that is. Hattie seems to be more suited for ruling, but Kebab is fun to read. I’m really curious who will be your final choice, I mean the Goddesses choice. 😉
    Love the happenings at my favourite Ayar court. I’m sold on the forbidden love 100%. Also, the king seems to be failing in more than fathering a son. Because every harem owner knows the first rule: castrate all your guards! But that would be extremely sad at this point. 😀 That’s all for now.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Ahh, I’m pleased you like the throne! 😊
      It took quite a bit of fussing and cc to get it the way I wanted it!
      Took some extra care with image editing this chapter also 😉 (wonder who I got *that* idea from?? 😇)

      I for sure want to breed some new genetics into this family, but The Nose stays!! I need my Bastet nose 4evar ❤

      It will be interesting to hear from Kebab at some point, and see what she makes of her little sister, now that Hattie isn't so *little* anymore 😈
      Well, whatever happens between them, and whomever comes out on top, I'm sure it will be an unnecessarily convoluted journey 😊

      I'll try to make room for as much Forbidden Love as I can (it's a guilty pleasure of mine, after all)! Man, I hope no one suggests to Kon that he should neuter the guards O.O

      Liked by 2 people

  6. Oh Hattie. I wuvs yoooou!! 😍😍 so start planning that expedient political takeover, girl. If Kebs only thinks of herself, just be there, helping out, doing stuff and then when things go collywobbles, swoop in and assume command.

    Hmmm, rando concubines getting knocked up and falling dead frothing at the mouth. I suspect a scorpion queen’s hand in that. 🤨

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hattie wuvs you right back! ❤
      Expedient political takeover a solid MAYBE… but first, we lurk and gather intel… formulate plans… sit in wait…

      Omg, it was totally the hand of an angry god tho! All the religious guys said so O.O


  7. Ohhh…Hattiee is going to off Kebz – because she isn’t fit to rule…makes perfect sense. Since Hattie is the strong one that sees all. However, she is probably right that Pili is the best leader of the bunch, since he isn’t an incest baby and all. Oh – and her toplessness covered by tattoos was brilliant. She reminds me of Bastet in that last picture of her.

    And then we go to the Kingdom….poor little princess Nen…not wanting to get to know her non-silver haired brothers because they will be slain….so sad. And Arsinoe is frightened by the fact it bothers her? Hmmmm….

    And Desh…that girl is in troooouble….but she gonna runnnn….and maybe her mysterious lover will run with her once she tells him he knocked her up and they are both now gonna be dead meat. Cause you don’t screw with the guards when your supposed be screwing the king…I mean for real….

    BTW – I LOVE your sets – they are amazing.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hattie is going to *probably* do *something* about Kebab, yeah… but maybe she’ll surprise us all and just be a strong, supportive adviser?? O.O
      I’m especially pleased with her topless tattoo situation, so ty 😊 it’s a great look for any Amazon!

      Yeah, poor girl; that can’t be an easy situation 😬 but don’t worry, Arsinoë is horrified because she didn’t know about that particular ritual; she’s still learning about the culture too! (Lucky gal)

      Deshret IS in a rather prickly situation; stay and be possibly god-thumped OR, run and maybe get caught… both uncertain, both potentially deadly. IT’S A TOUGH CALL O.O

      And ty for the set love ❤ I have a grand time building sets 😊


  8. Hmmm…I know Kon isn’t sterile or his evil queen wouldn’t be knocking off ladies. But now his right hand man is getting in on the action? Wow! 😱

    I love Hattie. Hoping she somehow takes the queenship…but how to do that eloquently? I’m sure she has a plan…(FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!)😈😈😈

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Kon *better* not be sterile! :O
      He’s got a whole kingdom waiting on a silvery haired god-baby ok!
      This is what happens when you don’t neuter your guardsmen! CHAOS.

      Kebab is just bonkers enough that she might do okay in a fight, but yeah, my money is on Hattie for that smack down 😈

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Dark WitcHazard: Dang why does the little princess know snout the murdering of the children is this girl mad kids never keep things to themselves! Yes Hattie dethrone your sister her death is near hehe!

    Lover WitcHazard: Ain’t That always the way one guy can’t get you pregnant you think well if he can’t no one can it takes one time and bam now we’re dead unless you have twins with two different fathers that’s s thing right!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dead Brother Day; It’s like Christmas, errybody knows about it… except no presents and there’s lots of dead guys after O.o (the gift that keeps on giving?).

      Maybe Hattie will just trap her in a nice cage and let her live out her days in isolated comfort!! (Probably not).

      Makes total logic! Desh clearly has a firm grasp on how babies are made and stuff; should work out well so long as she can hide from the poison fairy! xD


  10. Oooh, it’s getting real now! I’m really interested in the backstory of a certain duenna; Arsinoë does not seem like a slave girl, she seems like she came from something with a little more dignity; she is more worldly and a little less naive than her kidnapped redheaded counterpart.

    Speaking of Deshret, I am REALLY hoping that she pulls through and isn’t dead in childbirth. *Frets* She’s very cool and you make her so funny, I want to see what she has to offer this story! She’s smart enough to know that the King is “shooting blanks,” so maybe she’s smart enough to take her child and escape? Here’s to hoping!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Arsinoë came from very well-bred slave stock, like our boi boi Jahi 😀
      I’m sure this is NOT the adventure she was expecting to have after finishing her education 😬 but yeah, she’s definitely more book smart than Desh!

      Aww, I’m glad you like our sassy streetwise ginger troublemaker ❤
      She's got herself in a *right* pickle, she has, and I feel like she didn't figure out what was going on in the harem quite in time to escape problems, but maybe she'll be able to worm her way out of it? WE SHALL SEE 😱

      Liked by 1 person

  11. 1. Hattie’s hot
    2. Hattie’s surprised face is also hot

    Big yikes she has to chill there, even tho she teaching
    Shits crazy in that joint
    But im 4 it

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The kind of confidence i wish i had

        Like the tiddies i wish eggsisted but is ok
        At least i hav

        My overwhelmingly handsome manly man nugget wife spot in our poly marriage

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  12. Seriously. Where is the Cheshire Cat in all this? “We’re all mad here.” Even people who wanna make things “better” are pushing the boundaries of batshit crazy.
    My biggest sympathy goes to Lena. Real Lena. Bust outta there, girl?
    And that just CAN’T be the real Bastet. Kinda hung up on that.

    Liked by 1 person

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