74. Affairs of the Heart

For CENSORED version: Click Here (censored for assorted lady bits)

Last chapter…

We met the guy who may or may not solve Cassie’s vampire problem, after Bella got in touch with her cousin Jerry…Oberon is a little ornery, but heavily armed and probably scrappy if the scarring is any indication (fingers crossed).

Persephone and her sons had a pow wow in the kitchen slash crime scene, and we determined that witch blood is extra stainy (RIP Orion’s fave shoes), but frankly, that space looks better without a carpet anyhow.

They were circling around The Truth a little bit, but Khafre had to go and ruin it all by appearing in a mystical flash of light; investigation totally derailed (thanks Khafre).

Finally, Mosi went outside to be a little emo about Mommy vs Sire, but Anubis came to collect him and they totally snuck off without saying goodbye (omg, what is with the men in this family?)…except Oberon totes saw them.



“I’m afraid I do not understand,” Kumya tried his very best not to sound impatient…

…for he wished that the wretch would speak openly with him.

“What’s there to understand?”  Her words were soft, defeated, “I told you I was scared shitless that I was gonna get dead if I stayed, not that any of you assholes believe me, so I ran…”

“If you wish to be believed, girl, you must speak sensibly; I know for certain that before yourself, there have never been any babes conceived in the harem of our present King,” it was growing increasingly difficult not to accidentally set her on fire, silly creature, “if such a thing were true, The Ayar would speak of it at length–”

“Maybe not,” her voice was hoarse, perhaps from yelling, or perhaps from disuse?  “But the other girls talked about three of us who died after ending up pregnant, back when the king first got crowned or whatever; I was freaked out.”

Could it be true?  Could there have been others?  Kumya supposed it would not be unheard of for the sudden death of a concubine to be hushed up by the Seneschel, or some lower person…especially if illness were suspected.

“Tell me how they died, these girls.”

“Choking on nothing,” she lifted her head, “flopping around like fish out of water, purple, and swollen, and gross.”

Those unnerving red eyes of hers were clear of madness, but haunted.

“I…see,” there were few things in this world that could cause death in such a particular way.  Illness, yes; at the end of long suffering, there were those who succumbed to water-filled lungs, or convulsions, or swelling that resulted in suffocation.  But it was by more unnatural means that one could bring about all three simultaneously, on command.

“You guys are gonna kill me, right?  After this baby is born, or whatever,” she squeezed her eyes shut, as though trying to prevent herself from weeping, and Kumya had to admit he was marginally moved by her pitiful state.

“I cannot make you any promises, girl, but if you are honest and forthcoming, I can do my best for you.”

“Deshret, my name is Deshret, not girl,” she had the audacity to correct him; not as cowed as he’d assumed, then.

“Very well, Deshret, I have a follow up question, in regards to your condition,” he tried to look serious, but not intimidating, “was your child sired by our king?”

The concubine leaped to her feet and glared daggers at him; definitely not yet cowed, even after months of confinement.  If he hadn’t been on such serious business, he might have had a moment to spare to be impressed by her spirit…but there was no time for such nonsense.

“Peace, gir–Deshret; I am not your enemy,” he attempted to look sympathic, “did you know, that when the Scion is born, he who is Marked by Ayar with a crown of silver, all of his brothers are rounded up and sacrificed in his honour?”

Her strangled gasp suggested that she had not known; a common thing among these foreign slaves.

“Man, boy, and babe; all of them, slaughtered like goats at the foot of the Conqueror’s Throne,” it was not his usual order of business to terrify pregnant young women, but he needed her to understand the severity of her child’s potential fate.

“…but it seems to me that there may be foul play afoot; something unnatural preventing our King from siring babes on his harem,” he paused to give her a significant look, “you understand, of course, that this makes you an oddity?”

“You think someone’s messing with the King,” she whispered, clearly still off kilter from his revelation.

“At first I considered that someone was tampering with the harem, ah, but how much simpler to tamper with one person, instead of dozens?  The only complication, of course, is that this particular person is the most difficult to access…” he trailed off, mind still dissecting the implications.

“What would happen if I said this kid wasn’t the king’s?”  She asked quietly, “would you guys kill us when it’s born?”

“I have not come to condemn you, Deshret,” he told her with all the frankness he could muster, “I seek only the truth, in this, and all things related to it; I can promise only that I will not reveal your secret to any other soul, unless it becomes necessary for my investigation–”

“Or if I have a boy, okay?”  She demanded, “you promise me, mister sorcerer guy; if I pop out a boy, you tell them he’s not the king’s, I mean, maybe they’ll still kill him, but maybe they won’t…”

“I swear to you, I will do that much, should you bear a son,” he wished he could give her assurances as to the outcome, but it depended very much on the whims of their king, “tell me truly, though; was that child in your belly sired by another man?”

“I mean…probably?”  She admitted, and all the fire drained out of her eyes, “like, there’s this other guy, and we’re in love…”

“Thank you for your honesty,” so it was as he suspected, “you’ve been very helpful, Deshret, and I will not forget it.”

One questioned answered, and a dozen more to take it’s place; there was still much work to be done.


“Do you not think it is blasphemous the way he treats us?”

Kebechet let her eyes track the offender as he crossed the settlement; how she yearned for the days of her grandmother, when men were obedient to the will of their betters.

“Treats you,” chuffed Hatshepsut, “Anubis is perfectly cordial toward me–”

“Of course he is!  He delights in tormenting me alone, and I cannot see why!”  Did he not understand that one day she would be Queen?  Perhaps he thought himself beyond her reach once he went to the temple…

“You are easy to torment, sister,” Hattie stood, “I don’t suppose you’re planning on helping me with our shared chore today, are you?”

Kebechet ignored the question; queens shouldn’t have to pull weeds anyhow, it was far too menial.  “There must be a way to bring him to heel,” she muttered, how did the Amazons of times past do it?  Through strength of arms, most likely–

Hatshepsut’s (rather theatrical) sigh interrupted her thoughts, “if I tell you how, will you cease your obsessing and help me?”

“I am not obsessing!  I am concerned for the upholding the Will of the Goddess!” Obviously!  “However, if you are indeed the keeper of such knowledge, I will finish the rest of the weeding myself!”  She should order the girl to be silent, but a part of her had to admit to a certain amount of curiosity.

Hatshepsut sighed, “it will go faster if we do it together though; many hands make light work–”

“Are you going to tell me or not?”

Hattie smirked at her sister’s impatience, “it’s really nothing overly brilliant; just seduce him.”

“That’s stupid!”  Declared the elder girl…wasn’t it?  “You’re trying to trick me!  You just want to see me make a fool of myself!”

“What I want is peace among us, and you doing your fair share of caring for this settlement, sister,” it was pretty hard to know for certain what Hatshepsut was thinking, but she was not in the habit of saying idle things, “it seems to me that the simplest way to make peace between you and Anubis, is for you to appeal to his baser self; I’m afraid that the opportunity for you to earn his respect has long since passed.”

“Don’t be ridiculous!  I am his future queen; he is required to respect me,” the protest fell from her lips, even as her mind dissected her sister’s words, “besides, there is no guarantee that he would want…that, from me…”

Hatshepsut shrugged and went back to weed pulling, “he is a young man full of urges, and his own importance; do not discount the combined power of flattery and wiles.”

It was possible the inferior had a point.  Possible…

Kebechet bent down, without another word, and helped her little sister pull weeds, though the wisdom of Hatshepsut’s words had yet to be tested…


“You look absolutely ridiculous,” it had been quite some time since that particular voice had invaded his sanctuary to deride him.

“Ah, if it isn’t my radiant evening blossom, come to enrich my day with the blessing of her presence–”

“You do not know why I am here, do you?”

“I must confess, I do not; did you suddenly and inexplicably decide you missed me…?”

“Perish the thought; I’m here for the conception ritual, nothing more,” she snapped, “which, to no one’s surprise, you seem to have completely forgotten.”

“Already?!”  His rod of pleasure began to retract into his body at the shock.

“I am sixday past my first moontide since–” she inhaled, unwilling to say it.

“Since our son’s birth,” he finished with unusual gravity, “what did you call him, again?”

“Samin, his name is Samin,” she hissed, “the least you could do for him is to remember it!”

Nay, the least he could have done for the poor boy was to have spilled his seed on the coverlet, but alas.

“It is easier for me if I do not,” did she think he did not grieve for their son already?

“Yes, well, you will forgive me if I am not interested in making anything easier for you.”

Apparently not.

“Peace, wife, I do not wish to quarrel.”

“I expect not, quarreling indicates care, after all; and we all know Kon cares only for himself.”

“That isn’t fair, Marketa–”

Why must he always bear the brunt of guilt for every misery between them?

“I do not wish to discuss it any further; wash your face before you undress, I’d rather fuck a man than a mummer.”

Kon complied, ignoring the sting of her dismissal; it was the sensible thing to do, unless he wanted to prolong her visit…and he most certainly did not.

“Did you at least bring me a new tincture?”  He called to her, the familiar pang of a craving stirring his arousal at the very thought.

“Why, yes, husband, I most certainly did.”


Well, at least she likes him enough to make sure he doesn’t run out of tincture!  (What a nice lady)…I wonder if she makes it herself? 🤔

I hope we all enjoyed the shenanigans and promise of tomfoolery to come (cum?) *snerk* curious to know what folks think the fallout for these things will be 😈

Anyways, here; after all that talk of baby killing etc, let’s enjoy a nice cuddly moment between A/U Selene and the newest member of her A/U brood:


38 thoughts on “74. Affairs of the Heart

  1. Man Spud sure looks different but at least Selene still takes time for him

    I mean can’t we just poison Desheret’s baby daddy instead? I’m not quite tired of Kon’s antics and I’m sure Marketa can deal with having a greater kill count. 😉

    Liked by 4 people

    1. That’s what happens when you take them dogs in for a shave down… man, they just don’t ever look the same after that! 😱

      Why are we poisoning people so early in the morning?! Damn, Marketa; take note.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kebab and Hattie are so beautiful. ❤ ❤ And the resemblance is so strong! Love that nose, mannn.

    Oh man, I'd kill to see Kebab try to seduce Nubbins. PLS. I need this in my life. She's giving me such Maat vibes, I really wonder how Nubbins would react, or if he's fine having her polish the ol' pleasure rod.

    Speaking of pleasure rods, poor Konnie. I would not drink that tincture, dude. Aaaa. She wouldn't poison her own husbhahahahaaaaaaaaa. She totally would, lbr. I think he looks great all dolled up, tyvm. There's no accounting for (Marketa's) taste.

    I wonder what's going to happen to Deshret. Damn, girl is super preggers. And I really like Kumya. What will he do with the knowledge, though…?

    Love the Ayar chapters, as always. ❤

    Liked by 4 people

    1. tyuuuuu, I lubs dem girls ❤
      They do all look *so much* alike tho (massively different styling has proven to be essential) 😬

      What? You want to see a self-absorbed virgin with zero clue try to get into the pants of another self-absorbed virgin with zero clue? OFC U DO; that could only end well 😈

      KonKon been drinking that sweet tincture for *quite some time now* (it's like cool aide I guess?), poor guy… but I have to agree, and think maybe she's just being mean about his outfit for the sake of being mean, cuz he look HAWT OK.

      She is, doh; no hiding it now! Hopefully Kumya doesn't come to any bad conclusions I guess 😬

      Tyyyyuuu ❤ and the Ayars lorbs you too ❤

      Liked by 2 people

    1. RIP Desh’s hairs 😬
      She mentioned you while I was cutting it “bacon won’t think I’m pretty anymore” and then she CRIED… poor gurl.

      Hattie: “this is TOO EASY”

      Scorpion Queen sends her love ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awww ❤
        Leyva *is* still hot with a shave (throwing off girly butch vibes that are delicious btw!)
        That will mean a lot to Desh; she was sort of proud of her glorious mane!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! So much happening which could all go a million different ways. So, when Anubis comes back with his spawn, I wonder how Kebab will react to having yet another male in their midst. Assuming he does go back.

    I would think Anubis would as soon kill her as have her polish his rod! Lol….

    And Marketa gonna kill the king I think after she becomes pregnant and then she will take over and change the rules about baby killing. Or not….lol…

    Poor Deshret….she cut her hair when she ran, or did they do that to punish her? I like that Kumya was at least halfway nice to her. He just wants to,understand what it going on.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. It’s true! Many avenues open to our crazy kiddos! But never fear; future-vampire Anubis has no plans as yet to bring Mosi back in time to meet past-human Anubis! (Probably 😈)

      Anubis isn’t *quite* at the stage where he’s ready to kill her… but give her time! She definitely has potential to inspire that sort of regard in her Tribemates 😬

      Oh man, I’m sure Marketa fantasizes about that very thing, buuut, if the king dies, she’s sacrificed along with him; women are not allowed to be kings in Sim’Caritambo, alas! (Aten would encourage her Woman-King ambitions tho!)

      They did do it when she was captured; shaved her head, makes looking after her easier, and humiliates her at the same time (jerks) 😱

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Sooo Marketa has been getting rid of competition, huh? Crafty. I wonder what the tincture is. Infertility potion to drink after she’s done with him? Poor Kon and his retracting rod of pleasure.
    There’s a 50% chance Deshret is carrying Kon’s baby and she’s well hidden from the Scorpion queen. Scion will be born after all. Does it mean Deshret will become the queen? Or a second/first wife? Oh, I know who would be ecstatic about this news, Deshret’s former travel companion. 😀
    Like LadyLobster I vote for Kebab’s attempt to seduce Nubbins. Must see!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Ahh, yes, in the early days before she figured out easier and less obvious ways to control Ayar babymaking! What’s a girl to do when these pesky concubines start getting pregnant??

      Well, IF Desh has the Scion, she just gets to live in the harem again; only one way to be queen, and it involves gladiator style combat! (Unless you’re a dirty cheater like Marketa 😉 )
      Maaan, yeah, I could see Arsinoë’s face if Desh ended up as queen tho LOL.

      Kebab and the Seduction of Nubbins; I should sell tickets 😈
      I mean, I’m sure that would/will go off without a hitch!


  5. Ahhhh, so much to love about this one! 😀 Hattie telling Kebz she should seduce Nubbins… omg I’m here for this. LMAO I am eager to see how it’ll all go down… And oh goodness, if he has the audacity to refuse her… she will not be happy XD

    Why do I have the awful feeling Desheret’s baby is gonna be born with silver hair…? I’m scared! (But then, maybe Kon really isn’t the baby daddy? We can hope… For my girl Marketa’s sake 😛 Love seeing Kumya’s continued detective work (also love seeing him in general because he’s hot hehe)

    UH OH, don’t drink that tincture, Kon! I know my girl hates you, but you’re too amusing for any harm to befall you 😛 Also, dat outfit is ON FLEEK (what does that even mean? I don’t know. I just felt like saying it)

    Oh, and on a serious note, I find it really interesting (and sad!) to see that both Kon and Marketa are dreading the sacrifice of their son (understandable of course though 😦 ). It’s so interesting how these ancient people feel that they are bound by these brutal rituals… They 100% have the power to change tradition and not go through with any of it, but their beliefs are so strong and so deeply ingrained.

    Another wonderful chapter!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. See, Kebab?? Everyone thinks you should try to seduce Nubs!! I mean, what’s the worst that could happen, right? 😈

      Oh man, if Desh has a baby with silver hair, Arsinoë gonna be SO MAD THO; would be super funny 😀
      Kumya is 10/10 my fave hot (literally bc fire wizard) detective guy… man, hopefully we’ll be able to tell who’s naboo that even is when it’s born!

      Aww, y’all so worried for poor Kon’s safety (and loving his fashion sense) ❤
      You're 100% correct tho; ON FLEEK
      (It's just super fun to say outloud)

      It's true! The things you have to put up with when your entire dynasty is riding on the favour of a violent god! 😬
      It's hard to write that part of it, that moment when you're like "why did I sign myself up for this flavour? I don't like the taste!"

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Marketa’s got some SASS going on there! I can’t say I blame her; I wouldn’t be very turned on by that glowing statue of Kon either. “Absolutely ridiculous” fits the bill pretty succinctly. He reminds me of a peacock with all his feathers on display! 😀

    Oh man, Deshret. I mean your hair is super cute all pixified, but girl. I hope things work out for her, I am worry. Kumya seems like a decent fella though, so maybe there is hope? It’s interesting that she described the way that the other baby mamas died–especially now that we know for certain that Marketa is a bit of an herbalist.

    As always, you left me hungry for more!!! 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

    1. LOL.
      She does seem to know what she likes (or doesn’t like)… but I think the one accessory he can’t take off is the one she despises most of all!
      Peacock tho; yes! %100

      Right? You can’t make her look uggo with a hair cut! Lady is *rockin* that look ❤
      Kumya does seem decent, hopefully he wasn't just blowing smoke up her ass for his "investigation"
      Man, if he found out about Marketa's love of herbs… that would be A THING 😬

      Liked by 1 person

  7. That ‘happy potion’ that Marketa makes for Kon probably has something to do with the no nooboos in the harem dealio. Does he drink it before or after his “mighty serpent” hibernates in Marketa’s den?

    ‘Dat outfit, tho!

    Sorry Kebs, can’t see ya for the glory that’s Hattie. Sorry, not sorry.

    Liked by 1 person

      He’s sort of jonesing for it tho, so I’d say most of the time he drinks it before they do the dirty. (also, stealing “mighty serpent” for a later chapter 😂 )

      Right? Living in the shade of a cooler cucumber; poor Kebs; you wish you had Hattie swagger!


      1. EUREKA!!

        Well, if he drinks it just *before* they horizontal tango (or vertical… how does Kon like it? Or Marketa for that matter?) it probably won’t affect the current uh … supply. But later … oh yesssss.

        Bwahahahahaha. I got plenty more where ‘mighty serpent’ came from. 😂

        Hattie just rawks it all. The tats, the look. The sexy.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s a very SPECIAL concoction, where you really need to have the ‘antidote’ to access *certain special effects* that you may or may not want.
        (Kon likes it with maximum variety, but Marketa *always* insists on topping, boo!)

        You just keep ’em coming as the mood strikes then 😈
        Hattie ❤ gawd I love that girl, she fascinates me endlessly!


  8. Good God, I’m glad Kon’s taking off all that makeup! He’s the ultimate diva! I love him!

    And yeah, such a dumbass, taking a tincture from someone who hates him. 🙄 I don’t get why he doesn’t have a slave who’s a taster…

    Looks like Kumya is getting to the bottom of the mystery…I hope he finds out all!

    And hmmm…Kebs is going to “try” to seduce Nubby? Lol! I think he’ll laugh in her face!


    1. He just loves to spend an afternoon experimenting with his makeup and then along comes Mrs. Crabbypants and ruins his fun!

      Oh, he *does* have a slave taster 😈
      Kon’s pretty addicted to whatever that is she’s giving him tho; been that way for years!

      Detective Kumya at your service! He really needs a notebook to jot all this down in; but yeah, he be uncovering STUFF (dun dun dun).

      Nubs probably WILL be highly amused, but also, he is a young guy not getting any… I guess we’ll see how that plays out 😈


  9. Why yes, such a nice woman this lady Marketa. Of course she makes it herself, considering the huge amount of love for Kon that resides in her kind heart.
    It was so sad to see Deshret so mistreated. What have they done with her magnificent red hair! D: It will be duely mourned. But moreover, what have they done to her by imprisoning her for so long. She isn’t broken yet but utterly desperate and that doesn’t come from nothing, confident sparkling self that she was.
    Excited for how Kebs x Nubs will play out. In any case, verrry changeful lol

    Liked by 2 people

    1. See? That wasn’t so bad; and you were worried someone would die! (RIP Kon’s rod of pleasure tho.)
      It’s true; no one makes his tincture *quite* as well as his loving wife! It’s extra special, just for him ❤

      Oh yeah! RIP Deshret's glorious hair also 😭
      It hurt me to change it, but that's what you get when you're a concubine trying to steal the king's baby by running away!
      It will take more than confinement to break our feisty ginger's spirit tho!

      Yeah, no matter what goes down between Kebab and Nubbins, *something* interesting (or cringey?) is BOUND to come from it! (Probably.)

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Dark WitcHazard: Deseret girl what happened to you hair it’s horrendous! Love how Hattie is rocken the tattoo shirt she makes it works! Also I don’t care what the baby killer says Kon looks fierce in that get up and don’t let anyone tell him otherwise!

    Lover WitcHazard: Yes Keb get you some Nubbins loven!

    Nooboos WitcHazard: Marketa will die a slow and painful death! Then she will be clawed and bitten by imps one for ever child she slaughtered and they willhaunted her for all enternity in the afterlife her soul will never know rest! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👿

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 10/10 she MAD as a hornet about that hair; I would be… one must be a *little* badass to make the tattoo shirt work; Hattie’s just the girl for that job!
      Kon knows he beautiful in his full splendour (Marketa SUCH a stick in the mud).

      I have a good feeling about Kebab x Nubbins, Lover! Donchu worry 😀
      Maybe they’ll make up for what we’ve lost due to Marketa shenanigans (oh that lady and her poison!)


  11. Aww poor Desh… hope everything turns out well for her and that lil tony spawn :c

    Also save me a ticket for Kebab’s seducing show. It cannot be anything but awkward xD I bet she has the hots for Nubsi anyway, how she’s obsessing c: (can’t blame her!)
    Also funny how Hattie got more clue about dem boys than Kebab… looks like she paid better attention in school than future queen xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can promise only that we’ll get to *see* the babby! (That’s swell, right?) 😀

      Oh yeah, maximum awkward… there’s definitely some toxic obsessing between the two of them… if Kebab pulled her head out of her own arse for a second, she might see more, like her sis (don’t get our hopes up tho); Hattie is a natural observer, but she still young and comes to some immature conclusions!


  12. Poor Deshret…what will be of her and the baby…I hope Kumya can help her.
    Kon dressed up looks erm…silvery. Marketa has some stingy remarks (pun so very much intended).
    Crazy ancient rules…sighs.
    Also…Nubbins being seducted can go so wrong. LOL
    Nice chapter as always! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aw, tanks! ❤
      Yeah, Desh is in a tough spot 😬
      I guess we'll see where all of this leads Kumya (maybe it'll all turn out okay this time!!)
      Kon is Fabulous! I'm sure he won't let that hater wife of his get him down 😊
      Nubbins seduction: 10/10 will probably be… something… 😬

      Liked by 1 person

  13. I worry for Kumya (I always wanna say Kumbaya, however it’s put together). What will Marketa do if she finds out he’s found out? Will we find out if she finds out he’s found out? And will Kon find out she’s find out that Kumya has found out? Hm.
    Still sad for Lena.
    LOL on Hattie playing mind games. Go girl.

    Liked by 1 person

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