75. Family Matters

Last chapter…

Kumya visited Deshret in baby-mama jail (pretty nice facilities, considering), and promised to try and get her baby not killed if it turned out to be a boy (because sacrifice stuff), it’s fine ‘cuz she’s pretty sure it’s not the king’s baby anyhow!

Kebs got some dubious advice from her shirtless younger sister about how to make Anubis be less mean to her…it kind of amounts to some unflattering lows our fave Heiress shouldn’t have to go to, but eh, she may be running out of options.

Lastly, Kon and Marketa had a little marital spat about sacrificing their kids (as people do) before getting down to some Grade A awkward woohoo.  There was a tincture, which Kon may or may not have been jonesing for; speculation abounds as to what the nature of said tincture was…



“How many millennia has it been, do you know?”

Persephone had brought him to her favourite bluff in The Woulding; it was so wonderful that he had returned to her…and so strange.

She’d spent such a very long dreaming of this day, these moments they would spend together as they once had; after so many decades of turmoil, her soul felt at peace once more.

“Time is a slippery thing, dear brother…”

“You can just say you don’t know, Persephone,” he always did have a way of seeing through her words, as no one else did.

“Very well,” she conceded, “I don’t know for certain, though at least two thousand years…”

“Two thousand years…I wonder if the temple still stands.”

Persephone felt a pang of something…was it jealousy?  Resentment perhaps?  It tainted the peace of their reunion, the knowing that they had both lived other lives while they had been apart.

It was never meant to be that way; such a thing was unnatural.

“We have lost so much time together,” she whispered, “it hurts my heart, it was never meant to be that way.”

How had she not seen it coming?

“It was your magic that did this, sister, didn’t you know?”

“I–had my suspicions,” she’d never allowed herself to dwell on it before, “what does that mean?  Did I do this to us?”

“There’s a fun thought,” he said it with a hint of irony, “but no; I think something else machinated these things, or at the very least, helped them along–”

“What could do such a thing?  I’ve never heard of a creature that could usurp the power of a fairy, surely–”

“What about a god?”  He smirked, “or, more precisely, a goddess.”

“That’s ridiculous,” because it was, “those primordial beings never meddle in the affairs of the mortal world, despite the cries of humans to the contrary–”

“Are you certain?”  The teasing lilt had fled from his words, “sister, I have seen things that lead me to believe otherwise.”

“Nonsense,” she insisted, “such powers care nothing for us, even creatures such as you and I are less than meaningless–”

“I’m telling you, Persephone, something cares a great deal about these Amazons, and has gone to an immense amount of trouble on their behalf; if it isn’t some kind of godly being, I cannot even begin to speculate.”

“Preposterous!”  If there were such powers wielding influence over their kind in the universe, she would know it…wouldn’t she?

“The almighty fairy Seer, brought low by a heathen deity!”

Was he amused by such a disastrous thing?

“Does that not trouble you?  The thought that they might meddle?  Do you not see that if you are correct, that means that something powerful enough to rip apart a fairy soul-bond is at large in the world,” why did he not seem to understand the severity of his words, “and as that would be a catastrophe, you cannot possibly be correct!”

Khafre sighed, “sister, just because something is upsetting, does not mean it isn’t true–”

“Well, that’s your opinion–”

“Think about what you just said; something tore us two thousand years apart, despite our magical kinship,” there was that serious tone again, so tiresome, “something needed me to stay, at any cost, and save Raet…”

“…she was dying, Persephone; if I had been taken along with you, the female line of Bastet would have died with her.”

“How was she, our little Raet?  The last I saw her, she was so very sad…” the memory of her lover’s grief tugged still at the Seer’s heart.

“Happy,” he replied, “happy to have a babe in her arms at long last, though it wasn’t the daughter she needed.”

“Good,” there was a small bit of peace to be had in knowing it, “she deserved to be happy, even if I wish I could have been there to see it.”

“In the end, I think it was my healing magic that quickened her womb,” he mused, “I had been considering trying it when she lost her first babe.”

“It’s quite a thing, isn’t it?”  She sighed, “loving a person you weren’t born to love,  choosing someone, instead of having them born being a part of you…”

“Are you saying you loved her better than me because you got to choose her?”

“Love a human more than the other half of my soul?”  She snorted, “don’t be daft!  Everyone knows the fae are self-absorbed to a fault, after all…”

“…still, let’s not ever do it again.”



From the first moment she’d laid eyes on him, Celina was in love!  Not that she didn’t love her other children, far from it…

…but there was something special about this little one, some indiscernible quality that chased all the grey away, and filled the world with light.

Everyone in the household felt it, even Spud, who could be a touch ornery with the other children from time to time…

…but it was simply impossible to be cross with such a cheerful, gentle child…

…and Spud made it abundantly clear who his favourite was.

No one minded, though, the newest little Hill was everyone’s favourite, after all…

…even if he wasn’t particularly gifted at making himself understood.

Their little ray of sunshine just wasn’t quite as good with words as his siblings had been.

Of course, that didn’t stop him from gesticulating wildly and babbling at her whenever she entered the room!  Bless his expressive little heart.

Their pediatrician said it was normal, however, and they weren’t to worry; he’d find his words in his own time.

Celina wished she could reassure him somehow, he always seemed especially desperate to communicate with her, in particular.


But that made sense, didn’t it?  After all, she was his mother.

The doctor said it was a good idea to be positive and supportive of his efforts as often as possible.

“Did you hear that, Colton?  He tried to say ‘mama’!”

The child huffed in a decidedly irritated fashion.

“It’s okay, sweetie; you’ll get it right one day!”  It didn’t matter, though, she’d love him even if he never spoke a proper word in his entire life; everything was wonderful and bright in the world now that she had him.

Her sweet little Oliver.


Why, yes!  This chapter was just kind of an excuse for cute toddler spam disguised as important plot points 😇

So now we’re starting to bring a few things together in the modern world!  Fairies have the best exposition chit chats, don’t they?  I imagine we haven’t seen the last of Useful Fairy Convos, so stay tuned ❤


31 thoughts on “75. Family Matters

  1. Spud might not even need the promises of cucumbers and unlimited shitting on the deck to help Oly out at this rate. THAT BOND. THAT EVERYTHING. Spud actually caring about a child! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Ughhhh I'm so happy you brought Oly back in some form (with my dog!!) but I might keep my long thoughts for a different place. Or a different chapter, depending on how this turns out.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Your Long Thoughts?? Comment cliffhanger 😱

      Well, no matter what else is going on, Spud gets cucumbers and a nice deck to squat on ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, they’re alive! Ish! Please get through to Lena, pleaseeee. But omg, Oly makes the most adorable toddler, and aaaaaaa, them playing with Spud… I died. (The way Oly apparently didn’t, at least not completely?) I love how tod-Oly’s clothes are still very Oly. LOL.

    And eee, Khafre and Persephone reunited and TALKING. (Ngl, I totally wanted to see them do Other Stuff.) And it’s so sweet (and sad) how they were reminiscing over Raet. They were such a compelling trio.

    But at least two of them are back together, and Raet seems pretty content on her own or with her tribe. Still, your Amazon queens sure seem to lead lonely lives, at least romantically. The burden of the crown.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. They’re *something* that’s for sure! Even if it’s only a sweet memory in ‘Celina’s’ mind (would I do that?!)
      Oh man, I had too much fun just watching them play together, I should have brought out the kiddie pool 😱 ah! Opportunity missed 😭

      Reunited and talking! Don’t worry, lot’s of time for Other Stuff once they adjust to the new norm 😈 we still need them give us more sweet sweet exposition (sexposition?) at some point.

      You’re right, my poor queens! Man, maybe I need to find a way to give one of them a proper romance? ❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 3 people

  3. OLY!!!!!!!!! ❤️ She reincarnated as a he! Lol…..But yesssss. Dead-not dead! I can’t wait to see what that adorable tod grows up to be like. Still full of witchy powers maybe?

    Khafre and Persephone together again, but missing the tois in their ménage a tois…but still happy for her ❤️❤️❤️ Will they go try to find the temple? Perhaps. Maybe they will stumble upon Bastet’s remains….hmmmm….

    I love the little hints at next chapters…. Appears Kebs managed to seduce Nubs… but why do they look happy…. I wouldn’t expect that. Is she preggers with the next gen??? Is Hattie not gonna get rid of her and be the very observant heir to the throne? What about the damn tincture? Leave us wanting more…

    Liked by 3 people

    1. One thing *is* certain; Celina’s dream baby is one to watch… probably 😉
      Poor little Oliver; mom just isn’t hearing you!

      Khafre and Persephone just don’t feel complete to me without the ruffle in their thruffle 😞 but alas, that chapter in their lives is closed; I’m sure, however, that they’ll find many new and exciting ways to fill their time (may or may not even involve temple hunting 😲)

      I’m glad you like my nebulous previews! Sometimes they’re a bit misleading though, lol (wut, me?), or they just represent a caricature of a feeling or a mix of feelings… and occasionally a dichotomy!
      Well, we’ll see how long Hattie can put up with the Lesser Maat 😈

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  4. I knew Oly couldn’t REALLY be dead! But now the question is, how can they save themselves and Selene l? Leave me on the edge of my seat why don’t you 😛

    And ah, Khafre and Persephone. ❤️❤️❤️ My heart is so warmed this morning! I love their bond (and Persephone refusing to believe theres something more powerful than fae magic hehe) and it was sweet to see how deeply they both still care for Raet ❤️ but the end of their conversation was so funny “Falling in love with other people is weird, let’s never do it again!” 😂 Very fae hahaha ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I mean, maybe ‘Oly’ is just a coping mechanism in ‘Celina’s’ brain tho! Her subconscious is taking a form she trusts to send her a message on how to save herself YOU NEVER KNOW 😈

      Well obviously there’s nothing more powerful than fae magic, duh, can’t be done ok. See? Sometimes I let people be happy together (after dragging them through much suffering), they just have to earn it 😜

      Falling in love is a horrid thing, so messy; Persephone is DONE with that shit.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay, okay. You get 2/3 of a point for bringing Persephone and Khafre back together (Raet would have been the other 1/3 😭) but I also don’t trust you not to break my heart again, so… 👀 Got my eye on you, lady. 😛

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  5. And Oly appears! As a cute dream baby! Lol! Not happy at the prospect of being Lena’s dream bans though. That was funny…so, I guess that means Oly is alive and invading Lena’s dreams! Yusss! 👏

    What good is Persephone and Khafre together after 2000 years if they’re not going to get naked right away? *huff* I have expectations, you know. 😜And so…a power is at work. I hope they figure it out! (Her name is Ms. Froots)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. You have these grand plans of being a dream baby saviour, and then BAM; speech issues. Well, damn. There goes that!
      But at least the invasion was a success 😈

      Those two crazy fae and their messed up priorities! If there’s anything 7 season of Game of Thrones has taught us, it’s that exposition CAN AND SHOULD happen while naked.
      They just need to find their stride again 😏

      Liked by 3 people

  6. Persephone is too prideful to accept that something more powerful than herself is at play. Good thing she has Khafre to help her see, which is her job.
    Hmm, if Oli isn’t a coping mechanism, what is he and how did he get in Celina’s dream bubble? Was his consciousness/essence/soul absorbed by the Godess/Celina when he died? I like the idea of him being reborn in the realm of dreams an existing there. He was a dreamwalker after all.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. We could all use a Khafre in our lives to be our balance (good thing she got hers back from Raet tho; longest balance loner EVER).

      It will be fun to unravel this Ollie and see what’s what! All excellent and plausible theories, but I think we can all agree that no matter what, I probably made it needlessly complicated! 😜

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh and I forgot to mention your pictures look better and better with each chapter. I’m wondering if it’s an upgrade of hardware or more cc or photoshopping skills.

        Liked by 4 people

      2. Thank you so much! ❤️🤗
        It’s largely me taking extra time to edit, but probably also a fair amount of credit to the excellent cc I’ve collected (so thanks a second time 💋)

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  7. Dark WitcHazard: So Oly potentially got reincarnated back I tot he story that’s all I needed to hear! I’m back in baby! I’m invested again! Carry on! Also what happen to Selene being possessed and man how much time has gone by Could be the hair but Selene looks old as heck! Ooh there’s goddess in the mix now guess she really misses all those hunky sacrifices huh!😝

    Lover WitcHazard: So she settled for Colton figures not like there’s not much competition anyway! What happened to my handsome Mosi and Nubbins and the hunky hunter guy who should totally go shirtless at least once in this story!

    Nooboos WitcHazard: Shfhdvshsbdhhrhghfh hehehe Nooboos!🚨

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh Dark, did you really think something as mundane as a kitchen knife could end the all encompassing awesomeness that is Oly?
      Okay, maybe. TBD still at this point. 😬

      It’s just the granny clothes and excessive makeup! Celina is still pretty ‘young’ (do dreamselves even age? 🤔)

      Yeah, in dream world you pretty much just stick with the husband you are assigned; but on the plus side, at least he’s not asking any uncomfortable questions about how they produced such a pale kid!

      Hey you never what might pop up shirtless at any given time 😈


  8. Eeeee, this chapter was chilling. The moments with Celina are a bit like watching a horror movie to me, just kind of *off* and spooky. But this is NOT a complaint, I loved every word!

    Seph and Khafre reunite! I’m eager to see how this plays out–what information has he got? What will we learn? And what can we do to get more pictures of Spud???

    Liked by 3 people

    1. It’s true! She is trapped, after all; that IS pretty damn horrifying! 😱
      Poor kiddo.

      I think people expected more nudity, kekeke, but yes, together again! And so much fun info to share, dun dun DUNNN 😉

      Spud is a unicorn. Alls we can do is leave out a cucumber and hope for the best!

      Liked by 2 people

  9. ohhhh Oly ❤️❤️❤️
    I missed them!
    Hehe, so the dreamwalker kiddo returns Lena’s favour and visits her? c:
    Probably to warn her? It’s so cute how little Oliver tries to say her name… But their powers don’t seem to be the best after they died :c

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oly should have paid better attention in dreamwalking class 😉 maybe they wouldn’t be having such a rough time communicating!
      That’s okay, I’m sure it’ll come to something eventually 😁

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Oh that was truly evil of the it-can’t-be-Bastet bitch who trapped Lena in that beautiful hell. And she let Oly keep his memories. Or she couldn’t prevent him from having them. So, thinking of the birth… nah. Won’t go there. Again.
    Glad the fairy sibs are back together, but I don’t doubt something else bad will befall them. Just a matter of time. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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