78. The Way You Make Me Feel

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Last chapter…

Balsam walked in on Prim having some tongue time with her ex baby daddy, Cornelius, who turned out to be a somewhat forgetful satyr guy with (allegedly) large endowments; Balsam begrudged his Mistress nothing, because grief.

After admitting Mosi knocked him up, Prim and Balsam went to mix potions and have A Nice Moment with nice hugs and understanding and stuff (aww).

‘Selene’ bugged Artemis for a peek at her necromancy stuff, then stormed off when denied; it was sort of weird so Artie booked it to the storage room to check on her secret stash, and found a totally bizarre issue with Grandma Bastet’s portrait.



β€œYou…came here to fuck me?”

“Well I would not say it like that!” Why must men always be so crass? “Clearly this was a stupid idea–”

“Well, on that we agree, at least; you would not like it, silly girl.”

Kebechet felt her hackles bristle at his presumption, “how do you know what I would or would not like? Raet and Nafi both enjoy it very much–”

Anubis snorted, “yes; with Pili,” he said it as though such a thing should be obvious, “who knows what he is doing; I’ve never had anything more interesting than my own hand, Highness, despite previous accusations you’ve thrown my way regarding goats–”

“I do not see how that is relevant!”

“You don’t see the issue with two clueless virgins trying to fumble their way through a rut? And you have the nerve to call your sister dumb–”

“She is dumb! I knew you would say no! I should not have listened to her–”

“Why would I say no?”

“You just did!”

“I did not, I merely pointed out why it was a bad idea…mostly for you, not for me…”

“Why would it be fine for you and not for me?”

“Likely it would hurt for you, Highness; I’ve been told that is preventable, but not how to prevent it,” his tone was unusually solicitous, “I could–do you want me to ask?”

The question caught her off guard. It was possible she gaped a little, but he waited for her to answer with a rather peculiar look on his face. Kebechet felt her heart race as the realization struck her; she’d won, somehow…had she won? Was Hattie right all along?

Anubis had never offered to do anything for her in his entire life, or had any interest in anything she said; but here he was, waiting patiently for her to decide something, with a strange intensity in his eyes…what was that? She’d never seen it on him before. It was beyond disconcerting, but also exciting.

“No, I’d rather you didn’t,” she replied after a moment, the idea of getting advice on such a thing from her parents was beyond humiliating.

The young man took a step back, “fine, but I’m still taking you home–” his voice was hard, and she felt a pang of despair as she realized her newfound power was slipping through her fingers already.

“You misunderstand!” Kebechet spoke quickly, “I mean no, don’t ask about it, not the other kind of no…I still want to, um–”

His disapproval was evident, but the edge faded from his posture.


A pang of something tugged at the sorcerer’s guts as he observed the gir–Deshret’s, remains.

Regret? Yes, somewhat; he sighed.

Sadness. Perhaps a touch of guilt, also, for he had promised to try and help her, and now no one ever would again.

“Do we know how this happened?”

“It seems she choked, my Lord, on a piece of food; though of course the embalmers will want to conduct an official examination.”


Kumya found himself noting a lack of purple discoloration and swelling; at least the pitiful creature had not died in the manner she’d feared most, though, truth be told, choking on food was probably not dissimilar.

“Such an ignominious way to die,” he muttered, “I am sorry, Deshret; may Temaz embrace you and your unborn child.”

It was the proper thing to say, but in his heart, he wished no such thing for her in the afterlife; eternity bound to gods that were not your own sounded like a poor fate indeed.

“You may send for the embalmers, Tola, I am finished here.”

Such a waste.

“Did he believe you?” Sabit asked softly, once the sorcerer had slipped away.

“He did,” confirmed the guardsman, “what shall I do with her?”

“Bring her to my chambers, my lower chambers.”

“Yes, grandmother.”


Despite the fact that this was a terrible idea, Anubis found himself taking a step towards her.

“Do you need me to help you with your dress?” Regardless of the misery this creature visited upon him, he suddenly found his fingers eager for an excuse to touch her.

Was he truly so biddable? A mere hint of interest, and his libido was throwing all sense to the wind.


There was no denying the truth; he would do nearly anything she asked in this moment, damn her! Why did the Goddess allow such weak, senseless creatures to hold such immense power over stronger, cleverer ones? It was not fair.

“Do you expect us to roll around on the grass like animals?” Gasped the harpy, “things poop on the grass, Anubis!”

She looked like a cornered rabbit, wide eyed and shaking like a leaf.

“We do not have to do this if you are afraid, Highness,” he found himself saying before the desire silenced him.

“I am not afraid!” She hissed, misinterpreting his concern for derision, “I fear no man and his floppy little member–”

“Ah…check again…”

“Wow, that got…it was so small before!” Her disbelief was both amusing and insulting.

“The water was cold,” he huffed, “and I’m a grower–”

“Well, I’m not sure you’ll fit now.”

A frisson of something unpleasant assaulted his conscience, warring with the rising desperation, the need born out of the promise of something that had never before been offered.

Anubis found himself reaching out to take her hands, for what purpose, he did not know; the texture of her skin was like nothing he’d ever felt before.

‘Impossibly soft.’

Were all girls this soft? Or was it just the especially troublesome ones, as a means to balance out an unsavoury personality.

“Let me take you home, Kebechet; you are not ready for this.”

The young woman’s lower lip jutted out in the way he knew meant he’d struck a nerve; many of her nerves had been struck over the course of their acquaintance, this expression was one that held the promise of some defiant speech.

Balls to that.

He’d offered several times now to take her home, hadn’t he? Let her say no if she didn’t want him…preferably without a lecture.

Kebechet pulled away and took a step back.

“I am not afraid,” was she declaring it to him, or to herself? Perhaps both…no matter, it happened that there wasn’t further time for analyzing…

‘Holy fuck; this is happening.’

“Are you alright, Anubis?” She stood in the puddle of her discarded garment with a glint of amusement in her eyes, “should I offer to take you home?”


“You can sit on me,” he murmured as he pulled her close once more, “to keep that delicate royal ass off of the dirty ground; there may be no hope for your knees, however.”

Warm, too; warm, and soft, and up close the smell of skin…was it just him? This peculiar intoxication that threw all sense and reason out the window and overwhelmed with desire.

She smiled slightly, was it what he’d said, or was she marveling at their nearness also? Maybe it was the feel of him pressed into her belly; he could try pretend himself immune to her all he pleased, but his body was having none of those shenanigans.

Anubis pulled her down with him, pleased when she followed without further complaint about animals, or dirt, or poop.

Poop was a mood killer…not that it would be easy to kill the mood for him at this point.

“I don’t know what to do,” she confessed.

It struck him how vulnerable they both were in that moment; naked, uncertain, nervous…so much so that years of animosity seemed to dissolve in an instant.

Biology had a rather mercenary way of cutting through the bullshit.

“Neither do I,” he admitted, “well, I understand the the most basic, technical–”

Her frown caused his gut to tighten, and other parts of his anatomy to ache.

“Just take your time, we will know when you are successful,” wouldn’t they? How complicated could it be…

Not very, as it turned out; credit to her for solving the mystery so swiftly.

It was…unlike his hand, to put it mildly, and her body put up less resistance than he’d anticipated.

“Oh!” Was the only comment she ventured.

‘Oh’, indeed.

“Does it hurt?” He tried to hold very still, for her sake, as well as his own.

‘Keep it together, man.’

“Not–exactly,” her reply was strangely hoarse, and his groin ached all the more upon hearing it, “it is…somewhat uncomfortable, but also–”

Yes, also.

She shifted, and he nearly came undone.

‘Not yet, not yet, not yet…’

He hadn’t realized it would be this difficult to keep from immediately–


After a few heartbeats of utter bliss, Kebechet’s voice drew the attention of his returning awareness.

“Did you just–?”

“I’m afraid so–I did warn you that it would be a rather unpleasant experience for you…”

“I…would not say it was unpleasant,” she admitted, “and in any case, if we practice, we will get better at it, will we not?”

A fresh shiver assaulted his nerves, and Anubis realized what he had surrendered to her. It should be troubling, perhaps, to lose one’s dignity somewhere between the thighs of a beautiful woman, but…

“I believe you are correct,” he said to her, for the first time in his life.


“How do you feel, child?” Asked the brightly tattooed woman.

Wow, this lady had some kind of gnarly hearing on her, back turned and everything!

“Okay I guess,” you know, for a dead woman or whatever.

“Excellent; you will sit and ask the many questions floating around in your head,” she declared, “and then you will eat every morsel of food I put in front of you, and then you will rest.”

Okay, sure, whatever lady; you’re the boss.

“Um, thanks for the bath and the clean frock.”

“Of course, dear; you are my guest, not my prisoner.”

“Cool, so what is this place, anyhow? And, you know, did I really die? Or was that some kind of tricky fake-death potion?”

“These are my private quarters, I can promise that you will be safe here,” she crossed over to her creepy workbench thing, “and you did not die, the tincture I gave you is…complicated.”

‘Everything is fucking complicated with these people.’

But Deshret didn’t want to sound like an ungrateful jerk, “well, thanks for saving my ass, for whatever reason.”

“The reason is that babe in your belly; she yearns for this world already, and will not slumber for much longer–”

“Whoa, she?”

“Yes, she speaks to me, your little Raga–”

“Okay, I appreciate you not killing me and all that, super cool of you, but you can’t just go ahead and assume I’m going to let you name my baby.”


The mystic chuffed, “I assume no such thing, my dear; the child knows her own mind, and her own name, I would not presume to argue the matter with her.”

“Um, we’re talking about a baby,” crap, was her rescuer barking up the crazy tree? “Babies can’t actually talk or do stuff like name themselves, ok–”

“Babies, yes, you mean human babies–of course they cannot; useless, squealing piglets the whole lot of them,” she stabbed a piece of whatever extra hard, probably imagining it was one of them ‘useless, squealing piglets’, “but you, my dear, carry someone much more interesting, much more precious!”

“You gonna tell me who, orrr–”

Bitch sure did like her long, dramatic pauses.

The chopper set down her knife and turned, “Raga is my great-granddaughter, and no ordinary human babe.”


You and me both, Desh (j/k my face more like 😏).
Congrats on not getting murdered!

Speaking of murder, if you like Sabit’s witchy little work room, you can find it on the gallery (I used the search hashtag ‘dungeon’ to find it); so don’t be too impressed, I didn’t make it (bc lazy, duh).

Also congrats to Kebab and Nubbins for finally getting some (even if it was less than stellar); apparently that Hattie knows what she’s talking about!



25 thoughts on “78. The Way You Make Me Feel

    1. Whoops, Sabit’s witchy little work room was so cute I had to stop and go download it off the gallery before I got distracted. LOL. (Some, uh, interesting other kinds of dungeons on there too, I tell you what.)

      OMG that “bonus screenshot.” THAT MOUTH. Aaaaaaaaaaaa. Secret lami heritage??????

      Anyway, I’m glad Deshret is Not Dead, and I love that Raga is Sabit’s unborn granddaughter and that she ain’t no babykiller…well, not in this one instance, anyway. Not entirely sure if she’ll spare Deshret’s life afterwards–maybe she’s a baby thief–but we’ll see. Also worried about Kumya trying to get involved…

      And of course there’s the MAIN EVENT, Nubbab! (Not to be confused with Raga, a nu-bab.) LOLOLOL, that went about as well as it could for two virgins, also their verbal sparring was the best, especially since they both obviously wanted it so bad. Poor Kebab though, I’m glad she’s willing to, uh, train him to do better in the future, so to speak.

      Hostile boom boom is the best boom boom, in their cases anyway. And no poop to be found! Well, none that they noticed anyway.

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      1. I thought of you when I saw it too! But then, distracted, as I do, lols.
        And, um, yes… kind of “Graham friendly” rooms out there 😬

        LOL!! She’s “unhinged” (or maybe just her jaw??) O.o

        Now I’m trying to remember if I plan to have Sabi kill any babies πŸ€” I don’t *think* so, but you never know (let’s just go will she ain’t no babykiller πŸ‘)
        But a healthy and reasonable fear for Desh and Kumya future safety! 😬

        Roffles, ‘nu-bab’ kekekekeke.
        They may have called a temporary truce to see to some important biology, but you can’t just make all dat snark disappear! 😁
        They sure did want it so bad, and kinda didn’t want the other to know HOW bad, but kinda did, too… complicated.
        Kebab be like “I can fix dis one; he ok” ❀️

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  1. Okay, gotta start off with Nubbab πŸ˜‚ That was so awkward but also so sweet too. I think Hattie’s suggestion (as well as the way Kebab assumed it would go too) was thinking that he will be nicer to her now because he wants more sexytimes… AND I am certain that’s true πŸ˜‚

    But I think this did a lot more than that too. It was this really awkward but sweet sort of bonding for them to have their first time together. They both saw and experienced each other at their most vulnerable. I think that helped break down some of the walls they’d put up. ❀️ I approve of more practice in the future! Poor Nubbins. Maybe uncle Pili can give you some tips on how to last longer πŸ˜‚

    And oooh! What a great twist with Desh and Sabit 😱 The baby she’s carrying is Sabit’s great-granddaughter? What does this meannnnnn? What will happen nowwwwwwwww? I wanna know all the thingssssss!

    But then you left it on a cliffhanger 😭 Whyyyyyyyyyy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is true! They will both treat each other a bit differently now that they have a vested interest in doing so; oh that Hattie and her perceptive ideas!

      LOL, oh you know Nubs won’t be able to keep himself from awkwardly asking Pili some things!
      We’ll see how this new sex-truce pans out, it can’t solve all the problems overnight, but it sure did shift the dynamic a bit 😈

      Desh was pretty shocked too! 10/10 she didn’t see that coming 😁
      Don’t worry, Sabi will tell us what it all means pretty soon; she might like dramatic pauses, but she also loves exposition! ❀️

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Whoa. That last pic. I’m going to have nightmares!

    So…lol to Nubs and Kebbie’s first time. Very awkward! But I DO hope they will try again. And again and again and…well… πŸ˜‰

    Kumya HEARD Sabit’s plan and now understands Deshie is not dead after all. What’s this about her great grandchild?? So perplexing. But very interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg, for real; that last pic kept startling me every time I alt-tabbed over to my imgur for a while there 😬

      Yessss, tres awkward, but, ultimately successful! Don’t worry, they will indeed try again 😈 (and again, and again… )

      Well, Kumya only heard that bit about taking the body to Sabit’s chamber, he don’t know (yet) that Desh was fake-dead… kekeke.

      It’ll all come out in the wash 😈

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  3. KEBUBBINS LUBBINS!!!! ❀ ❀ ❀

    I was ready to flip my table and start throwing tomatoes at you for killing Desh and making my Sabit do it!!! But sneaky, sneaky Sabit has plans of her own! πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All the awkward lubbins!! ❀️

      Yeah, I split it up like that on the purpose 😈
      (Am a naughty little chaos monster, you see), Sabit has ALL the plans, aaand they might not mesh so well with some *other* people’s plans! 😬

      We will see!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Aww, those kiddos are so cute, trying to figure things out.
    β€œWell, I’m not sure you’ll fit now.” – I was laughing my ass off! xD

    And poor Desh… you almost got me! I was about to cry already…. so glad she’s in a better place now!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hee! And Nubs is all, “look, I’ll just lay here while you figure it out, ok?”
      They got it now tho πŸ˜‰ IT’S ON ❀️

      Tricky Sabit! (Tricky me? 😢)
      Hopefully this ends up being a good move for Desh… not that she had much of a choice, mind you 😬

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sneaky Nubs! I’d do the same c:

        well… looks like sabsie wants what’s inside her… she can still try and run later πŸ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m glad Kebab and Nubs made peace in order to help each other get rid of their no more wanted unsullied status. I loved it how they both still did their best to maintain control over the other. Kebab got a taste of her new power and embraced it, utilized it in full, while Nubbins was still able to manipulate her through wit and words. He knows very well which buttons to push on her. I’m hoping for more of their exchanges in the future. πŸ™‚
    Whoa! Interesting relations unveiled in the second part of the story. Can’t say I saw it coming. Tola definitely does not seem related to Sabit, if his skin color is any indication. Well well, now we know Sabit’s motivation was to save her own blood. means no heir for Kon yet.
    I love Desh’s sassy thoughts. She’s got spunk. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh man, yes, they definitely sucked it up and set their differences aside for a common goal (teamwork?); normally I wouldn’t prescribe sex as a fixer for a relationship, but I think it actually balanced out the power in theirs quite elegantly; as you said, Kebab got her some shiny new power and waved it around like crazy! 😈
      This is probably not the end of their bickering, entirely, but it should make them both a bit more tolerant of one another!

      Ah yes, I remember you were like “why would Sabit help her? There needs to be a reason!” and I was like “tee hee, ysss! There DOES need to be a reason! U RITE!” 😈
      Tola is 2 gens removed from Sabit; it’s enough to translate her onyx beauty into a lovely shade of Tola caramel (given the right secondary parents!); I was going to make him her son, but then I was like “mmm, I think we need an extra layer of pasty in there for this to be believable”, so grandson. TA DA.

      Desh is a lot of fun to write, I do love a spunky little survivor ❀

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I was soooo mad that Desh and Unborn Babe we’re dead . . . . Of course there was Kanubi fun interspersed so I almost didn’t get as mad…. loved that interaction. Gonna be more of this experimentation and soon Kebab will be carrying a Kanubi Bebe. And then….Desh lives. But she be having a witchy baby! Hmmmm.

    Then I get real scared by the scream😱😱😱😱

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kekekekeke, I pulled a baby fast one there, but quickly rectified!
      See? I am not ebil! Why do people think such things? πŸ€”

      Today I learned: if you’re going to kill characters, throw some awkward boom boom in the mix to soften the blow (I will take this lesson to heart; ty Auds!)

      The take away here though is for sure: BABBIES INCOMING 😱
      Because they SO are 😎

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Babies! Lots and lots of them in the future and the past….witchy babies, vampire cat babies, Oly babies, and Kanubus babies! Kon babies maybe…and more! 😳

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Yummy, 2 beautiful hoomans becoming one. I approve!! Their babs will have Bastet’s beautiful green eyes, I can’t wait!

    “With *Pili!*” Ha!! Nubbins knows!! I mean, he doesn’t “know,” but he KNOWS! You know? πŸ˜‰ Blessed is she who has spent the night in Pili’s arms, now we ALL have green eyes from envy! πŸ˜€

    ZOMG, I thought that our Desh was gone! Holy crap, that scared the bejeezus out of me. I like her, she’s s spirited one, and now we know that her destiny is even greater than we realized. I freaking love Sabit, she’s probably my favorite side-character right now. She’s beautiful and mysterious and seems to have The Sight. Either that or she just speaks fetus? Hmmm…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They shore did… even if it was only for a brief (super brief) moment in time!
      But that’s okay! Practice will be had, and babby things bornd (with them eyes bc they BOTH have the eyes, lolololol).

      OHhhh ya; he KNOWS (kekekeke).

      I know! I such a brat… at least I didn’t leave it hanging for a few chapters tho (this time).
      Sabbie, do you speak fetus? Hm.
      I have a feeling she’ll tell us eventually, bc things are wrapping up a bit, so it’s time for lots of exposition and stuff πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

  8. So the “demon-lady” from Gaul is gonna have little seer kiddo. Nice. Glad she’s not dead. Kum might pose a problem now, though.
    And Nubbins with bitch princess! That was good, or well, bad, good-bad. That makes about as much sense as I think it does.
    Think I need to sleep.

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