85. Into the Darkness

Last chapter…

Pili finally delivered Anubis to that damn temple (we’ve been talking about that happening for like 30 chapters now or something, so yw; never say I don’t deliver ok).  They had feels and we saw them have manly hugs and manly tears…apparently this was the loss of just one kid too many for our favourite bald eagle.

After that, um…oh right!  Kebs and Hattie whined about each other a bit (as they do), and Horus booped Hattie bc she was being too serial (maybe in the boob, idk).

Taveah went for a non-suspicious stroll in the jungle and met some friends.  Some of her friends were a bit intense, and she might be a spy or something (I know right?  GASP).

Hattie probably followed her.



If you could say one thing for mysterious cultists, it was that they really weren’t into idle chit chat…well, not this one anyhow.

The woman in the cleverly wrapped bed sheet led Artemis through the trees with the surefooted grace of a person who knows exactly where they’re going, and how to get there–never mind that a couple of times the path they turned onto was legit not even there a second ago…probably; Artemis had to admit she wasn’t super good at trailblazing, so maybe she just didn’t see it (or maybe there was some magical BS going on here).

Suddenly, the trees parted, spilling them out into a small clearing.  It was bathed in soft sunlight, with a shallow brook burbling off to one side.  From the center, rose a pale two story building that had sort of a ‘glowyness’ to it; the whole kit and caboodle was picturesque AF, and seemed to be almost entombed by the surrounding forest.

“Hot dog,” Artemis paused, taking it all in.

“Yes, quite,” the cultist gave her another one of those soft, creepy smiles, “but there is no time to tarry, little sister.”

“Okay, but why not?”  For no apparent reason, Artemis suddenly found herself caring about why this woman was in such a damn hurry.

“Come, I will show you,” she spared a glance at the treeline, “quickly.

“Sure, why not,” Artemis grumbled, following along like a lamb to the slaughter, “damn my insatiable curiosity.”

The weirdo led her to a set of stairs, tucked out of the way, and partially hidden by the well manicured shrubbery.

“You want me to follow you down a dark staircase into a basement?”

The cultist shook her head, “they are down there, be safe, little sister; I wish you well.”

“Er, what, they?”  They who?

“Go, he is coming,” for the first time since she’d appeared out of bloody no where, the cultist’s smile faltered, her tone suggesting a hint of panic, “Athena watch over you.”

For some damn reason, Artemis found herself in a massive hurry to stumble down into the darkness alone.


“I’ve been wondering about something peculiar,” Khafre’s tone was light and conversational, but there was a severity to the statement that he could not hide from her.

“Perhaps you ought to leave the wondering to me, dearest.”

“Why oh why did the lovely Persephone infuse a stone with her, hitherto, carefully guarded magics, and then build said stone into a well,” light, conversational, and sassy, “and then leave that well completely unguarded in the middle of an Amazon settlement?”

“It was not in the middle, if you’ll remember, my love; it was off to one side, near the entry.”

“Oh yes, forgive me, near the entry of the Amazon settlement,” Persephone could feel the side-eye he was giving her, “where anyone could happen by, even better.”

“What does it matter anymore?”  She sighed, trying not to let him spoil her enjoyment of the woods, “Sima-Mighdall is long turned to dust, and we are going to retrieve my magic.”

“Yes, but why why why did you do it in the first place?”  Had he always been this tiresome?

“I am certain you have a theory you’d like to share with me.”

“I do, as a matter of fact!”  Her brother feigned delight, “it was all very confusing until I remembered our conversation on the bluffs, and how obtuse you were concerning the involvement of certain beings–”

“I do not care to discuss your idle fancies.”

“So that’s it, is it?”  He asked, his mien subdued, “were you trying to curry favour with this ‘Athena’?”

“Enough, Khafre.”

“But!  No favour was forthcoming, and ah, that must mean the being never existed in the first place…for who could deny my lovely sister?”

“I–,” was it true?  “I do not know,” she admitted at length.

“It’s a curious thing, isn’t it?  A great Amazon city disappearing into nothingness without warning,” he paused, “I did always wonder why you carted me out there.”

“As usual, nothing can be hidden from my darling twin.”

“You lied to me.”

“I cannot lie to you, Khafre,” she fixed him with a poignant look, “if you were deceived about my motives, then it was willfully done on your part; now quit sulking.”

His silence was the loudest sound in the forest; regret welled up, tightening her throat, “I did not anticipate the witches,” her voice was quiet, but she knew he could hear her, “it was badly done on my part.”

“You thought then, to what?  Make life a little nicer for the Amazons by giving them a wishing well?  Create mischief?  Increase their power?”

Persephone shrugged a shoulder, “perhaps all of the above,” she attempted a smirk, “especially the mischief part?”

He snorted.  “No one can anticipate witches, sweet sister; they are always showing  up unexpectedly, ready to make a terrible mess.”

“Isn’t that the truth.”


“So, it is not only vampiros that guard this secret place, I see,” Oberon pushed down the little frisson of–concern–that tried to intrude on his composure.

“There are many more terrifying creatures in this world than vampires,” she smiled serenely at him, “as well you know.”

“And,” he inhaled sharply, “will I be fighting something more terrifying than a vampiro this day, do you think?”

She appeared to consider his words for a moment, then stepped to one side, “no, not this day.”


“We should never have let Cassandra go in there with her, this is an utter catastrophe!”  As usual, Belladonna was being a touch on the dramatic side.

“Come now, surely it’s not much more than a…slight inconvenience?”

“A slight inconvenience?  You would call this a slight inconvenience?”  The red haired witch began to turn a most unbecoming shade of purple, “the creature is all but immune to our magics, Primrose, immune!  How are we supposed to make any headway here?  It’s laughing at us!”

Primrose had to agree that the creature did, indeed, appear to be enjoying itself at their expense; one might even be forgiven for using the term ‘taunting’.

“It must have been Cassandra, I agree,” the whole notion left her feeling a bit sick to her stomach, “it’s created some sort of cocoon around itself, from what it absorbed–most unfortunate.”

“It was careless of us to let the woman near her, held together as she is by our magics–”

“Let’s not start heaping more blame onto ourselves for this, Bella,” regret was a rather unnatural state for a witch, after all.  “We will find a way, there must be a way.”

“Fiddlesticks!  Just because we’re in a pickle, does not mean a solution will miraculously present itself on the merit of our desires alone–”

“Well I’m not ready to throw in the besom just yet; you’ll forgive me if I exhaust all other avenues before I roll over and let this parasite bugger me in the–”

“Mistress?”  Balsam’s voice quavered with barely suppressed emotion.

“Please tell me you have good news, my pet, I’m not sure I could take another setback at this point,” from the look of him good news seemed unlikely, though it could just as easily be acid reflux.

The quickly expanding familiar promptly burst into tears.


“Good of your fairy friend to abandon you without a word,” muttered the ginger witch.

“Your sour grapes are not helpful at the moment Belladonna,” though Prim had to admit to a slight flutter of resentment that Persephone had suddenly disappeared in their hour of need.

“P-please do not fight,” hiccuped Balsam.

“Yes, you’re right of course, my dear; fighting will not do us any good at a time like this!  The creature wants us to squabble among ourselves, I am certain.”

“Very well,” Bella huffed, “but now what?”

“There is…another, that we could call for help,” Prim’s eyes slid toward her partner, gauging the other witch’s reaction at the suggestion.

Belladonna drew in a sharp breath, looking for all the world as though she might lay an egg right there on the patio.

Balsam gasped, for the first time in many weeks, a radiant smile split his face, “do you mean you are going to call grandma?!


Oh that crafty Bastene and her magic-bubble shenanigans!

Gee, I wonder who they’re gonna call? (Spoiler: it ain’t Ghostbusters 😬)

“Did our guests find what they were looking for?”

“They did, High Priestess.”


The tinny chorus of ‘Stayin’ Alive’ suddenly echoed throughout the chamber.

“Excuse me Iseult, I have to take this.”


36 thoughts on “85. Into the Darkness

  1. Will Artie be going to an even darker place than her love? There’s no gentle and furry Spud in those chambers because he’s not a fan of stairs. 😡

    Also Persephone and Khafre not immediately fucking in the woods together = rude

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    1. Don’t you worry about Persephone and Khafre; they’ll have some angry make up sex later 😉

      There is no darker place than Artie’s love /bawling #OlymisForever
      I’m sure there’s some other kind of beast waiting down there for her tho (kekekekeke).

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  2. Artemis is so pretty ❤ and so is her new mysterious companion

    PERSEPHONE AND KHAFRE ALERT, hold on I need a moment ❤ ❤ Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it's been so long, thank you (spam filter don't flag me, ty)

    Pregnant Balsam cracks me up, KITTENS WHEN

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    1. TFW u beat the spam filter 😎
      Artie says omg, tyuuu mwah ❤

      Kittens V soon I think, did u see the size of that fker's tummy? P sure there's liek 30 in there or somethin…

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  3. I can feel it all coming to a head now! 😱😱😱 The end of this gen must be close which means…. HAEs for EVERYONE, 100% right??? 😭

    Excited to see how Selene and Oly get saved, and hopefully to see Artie save our beloved vamps too 😭😭😭

    Also was nice to see my favorite incestuous fae twins again! ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Oh ya, heads are def coming (we have all the head..er, heads). But how did you know I was giving eveyone an HEA?? GDI, plot is blown now.

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  4. Okay, I totally forgot everything about this chapter as soon as Iseult appeared… ❤️❤️❤️ Okay, I’m only 3/4’s serious!!!

    You know, the way Oberon said, “will I be fighting something more terrifying than a vampiro this day, do you think?”

    I can’t help but think he knows something about our new girl… What, is she? Wait! Is she… Deshrat’s kiddo!?! Does she have demon/oracle blood inside her? 😱😱😱

    Also, preggo Balsam is AMAZING!!! 😀

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    1. LOL, all bacony roads lead back to DESHRET (dun dun dun): MAYBE YES MAYBE NO (kekekekek) Iseult is a pretty bean though, regardless ❤

      Oberon knows there's Some Kinda Shit going down at this temple, but he's not 100% sure on everything… best to be cautious!

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      1. Of course! I renamed all the roads Deshret, it can be rather confusing at times but by god, it’s beautiful!!! 😍 😍😍

        You don’t make it far in the monster hunting game by being reckless, huh? 🤔

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      2. Hey if people don’t pay attention to the suffix and turn down Deshret Street instead of Deshret Avenue, that’s not your fault!!

        💯 monster hunting is 10% skill and 5% sexy outfit and 85% ability to say “nope, I’m out”

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  5. I love looking at the cultist…and her ‘be safe little sister’. I gues Artemis is her little sister since she was born eons before her. And now she is leading the vampire slayer to them…..curious and is that also where the incest twins are headed? A great hook up at the well?

    Kittens soon…..

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    1. Oh yes ma’am! Iseult is definitely a lot older than Artie 😈
      She’s just making sure everyone comes together at the right time, so that everything can happen when it’s supposed to! She is 10/10 Excellent Event Coordinator 😏

      The twins are headed there, yes; time to retrieve that magic stone and put an end to all this damn time travel nonsense once and for all!

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  6. So much going on…and I’m scared!

    Who is Artemis going to find?

    Poor baby kitty’s so preggers. It’s not indigestion, Prim. I love how the witches always fight. 😂

    Sooo…is that new boy you showed Balsam’s offspring or Kon’s (or I’m way off).

    The twins are fighting! Persephone needs a kick in the pants. But she didn’t mean any harm. It was just funsies!

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    1. Omg yes, many things happening (I hope I don’t forget to wrap anything up 😬)

      Artie is going to find ‘them’ ofc! 😎

      Aw, those witches are a hoot for me, I always look forward to them ❤️ and poor massively preggo Balsam 😬

      It’s true! Persephone was just trying to do a bit of light mischief 😭

      New boyyy…you mean Oberon?

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  7. Was it coincidence that the Highpriestess’ cellphone rang just when (let us ignore the time continuum and time zones now) the witches decided to call Balsam’s grandma?
    I’m a little confused about where and especially when Artie and Oberon are atm. I thought Artie is in the past, but how Oberon got there? And what about those unpaid invoices now? I’m pretty sure they haven’t invented invoices nor penalty for delay there yet. Who could Oberon fight? Nerisa? Or Bastene?
    Even though I’m somewhat lost regarding who’s where and when, I still enjoyed the read and that’s what counts.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I’m SURE the cell phone things was a complete coincidence 😀 (kekekekeke)

      Artie and Oberon are both still in the present; Artie got directions from Holly a few chapters ago when she was interested in finding “someone” (as yet unrevealed who that someone might be), and those directions led her to the forest where Iseult found her and guided her to the temple (and very scary stairs!)
      Oberon, in the mean time, has been tracking Anubis (and Mosi, but he doesn’t know that, he thinks Mosi is still at Cassandra’s house).

      Man, if I was Oberon, I would have *at least* insisted on half up front 😦
      I’m a little worried he’s going to get shafted on his hunting fee!

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    2. “Was it coincidence that the Highpriestess’ cellphone rang just when (let us ignore the time continuum and time zones now) the witches decided to call Balsam’s grandma?” 😱😱😱
      I haven’t made that connection even, was too busy wondering where I could get some of that anti-aging cream Sabit must use bc dang dat girl still looks hot after all those centuries…

      I wonder if Artie finally found Mosi, the vampire hunter dude in the same area might suggest that, or is it – Nubsie? ❤ (Idk why, tho… is that the upgraded pyramid they found? x.x)

      And tbh I have not the slightest idea what Pers and Khaf keep talking about all the time :c

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      1. It is the temple that vampire Pili and Khafre built! It’s been changed a bit over years, I figured the Priestesses were probably like “ew, wut is dis bachelor pad?”

        LOL, just tying up the end of their plot, no worries!

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      2. omg I’m good! 😏

        I’m afraid I didn’t even get the lose ends that have to be tied… 😅 I might have to read them all again.

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      3. Aww, no worries, it really doesn’t impact anything coming up, just a bit more info about why they came to SM in the first place!


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