89. Shit Happens

Last chapter…

We met the terrifyingly cheerful Mayua and her new pet soft man, Valdur, but Tadla interrupted their fun discussion to be all worried about some side thing she has going on (turns out the side thing was relevant later tho O.O)

Hattie faked Kebab out with apologies and hugs to lure her away from The Rise so she could be ambushed and kidnapped by Mayua and Ulfr (see? Totes relevant!), and we all went “ohsnarp Hattie!”

Desh found Kumya rotting in a cell wearing only underoos and a cute collar; he may have being pretty sorry for himself, but Desh was nice enough to let him out and fill him in on the pertinent details of whatsup…

There’s a kinda NSFW image at the end, but don’t be scared all the naughty bits are hidden >:)



“Will there be any side effects of this…escalation, of her condition?”

“You already know well enough how mercurial magic can be, my dear,” Sabit reminded her, “but I have yet to have this particular procedure backfire on me.”

“And how many times have you performed ‘this particular procedure’ before?”  Prim demanded.

“Are you truly that attached to this mortal Primrose?”

“It’s her grandchild, Sabit,” Bella sighed, “surely you understand–”

“Very well, we shall perform the exorcism first, then deliver the–hm.”

“What?  What is it?”

“It’s–nothing I’m sure, did you bring the towels?  Yes?  Good, let us commence.”


“You’re my grandmother,”  Selene froze, should she run?

“Running won’t be necessary,” the apparition studied her quietly, waiting.

“What is this place?”  A primitive little desert village, slightly overgrown, but tidy.  It was quiet, but for the burbling of the fountains and the crackling of the fire; a warm breeze buffeted the palm trees, raising gooseflesh on Selene’s bare skin.

“This is Sima-Mighdall, it was my home for many years,” the woman seemed sad, more than anything.

Sima-Mighdall.  The place where father was born, where it all began for their family; she had thought it would be…grander?

“Come, sit; ask me what you will, while there is still time,” yes, sad…and maybe a little tired, also.

“What do mean by that?  What happens when we run out of time?”  Selene found herself strangely eager to speak with this somber creature that had perhaps once been her father’s mother.

“Not what you truly wish to know, but I will humour you, of course,” the woman let the barest hint of a smile tug at the corners of her mouth, “when we run out of time, you return to the world of the living, hale and whole.”

Maybe it was a lie, but Selene couldn’t help the hope and relief that washed over her.

“Well, what about you?  What happens to you?”  And why did she find herself caring?

“Always concerned with the well being of others, even those who have done you harm,” her eyes crinkled, as though suppressing some emotion, “sweet child, I will fade away once more; back into the arms of the Goddess.”

“Is that–good?  Or…”

“It’s where I belong, and you also, one day,” she paused for a moment, as though considering something, “but not for some time yet.”

“What are you?”  Selene held her breath, hoping for something she couldn’t name.

“I am what’s left.”

Could an answer be both disappointing and a relief?  Apparently yes.

“What if I can’t find my way out of here?”

“They are coming for you, have no fear.”

“They who?”

“The witches, of course.”

“Oh,” bits an pieces of the fading dream began to bubble up to the surface of her memory, “what happened to Oly and the…Spud?  They wanted me to go with them–to escape…”

“They had to take a different path, but fear not, you will see them again soon.”

Suddenly another concern roiled to the surface, punching the young woman in her gut.

“What about my…dream-family?  Gracie and Kevin…Colton…are they dead?

“They were never alive to begin with, daughter.”

“But…it was so real, I-I love them!”

“Do you wish to stay?”

“I-what?  Can I?”  It was tempting.

“I will not stop you, should you choose it.”

“What would happen to Oly if I did?”

The apparition flinched, “I cannot say for certain.”

“Oly wouldn’t get out though, right?”

“Your friend trapped themselves in your dream, Selene, there are very few paths open to them now,” her grandmother hesitated, “perhaps none should you choose to stay.”

“I’m afraid, my love, that my time is up, but feel free to remain here until you decide one way or the other.”


Selene’s heart felt pulled in a million directions; could she live with this grief?  This profound sadness born of every tender moment she had shared with her husband and their children.

“It wasn’t real,” she protested to no one.

It had felt real, though…but was that enough to justify remaining here and trapping Oly forever?

‘Or worse.’

Of course not.  Selene already knew what her choice would be; there was only one choice she could make and still remain herself.

As for the rest…


Artie wasn’t sure what she’d been expecting to find beneath the temple, but it sure as shit wasn’t her brother and his topless vampire-daddy.

“Artie!”  She’d never seen that look on Mosi’s face before–at least, not directed towards her; a clean beaker, maybe

“Someone else is coming,” growled bed-sheet-guy, turning his weird cataracty eyes to the stairs behind her.

There was barely even time to turn around and see who that might be, before she heard a little metallic clinking noise, and suddenly the room was hazy and full of stank.

“Is that–garlic?”  She blinked, turning back around…

…to see Mosi and vampire-daddy flopping around like a pair of undead beached whales.

“Goddess!  Mosi?!”

Artie found herself hunched next to her gasping sibling, hoping he wouldn’t spaz out and vampire-pummel her in the face.

“What’s happening?  What can I do?”

“You can remove yourself from the way, Signora, so that I may perform my sworn duty and dispatch these vampiros.”


The pain was sudden and intense, ripping a scream from her throat even before her eyes could fully take in her surroundings.

“Wha–!”  It felt as though every muscle in her torso was seizing at once.

“It’s alright, child, be calm, breathe!  Take your rest in between the contractions!”

Selene’s head swung wildly…Oly’s basement?  Why was she in Oly’s basement?  Memories began to flood in…

“But, I–” another contraction stole her words.

“I can see the head now, almost there,” a stranger stood at the foot of the table, staring down between her legs.

“IT’S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!”  An obese weeping man in a sweatsuit, off to one side.

The seizing abated; Selene looked down, and wished that she hadn’t.


“It’s alright, dear, do you remember me?”

“Yes,” Oly’s Grim Gram, “yes I do, please!  Help me!

“I promise you my girl, we are helping you,” she squeezed Selene’s hand, “it’s nearly done now, alright?  One or two more big pushes!”

“Deep breaths Selene, you can do this!”  Oly’s Nana B.

“I don’t want do this!  Why is this happening?!”  A memory swam helpfully to the surface; Selene felt like she might vomit.

“We’ll explain later, but right now you have to concentrate,” the strange woman favoured her with a stern look.

A plaintive little wail came from somewhere behind her, she tried to crane her head to see.

“Is that–?”

“Your firstborn!” smiled Nana B, “she, um…”

“…slipped right on out before you woke up!”

“She’s beautiful, Selene,” added Grim Gram, “I’m sure she can’t wait to meet you properly.”

Selene fought them to twist around and see the baby…could it be just like it was in the dream?  Did her friend sneak out the same way they’d sneaked in?



“Was that–?”

Persephone’s concern was palpable as the wave of residual magic washed over them.

“Quickly!  This way,” she hissed, charging off into the trees.

Khafre followed at her heels, though it was clearly too late for them to do anything about the discharge now, hopefully they could mitigate any further damage.

“I’m going to have to insist that you never loan out your magic again, sister,” he huffed, barely dodging a wayward branch.

“While being a truly splendid example of fairy mischief, I fear this little series of events has escalated past the point of hilarity and become quite embarrassing.”

“Do shut up, my love.”

Khafre smirked, ah, very well; it was at least still mildly hilarious.

The forest soon gave way to a clearing where stood a pale stone building that fairly vibrated with energy.

It struck him all of a sudden where he was.

“This is it, the temple that Pili and I built, but–”


“They’ve certainly done some renovations…

“So you come to us at last,” the woman’s sudden appearance startled him, though he tried not to show it, “I was beginning to wonder if you’d gotten lost.”

“Well, aren’t you quite the interesting…thing,” sniffed Persephone, as diplomatic as ever.

“We are all of us immensely interesting here, yes,” the woman agreed, giving them a quick once over, “you’ll be wanting to see the catacombs I imagine; do you remember the way, or shall I take you there?”


“My dear, there was a terrible–accident–” Bella took hold of the girl’s hand, “the creature that possessed you, well, it…”

“No, you don’t understand, I remember the stabbing!  I remember everything, but I’m telling you that Oly is alive!  Please you must believe me!”

Another contraction stole any further pleas for assistance, and Selene cried out once more.

“That’s it child, here it comes!”  Sabit announced from between the young woman’s legs, a moment before she caught the squirming, viscous creature, “well, this is rather–unexpected.”

“What is it?”  Selene asked, clearly on the verge of some sort of hysteria, “let me see it.”

Primrose rushed to Sabit’s side, unable to take delight in her tutor’s stunned silence, as she too found herself at a loss for words.

“Is that a–puppy?”  Balsam asked, before promptly drenching himself in fluids.

“Oh dear, I think my water just broke.”


The air in the catacombs was thick with the stench of garlic…and completely deserted.

“Good Goddess,” Khafre made exaggerated coughing noises beside her, “what’s with that smell?”

“My stone!”  She cried, as she spied the object wedged into the floor, “quick, help me pry it out!”

At long last!  There it was!  All this time hidden away in the floor of a vampire lair of all things.

“It looks as though it’s been recently discharged,” her brother observed, “that wave of magic we felt back in the woods, no doubt.”

“Yes, obviously!”  She did try not to snap at him, but her frustration at the situation was steadily mounting as the stone refused to come out, “oh forget this silliness!”

Persephone laid her hands over the Anchor and released the bonds tethering her magic to it.

At once a tiny frisson of power surged through her bones, and she felt whole once more as she had not felt for more than two decades.

“Better?”  Khafre asked, “you look like you just had the best orgasm of your life.”

Every nerve ending was aglow with warmth.

“Not yet I haven’t,” she growled, launching herself at him.


And so ends the Gen 3 portion of modern times; do not despair if it wasn’t as satisfying as Persephone’s (not so subtly) implied orgasm, we’ll have a peek into the aftermath sometime during Gen 4 (but some stuff has to happen first).

So let’s just put a pin in it for now! (Dodges rotting fruit projectiles).

Geeze, okay, fine!  HERE:


21 thoughts on “89. Shit Happens

  1. I GUFFAWED at the Birth of Spud (can we get a cc painting of that pls? ART).

    Also I really wanna know how Selene would feel not only popping out a gd DOG but the person she used to crush on so hard. Weirddddd, man.

    Also also! I liked seeing the original Queen B again aaa. ❤ ❤ So much nostalgia!

    Good for Persephone getting it where she can, hells yeah.

    Also RIP Nubbins and Mosi?! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Rite?? I don’t know how Selene didn’t find that funny!! 😈

      It’s possible Selene is going to need a therapy after all this maybe 👀
      There might, uhh, be some *issues* to work through…

      Bastet enjoyed coming out for a quickie!
      Speaking of quickies… Persephone has her mojo back (look out erryone!), but I’m not sure she can do anything for Mosi and Nubbins 😬

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Basteeeet! dun dun dun… she’s unusually tame, tho.

    And Oberoooon – ready to fullfill his duty (I kinda have to think about a certain screenshot now, tho 👀 ) – just when poor Mosi had the chance to escape his prison of boredom and counting 😦

    And Holy Shit don’t tell me you took those grim fairy tales as true inspiration now…
    You did.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. There was still a little piece of normal Bastet kicking around after all! 😭

      I’m sure Oberon will make an excellent showing for himself 😬
      At least… maybe Mosi’s life will be more exciting now? (Wherever he ended up)
      THIS is what happens when you wish to not be bored Mosi! (It’s all his fault, clearly)

      I’m a big fan of grim fairy tales 😈😘

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooh! So much going on here… love it! And LOL at the birth of the dog 😂 Your turn, Oly! (Are they gonna somehow come out of Balsam, maybe? 🤔

    Bittersweet seeing Bastet again 😭 and I Hope Nubbins and Mosi are okay 😭 The deserted temple makes me nervous 😱 Glad our favorite incestuous fae were able to finally reach their goal though! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sorry, Selene only gave birth to a nooboo and a puppy, no Olys 😔
      Tho, who knows what Balsam has hiding in his pouch I guess…

      Had to make sure the fae went out with a bang (kekekekeke)

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  4. Mmmm…Persephone taking care of biz…😏

    And hmm…will Selene get to birth OLY? 😱

    And…😳 what going to happen to my cinnamon roll, Mosi? You BETTA take care o him! 😩

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kekekeke, Ms Persephone is all juiced up and ready to get sticky 😇

      I mean, who knows what else could come out of Selene’s vajimjam at this point?!

      Can confirm Mosi is… somewhere 👀
      Hopefully somewhere more exciting!

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  5. The picture of Spud was the highlight!
    I have no doubt that Oberon is making pasta ‘Aglio e Olio’ for everyone right now. Why else would he bring the garlic to the temple?
    So, before Persephone absorbed the magic stone, she pulled it out like a cork from the floor and flushed everyone back in the ancient times. Is that a correct assuption? It was the stone in the first place that brought them in the modern times. I wonder who will survive the time travel. Witches will probably stay where they are. Will Selene?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you liked that pic 😁 it was fun to make!
      Yes, exactly! They all went back to Oberon’s place for pasta, the vampires were willing to risk garlic poisoning because they heard he’s an amazing chef!

      We’ll get a PoV in a future chapter that shows what happened with the stone, never fear! But Persephone and Khafre arrived too late to keep it from having one last time travel shenanigan 😬
      However, now she reclaimed her magic from the stone, so no more stone shenanigans!
      (Take that you bratty stone!)

      Yes, the witches plan on staying where they are, as for the others *only time will tell* (omg, I’m so extra funny in the morning 😂)

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I died laughing at Spud being shoved outta her womb….and what else for that matter, and are we getting kittens or some other strange creatures. Your imagination knows no bounds…. My mind has to work hard to stretch to comprehend what is happening! It’s awesome…

    I loved seeing Bastet too!

    Mosi and Nubbins….Boooo…. But looks like Oberon is gonna pay for getting rid of them – if indeed he did and if not he’s gonna pay for trying to.

    And finally the best O ever for Persephone! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I remember finishing the edit on that pic and being like “what have I done? Look at your life, woman; look at your choices.”
      I’m glad you’re on board, tho, for my strange creative choices 😈❤️

      Alas, that is likely the last we’ll see of Bastet, butt, hopefully not of Mubbins! 😯
      Oberon better tread lightly in his present circumstances tho (kekekekeke)… I hope you are up to snuff in certain areas mister!

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