91. Story Time

Last chapter…

PILI DIED…and some other stuff happened (probably).
Ya, ok, fine.  Nubbins and Mosi and Artie arrived in ancient times and found poor leaking Pili, who apparently just leaked for too long and then DIED.

Kebab was kidnapped by Mayua and Ulfr, and she wasn’t happy about it even though they said she should be, bc she didn’t want to go to The Basin, so she gave Ulfr an owie and ran away, but then Mayua caught her, but Pili was there so she ran away some more.

Sabit let Tola go chase down Desh and Kumya who stopped to chat a whole lot considering they were supposed to be fleeing for their lives, but it’s not Kumya’s fault he has soft feet (ok it kind of is, geeze, get outside once in a while man).



(Censored for glorious tattooed boobies)
(Both versions contain a possible suicide trigger)

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