93. By the Moon and the Stars in the Sky

Last chapter…

Raet sat sadly and stared at nothing, and nobody visited her except Nafi who’s (surprise!) preggers, and totes a little worried about it bc last time it was really hard.  Nafi was all tryna get Raet to talk to Hattie but no dice.

In the meantime, Hattie tried really hard to start doing queen stuff the right way.  Anubis brought home the bacon in the form of smouldery southern slave guy, Cassandros.  Turns out Cassandros took an arrow to the knee (or something), but dw, he’s still cool to fight off bad guys.

Hattie a bit worried he won’t tho.

Mosi tried to convince Artemis not to be so mad about it, but Artie is pretty determined to be unimpressed with sister-selling and accidental dad killing (can’t say I blame her).

Garai had a man to man with Horus about feelings and man stuff before Anubis walked in with the new guy and killed the moment.



(Censored for a cacophony of beautiful parts hanging out all over the hecking place)

4 thoughts on “93. By the Moon and the Stars in the Sky

      1. It’s a gooooooooddesssss! Who totally took on Keb’s seeming, and that’s gonna make Kon go goo-goo over her when he finally sees her after the guards bring her in. I bet.

        … I mean, I could sorta be right? Maybe?

        … err, anything for the Kebs v. Marketa showdown?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. A gooooooddessssss?! 😱😱😱
        You could very well be correct 😁
        It’s totally possible!!

        Quick, someone fill a kiddie pool full of jello 👀


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