94. A Fine Day for Wrangling Cats

Last chapter…

Mayua lamented being unable to sell Kebechet for parts, but they were rudely interrupted by a squad of headhunting guards from the city, who turned out to be somewhat nice guys…nice enough to give Kebs a lift anyhow, right?  (Don’t accept rides from strangers tho ok…unless you’re dying I guess).

Lots of people (ok 3) noticed that the moon was being all weird (ok 2 bc Desh didn’t really notice).  Anyway, Sabit and Kumya are maybe just full of magical vibrations or something, but they were seriously weirded out by the shenanigans; Sabi has some crazy theories about what it might be.

Most importantly, tho, Kon had a really strange dream where he was talking to some woman (maybe wearing a Kebab skinsuit), and she offered him a glowy ball and made him promise to take rly, rly, rly good care of it, and he said ‘okie dokie’, obviously.  (Also don’t take ‘gifts’ from strangers…wow, lots of stranger danger this chapter).



(Censored for Hattie’s glorious chest fruits)

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