95. Co-operation, Makes it Happen!

Last chapter…

Hattie and Artemis were both displeased by Anubis’s plans to take a little vacay to the Temple of Athena (but for different reasons ofc).  Hattie tried to play it cool, but Artie made a bit of a fuss until Nubbins stormed off (wow, I hope they make up later).

Cassandros glared a lot at being singled out, and Garai wasn’t happy about having to be on landscaping duty, but Horus backed a brother up and agreed to try and not impregnate his sister (what a swell guy!)

Artie met Nafi’s daughter, Akila, (who is also sort of her sister, ehehe), and felt bad about her Aunty Raet being all catatonic.  Also her undies might be due for a change.



(Tastefully obscured booty shot after the footnotes)

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