96. Crew Love

Last chapter…

Kumya whined a bunch about being figuratively neutered, but Desh wasn’t having any of his shit.
Since they’re basically buds now (maybe only in Kumya’s head tho) he offered to tell her about that time he set his boss on fire, but they were rudely interrupted.

Sabit came to the rescue when Kon discovered his (literal) dream girl dying on a table.
Apparently all the other healers (at least 3!) just couldn’t put her back together again, but they reserved the right to be pissed when they got fired.

Oh, also, Sabit asked for something and Kon said yes, but we don’t know what yet O..O

At the end we found out that Tola marched his employee all the way out into the jungle for no good reason…or maybe he changed his mind?  Hard to tell, rly.
Anyway, he acted like a super swell guy and did his ex and her new sidekick a solid by removing Kumya’s collar and giving them a free pass.

I’m sure there won’t be any repercussions!



(Censored for the usual melonies, butt also some other stuff)

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