97.1 What Lies Beneath

Last chapter…

Nubbins offered to do the freaky deaky w Hattie and she didn’t say no!!
Did she want to feel grossly closer to her betrayed sister, or was it all about tryna get her very own immortal vampire princess to take over the family biz?  (You b the judge!)

Valdur moped around the mercenary love shack cleaning up gross messes on all known surfaces, while noticing all the things.  We’re all rooting for an epic poem ballad thing later on (bc skald ok).

Artie had sister-kicking slash loud porking induced insomnia, so she took a walk and found where they’ve been keeping Taveah all this time.
After a quick chat, she decided that the prisoner probably wouldn’t murder her in her sleep, but maybe needed to learn about boundaries.

Lastly, we heard from a v mysteriously little lady who may or may not be some kinda runaway, but definitely keeps company with some rly strange folk…



(Not even a little side tiddie, aww)

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