98.1 Ready or Not

Last chapter…

Some shenanigans went down in the palace when Sabit and Marky had a little tiff over some choices Sabit made, and she was all “sorry I did it for us bb” but Marky was like “ya bs, u did this for u.

Or something.  Anyway, Sabi peaced out and then blew off some steam by giving her grandkid a lecture and a few shady side-eyes.  Not entirely convinced she believed his debriefing on the Desh situation but w/e.

We found out Panto died mysteriously (and conveniently) in the line of duty after witnessing Tola commit a little light treason; Arsi was totes sad for bummed Teri.

Nenetl visited her mom and had cuddles.  It was probably the nicest part of the whole damn saga O..O

Kumya finally fessed up about why he got arrested in the first place.  It wasn’t as badass as everyone was giving him credit for.

Desh played with the campfire and managed not to lol bc she’s a super supportive friend.

Kebab showed herself to be alive and well and living that jet set harem life.

She totes has no qualms about indoor plumbing, but maybe she’s not too sure about this king business.  And maybe she also wants to plot revenge against her sister.  We’ll see.  We know how easily this chick gets distracted…



(Censored for melonas)


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