98.2 Surfs Up, Dude

In which Artemis tries not to murder the prisoner…

“That dude has some pretty nice legs, eh?”  The prisoner’s name was Taveah, and boy oh boy was she chatty.

“You know he can hear you, right?”  Artemis was in no mood.

“I dunno man, we’re pretty far back, and I’m like, whispering, y’know?”

“Buddy has supersonic hearing though, Tav; put a cork in it.”  They were barely a day beyond The Rise, and Artie was already fixing to throw this stoner off a cliff.

“For reals?  Ehehe, gotta wonder what else he’s got that’s supersonic…”

“Gross.”  Was this ho going to salivate over grumpy Lestat the entire way?

“Why don’t you give that libido a rest and tell me about yourself or whatever.”  Couldn’t be worse than having to hear her speculate about Count Orlok’s body parts, right?

“Woa, sure thing man!  So I don’t remember much about parents or anything, but when I was a kid I lived with a bunch of other kids in the big city.”

“Like an orphanage?”

“Yeah, kinda?  It was like foster care or something, social services and all that, but it was sort of a bummer so me and my bestie Kiesha thumbed it to Miami when we were twelve and learned surfing and yoga–”



Dude, Miami is a pretty long way from Simchu Pichu O..O
That’s a heck of a lot of thumbing!

TBH, that does explain a lot about you though, Taveah…

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16 thoughts on “98.2 Surfs Up, Dude

  1. Lol I got already confused when Tav mentioned social services, but Miami ?
    Is there more wishing wells?
    (Also poor Waldo also came from somewhen else)
    Someone’s gotta clean that mess and fix a few time holes, right? /sideglance Persie 😒😒😒

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I can confirm only that there are no more wishing wells! But dang, maybe that rogue fae magic had some lasting repercussions that someone should fix!!
      First Waldo, now Tav!! (Or maybe Tav was first? 🤔)
      Either way IT’S A PROBLEM!!


  2. Ya ur rite tav, he do have pretty leggies
    But he also have
    Pretty 👻🍵

    Oof, another time traveler? If it isn’t time traveling, I’m gonna put a total of $2 that Miami is not what Artie n all of us think it is and it’s actually a small town with the same name 😔

    Liked by 1 person

  3. MIAMI?!

    Damn as someone who’s lived in South Florida I don’t blame Tav for time-traveling tf outta there (no offense to Floridians ofc). The heat and humidity are a bitch.

    Maybe Artie will be less inclined to throw her off a cliff now!

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  4. Whoa gurl oke. I was kind of expecting Tav to say she lived with a bunch of children in a big city *on the streets* but the social service took me off? And now Miami? Either she’s (yet) another sacrifice of time traveling and has adapted super well by choice (Geillis Duncan, eh? :P) or she’s from some ancient social city state in a far away country LOL
    Either way, girl is right. Nubbins got some pretty legs. And whoever created Taveah did a great job, too because she’s gorgeous! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah! Tav surprised Artie as well with that business! 👀
      Ehehehe, Geillis Duncan 😏

      Never fear tho! Maybe Artemis will solve the mystery and find a way to cork this repetitive condition!!
      One can hope.

      Taveah was created by sckaga!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. When she said big city I imagined a large area with tree houses and tree walkways, sort of like Wookie home on the planet Kashyyyk. But then she says Miami. Are you sure Artie didn’t overhear? Maybe she said my mommy. No? Oh well. I suppose this means Artie can return home if there’s another way to time travel with the wishing well destroyed. But is there even anyone for her to return to at home?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think Artie imagined the same as you! She was not expecting the Miami part O..O

      No worries about the wishing well, it stands still (though perhaps with one less special stone) ehehehe


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