99.1 Mommy Dearest

Last chapter…

Hattie confessed she made the boom boom situation with Nubbins a little bit awkward, but that’s okay, it’s not like he was super articulate or anything.

Akila interruped (even tho she knows she not supposed to) so that she could announce the arrival of some unexpected visitors.  She was way too jazzed about it, and we were all left wondering if maybe this kid needs to get out more.

Anyway, the visitors were Tadla the Berber and her company of mercenaries, there to demand compensation for the botched kidnapping of Kebab, and oh right!  Also could Hattie please give them their spy back? TYVM.

No one was surprised when Hattie said “no, gtfo”

Akila loved the whole thing ofc.  Even the part where Tadla said Kebab might be dead.  BC ROMANCE, ok.  Jeeze.

Then we learned that Nubbins was already on his way back to the temple with a special delivery of one Artemis and her possibly from-the-future yoga friend, Taveah.

And lastly, we caught up with the Berber Company on their way home, super mad that they didn’t win anything in court, and saw them stumble over one roughed up Oberon.




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