99.4 Existential Crisis Inc

In which Kumya takes it up a notch…

It was an astonishingly heady feeling, freedom.  He’d always been mostly free (apart from that whole life of indentured service bit, of course), but Kumya understood why that had been necessary.

“So I gotta ask, man; what’s up with your hair situation?”

One does not simply let a rough young sorcerer loose upon the world without a certain degree of training!  Why, that would have been incredibly irresponsible of Master Farengar.

“Because, dude, you’ve got a decent mop on top, but then blamo!  Brows?  Nope.  Legs?  Smooth as a dolphin’s ass.”

And yes, perhaps he had technically been sold to the Jaguar Court, but after all those years of education, he certainly did not begrudge his former teacher some sort of compensation.

“And yo, now that I think about it, we ain’t paused for you to shave your face or nothin’ like that, and I don’t see no stubble around that super-villain chin rat of yours.”

He could have certainly left if he had cared to!  Who would have stopped him?  The present Ayar certainly did not possess the wherewithal to have foiled his departure.  Indeed, the man probably wouldn’t have even noticed Kumya’s absence for a good number of days…possibly even weeks!

“Hey, slip n’ slide, I’m talkin’ at you.”

“Oh!  My apologies, Deshret, I was lost in my thoughts–“

So, why had he stayed?  An unpleasant feeling settled in his guts.

“Yeah, no shit, you been actin’ real weird since we met Tola, like, more weird…what’s got your diaper in a wad now?”

“It is not a diaper.”


“It is a supportive undergarment that is also worn for hygiene and modesty.”

“Sure thing, bud.”

“One is not meant, at any time, to soil this undergarment intentionally.”

“Yeah, I get it, you’re a big boy and you wear big boy pants…so what’s up with all the mopey shit?”

“I suppose it’s possible that I may be heading toward a small existential crisis.”


“I have only just begun to process the fact that I am, for the first time in my adult life, truly a free man.”


“Naturally, this is bound to lead to no small amount of self-flagellation over the fact that I have allowed myself to be kept captive for several decades out of fear of having to take responsibility for my own moral compass.”

And there it was.  Fear.  Cowardice. It all made sense.


“Does it not bother you in the slightest how much your status has shifted in the past few days?  Deshret, you were a slave, and now you are a free woman!”

A small voice in the back of his mind reminded him that her situation had been different, after all, she had been mostly powerless in her life of slavery.

“Why would that bother me, yo?  Pretty sure that’s rad.”

Immediately, the little, reasonable voice was smothered by a surge of anger.

“Why must you always be so blasé?”

Did she care about nothing?  Ungrateful wench!

“I don’t even know wtf that means–“

“Are you dim?!”  The anger roared in his ears and poured off his tongue like molten lava.

“You can go anywhere, do anything!”  Kumya felt it in every sinew of his body.

“Yeah, I know, I already said it’s rad, geese louise, Komasi–“

“Well, that’s not good enough!”  He felt as though his bones were about to rend themselves apart from the force of his rage.  He shook, he flailed, he gnashed his teeth, and let out a mighty cry.

“What the actual crap–!”

But it was not enough.  The anger was not satisfied.

“This is your fault, demon!  You are nothing!  You are no one!  Ingrate!  Chattel!  Whore!”  The sorcerer moved towards her.

His fingers curled around warm flesh.

Hot red eyes burned across his vision.  “You done, Komasi?”

Why was he holding her arm?  And why was he so winded?  The sorcerer blinked slowly.

Warmth spread from her arm, igniting a new sort of inferno in his belly.  He’d never felt anything like it before!  It was akin to being nauseated?  But wonderful.

Without thought, he moved his hand to her waist and leaned toward her.  Yes!  This was correct.  So very, very, correct…

“I am not done by a half–“ the sound of his own voice shocked him, and he blinked again, more rapidly this time.

“I–I apologise!  I do not know what came over me!”  Confusion battled against the languid, wonderful, nausea in his stomach.  The very air itself was a furnace, and his undergarment felt sweaty and impossibly tight against his skin.

“I kinda do,” her eyes seemed oddly bright, was he hallucinating now?  On top of everything else!  “Can’t say I normally go for squeamish guys in diapers, but what the hell, right?  You’re sorta cute in, like, a weird spazzy way.”

There was no time to remind her, once again, that his (very serviceable) undergarment was not a diaper.


Wow, Kumya!  Way to go from zero to sixty, and then smash into a tree on the side of the road, and then roll out of the wreckage, and then hijack a passing vehicle, and then slam on the accelerator again…or…maybe Desh is driving now?  O..O

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9 thoughts on “99.4 Existential Crisis Inc

  1. Oh my. All that over a diaper and a (mostly) hairless body. It was just a matter of time before they decided to tango. Desh is mighty chill about it, like she always is. But poor diapered Kumya … so confused by his body’s reaction to her. Yes, I think she’s in control now, just like she has been the entire time. He’s not free, not by any stretch of his imagination. Lol….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right? Seems like he overreacted just a smidge! Oh well, at least he did it in front of a chill lady like Desh 😁
      She’s definitely in control, lol, Desh rows the boat in this pairing…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Super villain chin rat. I’ll add that one to my small collection with lip feret and lip duvet. It will be in a good company. And they can play three musketeers from now on. 😂
    I don’t suppose there’s any chance these two stumble upon now Hattie’s tribe?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah yes, you’re most welcome for the addition to your esteemed collection 😁
      Hmmm! Do you think they will?! 🤔
      I guess it’s possible, I mean, how big can the jungle be?
      Well, they’ll definitely have to stumble across someone interesting eventually, we can only watch them walk around talking for so long!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. “What’s up with your hair situation?”, asked the one who just magically grew back a whole lot of hair herself lol 👀 She’s not wrong, though.
    You should try big-woman supportive undergarments once, too, Desh. Great invention, those. You’d like it 😂
    Thank all goddesses out there for that (admittedly unexpected) fit of rage (and what followed with Desh). Maybe Kumya can finally grow up now that he feels pseudo-free 😂 Would be nice for Desh to not have to take care of him all the time
    I’m sure Mayua in the preview picture means something good, right? 😬

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know, maybe Desh is just really obsessed with hair now, after her magical trauma 😁
      It WAS a rather unexpected fit of rage, wasn’t it? Perhaps even… out of the ordinary? 😉 Oh, I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation!
      Mayua in a preview always means something ‘special’ is on the horizon, kekekekeke

      Liked by 1 person

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