100.1 Reasonable Doubt

Last chapter…

Lady Ruzena popped by for a quick visit to not say that Marketa needs to get her shit together and get daddy’s job back for him.  She also didn’t say that it was all Marky’s fault.  Then she peaced out without stopping for a cup of tea…but not because she’s mad!  She’s just a busy lady ok.

Kon really, really, really wanted to go see Kebechet, but Sabit said no, which was a huge bummer so he whined a lot until she gave in and said he could have a peek (but definitely not a pounce!)
Wait…who’s the boss here again?

Kebechet met a pasty broad named Elénaril who was probably hotter, but since she was super nice, Kebab agreed (kinda) that they could be friends, so now they’re Ella and Etta and they held hands and went off to have some girl talk.

Lastly, Kumya had a really weird freak out about how he’s not a slave anymore and then almost kissed Desh.  Since he failed, Desh did it for him (she’s such a good buddy).  It was kinda sweet, except there’s probably something weird going on…



(Wow, is like we not even LotL these days w all this lack of nudity!)

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