34. And I Liked It

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Caris was super bummed about being a vampire prisoner, but she might have some plots that could help; she’ll keep us posted.

Jahira and Teremun aged up into teens, much to Cassie’s chagrin, but so did Nafretiri, so it’s all good, plus Jackie got boobs out of the deal, which is pretty sweet?

Also, Kenza finally found out Maat was knocked up and then they had a spat about killing vs. not killing Jahi and Kenza sort of peaced out in a huff.

Oh, right, and Octavia and Persephone had a weird chat and made the well glow.


When he pulled her into his arms without warning, he could tell she was shocked by the way her entire body froze. But she didn’t pull away, and so he lifted her chin to better see her face.

“A slave should never dare touch his mistress without her permission,” she whispered.

“With all due respect, Your Highness,” he said, gazing into those far too familiar green eyes, “I am no longer your slave.”

His hands, perhaps, were a touch too forward. But his sister had been correct about Princess Galatea’s undergarments—specifically, the lack thereof.

“Alexander,” Princess Galatea protested, pushing me away. “We cannot.”

“We must,” he breathed.

Raet sighed wistfully.

Persephone: “My Queen?”

Raet: “Oh!  Do come in, Seer.”

Persephone: “Are you well, Majesty?  You appear to be somewhat flushed.”

Raet: “I, er, yes!  Of course, ’tis only the, er, research that mineself hast been doing.”

Persephone: “Research?”

Raet: “Yes, I amst consulting mine romantic manuals for…instruction, on how best to proceed in mine amorous endeavors.”

Persephone’s face lit up with her favourite knowing smile, “it would seem, my Queen, that you and my brother are getting on quite well these days.”

Raet: “Oh!  I–indeed, he is most…gallant towardeth mineself.”

Persephone’s smile melted away into concern, “I do not mean to pry, Majesty, but it sounds as though you are not wholly pleased.”

The Queen huffed and sat down heavily upon the bed.

Raet: “My apologies, Seer, dost not imagine that mineself ist not duly enraptured of thine kin–it ist only, well…”

Persephone: “My Queen?”

Raet: “I am most humiliated to say that mineself ist greatly unprepared for what delights may await.”

Persphone: “Oh…”

Raet: “I knowest!  I knowest!  ‘Tis such unQueenly behaviour.–and mineself an Amazon Queen no less…afeared of a man?  I canst bear the shame!”

Persephone: “Am I wrong in assuming that you mean you are nervous about being intimate?”

Raet: “I hast never, er, lain with a man…and thine brother hast been most courteous and accommodating thusfar, and–and…patient,” she sighed dramatically, “there wast a time when I thought mineself steeled with resolve to do mine duty, but once the mantle of that duty wast lifted from mine shoulders and a gentler path lay before mine feet, I findst–I findst…”

Persephone: “I understand, my Queen; a slave has no expectations, and does not often live to see beyond the call of duty, or he can be sent away…but a free man?  That could be a more complicated matter of the heart.”

Raet: “What if he dost not like mineself?  What if he dost findeth minself lacking in delights?  Mine fingers clumsy, mine breath foul…”

Persephone’s laughter was sweet and musical to Raet’s ears, “Majesty, I assure you that your breath is not at all foul.

The Seer studied the young Queen for a moment, “though if you wish it, I could test that further for you?”

Raet felt the fine hairs on her neck prickle at the sudden change in the older woman’s countenance.  “How wouldst thou test such a thing?”  And why had her mouth gone suddenly dry.

Persephone: “A gentle kiss, my Queen, nothing more, and I will be able to tell you for certain if your breath is acceptable for the likes of my brother.”

The Seer’s eyes were puckishly bright, “with your permission of course.”

Raet felt her cheeks bloom anew, and a strange warmth filled her breast; Persephone’s gaze was serene and inviting, and the young Queen leaned towards the pale woman even as she asked, “is such a thing common among…”

Persephone: “Why yes, lovely Queen,” her voice was pitched lower than usual, “the Amazons of Themysimra often partake of one another in such a fashion.”

The partaking went on a good deal longer than expected.

Raet: “Oh.”

Persephone: “As I suspected; more delectable than a ripe fig,” the Seer’s eyes seemed to nearly glow, “does my Mistress require further examination?”

Raet leaned forward, expelling a deep breath, and the pale woman kissed her again, this time more hungrily than the first.  Was that what it would feel like to kiss Khafre?  Warm, and sweet, and hazy, and soft…why had she been so afraid?  It was lovely, and effortless, and her whole body tingled in a most pleasant fashion.

Raet reached out without thinking, touching the other woman’s bottom.

The Seer pulled back.  “There is much I could show you in this vein of activity, my gentle Queen, many things to calm your nerves and bolster your daring, should you so desire…?”

Raet found herself nodding like an eager child, “I dost most desire bolstering,” she leaned back towards the other woman; would she not be a fool if she did not accept offered council on the matter that most troubled her heart?

There was much to learn.

Khafre: “What was that about.”

Persephone: “I was helping.”

Khafre: “You were playing.”

Persephone: “You wound me, brother; I care deeply for her, she is like family.”

Khafre: “You have an odd way of showing sisterly affection.”

Persephone: “Do I?  You have certainly never complained.”

Khafre: “She is young and naive, Persephone; you’ll confuse her.”

Persephone: “Are you jealous?  I did it for you, also.”

Khafre: “So thoughtful.”

Persephone: “Truly I did!  She was harbouring a great deal of anxiety over your relationship, now she will–”

Khafre: “Thank you for helping, darling sister,” his voice dropped an octave as he gazed into her eyes, “feel free to resist doing so again.”

Octavia: “Those two are weird as shit.”

Kalvin: “I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to say shit, Miss Octavia”

Octavia: “What are they even doing over there?”

Kalvin: “Oh, shit.”

Octavia: “So you’re allowed to say shit, but I’m not?”

Kalving: “I think we need to go fishing!!”

Octavia: “Er, right now?”

Kalvin: “Yes!!”

Octavia: “Okie dokie!  Last one there’s a rotten egg!”

Kalvin: “Sounds good, Miss Octavia; just please don’t turn around!”

Octavia: “This was actually a great idea Kal!”

Kalvin: “Er, thank you, Miss Octavia.”

Octavia: “I’m gonna catch me some big ass fish, just you wait and see!”

Kalvin: “Um, I don’t think you’re allowed to ass, either, Miss Octavia.”

Octavia: “Are you bummed about my adopted-big-sis and Khaf?  Cuz I totally saw him kissing her hands and stuff.”

Kalvin: “O-of course not!  It’s not my place to have feel–or, er, inappropriate desires toward–”

Octavia: “Aw, it’s okay to be a little bummed Kal; adopted-big-sis is a swell lady!”

Kalvin: “She is very…” he flushed slightly, “nice.”

Octavia: “Wow, settle down their Shakespeare,” she snorted, “well, I guess getting mixed up with Queens is sort of a bad idea for slave guys anyhow, right?”

Kalvin: “I suppose.”

Octavia: “You deserve someone who won’t think they own you Kal; being owned is real bad for long-term romance.”

Kalvin: “Beg pardon?”

Octavia shrugged, “sorry, don’t even know where that came from; sometimes the weird grown-up stuff just pops right out, you know?”

Kalvin: “Er…”

Octavia: “I matchmaked Khaf and adopted-big-sis though, so I can totes matchmake you too!”

Kalvin: “That really isn’t nec–”

Octavia: “Just you wait and see!  I’ll find you the perfect woman to make your underpants go all weird and lumpy again!”


I know, I know; there’s a lot to absorb here…take a moment if you need one. (I think Kalvin needs a moment too, tbh.)

Sorry about the lengthy time in between chapters!  And about all the incest (or implied incest?); it’s ancient times, okay, people were freaky back then!  Who knows, maybe it’s not even incest, maybe you just need to get your mind out of the gutter.  Shame on you.

Yes, I did indeed brazenly steal and bastardize dialogue from Fangs for Raet’s pleasure (wherein Lysander thoroughly waters Bianca’s womanly garden etc.), er, I mean research.

Truck: “LOL! I’m in UR gamez, messing up UR immerzions; ROFFLES”

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