86. Mysterious Depths

For CENSORED version: Click Here (censored for extreme lady parts)

Seriously; if you find vajimjams even slightly horrifying, don’t scroll down!

Last chapter…

Artie followed a dodgy cultist to a secret temple, and then ran down some stairs into a dark basement to meet “them” (no word yet as to who them is, and whether or not them will eat Artie).

Persephone and Khafre had a little row in the forest about motivations and stuff, but it was mostly just bc they are hot and not on screen enough (ok, also bc plots needed to be tied up, but LOL, who even remembers my plots?)
Anyway, they kind of made up at the end, but sadly no boom boom (aww).

Oberon met Artie’s cultist buddy and had a weird convo; no word, as yet, on whether or not his invoice has been paid (I’ll keep you posted tho).

Prim and Bella bickered a smidge about stuff (as they do), bc apparently Bastene is giving them a run for their magical money (oh that plucky girl!).
Balsam showed up and was weepy and massively preggo.
They decided (probably) that it was time to call grandma.

A mysterious High Priestess in a temple took a call on her cell.  I’m sure this is not related to grandma tho…



“Are you well, my dear?”

The air was weird and thick, like her eyes couldn’t focus, or like, smoke?  What the hell…

“I-I’ll be okay, eventually.”

Someone groaned…it sounded far away, but also kind of in her head, which was probably fucked up, but–

“Is she awake?”

Noises.  Some kind.  Everything so swimmy tho…

“Not entirely, but it won’t be long now, go; you have a job to do, I will care for her.”

Why was everyone talking under water…?


It wasn’t that Horus didn’t like girls, not at all, girls were great…

more than great, actually.


“Not yet!  Almost there–hold on–” the rest of her sentence was pretty much just one long vowel, but Horus wouldn’t have heard her anyhow, not once all that clenching started.

“Damn son,” he heard her say as his senses returned, “Pili better watch out, he’s got some stiff competition.”

Horus knew he was blushing.  “Thanks Nafi, I–hope I’ll be able to, ah, do a good job?”

“Of course you will kiddo!  You’re a sweetie and–” he felt her give him a firm squeeze where they were still joined, “–well blessed by the Goddess, I’d say we have some pretty lucky young ladies in this Tribe.”

Well, if he hadn’t been blushing before, he certainly was now.  Nafi’s confidence in his ability to be a good lover was a relief, but he was still very nervous about doing his duty going forward.

“I’m just a worrier, I guess,” he sighed, “and the prospect of having to be someone’s first time, when I’m barely past my own first time…and then there’s fatherhood to consider!”

“You’re killing my afterglow, but I’ll let it slide this once,” she teased, “Horus, we all know you’re going to be an amazing father, you’re a total natural with kids, and if Athena saw fit to put your bun in my oven, I’d be jazzed.”

There would likely be no more buns in that oven though; Pili’s twins had been difficult for small, slender Nafretiri to bear.  Her womb had never quickened again, and they assumed it likely never would.  The thought saddened him, as Nafi was an outstanding mother, and always seemed a little sad when speaking of her failure to conceive again.

“I’d be jazzed also,” and he meant it.

“I’m going to encourage Akila to pick you, when her time comes; after all, you were taught by the best, if I do say so myself.”

Are you the best?”  He feigned skepticism, “perhaps we should ask Pili if that’s true.”

“The mouth on this one,” she sighed, “guess next time we need to make sure that chiseled jaw gets a bit sorer.”


‘How has it come to this?’  Kumya frowned at the young woman’s fragrant vulva.

“Is everything okay, Councilor?”  She peeped, “do you need me to open wider?”

“Ah, no, Courtesan, no!  You are sufficiently–wide, for my purposes.”

“Did you just call me fat?”  She demanded, suddenly less accommodating.

“No!  Certainly not!”  Mercy, were they all this prickly over semantics?  “You are–an adequately slender female, enviably so, even.”

“Aww,”  She giggled, sufficiently mollified, “well just don’t take too long, I’ve got a massage booked for this afternoon.”

‘First among Master Farengal’s acolytes, Court Sorcerer to the Ayar of Sim’Caritambo…and now look at me, reduced to subterfuge of the lowest order.’

“Um, do you even know where to put it?”  Asked the concubine, with minimal sympathy.

“My knowledge of female genitalia has been, up to this point, purely academic,” he admitted, “however, I am confident in my ability to…find the correct aperture.”

“Alrighty, but, if you need help or something, just let me know,” she huffed, clearly running out of patience for this intrigue.

It was his natural curiosity and determination that had led him down this path, he supposed…

…as well as a healthy dose of suspicion.

He’d always wondered if the Queen’s quiet ‘mystic’ might be up to something, but was it her own machinating, or was Her Radiance behind the goings on?

At first, Kumya had suspected the strange woman was acting on her mistress’s behalf…

…but what business could the Queen of Sim’Caritambo have with a corpse?

It was far more likely that this witch was acting of her own accord, and delving into the forbidden realm of necromantic magics.

Kumya knew he would need more evidence against her, but also, there was still the matter of the King and his failure to propagate freely.

Two mysteries.  Two dead ends.

So here he was, a man desperate for answers, on the cusp of discovery.

Well, if he could bring himself to, ah–be adventurous.

‘I have mastered the element of fire and the higher mysticisms,’ he reminded himself, ‘one silly young woman’s moist orifice will not defeat me.’

And perhaps it would not have, but for the sudden intrusion of the Jaguar Guard.

“Councilor Kumya, you are under arrest for Attempted Cuckoldry,” was it merely a trick of the light, or did the Captain’s mask seem to grin at him?

Seize him.”


“The sorcerer?”  A woman’s voice cut through the filmy haze.

“In a cell; the girl was easily persuaded to testify against him before the king,” replied a man’s voice.

“And what was the king told?”  The woman again…kinda familiar, both of ’em, but–

“As you bid, grandmother, that the man died resisting arrest.”

‘Grandmother?’  That woman’s voice didn’t sound like no granny.

“Good, dead men can’t spread unfortunate–rumours.”

“Should I put a spear through him then?  Or do you have…plans.”

Her head felt like a fucking squashed melon, but all of a sudden a name popped to the surface.

“T-Tola…?”  She croaked before the haze swallowed her up again.


The sound of the twins splashing in the creek brought a smile to Nafi’s face.

‘They’re growing up so bloody fast,’ she sighed, “but not fast enough to be super helpful.”

The garden had become a bit more of a burden since Anubis had left.

‘Maybe I’ll ask Raet if one of her girls can help out here…’ Kebechet would most likely pitch a fit, but Hatshepsut might be down with lending a hand.

‘Good kid, that Hattie,’ she smirked, ‘bit intense though.’

Raet had expressed concern over the tension between her daughters, and confided in Nafi that she was considering going against custom, and handing the leadership over to her younger daughter, instead of her elder.

“Kebs will shit a damn brick,” Nafi muttered.  And fair enough, she was raised to expect the crown, after all; but Raet was too sweet to hurt her feelings until it was totally necessary.

‘Still hoping that girl will grow out of it,’ people didn’t usually grow that much though, but hey, it wasn’t her place to interfere with the way the Queen handled her kids.

“Maaa!” Speaking of kids…

“What’s a matter baby?”  Garai came running towards her, naked and dripping creek water from top to bottom, “Akila dumped water on my head.”

“The horror!”  Nafi gasped, “are you going to melt?”

The boy sniffled and attempted to wipe his face, “it’s not funny!”

“Aww, you’ll live little boy,” she tilted her head, “hey, where’s your necklace?  I hope you didn’t lose it, those metal rings are expensive.”

“I didn’t lose it, mama, it’s just gone.”


“No, I swear!”  He insisted, all sad eyes and trembling lips, “I took it off, and set it on my tunic when I was having a bath, and then it was just–gone!


“Desh?  Are you awake?”  Someone was holding her hand.  Every-damn-thing in the world hurt.

“Was I run over by a fuckin’ camel…?” her voice sounded like an angry toad.

“Heh, no…just my grandmother I guess.”

Everything was still pretty woobly, but it was defs Tola, “you’re a lying asshole,” she croaked.

“Yeah,” he squeezed her hand, “I’m not sorry though, not like I would’ve been to see you end up executed or murdered.”

“Kay, but I’m totes still mad at you–” suddenly it hit her, like a coconut to the face.

“Wait, I was in labour, right?  Where’s my baby?”

“Easy Desh!  Easy!”  He tried to keep her from getting up, “not yet, okay?  Grandmother says you have to stay in bed or you might start bleeding again…”

“Where’s my baby?”  Desh felt tears welling up, she had a damn bad feelin’ that she wouldn’t like the answer to that question, but–

“She’s–” he paused and swallowed, “she didn’t make it…”


Beauteous lady parts were particularly plentiful this chapter, yes, I know #sorrynotsorry

Thanks again to bellagorilla for the lovely Hatasu Aui, who we’ve previously seen wandering around here and there in Sim’Caritambo; today we got to see a whole lot more tho 👀 (I regret nothing).

Some plots thicken, some evaporate into thin air, but we’re coming up on a whole barrel full of resolution pretty soon here, hang onto your butts!



43 thoughts on “86. Mysterious Depths

  1. THEY CALLED KUMYA A CUCK truly we are in the best timeline. Unfortunately this is the closest I’ve gotten to a face full of pussy in the morning. 😔

    Nafi has that “u gotta be kidding me” mom expression down pat. She an bear kids just fine. 😛

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    1. Nafi is bear; it is now decided.

      They did call him a cuck 😏 how rude! But I can see how they’d think that I GUESS.
      Well, we can’t all be buried face first in lady parts all day erryday (😭) I like to do my part 😉

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  2. Awwww, I adore Horus. ❤ ❤ And good to see he's getting some fine training in preparation for the future~

    I was so happy to see the long-suffering Kumya again (much happier than he was to see a verguba), but damn, things didn't go well for him. (When do they ever?) Poor dude, why can't he end up in a nice magical library somewhere away from all the Plotting?

    Deshret needs some SPAGHETTI

    Lil Garai is so cute. ❤

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I’m glad you like your grandbb ❤
      He gonna make NannyLobster proud, just you wait!

      Yeah, Kumya needs to work on being more stoked when a lady presents her blessed cavern to him; I like to think he just doesn't know how awesome they are yet.
      Eternally caught up in a storm of plotting and foofies that he just isn't prepared for 😭

      Spaghetti? WHY WHATEVER DO U MEAN?

      Lil Garai stays pretty cute too 👀

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  3. Aww, Naf is a cool mom.

    As for Kumiya.. poor dude. Still I guess this is the best way to get out of this palace (yes, ofc I doubt he’s dead) That smiley in the green smoke made me laugh. I bet it’s his face when he inhales too much of it.

    And so glad to see Desh again! And Tola, ofc. And together omg ❤ sweetness.

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      He might be, lots of questionable substances in that lab of his ^-^

      Desh and Tola 4ever.
      Oh wait, this is LotL…nvm O.O

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  4. Hmmm…. this chapter has left me skeptical and suspicious (and thinking Horus is adorable 😂❤️) Nothing is ever as it seems with the Court, so I am curious of how it’s gonna unfold (especially for Kumya!). Desh’s visions were also intriguing… and I wonder about the true fate of her baby…

    Also, could that missing tunic could be used for some kind of sinister tracking sort of purposes…? 🤔

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    1. Naw, the tunic is still there, just the necklace went missing!
      (Who would steal a little boy’s necklace?? RUDE)

      10/10 bc skeptical and suspicious is the vibe we’re going for up in this joint!
      I’m pretty sure Kumya is about to experience some New Things in his life. Mebbe. Probably. (He totes is).

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  5. confided in Nafi that she was considering going against custom, and handing the leadership over to her younger daughter, instead of her elder.

    DOOOOOOOOOO EEEEEEEET Raet! *waves her big ole Team Hottie flag*

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  6. Horus’ pink cheeks! 😝😝😝

    Glad he’s getting some training. I think you’re going to put his genes to work (and his sizeable goddesses’ blessing) 😏

    So sad about Desh’s baby! Am hoping she’s being lied to…

    And Kumya is dead? Even before he can get to the bottom of the mysteries!? Not fair!😳

    Cutie pie boys…I bet they’re going to grow up VERY handsome. With Pili’s genes, how could it be otherwise?

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    1. Kekekeke, oh yeah, you know that blessing is gonna bless everyone it can 😎

      Desh is sad about baby too 😔 can that shifty meatball even be trusted??

      Would I kill a poor guy before letting him get some decent boom boom??
      (Actually, ya, I probably would)

      Tyuuu 😘
      I love them all

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  7. Nooboos WitcHazard: I’ve been bamboozled! I have been deprived of Nooboos Goodness someone is going to pay!👿🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    But Garai is cute so someone’s demise is pending!

    Dark WitcHazard: Dang I feel bad for Kumya probably just died a virgin! Well that sucks ! Why do the most sane people in this story get the short end of the stick it’s glorious!😝 it means we’re left with all the coocoos in the world!

    Lover WitcHazard: Aw Horus is adorable! Best to train them now than later! It’s messy work but I’m glad Nafri is up to the task!

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    1. /hides from Nooboos 😬
      Mebbe next time, uh, we maek TWO nooboos?!

      /ponders the idea of Kumya being sane
      Well, I suppose next to most of these weirdos he is, yes; poor fellow 😔
      I feel like he would be the one most likely to be pleased with dying a virgin tho!

      Nafi takes her tribal duties VERY seriously 😏

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  8. Dem blasted jaguar guards. Couldn’t they wait after Kumya got some? The punishment would be the same anyway. I get it why the mask was smirking tho. 😏 I hope Kumya survives. I likes him.
    I did notice and appreciated the different skirt colors. You spoils me. 😏
    I had many giggles this chapter, thank you!
    Tell Deshret I said Tola is lying. I’m sure he does it for her own good. Or the baby’s. Or his own. For someone’s good certainly. But not for the universal good. That would be too much work.
    Did a man with a large axe steal Garai’s necklace by any chance? Or one of his companions?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. It’s like they waited until the worst possible moment and then burst in! Big meanies 😏
      (I guess a guard has to get his fun in somehow though, kekekekekeke)

      😘 You like those skirts, huh? Just for you bb

      I will tell her, but, you know how people can be when they’re in love 😭 I’m not sure she’ll listen!
      LOL, Tola doing something for the universal good!

      Well, SOMEONE sure took that necklace! 👀
      Or at least Garai thinks so, Nafi is like “damn irresponsible kids!”


  9. Oh, those guards were totally waiting for the right moment to appear… Bloody trolls! 😀

    Yeah, the amount of subterfuge surrounding Sabit & Tola, the one thing I can say is, you shouldn’t believe a word they say! 😀

    Kumya’s not dead, just… hidden.
    Baby’s not dead, just… hidden.

    Also… Nafi nerples!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. You can’t prove anything! 👀
      Ok, yes, butt, that job is mostly just standing around looking manly… a guy has to get his entertainment where he can!
      Also, not polite to interrupt a guy while he’s inner- monologuing 😎

      Re: Sabit and Tola

      The rest tho, idkkkkkkkk
      (Ok I do, butt)

      Nafi nerples is 10/10 (that mod makes them bounce around too I was like woa, stoppit! HOLD STILL OMG; TRYING TO SCREENSHOT HERE RUDE)

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      1. Ok, I’ll give you that, standing around is boring, get your lols where you can lads! 😀

        I’d be afraid if you didn’t know!

        And don’t lie! You didn’t tell Nafi to stop, you were like, “I really need to take these screenshots, but bouncing bobbies, welp!”

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      2. Well, ehehehe
        The screenshotting did take a bit longer than usual.
        And I ah, let them finish 👀
        (I’m just nice ok)

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