98.1 Ready or Not

In which Hattie tries not to kiss and tell…

“When he inserted himself I said ‘oh dear!’,” Hattie admitted wryly.

“Ha!  Did he reply?”

“He said ‘yes, oh dear’, and then offered to stop,” the young queen sighed, “it was a little embarrassing, but otherwise I think it went well enough.”

“And does the queen feel well, or should I have Akila make up a soothing ointment?”

“I am well enough, Nafi.”

“Are you, my Queen?  You know you can talk to me, right?  I’m here for you, and I worry about you.

“Yes, truly, it was…pleasant?”

“Mother!”  Nafi’s precocious little imp appeared suddenly at the top of the stairs.  “You you will not believe what Mosi just told Horus to tell me to tell you!!”

“Akila!  You are not to barge into the queen’s room–”

“Yes, I know!  However!  Mosi told Horus to tell me to tell you that–truly this very exciting–we are about to have company, mother!  Strangers approach the The Rise!  Can you believe it?!”


Hattie looks pretty thrilled to be about to receive her first guests!

Wow, I wonder who it is?  O..O

Get out your queen hat, Hattie (ehehehe), it’s about to get real!

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15 thoughts on “98.1 Ready or Not

  1. what a nice surprise when strolling by randomly 😀
    “oh dear”, hm? 😏😏
    but “yes, oh dear” totes cracked me up.
    sounds like real dirty talk, doesn’t it? 😂

    Hattie doesn’t seem to be very pleased by the mentioning of guests, neither is Artie taking stroll through the jungle. But eh, at least her new friend joins her?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So a little ‘oh dear’ and ‘yes, oh dear’. Lol. That cracked me up. So she is hoping to breed an Immortal vampire queen. And it was pleasant enough. Bit now she’s saying ‘oh dear’ for yet another reason….. visitors!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, Hattie and Nubbins really know how to get that sexy talk happening in bed 😏
      She sure is hoping for an immortal vampire queen!
      We’ll see if she gets one, ehehe.

      LOL. Yes, visitors; even more worthy of an ‘oh dear’ than questionably hot vampire sex O..O

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hattie is so beautiful. ❤ And her Look is so amazing, even if it's kind of like runway fashion where there's no gd way you can wear it IRL (esp not without getting arrested).

    Also I'm glad her first time with Nubbins went off without a hitch (mostly).

    Who are these strangers!!! And did they bring the ancient equivalent of fruitcake??

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Tyu bb 😘

      Ya, it’s totes runway fashion LOL
      I can visualize it, kekekekeke
      Now we know what she would do irl 😏

      Ya it was mostly ok w Nubbins, perfunctory but not unpleasant I guess (just what every girl dreams of for her first time).

      Lol, what would that even be??
      Banana breab?! 👀

      Liked by 2 people

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