A Big, Messy, Gen Two Recap

Okay, so then in gen two Bastet and Kenza did not get along, many stankfaces and bank-handed compliments, it was very friends off bc Kenza was super bossy and trying to tell Bastet what to do, but Bastet was QUEEN ok, don’t nobody tell the queen what to do!

All the kids grew up a bunch of times and probably had cake bc that’s how we used to roll back in the day when I actually played this save, ehehehe.

Bastet got old. (Still hot, rawr.)

Bastet sent Pili and the scholars to the Temple of Osiris to hide from the Themysimrans, it was kinda run down but such a good price (free) that they thought they could afford a big reno.

Maat and Kenza were piiiiissed (bc they really wanted Maat to make nooboos with Jahi) so Maat boinked one of the Themysimran slaves, Anthony and got knocked up…

…so they sacrificed him.  He was surprisingly nonchalant about the whole thing.

Maat had a nice talk with her mom later and they kind of agreed to disagree on all the things, and then Maat evolved into The Snek Queen and was awesome.

Maat moved out to her very own shiny little pyramid bachelorette pad, and then she was a queen too!

Meanwhile, Temulun started building her own big ass library at long last (it was her dream ok).

Pili discovered a little girl trapped in the wall of their basement (!!!), and she didn’t know who she was (figures), so they named her Cassandra.

Maat had a weirdly erotic dream about her brother.

It was probably not real.

Maybe 😉

Back at Sima-Mighdall, Kalvin found a little girl also, and she didn’t know who she was either, but Bastet liked her so they decided to keep her and they named her Octavia.

Aten gave birth to Totec’s daughter, Yaretzi, and they thought maybe it was because Totec’s dad was some kind of alien?

At Apep, Kenza found a third little girl, also mysteriously full of amnesia! (What a weird coincidence!)  They named her Antonia, for reasons.

Maat gave birth to Selket and promptly dumped the kid on Corabella bc she ain’t got time for no womb fruit.

Pili received a surprise vampire son, Kheperu, and discovered he might have a sleep-woohoo problem.  No one could remember the boy’s name because they called him The Biter.

Caris got herself pregnant via a random guy she found.

Kenza discovered Jahi’s special hiding place while out for a walk one day.

Bastet died.  It was very sad.

Jahi was kidnapped by Maat and Kenza.

Raet failed to lose her v-card to Kalvin, because they were interrupted by some newcomers…

…Persephone and Khafre.

Caris was super mad about it, and then she gave birth to Nkosi, and ran away to get reinforcements to oust the twins…

…but she was caught by Totec near The Man Cave.

Maat started her weird dubcon relationship with Jahi, and he wasn’t exactly not into it.

Eventually she ended up getting preggers with his nooboo and didn’t want to tell Kenza, bc then Kenza would want to sacrifice Jahi, and Maat wanted to just woohoo with him eternally.

Persephone built a well in Sima-Mighdall, and became Raet’s counselor.

Pili discovered that Maat had Jahi, but he couldn’t do anything about it…

…bc garlic.

Corabella got knocked up by rando Nobuya guy who Kenza kidnapped (wow, she really likes to kidnap folk.)

Persephone seduced Raet and Khafre joined in.

Totec and Aten had quibbles about Caris (bc Totec liked to suck on her neck), but they made up and agreed she should birth Aten’s progeny…

…Caris went along with it so she could plan to kill them all.

Temulun caught her twins making out.

Maat ended up getting mysteriously sick during her pregnancy bc Kenza was poisoning her so that she could be in charge.

Totec build a big lodge and moved them out of The Man Cave.

Caris got pregnant with Aten’s twins.

Jahira moved back to Sima-Mighdall to serve Raet as a scholar, but she was super mad about it so she made a wish at Persephone’s well and it zapped her and Teremun away forever.

Raet and Persephone both got preggers by Khafre, but Raet had a miscarriage.

Caris accidentally set loose a plague and everyone at the long house died.

Pili arrived back at Apep and noticed the lack of garlic, bc Antonia removed it all in secret, so he slapped on his seldom used vampire-gameface, and let himself in just in time to see his sister give birth to Jahi’s son…

…Anubis, of Nubbins fame.

Sadly, Maat died bc she was so weak from Kenza’s poison.

Pili laid the smack down on Kenza, and sorted everyone else out between Osiris and Sima-Mighdall.

The plague ended up killing Temulun, Jahi, Kheperu, Corabella, Selket, and Wes.

And that’s what happened in Gen Two!!

10 thoughts on “A Big, Messy, Gen Two Recap

  1. I need to go back and read this and the first recap 46819 more times so I can commit it all to my brain. Cause this is important! The dead and dying and not dying and alive and not alive peeps. By the way – the slave being sacrificed. OMG … he was like just get this sh*t over.

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  2. My my, the pics may be old but def gold! I would guess you still worked a bit of contrast magic on them, did you?
    I totes forgot the Themysimrans were like “you find a man, you can keep him”. And Pili’s sleep-woohoo problem, too. I don’t remember him getting it under control though so can we safely assume that all modern-day Al Simharans are related to Pili now? I mean… there’s worse descent you could claim 😜
    And Maat’s development resembles that of a Pokemon. Like, she just evolved more and more but I guess Kenza prevented her from reaching her final form

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol ya, I was like “dang, let’s at least slap a filter on these old pics!” So I did 😁

      Ya those Themies had some WEIRD ideas! Thank goodness they all (mostly) dead, ehehehe.

      You’re right! Good catch, Pili’s sleep-woohoo problem is still an outstanding unresolved issue (we submitted a ticket but no one from IT has responded yet 👀) I WONDER IF THAT WILL COME UP AGAIN SOME TIME?! 😉

      Wow, Kenza is worst Pokemon trainer ever 😤

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